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  1. Good afternoon, I am looking to find potential preceptors in Phoenix, Arizona preferably in neurology, neurosurg, or trauma. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to reach out to Docs who may be interested in taking on a student?? Thank you!
  2. I would recommend making this a private page and just so you know, you are not allowed to associate your page with TTUHSC. Ours is just "Midland PA Class of 2017." Congrats to everyone who has been accepted! Tech is a wonderful program to be a part of :) Enjoy your free time while you have some!
  3. Congratulations on your acceptance! My advice would be to add yourself to the Facebook group, you can find the link on this thread, and then utilize that as a roommate resource! Again, congrats and I look forward to meeting you!
  4. Make sure you guys join the facebook page for our accepted class of 2017!! the link can be found under the topic: Accepted Class of 2017! Congratulations everyone :)
  5. I PROMISE you Anatole is gorgeous. Literally brand new. All appliances included, 9 foot ceilings, the whole shabang! I love them. Definitely a steal!
  6. Congratulations!! Feel free to add yourself to the facebook group :) You can find the link in the Accepted Class of 2017 Topic on this forum!
  7. Yes! Go ahead and add yourself to the group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/766695483366779/
  8. First and foremost, congratulations everyone! A facebook group has been made for the Class of 2017, so as you receive your acceptance please feel free to add yourself to the group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/766695483366779/ We can utilize this resource as a means to get to know eachother, explore housing situations, etc! I look forward to meeting everyone. Again, a huge congrats to everyone!! Taylor Bingold
  9. That was my understanding as well in regard to the clinical rotations. Some things I need to consider! Selfishly of course I would love to bring them with me, but it may not be the best choice :( Thank you again, I appreciate it!
  10. Good to know!! Thank you, thank you. I'm more nervous for the clinical year and definitely worried about times that I may be traveling back to AZ. The apartment complex I'm moving into has an INSANE animal pet deposit (600 refundable, 600 nonrefundable) because it's brand new- another one of my concerns haha but you are completely right, animal therapy works like a charm :) Especially when feeling a little homesick! Thanks for your insight.
  11. I attended the interview on November 20th and received my acceptance the next day as well. I am coming from Arizona. There were only 3 of us from out of state at the interview, but I think, as Liz said, the majority of the students applying are from Texas and that is where the low rate comes from!
  12. Congratulations and good luck!! I stayed at Americas Best Value Inn Midland- Relatively cheap and only about a 10 minute drive from campus! Not too shabby of a hotel either :)
  13. I have a question for anyone who has attended or is currently attending the program.. Does anyone in the program have animals? I know some people have families and are married but are there any students who would be attending as a single student with animals? Is this feasible?
  14. Just so you guys know, I had about 7 hours to kill after my interview before my flight back to Arizona and went to look at apartments to save a trip if I did get accepted. Turns out this was a great decision because I have claimed my seat and now know where I will be living!!! Anatole on Briarwood is a brand new complex, they are currently still in the process of building it. It's about 10 minutes away from campus, if that. It's an incredible complex, upgraded, pool, 24 hour fitness center, gated community! Lots of amenities. Pricy, but they all are! I chose to do a one bedroom, but it would b
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