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  1. January 5th or February 5th? I wasn’t able to find anything on their website. I think it was Feb 5 last year but it could have changed.
  2. Compared to last year’s thread, it doesn’t seem like many forum users were taken off the waitlist unfortunately. They usually have a very active waitlist, too.
  3. Applied in August, just got an email wishing me a happy holidays. That’s nice and all but haven’t heard anything else. Anyone have any updates regarding interviews?
  4. Yea! I interviewed here last February and the school and faculty were all awesome. Hoping I'll get another shot this time around
  5. Anyone know if they have rolling admissions? Couldn't find it on the website edit: it is rolling
  6. interviewed 2/19, just got my rejection letter in the mail. good luck to everyone and maybe I'll see you next year
  7. Interesting... I received that exact email in September just a couple weeks after submitting everything.
  8. I wonder if they will hold interviews prior to the September meeting.
  9. Anyone receive an email from them today with the subject "LIU Admissions" and get their hopes up only to be let down? Graduate express decision days?! Ugh, I would welcome a rejection email at this point because I hate waiting.
  10. I emailed them back in October and was able to get a response. I tried contacting them via email and phone when I noticed the website no longer had PA program information but did not hear back. I did a quick search on google and found an some new information. I'll post the link but I'm not positive it will work. Link: https://chroniclevitae.com/jobs/0000816225-01
  11. I still have not heard anything from this program. Anyone else in the same boat?
  12. congrats! When did you interview? Also, did they mention anything about upcoming interview dates?
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