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  1. Hey everybody, Probably not the most original post but here it goes - after a few years on the pre-med path I am starting to seriously consider PA school. I graduated undergrad last May with a decent GPA ~ 3.5, took the MCAT last January and got a 27. At that time I felt DO school was the right choice for me but within the last two weeks my doubts have accumulated to the point where I am now posting on this forum. I work as a medical scribe in an ER and seeing the PAs in action has inspired me. I like the position of working with doctors in that setting without necessarily seeing myself as a doctor. Not to mention the sacrifice of becoming a doctor honestly scares me. I know a fellow scribe who got into a PA/MPH program at Arcadia University, which happens accept the MCAT, encourage rotations abroad (which highly interests me), and is conveniently located in where my family is. I also like the idea of earning a second degree in case I get tired of clinical work. Also, she claims that with the help of my boss, my hours a medical scribe (technically not patient care hours) were accepted by Arcadia. The only thing that bugs me about the PA programs are that I have to take additional bio classes included anatomy, physiology, and micro. I know in the Philly area, this probably isn't a big deal, but if there is any way of bypassing any of these requirements, or any other schools with less strict requirements, I would be very interested. If not, where would be the best place to take these classes? I'm also wondering if I should take the GRE anyway, and if it is an issue if I ask a doctor for a recommendation instead of a PA (I don't work directly with PAs). Lastly are there any unexpected downsides of doing a dual degree program? Yeah, I'm all over the place but any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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