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  1. I COMPLETELY forgot about this number as well, and I called to ask what my ID was.... I definitely had a moment there haha!!
  2. Hey! So I emailed Leslie today and she said that you will not get the link for the background check until you pay the deposit and submit your matriculation agreement. I scanned and emailed mine just so that I can get started on my CBC as soon as possible. I can't wait for August! I will be needing roommates and a housing situation as well so I am eager to meet you all through FB!!
  3. @selectorpas I had my interview on 1/30 and was in the early session.
  4. Dr. May told me the same thing as well. I totally thought it would have been Leslie who we would have heard from, I didn't know that the professors personally call the students. I was talking to my sister last night and she was starting to make me feel doubtful as well!! I never thought I would be so eager to receive a packet!! Haha
  5. I was called this morning and was accepted as well! Can't wait to meet everyone!!
  6. I just received my interview invite as well!! However, when I went to sign up for an interview date and this was posted on the welcome page: "WE ARE EXPERIENCING TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES, AND UNFORTUNATELY INTERVIEW SELECTIONS CANNOT BE MADE AT THIS TIME. PLEASE CHECK BACK TUESDAY AFTERNOON, WE APPOLOGIZE FOR THE INCONVENIENCE!" I would hold off on any phone calls for the time being and see if they fix it, rather than calling. I am sure they are getting bombarded with phone calls. That's just my opinion! :) Let me know when you all interview, it would be nice to know someone the day of!
  7. I have an interview on 1/28 as well!! Can anyone who has already interviewed share your experience and give some advice??
  8. I was called yesterday and extended an invitation to interview on January 28. My nerves are setting in, is there anything you are able to give me advice about that wouldn't compromise the admissions process?? I read that it is a panel of interviewers. However, am I the only student or is it in group style?
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