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  1. Hi Aquariuspa I was just wondering if you have received the supplemental application yet? Mine was verified on August 26th, and I was just about to email Naisha but then I saw your post and decided to wait.... Thanks!
  2. I called Michael Haverkamp this morning, and he said that if we have not received any emails, then we should just assume that our file still remains under consideration. It does NOT mean that we have been rejected. I asked him how and when we will find out if we were not accepted, and he said that we won't find out until March, and it will be through email. So I guess this is still good news?
  3. I didn't receive the email for this month either...I hope that's not a bad thing :(
  4. I received the same response from her today. I guess we'll just have to wait...
  5. Its been 2 months for me also. I will be calling/emailing Naisha tomorrow regarding my application status. The turnaround time is usually 2 months, so we should be hearing something soon. :)
  6. Hi everyone! I recieved my supplemental application invite September 25th, and submitted it on October 1st. I wonder if I should call for an update now, or wait incase its still too early...any inputs? Thanks! :)
  7. Hello! I want to add additional HCE and volunteer hours to my application. Does anyone know if I simply need to email Naisha with the number of hours, or is there a form to fill out? Thanks! :)
  8. HI! I submitted my secondary application around the same time also, and recieved an email stating that my application is now complete and ready for commitee review. I don't think they have reached all the secondary applications yet. Since they go by a rolling admission process, I think they send out interview invites as they review the application. One person on this forum said that she did not recieve her invite until 2 months after she submitted her secondary application, so it might be December before we hear anything :( I am really nervous too!!
  9. Has anyone received any updates so far from the admissions committee for FALL 2014 class? I got an email a couple of weeks ago saying "after initial review the admissions committee has opted to continue to review my application for Fall 2014 class" but I was wondering if anyone else got new updates since they received this email....thanks! :)
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