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  1. Hi Desiree! Awesome that you started a FB page, so we may begin meeting our 2015 classmates. In regards to housing, I may have to make a trip out there to look at places, since I currently live out in SoCal. I definitely like the layout of the unit, and I am open to living with other PA students to help with cost. However, under the housing post, it appears Veranda has some issues. ~KC
  2. Hello and congratulations to those accepted into the UTPA PA program! My name is KC and I'm relocating to the RGV from Orange County California, so I would greatly appreciate any advice on housing. Best wishes, KC
  3. I would welcome any advice and recommendations regarding places to live.
  4. Congratulations Cisoo10! I also received an invitation, and accepted! Good luck to the rest of you, KC
  5. I received the invite via email as well. In regards to your other question, I submitted my CASPA and supplemental application in late December. See you in April Eugenesisco! ~KC
  6. kmwilliams43, I was offered an interview yesterday morning for April 5th. Best, KC
  7. Hi everyone, I was in the interview group of Feb. 16, which was for North Texas and out of state interviewees. Hi Joey, not sure if I met you, but I spoke in length to a number of PA-S that were very helpful and approachable. What year are you? I received an email this week informing me that the committee will be making decisions mid March to April 1st. They will be accepting 80-100 students, which is dependent on the PAEA's approval March 1st. UTPA is my top choice, but until then, I will be flying out for another PA interview in two weeks. All the Best, KC
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