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  1. Just a reminder for those accepted. Kirk created a facebook page called: Bethel University PA Class of 2016 for us to get to know eachother. Good luck everyone!
  2. Yep. I was accepted a few weeks back. They told me 6 days after I interviewed
  3. I was shocked at how relaxed it was, honestly. I had three mini interviews, each with PA's that asked different types of questions. Everyone was very, very kind and helpful. It is a great place and they seem to be very supportive of their students. They are happy to answer any questions.
  4. That's great :) We need to get a facebook group started
  5. Kirk & keith: Did they call you or just send the letter? Has anyone else heard back?
  6. @slamb3 The admissions department made a joke after you left that they had already accepted too many "lambs" for our class. Do you have family applying? :) I think the interview went well, how about you? 2 weeks seem like an ETERNITY!!! But, it is better than the month-long wait I was expecting
  7. Congrats kirk! Can't wait to be in your shoes :)
  8. I applied in may and heard back in mid june. It was very surprising. I live in nashville so the program isn't too far out. They are doing group interviews this year right? Good luck to everyone! I am excited to see a few of you tuesday!
  9. Hello all! I have been invited to interview July 9th!! Does anyone else have an interview?
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