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  1. I was accepted from the September interview date and only received information via email. They have not sent anything out via postal mail.
  2. congrats to all those who have been accepted! Looking forward to meeting everyone :)
  3. I also was offered an interview but will be giving up the slot since I am attending a different school. Good luck! :)
  4. There are 44 seats if I'm not mistaken.
  5. Three. One day in September, one in October, one in November. Each day there are 60 students interviewing, 30 in a morning session and 30 in an afternoon session.
  6. Just received my acceptance as well! Congrats! And good luck to everyone!
  7. Thank you! The interview was on thursday the 19th and I foud out yesterday by phone call. They try to make the interviews as relaxed as possible and everyone is very nice. The day is structured great. Just be yourself, prepare beforehand, and try to relax! Good luck!
  8. Me too!!! Beyong excited :) good luck to everyone and I look forward to meeting the new class!
  9. This was the first interview I had and it was pretty laid back. There were two other people there when I interviewed. When we came in the director of the program gave us some information about the program and allowed us to ask any questions we had. Then they had us write an essay and called us in one by one to interview. The interview was with two members of the admissions committee and it only lasted about 10-15 minutes. The questions were pretty straight forward. After the interview, you were given time to finish the essay if you needed it. Once everyone was done, we were taken on a tour of the campus and that was it. My advice is just prepare and be honest and friendly during the interview! Good luck to everyone!
  10. I received my acceptance in the mail yesterday as well, but they called me after the interview and told me I was accepted and I would get more information in the mail in the weeks to follow.
  11. I'm assuming its rolling admissions since the deadline hasn't come up yet and they've already been doing interviews. I don't know about the GRE exactly but I had an average score, nothing spectacular, and I was accepted.
  12. Thanks everyone! I graduated magna cum laude with a 3.78 in May. 1500+ direct patient care hours. I honestly don't remember how I did on the GRE but it was average overall. Good luck to everyone!
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