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  1. Hey all, received an invitation to interview but I will be deferring as I've chosen another program. The dates they offered were January 30 and February 6 so there's still hope for those waiting! Good luck!
  2. Received an interview yesterday. I will be declining as I have chosen another program. I saw there were 7 interview dates in January and 12 in February so good luck to those who are waiting, looks like plenty of interview dates!
  3. Received an interview as well :) dates still not finalized. I will be deferring this interview so good luck to those waiting!
  4. Finally joined the FB group! Gotta dust the cobwebs off that thing :) I was at the first interview group! Hope to see a lot of my fellow interviewees!!!
  5. Just an update to others. I had received a letter in the mail of being wait-listed (I interviewed on 08/21) but received an email about acceptance today. Looks like they're working on the waitlist :) I've chosen another program so good luck to the rest of the applicants!
  6. Hmm I had put 2017 thinking it meant to indicate we were class of 2017... is this going to be a problem? :/
  7. Hi! Question for the first years. I was looking at the student housing information page. What's the best time (month-wise) to call about availability? I remember some mention about how it would be tricky to get a spot since we start in May?
  8. For me, it was the same message as the previous email in August: "This is a general information email. We have recieved your application. Your application is in our evaluation process. You will be notified of your status as soon as possible after evaluations have been completed. It is likely that you will receive this email more than once because we try to update all applicants at the end of each month. Admissions Office School of Health Professions"
  9. Hey guys! Interviewing September 20th morning session :) Good luck to everyone!
  10. Yes! Interviews start at 9! Day concludes around 5 PM :) I will see you there Torshi!!!
  11. CASPA verified May 13. I submitted the diversity statement June 23. They do have rolling admissions, according to this. And I will be at the Aug 29th session too! Flying right after another interview lol
  12. Hey guys, I got an interview via email today! They give you 4 dates to pick from and there will are more options for 2015 (with no dates scheduled yet though). The dates they told me were: Friday, August 29, 2014 Friday, September 26, 2014 Friday, October 31, 2014 Friday, December 12, 2014 Hope this helps!
  13. Got an email for 'CASPA receipt' and instructions to fill out supplemental today. Good luck everyone!
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