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    Hi everyone! For those of you who are interviewing this weekend, make sure you check your email for an invite to the Pizza Social the night prior and RSVP. It is just with current students as a way to shake off some nerves and see the campus before the morning of the interview. Can’t wait to meet you all! :)
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    I also took the 2019 PANCE. Still waiting for my score (grrr) but I did not buy any supplemental study material for the new ethics portion and I'm glad I didn't. The answers were either obvious or not anything you could really study/memorize. Just use common sense and you will do just fine. Some people in my class bought ethics study guides; I'd say save your money and focus on the clinical content.
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    Congratulations @TStip, I was accepted yesterday afternoon as well. I was told there were only 4 open seats at the time of the interview. However, they are filling the waitlist in anticipation of additional seats becoming available.
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    Just arrived so I definitely won't be there by 2:30 (can't time travel sorry). But best of luck to everyone tomorrow.
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    @Samiiwami Thank you so much! I really, really appreciate your help. @jotayka and @txaggiepa Yes, they do eventually send the presentation instructions as well. Mine came last week. If you don’t receive that email, then definitely follow up! Here is a screenshot either way
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    i believe after you accept the interview invite you'll get another email a few weeks later that goes into more detail, closer to the interview that tells you about the mini presentation information. it's not on the initial interview offer
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    Hi all, current student here. The facebook group will probably be coming at the end of January and you will all start receiving info about matriculation very soon so hang in there! Congrats to all of you on your acceptances :)
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    Just got my call that I’ve been accepted off the waitlist!
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    Also got my acceptance call earlier today! So excited to be a part of this program! Can’t wait to meet everyone
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    Just got my acceptance call from the 1/12 interview!!!! Hope some of you got one as well
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    Because you are now a shoe salesman and not a provider of health care. They are now customers and not patients. This is the paradigm for the forseeable future. I told my admin folks that, if they were around long enough, they would see the pendulum swing back the other way after the data conclusively proves this mentality is harming patients....which it is and the early data is already in. They looked at me like I was totally insane.
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    CarlyAZ, also interviewed on 12/19 and was placed on the accepted pending open spot seat and was accepted last week! There is definitely still hope!
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    Yes, as part of the interview day you have your drug testing..... just kidding. The Lab Assessment is the normally scheduled class for that day @ 11 am. As part of the introductory day, you attend a class with the current cohort.
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    No. We were given it at orientation. I'll tell you how you survive PA school. Plan ahead, pay attention, be humble, take care of yourself, and don't be an asshole.
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    Registration now open for SEMPA 360 being held April 14-18, 2019 in New Orleans, Louisiana! Come learn from the best educators in emergency medicine. Conference favorites include Kevin Klauer, Amy Keim, Haney Mallemat, Michael Winters, and Richard Cantor to name a few. The EM:RAP team will also be joining us again in New Orleans for a day of learning along with a special meet-and-greet to visit with some of your favorite EM:RAP stars! Over twenty workshops will give you the skills needed in emergency procedures, airway management, ultrasound, slit lamp, suturing, x-ray interpretation, teaching, ECG interpretation, and more! Over 40 lecture sessions will cover topics such as critical care, trauma, pediatric emergency medicine, ophthalmology, cardiovascular emergencies, GI disorders, infectious disease, literature updates, and high risk emergency medicine. There are also plenty of social activities to enjoy with old and new friends. A wine and cheese reception, opening party at Mardi Gras World, and the SEMPA Quiz Bowl competition will welcome you to the EMPA event of the year. CME is available for PAs, physicians, and NPs. The discount for early bird registration ends Feb 13. The hotel room block is also limited so sign up now! For more information: https://www.sempa.org/sempa360
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    yup, I have a lot of free time on my hands working solo night shifts.... anyway, some of these things have been listed here over the years, but thought I would put them all in one place 1. your first job is about leaning your trade, not about money 2. if you can afford to do a residency in your field of choice, do it! see #1 above 3. as a new grad you can have 2 of the following 3 if you are lucky; location, specialty, salary. choose wisely. 4. don't buy a $50,000 car right out of school. a good rule of thumb is take your yearly salary and divide it by 3. at most you should spend 30k on a car if you make 90k/yr assuming no alternative source of income and no other major debt. I have too many friends who have to work extra to make their $700/mo BMW payment. drive a safe and efficient car until you can afford your dream car. 5. don't buy a $500,000 house right out of school if you are single. take your yearly income and multiply by 3. this is a good price for a first house. 90k salary? 270k house. spouse/partner also makes 90k? you can double that. 6. living within your means(see #4 and 5 above) means you can work less, travel more, and take time to enjoy life. I spent too much of my 20s, 30s, and most of my 40s working 180-220 hrs/month. don't do that. now I work 168 hrs/month and have never been happier. I used to never have time to go out with friends. now I go out at least once/week, go to jazz clubs, etc. in 2017 I already have tix for sting, red hot chili peppers, U2, and foreigner concerts. I also now have time to do 2-3 international medical missions/year and taake time out with the family for spring break, cme conferences, etc 7. don't take the first job you are offered unless it's perfect. don't settle for mediocrity. 8. don't work in a field you detest just because it is a job. moving is better. you will be miserable doing surgery, urology, pain clinic, etc if you hate it 9. don't accept a "training salary" unless in a formal residency program. A formal residency program has off-service rotations and dedicated learning time. don't be fooled by training fellowships that are just low paid jobs in one dept in disguise. 10. don't accept a position that does not offer cme, retirement, malpractice, vacation, etc. you have earned a benefits package 11. don't work in a very narrow field right out of school unless it is your dream job and you never intend to leave the specialty. I know lots of folks stuck in jobs they hate who can't leave them. 12. if you are getting burned out consider the following: work fewer hrs/mo, see fewer pts/shift, switch specialty, switch location, find somewhere you are appreciated. I can't tell you how much better my mood is after transitioning from a high volume/low acuity facility(30 pts/12 hrs) where I was treated like an interchangeable worker bee to a low volume/high acuity(10 sick pts/24 hrs) facility where I am valued as an individual for my skill set and experience. 13. don't sign a lengthy contract or a non-compete clause. these are tools to keep clinicians in crappy jobs. If it's a good job, you will want to stay anyway. 14. don't take a job where your clinical supervisor is an RN or office manager. we are not medical assistants 15. don't refer to yourself as Dr Smith's PA. they don't own you. Say instead " I'm John Doe, one of the PAs here" or "I'm John Doe, I work with Dr Smith on the surgical service". language matters. don't let yourself be treated like an assistant. don't regularly take out trash, take your own vitals, room patients, etc unless the docs in the group do too. I can see this in a small office, but there is no excuse for it elsewhere. 16. don't work for free. if you are charting at home, make sure that you get paid for it. may add more later, but that's what I've got for now after a 24 hr shift. 17. don't take a job at far below market value just to be in a particular location. lots of new grads are taking jobs in NYC for example at 55-60k. As a young new grad this may seem like a lot of money if you have never had a real job before. it isn't when the national average is around 90k. know what you are worth. don't accept less. if enough of us do that the crappy job offers will go away.

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