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  1. Greetings and congrats to everyone that was accepted to UTPA! I created this thread in hopes of interacting with my future classmates before August. Feel free to introduce yourselves, ask questions, post any information you may have about the program, housing, or anything that may be helpful to others. I look forward to meeting all of you soon!
  2. I was just accepted to my #1 choice so I called today to withdraw my acceptance. Good Luck to you on the waitlist!
  3. KC, Nice to speak to you again. Best of luck with the New York interview that you mentioned previously! I recently received two acceptances from other schools but am trying to hold off until I hear back from UTPA since it is my top choice also. Best of luck! -Michelle
  4. If it helps anyone out I interviewed on January 19th and they said that they only had 11 spots available. I just received my acceptance letter two days ago but am not sure how many people have declined their spots.
  5. I interviewed on Monday, February 25th and received my acceptance yesterday via email.
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