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    Hello!! I know a few students already addressed this; but as a recent Duke grad, I wanted to add my two cents. As far as students being frazzled - super accurate depending on the day (high stakes exams, etc). But I don't think frazzled is the same as miserable. And I think all PA students at every school experience the stress of the exams at some point during didactic year. Regarding the reputation for not being prepared for clinicals is just wrong. Every single site I was at said Duke students are the most prepared compared to other schools. And many say we stand out above med students. I think the reason for this is we have multiple opportunities to be in the hospital and with patients during the first year and many experiences with standardized patients. Also Duke does not accept simply the brightest of the bunch- the students are overwhelming full of rich clinical experiences and backgrounds prior to PA school. The nontraditional student high acceptance is real. And because of that, some of us may have had harder time in classroom than the 4.0 GPA 22 year old, but one nice thing about Duke is the immense resources - like tutors and meeting with study-skills specialists. And the flip side is that clinical year comes more naturally for us, since a lot of us have great experience. With all this being said, it is important to choose the school that is best for you. At the interview, you may or may not click with the school you thought was your number one. And if you get accepted to multiple schools, then trust your gut for the best fit over rankings or other reasons. Best of luck to all - enjoy the journey!
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    I received my acceptance email today around 11am from the 11/1 interview!!! This is my first acceptance! To those still waiting - do not give up hope! I received over ten rejections before I received a single acceptance. I was very discouraged. It's a brutally tough process, but it only takes one school! We worked hard, and it will undoubtedly pay off. Good luck everyone!
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    Hi there! My name is Hailey and I am a first-round applicant for PA school. I have gone to a handful of interviews, and have a few acceptances. I believe my personal statement was very strong, and I am wanting to help other prospective PA students get an acceptance on their first round also. I have quite a few friends already attending PA school, and those about to start. I have edited their personal statements as well. I am willing to edit your personal statement, have brainstorming phone calls and answer any questions about the PA admissions process in general. My services are FREE OF CHARGE. However, I do ask that if you feel you've benefited from my help that you give a small donation, whatever you can, via venmo to my PA school tuition fund. ~karma~ If you are interested, please email me at AcceptedPAstudent@gmail.com. I look forward to helping all you prospective students! Best, Hailey xox
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    Hey future class of 2022! Just wanted to let you know that the class of 2021 is holding a very informal get together for you guys during interview weekend. Details about location and time will be sent to your emails. It is not affiliated with the school or your interview. It is just something that we put together so you guys can talk to the current students and ask us questions about what it is like living here, being in PA school, etc. Meeting the upperclassman was actually the reason why I chose to attend EVMS in the first place, so I definitely recommend stopping by if you get a chance! It is also a good way to meet some of your possible future classmates! Hope to see you there! Please feel free to send me a message if you have any questions.
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    I like being a PA. We seem well respected in the medical world, and the comments I've heard from other providers, including NP's and MD's/DO's seem to reflect that. We've developed a niche in the procedure and surgical world, as well as being highly valued in other fields for our high standards of education across the board, and for our adherence to the medical model. We also seem to manage a pretty high level of standardization of our education, rather than an education system that is variable in preparation, or in rotations. I see in the future less HCE prior to school, and more of us going into a short residency, which will further delineate us from our NP counterparts. I don't think the solution is piggybacking onto the NP lobby, but rather spearheading our own path, and further developing our own niche.
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    Best of luck to everyone interviewing at Baylor this week. Regardless of the outcome you all should feel proud of all the hard work you have put in to get to this point. You DESERVE to be where you are. Of the thousands of applicants to the 3rd ranked program in the nation, you have been CHOSEN to interview. You stood out on paper....now go wow them in person. - PA-S2 BCM
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    I am so glad to hear that Pacific is your top choice! It is a great school for sure. I would say that their mission statement is also taken very seriously. Pacific works hard to be a school that is involved with both global and local underserved communities, especially with regard to rural areas. Read over their mission statements and if something sticks out for you there for your reasoning for wanting to be a PA, then definitely want to mention it. I believe the supplemental application is an opportunity to talk more about this. We have both a rural health care track and a global health care track for students interested in a career working with these types populations. Otherwise, I think showing a lot of volunteer work is also something they highly regard. With regards to the accreditation, unfortunately once they are placed on probation, the status stands for 2 years so it will be on "probation" until 2021. Thus, the school would be on probation for the 1st year of your education and assuming this status is overturned this upcoming September, the 2nd year of your clinical year the school will be back to continuing accreditation. Prior to this citation, the school was in the 10% of schools who received 10 years of continuing accreditation because the ARC-PA was impressed with our program. f Since then, nothing has changed with our program {and truly, it has been essentially the same since 1997] but as the new bylaws were written a few years ago, the change in verbiage is ultimately what cost our school. Side note, the clause in the accreditation status that our school was cited for actually was dismissed and is now not included for the by-laws for 2020. So we really got caught in this gray zone where the rule is still part of the ARC-PA requirement, however is on it's way of being excluded. Nonetheless, I can assure you that this accreditation status will not affect your ability to sit for the PANCE, stand in the way of you becoming a PA, cause issues with setting up rotations, nor is it concerning to the quality of education you will receive here. It truly is an administration issue that has to do with the wording of how our curriculum is set up and how ARC-PA interpreted it. Does that help? Good luck!
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    I am so excited to be joining the MBKU class of 2022! I got the phone call on Tuesday afternoon from Sandra Fineman. This was the BEST Christmas present ever! Good luck to everyone who is still waiting to hear back.
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    Can you say that in your 32 years of practice you've seen no change in the field in regards to our ability to practice, expanded scope or actual shift in what our career actually is? Can you say there has been no change in the ability of new graduates in our field to find a position? That there has not been massive encroachment by the nursing lobby and world that represents a danger to our future? Look man, I respect the hell out of all of you who paved the way for us, you've fought harder battles than I likely will in my lifetime. The fact is people aren't saying the moniker upsets them and provides a hindrance to their clinical ability to take care of patients but it may very well be a hindrance to their ACTUAL ability to provide care to patients as they may not have jobs when an NP is hired preferentially. When you're coming up in this world and that moniker may be the deciding factor between you or an independent practitioner getting a position well... people should care at that point. Thanks for fighting the fights you did, we appreciate it
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    Omg I’m in!!! May or may not have cried in my car. Hard work pays off. See you in January!!
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    I just got the call today. I got in. I wish u the best n the same feelings i have today. Don't give up hope. Your time will come soon.
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    with all do respect, this feels super harsh and although it's an unfortunate situation, bad mouthing an entire institution on the internet probably isn't the best way to go about it. if that's how you feel, withdraw your application from MCPHS and move on, but don't tell others how they should go about choosing a program. it's not that serious.
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    Whenever someone calls themselves a nocturnist I get the vision of a possum hanging upside down in a tree asleep. Don't know why......
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    I've been on a faith-based medical cost sharing plan for ~3 years, and I'm wildly impressed by how much better it is than insurance.
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    this thread is becoming suspect please do not attack each other nor just sling mud keeping on task on track and professional is helpful
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    I received a call yesterday from Dr. Lohenry offering me a seat! I was originally placed on waitlist after my interview in December. So exciting!!
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    I just got an email. I received it around 12:30p today! I was surprised, I had to keep reading it to make sure
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    No, this half pay thing is bullshit. I don't see it in any other job, including non-medical jobs. This is the cost of doing business. It takes time/money to hire and train a new employee. An MA doesn't get half pay when training. A nurse doesn't. A doc often gets a guaranteed base the first year or two so they don't work for little pay while building up their own practice. If they want someone with experience, they can pay more for someone with experience. If they like a new grad, they can pay them less by 10 or 20/hour or whatever the pay difference is, but half pay for 3 months is a slap in the face.
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    I was at the Oct 25/26 interview. To be honest, I really liked the student panel because it felt real and genuine. I wasn't looking to be further convinced about why I should choose Stanford, but rather wanted to know the challenges/ setbacks/ honest opinions from the students so I can make a better informed decision for myself if I were to receive an offer. It seemed like all of the students were happy that they chose Stanford and didn't regret their decision. Personally, I had a great impression of the program overall and I'm happy that the students were transparent with us during the panel.
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    I just contacted Duke to ask about my application status. They said that it has been reviewed and they are not finished interviewing so I will receive a decision within the next "few weeks or so" .... I'm not getting my hopes up quite yet but at least it's not a denial yet LOL
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    @Jamiek Yes, what you are saying makes sense but thats not how this works. Emory is in a tough spot because they are one of the only programs graduating in December. This means that class of 2018 (graduated December 2018) was one of the first classes ever to take the harder PANCE. Early takers of the new PANCE were scored against test takers of the previous test, due to lack of data. So not only you had to score high enough to pass a new test, you had to score higher than people who took the easier test. Later on as more people took the test, there were enough scores to compare the new takers with the new takers, so a better scale. However, more importantly BE CAREFUL! looking at test scores until Feb. 2020! This is why: Emory has a 96% PANCE pass rate on the 2018 test (because class of 2017 took it, see how weird it is?), they have a 77% pass rate on the 2019 test but its CLASS OF 2018!! So right now when you see a 98% pass rate of other schools they are comparing the class of 2018 VS class of 2018 (emory 2018 = 2019 test, other schools class of 2018= 2018 test). Another point, is that once rumors started going on about the test being harder schools that graduate in the summer of 2019 went hardcore board review mode and panic mode because they had time. Lastly, here is a tip. Whenever you look at pass rates MAKE SURE you see # of first time test takers. I go to MERCER, we have like 80 ppl in our class. BUT only 50 something are FIRST TIME TEST TAKERS so, almost half of the class is not allowed to test until they are cleared, emory was not like it, they would send their entire class if they felt like they are ready. Emory is not a little more strict about how many students are allowed to take the test. Anyway my point is that if you go interview at emory and you like it, go there. dont let the stats stop you because when the real numbers of 2019 come in early 2020 more and more schools will be sub 80%, right now schools are not required to post their 2019 test scores until 2020, most websites have their 2018 scores up only. Remember that no matter where you go it will be up to you to pass the PANCE. @studentpalife Tagging you in here too. i hope the school you accepted instead of emory is good because you completely misunderstood the way 2018 vs 2019 scores are reported on the website of other schools. I personally wanted to go to Emory and sadly was not accepted. I am happy at Mercer tho, but I am jealous at the rotation opportunities Emory get.
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    This has been an interesting, if wandering, thread. Just my .5 cents worth. Health care isn't a right. If it was the governement could force me and every other health care provider to give it away to anyone who needs it. We haven't made food and a roof over your head a right. How can something like health care be a right? Most people need health care. That doesn't automatically entitle them to it. It would be nice if everyone who needed care got it. Right now the perfect system, including the oft lauded universal health care system, doesn't exist. The words "fair" and "entitled" and "free" have become trigger words for me. Fair is you eat what you kill. Fair is taking care of people who can't take care of themselves. Fair is letting people who could take care of themselves but won't devolve naturally. Free doesn't exist. You can't give something to someone without taking something from someone else. Free things provided by the government are only free to the recipient. The rest of us pay for it in taxes. You aren't entitled to anything in this life except a fair shot at succeeding under your own power.
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    https://www.azpa.gov/MinutesUploads/Press/PA_201908261519_5927e698956c45ab9da8524bcb52c4d4.pdf This is HUGE guys. Basically, if you have a PA license in good standing in another state and move to AZ you can practice UNDER YOUR OLD STATE LICENSE. First in the country to do it. The application is ridiculously short and although it's not complete reciprocity, (you still have to pay AZ license fee), it will go a LONG ways towards streamlining the process of practicing there. Btw, this goes for virtually all licenses. Docs, PT's, nurses, teachers.....etc. Really ground breaking.
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    Back when I was young enough and my back was good enough I used to ride horses a lot. I wasn't great at it and took a lot of advice from people more experienced than me. I remember being told a horse knows when you have no confidence in what you are doing...its a sense they have. Patients can be the same way. I don't know how to help you exude confidence. That really comes from inside. I have had the other problem more....over confidence. That combined with being a pretty big guy with the basso profundo voice I tend to intimidate even when I don't mean to. 30 years in I think I have hit a better middle ground. So from what you are describing I suspect the patients are sensing your trepidation. In this day and age of patient satisfaction surveys and Yelp reviews it is more likely you will have confrontational or even angry patients. They will sense weakness and pounce like a hawk on a field mouse. This sounds basic but how often do you practice being confident in the face of questions? Practice builds muscle memory so when the fear creeps in (or whatever word you use to describe it) things happen automatically. This was a critical skill in the military and during my time in law enforcement. I remember events unfolding and suddenly I am at an end point not having consciously taken any action but having done the right thing. Muscle memory. I would recommend seeing a therapist to see where this is coming from. It is unlikely it is a sudden unexplainable feeling with no clear origin. I am sure it is something that can be improved. You just need the right guidance. Best of luck
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    Hey everyone! Congrats in your interview invite. I am a current student of the CSUMB PA program. My roommate (another student in the program) and I are offering up our place for the different interview dates. We live close to the campus and have an extra twin bed. Unfortunately, we can only take in one person per date at this time. If you are interested, please shoot me a message. We will be posting our place on AirBnb at some point once we get back from our summer break. Pros of staying with us include: we will make you breakfast, drive you to the interview, and will help you prepare for your interview. HOWEVER! We will NOT disclose questions as this is unfair to other applicants. We are more than happy to answer any questions you have about the program and do a mock interview.
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    Hi guys. I am a current student at this program. I am a little over half a quarter in. The way that Davis picks their students is a little bit different than most schools. The main purpose of the interview is to get a general sense of your personality, make sure you'll fit in with the culture of the program, and look for any "red flags." The secondary is your chance to really shine and tell them what makes you unique.
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    I can confirm this. Last year I interviewed the 1st day (Friday the 13th) and received my acceptance email Friday the 20th at 10:17am PST while I was shadowing in surgery. Don’t freak out until Friday because it def won’t come before then. Good luck everyone! Can’t wait to add 80 more of you to our crazy family!
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    Or he plans to retire before it hits us... I plan on retiring in the next couple of years, probably before the light we have all been staring into is finally proven to be a freight train......BUT I have a real mortal fear for the next Gen of young PA's either in school or newly graduated. I fear for their financial soul and for the very existence of this entire field. It's the only reason I am so loud in my support for aggressive changes to our name and our rules of practice.
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    UGoLong is a well-respected contributor to the PA community and these forums; applicants should pay careful attention to his suggestions--I consider them, on the whole, better thought out than my own recommendations.
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    I just got my call of acceptance and I interviewed January 12th... I am so beyond excited to meet all of you and for whoever is waiting to hear back- hang in tight! I will be praying for you Good luck!!!
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    Today I had to say goodbye to an old friend and great PA who was a pioneer in PA practice ownership here in Texas Mr. Richard Branson. Richard passed at 1PM today after a long fight with chronic heart disease. Richard and I became fast friends and thick as thieves many years ago when we both served on the TAPA board. Probably more than any other 1 PA he was responsible for the strategy and leg work that achieved the successful passage of legislation granting us scheduled drugs prescribing rights. Since then Richard started his own practice in San Antonio in a very busy and competitive market and then created what he called a practice incubator, a written guide that provided guidance and resources for other PAs who wanted their own practice. He gave this away, along with his personal support and advice, to any PA who wanted to strike out on their own. He never asked a penny or a thank you from anyone he helped and there were many. He was also a driving force in organizing and funding a law suit in federal court that stopped the medical board from, essentially, taking practices away from PAs that owned them because they weren't majority owned by physicians. He was a quirky genius and I feel sad for the people who couldn't see past the quirk to the gold underneath. PAs in Texas are better for having him among us and are just a bit diminished today with his passing. So long old friend.
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    Just received an email explaining they’re a little behind but it seems the school will be making a Facebook group next week.
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    My plan is to master watercolor and I'm in process. I just sold a painting today. I start teaching classes at the city parks and recreation department in June. I'm taking classes from master watercolor artists - local and nationally known. I have 1.5 years to retirement, maybe earlier. Someday I will be famous and you can all say "I knew Paula on the forum, wish I would've bought an original when she was just a novice!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
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    Just got a call today and got pulled off wait list. I was rank 6.
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    I'll try to give an abbreviated version of what Optimal Team Practice (OTP) entails, and why it's important. It was voted on and approved by the AAPA House of Delegates at the 2017 annual conference, and aims to set the PA profession up for the future by working towards legislative changes to remove the antiquated administrative red tape that currently hinders PAs and puts us at a disadvantage relative to NPs in many areas. The goal is to transfer the decision-making from state legislature to the practice level, allowing specific practices to function in the way that works best for them and their specific situation. One of the tenets of OTP includes eliminating the requirement that a PA be legally tied to a specific physician, while also reinforcing the PA commitment to team practice. This isn't so that PAs can be cowboys and start practicing independently, but rather to allow PAs to collaborate with any physician in the practice or group in which they work. This ensures that PAs are protected when their collaborating physician retires or changes jobs (or dies), and also streamlines the hiring process to bring PAs in-line with where NPs already are in many states. Other important tenets of OTP include working towards direct reimbursement of PAs by Medicare and private insurance in the same way physicians and NPs are, as well as working towards PA boards to govern PA practice, again just like physicians and NPs already have. Things like state-mandated supervision ratios, mandated chart review percentages, linkage of a PA to a specific physician, etc all currently take a one-size-fits-all approach to regulating PAs without any evidence that they improve patient safety. These are decisions that would better be made at the practice level. For instance, PAs like yourself that have been working for over 20 years don't require the same degree of supervision/collaboration as a PA that's only been practicing for 1-2 years, nor should you require the same amount of chart review. Having these things mandated at the state level place an undue administrative burden on practices, and put PAs at a disadvantage in some places where NPs have more favorable regulation with less red-tape. The statement you made about not seeing a problem doesn't mean there isn't one in other states/areas, so I encourage you to read up a bit about OTP. Notably, the ball is already rolling with North Dakota being the first state to pass OTP legislation earlier this year. I have some links for you here to get you started. AAPA Information Page on OTP AAPA Announcement on OTP Passage North Dakota OTP Legislation Passed Article Outlining OTP
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    I just wish every PA and NP out there would just quit this type of gig the doc's figured out it is toxic and now it is pushed onto PA's, if we just revolted against the crappy corp medicine types in unison we would win....
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    Interviewed on 9/20 at Miami and just got my acceptance this morning! After being rear-ended on my morning commute to work, I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER. I’m not saying I cried, but... jk, I totally cried. This was my 3rd attempt. Every one of my doctors that I work with cried with me
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    I will be handing my seat over to the next person in line best of luck to all of you!! I hope this will help someone out!!
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    I just got my acceptance call! I interviewed on 9/17. So incredibly excited!!!
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    I got my call today!!! Terry Scott called me and I cried on the phone . I think it’s abnormally early to hear back. I was expecting Monday or Tuesday. Good luck everyone!! I hope to see you in class!!!
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    For anyone who recently received an interview, do you mind sharing your stats? Just trying to gauge where I'm at and what the chances are that I will receive an interview!
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    I know I need to be more patient but I’m starting to get anxious! I really would love to get an interview
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    MY PORTAL CHANGED AND HAS AN ACCEPTED STUDENT CHECKLIST!!!! I'm literally shaking right now I'm so happy! Check your portals!
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    Holy cow these are awesome! Nice job team!
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    For everyone worrying about whether or not they have been denied, please stop worrying. This school in particular has only sent out two rounds of interviews (July and August) and it is still extremely early in the interviewing season. I know that it can be difficult to know and to wait, especially if this is your first year applying, but the committees work really hard to look at everyone's applications, and it often times takes months to hear back from schools, even from schools with rolling admissions. Don't assume that because you haven't heard anything that it would be considered bad, because your application matters! Take some time away from checking your emails and be proud of yourself for finishing your applications in a timely matter!
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    Hey all, One of my classmates told me about this forum today. I am a current first-year student, and I also help run UTHSC PA Program's social media accounts as I am class Historian! I just wanted to drop by and introduce myself. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and ask! I will try to answer as much as possible. And to answer the question above, we were on probation, but we now have full accreditation until 2027! The probation status had to do with some faculty turn over, but we now have some of the BEST faculty out there who are really dedicated to us and PA education. If you don't know our program director, check out his podcast, the PAINE podcast. He is really well-respected in the PA community. Good luck on your applications and interviews! Laura H
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    Just got this response from Mr. Dixon today: "The competition is very steep this year. 314 applicants for the PA Scholarship, 271 Qualified applicants, 16 already selected, 1 declined. Possible 30-40 scholarships will be given out for PAs."
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    I was accepted!!!!! And they also got their accreditation!!
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    No such thing as burnout. https://zdoggmd.com/moral-injury/
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    I got the phone call for acceptance a few weeks ago, but I just got the call for my #1 school so I will be retracting my offer. I hope that changes a life for someone! Good luck to all!
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