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  1. I think the class roster is being finalized. Once everything is set, they should make a Facebook group shortly :)
  2. I would just focus on either getting into a pa program, or enjoying your time off before entering one. Peoples opinions change all the time as they progress through their programs. Plus the job outlook, salary, residencies, etc. could change from now and when you begin looking for jobs. Just my 2 cents. If you want information on salary, the AAPA releases a salary report every year you can purchase online. It breaks salaries down by region, specialty, years of experience, etc.
  3. 8 or 9 to about 4 or 5. depends on exams that week and if there is a special guest lecturer. The latest scheduled class this semester for me is until 630 PM for a guest lecturer. Hope this helps!
  4. First week of interviews is usually in mid to late August so you guys still have a while to go. First interview invites probably won't be given out until July. Besides that no news is good news! Goodluck everyone.
  5. Interview invite on the 29th as well but will be declining. Best of luck to everyone!!
  6. Undergrad School: University of Delaware, BS in Exercise Science Cumulative Undergrad GPA : 3.83 Cumulative Science GPA : 3.89 CASPA Verification: Verified June 20th Age at time of application: 21 GRE: V 153, Q 160, W 4.5 (313) HCE: 3,000 Hours as an exercise technician at an outpatient PT clinic. Shadowing: ~50 Hours in various Emergency Departments, OR's, outpatient doctors offices. LORs: 1 from professor, 2 from PT's at work Schools applied to: Arcadia, Thomas Jefferson, Duke, Philadelphia University, Rutgers, Interviews: Arcadia, Thomas Jefferson, Duke, Philadelphia University, Rutgers Waitlist: None Rejected: Duke Accepted: Arcadia Attending: Arcadia Delaware Campus Attempt: 1st Very excited to be going to Arcadia's program this upcoming Spring! As a younger applicant, I was not sure how I would stack up against some of the other applicants with more experience and quality of experience, but am lucky to be attending. My advice to those currently in undergrad would be to accumulate as much HCE as possible! Most advisors and professors I talked too did not emphasize this aspect of the application, but it is very important and can make or break your application. Best of luck everyone!
  7. Received an email verifying my email address as more information about orientation will be sent out in the beginning of the new year, so expect more info coming soon :)
  8. Hey everyone, just wanted to let you guys know that I was offered an interview for the Atlantic City campus yesterday. I will be declining as I have already committed to another program, but wanted to let you guys know that they are still reviewing applicants for the AC campus! In the email it also said that the Philadelphia campus was already full. Best of luck everyone
  9. I say go with who knows you best and can vouch for your abilities to become a future healthcare professional. I worked at an outpatient PT clinic and had my supervisor and a staff PT write one each for me, with the 3rd being from a professor. My advisor highly recommended against two PT's writing LOR and wanted me to ask a PA whom i shadowed. I decided to go with the PT's because they knew me best and was accepted this cycle. What I am trying to say is focus on who knows you best, rather than what their title or position is. But of course look at each programs requirements, some programs may want one from a PA so make sure you fulfill that requirement if necessary.
  10. I know its tough to hold out on waiting, but they are reviewing 2500+ applications. The way I look at it is, you haven't been rejected so there is still a chance. From previous years people were getting interview invites until December so I would wait until after the deadline for any further questions about you application. Best of Luck !
  11. I don't think the second interviews mean much. When I interviewed I only received one interview session and was still accepted. Another classmate of mine stated that he had two interviews because his first interview was with a newer faculty member and he was told that he may be called for a second one with an older faculty member. I felt like my interview was rather quick as well (~10 min) but felt even shorter when I was in there, most likely due to nerves or anxiety.
  12. For this of you who have interviewed, how is parking at the Physician Assistant program building? Is there ample free parking or would I have to purchase a guest parking pass for the day? Thanks!
  13. This was me after leaving my first interview (which was also my first choice). I felt like I missed a lot of opportunities for expanding my answers and felt as though I was talking a mile a minute. Ended up getting accepted. But even if you are not accepted, just take it as a learning experience for the next interview. Practice is key for interviews.
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