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    I like being a PA. We seem well respected in the medical world, and the comments I've heard from other providers, including NP's and MD's/DO's seem to reflect that. We've developed a niche in the procedure and surgical world, as well as being highly valued in other fields for our high standards of education across the board, and for our adherence to the medical model. We also seem to manage a pretty high level of standardization of our education, rather than an education system that is variable in preparation, or in rotations. I see in the future less HCE prior to school, and more of us going into a short residency, which will further delineate us from our NP counterparts. I don't think the solution is piggybacking onto the NP lobby, but rather spearheading our own path, and further developing our own niche.
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    Unfortunately, I've already sent most of my money to a prince in Africa, so in a couple of weeks (or months, the email was kind of vague) I'm going to be rolling in dough, and I just don't have the money to send.
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    I just got the call today. I got in. I wish u the best n the same feelings i have today. Don't give up hope. Your time will come soon.
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    Agree with the above. We aren't midlevels. Also note the AAPA is not under the AMA. It is a independent advocacy organization. So good news! What you thought would take 5-10 years is a non-issue. At this moment, things are looking good for the PA profession. ND passed OTP and cosignature has been eliminated in many states even before the push for OTP. Things are looking great.
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    Hey! If anyone has any questions regarding PA school or their application please don't hesitate to let me know! I applied to 9 schools, got accepted to 1, waitlisted at 4 schools and denied to 4 schools. When I was applying there were not many resources to find other students who were accepted with low GPAs to see what they have done, so I just want to help out as much as possible. This is a very stressful part of an individual's life and having someone to relate to can definitely help out. If anyone feels uncomfortable commenting their questions on here or need a super fast response, feel free to message me on my instagram as well: Naisphan Right now, I'm a volunteer pre-pa mentor for two community colleges in my neighborhood. I don't want to make this a super long post but a quick overview of my statistics: cGPA: 3.1 sGPA: 3.01 Last 60 credit hours: 3.8 PCE: 2600 HCE: 1500 Shadowing Hours: 144 GRE: Did not take There is so so so much more than just the numbers. I really mean that. I have spoken with a whole bunch of PA admissions committee members directly at multiple schools about my application and also what they're looking for in potential applicants. I've also spoken to many students and pre-pa mentors as well to help me throughout the process. With my low GPA, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to make it into school but with the help of my mentors I was able to craft a great application. Don't be discouraged at all, there are so many things to do to make your application much better!!! It really is a holistic application and as long as you reach the minimums, anything is possible from there. Again, AMA either here or on my instagram page!!!
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    So I am literally shaking right now I just got my invite to interview. Congratulations everyone!!!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hi everyone! My name is Sandi and I’m a current PA student at EVMS (class of 2021). I’ll be helping out on one of the interview days. Let me know if you have any questions about the program minus interview tips (be yourself) and secret stuff (we don’t really have any secrets). Good luck everyone!!!
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    Got my invite as well! Stats to follow!
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    Verified 5/30 I read in last year's thread people got interviews as early as 6/5 so hopefully some of us will get good news this week! Fingers crossed for everyone!!
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    ... and we have reached the point where aggressive ignorance, if real, is indistinguishable from trolling. Bye.
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    I am not a big fan of these programs. I think folks should work in medicine for a few years before starting PA school to make sure they like medicine.
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    I agree. I initially had a long post about it but deleted. Essentially, the question should be how does one become a GOOD provider. Lots of physicians and other types suck. The question is not a good one. Can a FM physician ever be as good as a IM? It’s all relative. What makes someone good is putting in the effort and having the right opportunities.
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    I just got accepted! I can't believe it! I got a call from Janie today.
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    Do a good job on each patient. Make them wait. Push back. Have your cv ready. Quality medicine is marketable and you will likely have to leave.
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    Or he plans to retire before it hits us... I plan on retiring in the next couple of years, probably before the light we have all been staring into is finally proven to be a freight train......BUT I have a real mortal fear for the next Gen of young PA's either in school or newly graduated. I fear for their financial soul and for the very existence of this entire field. It's the only reason I am so loud in my support for aggressive changes to our name and our rules of practice.
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    Yeah, that ship has sailed. There are enough people who are getting these degrees that the programs are not going bankrupt, and will in fact expand. Then, a clinical doctorate will be expected eventually. The quoted poster may or may not have retired by then. The one thing they don't get: We're not doing it ("we" as in PA's; I have an unrelated masters' to finish before I can consider a clinical doctorate) to irritate the physicians, but rather to hold our own with NPs and gain credibility with admin.
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    I'm local from Chesapeake VA, will be interviewing on the 13th!!! Good luck to everyone coming that weekend. I applied last year ,did not get an interview... and a year later I got an interview in the first group, shows you really can improve your application and make it.
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    Hi Guys!!!! I JUST GOT AN INVITE!!!!!!! I will share my stats once I calm down from my excitement!
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    I agree. Lying to patients, never. On the other hand, lying to medical administrators, all the time.
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    Just got this response from Mr. Dixon today: "The competition is very steep this year. 314 applicants for the PA Scholarship, 271 Qualified applicants, 16 already selected, 1 declined. Possible 30-40 scholarships will be given out for PAs."
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    Take a few minutes to browse the forums.
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    Honestly, disregard people's opinion's if they only talk about numbers. Some posts here are highly self-referential and the logic behind their advice is: "I failed, therefore you will fail too". This is just counterproductive for you. Honestly, numbers will never tell you the whole story. Programs care about life experience, fit to the program, your potential as member of the university (extra curricular activities and leadership within PA school), your background, and most importantly.... how your application connects to YOU. Having 8000 hours of PCE that you hated, learned nothing from, and that didnt connect with your personal narrative will definitely show on your application. Don't just get experience for the sake of amassing stats. Learn from it, get awards, get recommendations, find a good fit for you and your ambitions. There's a difference between performing at a job and being stuck with it. Admission officers can smell generic applications from far away. After all, they are generic, and they wont make anybody feel curious or like they are missing out. There's a difference between saying "I wanna be a PA to have a job" and "I wanna be a PA to help the undeserved". There's a difference between "I learned about the PA profession from U.S news best jobs" and "I arrived at the pa profession after years of dedicating my life to healthcare". If you care about, say, helping undeserved populations and your profile, experience and life story show that, then you have a more compelling application than someone who has been hating their PCE for thousands of hours and have made no efforts to expand their healthcare perspective beyond their own practice and what was given to them. Some people feel entitled to certain things based on their GPA and PCE, but they also may feel undeserving of higher achievement because their numbers are "not as good" as others. Its a vicious cycle. GPA: You dont even know what classes made up their GPA PCE: You dont know the scope of their jobs Profile: You simply dont know them Some programs have certain thresholds or minimums (1000 PCE is the most common), so waiting a year will help with that. But honestly, i have seen people get accepted and interviewed in many great schools with little-to-no experience, but awesome stories and clear personal mission and profile as candidates. Don't take advice from people telling you that you are "the same as them" and "therefore you will fail" because thats just missing the point. I cannot guarantee that you will get into PA school with those stats, but I can guarantee you that if you only measure yourself with numbers, then you'll waste time worrying about them and PA schools will only see you as another generic application. My advice for your numbers: Take a Gap and amass more hours My advice for your application: Figure out who you are and what you bring to healthcare
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    Thought I would start this thread since I submitted CASPA today! Good luck to everyone applying this cycle!
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    You can start your advocacy for the profession by stop referring to us as midlevels....
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    Hi there! My name is Hailey and I am a first-round applicant for PA school. I have gone to a handful of interviews, and have a few acceptances. I believe my personal statement was very strong, and I am wanting to help other prospective PA students get an acceptance on their first round also. I have quite a few friends already attending PA school, and those about to start. I have edited their personal statements as well. I am willing to edit your personal statement, have brainstorming phone calls and answer any questions about the PA admissions process in general. My services are FREE OF CHARGE. However, I do ask that if you feel you've benefited from my help that you give a small donation, whatever you can, via venmo to my PA school tuition fund. ~karma~ If you are interested, please email me at AcceptedPAstudent@gmail.com. I look forward to helping all you prospective students! Best, Hailey xox
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    @Janab I emailed Mr. Dixon earlier in the week and he told me my application was still being scored and that they’re hoping to have final decisions by mid July :)
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    rent a toyota prius with unlimited miles - drive - max out driving time (like 15 hours a day) bring one nice suit rent motel one night (night before interview) SSS in motel - put nice clothes on interview and drive home Prius will get 50+ mpg on highway 100 miles each way = 2000miles 40 gallons of gas, $3/gal = $120 in gas $100 motel $100 car rental under $350 spent...
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    I got an interview!! Who is going July 19th?
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    In California, many of the floor nurses make more money for the amount of responsibility and the hours as they would as an NP too. Go to nursing boards and see how many folks there are struggling with the choice to stay in floor nursing or follow the dream to be an NP. That market is a bit of an enigma compared to the rest of the US. The choice can be whether to go from 3 shifts per week and six figures as an RN where you don’t have to take your work home with you, or work 5 days a week and carry a pager for a job where it’s hard to take a day off without over a month or two notice, and you can’t be sick and not have it throw everyone into a tailspin. All that for maybe even a pay cut. They go to school and realize that too late. It’s almost merciful financially for the market there to be tight to break into as a new grad. PAs often have the same problem, but no sweet nursing gig to fall back on. Maybe back to the rig while they wait for an opening if they are lucky. Or in desperation they take a 1099 job with terrible (or no) benefits. A lot of those nurses you meet could get a job, but they aren’t interested in a bad job. When I had been a nurse for just a few years, I talked to a new grad PA who was making less than me while working more hours, plus call. I had well over 20 days of vacation/paid time off, and worked a better schedule, no call, no required overtime. When I did take OT (which I could pick up whenever I wanted, and on my terms), they paid through the roof to have me there.
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    What about this idea - lobbying for DMS/residency trained PA's to get 100%/full reimbursement rates. I don't see why the MD's wouldn't get behind that as it would increase their intake primarily. In turn, it would make us more valuable and possibly lead to more compensation and OTP. Why it's not already 100 I do not know, but I think a residency/DMS would be good ammo to use.
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    When I wanted to be a PA, I was interviewing for admission when I got into nursing school. That presented me with the choice to pursue a career as a dependent provider, or take the path that would let me be independent. I voted with my feet to go to NP school, made the choice that I could live with for these kinds of specific reasons, and never looked back. PAs made their choice as well, while knowing the limitations that would follow. If you want to change your landscape, nobody else is going to pull you across the finish line, least of all the people that so many here try to put down whenever they feel threatened. Its our victory... we don’t need to share it, so we won’t. What’s in it for NPs to take PAs under their wings with the kind of attitudes present? I ask that with all honesty. How would I sell partnership to my state nursing advocacy organizations if I were to advocate for PAs to come along for the ride? So while I respect your training, and have good relationships with the PAs that I know and respect, there’s not much that can be done. And I’m not a nursing cool aid drinker. I think most PAs would do well independently. But NPs will forge ahead alone, just like we came into this world, and it sounds like most folks here recognize the lay of the land on this. The awakening here is starting, several years too late for me to have waited for, but the spark is there, albeit with some significant constraints.
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    As the President Elect of PAFT I appreciate the kind words. CEO of AAPA is a high level administrative position and should be filled by someone who not only understands the vision of the board but has broad and deep experience running an organization this size. It is much too complicated to allow anyone to fill that chair that doesn't have that kind of organizational experience. We don't really flex. We just take the issues as they come but stay tuned...we have some interesting stuff in the hopper.
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    Better idea. Eliminate the pass/fail test totally. Modernize along with the rest of the profession.
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    Great teachers. I worked at a FM residency, so there were plenty. Being in a place (military) that encouraged and allowed a broad scope. Hard work. Read a lot and listened to primary care and EM RAP over and over. Staying late to read literature and follow up specialist charts on cases I had referred so as to prevent having to refer it again if it wasn’t necessary. Hung lots of reminders up on my wall about things I didn’t see often but didn’t need referral. I had to use vacation and days off to get out of the clinic grind and learn procedures. Took 2 weeks leave to go work with urology upstairs in the hospital and do vasectomies.
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    If anyone is planning to meet up with other applicants (and the weather is decent), there's a few restaurants with large decks in Norfolk you might want to try. Grain in the Hilton on Granby & Main has two patios on the fifth floor, great views, and a fire pit. Leone's on Granby Street has a rooftop deck. And Supper on 21st Street is in Ghent near the school, and also has a nice rooftop deck to accommodate a large group of people. Of course, a lot of the restaurants in Ghent and Downtown Norfolk have outdoor seating, but most are small streetside patios. The Blue Moon TapHouse at the Waterside District has the largest patio, and cornhole, but last time I checked their menu, they cut it down drastically.
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    Got my invite this past Friday. I will be interviewing on Monday morning July 15th. I plan on getting to the area around Saturday. If anyone would like to meet up let me know.
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    Im in EM and doing PSLF. It’s really limits your employment options. I have managed to do okay, but TeamHealth , Athena, or whatever contract group is FOR PROFIT. It matters where your paycheck comes from, not the physical location of work. While most hospitals are non-profits, they almost always contract out EM and often do the same for hospitalist. Even some academic hospitals contract out EM if they don’t have a residency established. If you’re looking for true non-profit EM work, small county hospitals or large academics are the best bet. Large academics rarely hire new grads, however. Though you could have more options depending on where you live. I had 4-5 solid options within driving distance.
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    I get asked a ton about my stats. Here is something we ALL need to remember and why Yale looks at “the whole candidate”. Your paper stats don’t really matter as I assure you with thousands of applicants there are plenty of great stats. I got waitlisted with my stats because of who I am, how I communicated through my essays, and my life experiences. There is is probably no one else applying to Yale that is anything like me because our life experiences are going to be completely different. People keep trying to put this secret formula on their numbers but it simply doesn’t work that way. The number is a number and our PCE is our PCE but it doesn’t in any way define who we are or what value we bring to the program. Stop worrying about what the other “on paper” student got because they aren’t you and don’t bring your perspective to the table. If you want to succeed in this process you need to tell them WHO YOU ARE and not just what your stats are. You can try to copy someone all day long in their stats but unless your entire life went like theirs then there isn’t any point. What got them in likely won’t be what got you in. Everyone needs to start focusing on telling their story and what they bring to the table and worry less about their stats and PCE. I see it in the PA groups daily and through PMs of people asking me for advice. Be yourself because that is what they need to know to make their decision.
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    Thought I would update you all. I was placed on the alternate list before the application deadline. I received an email last week letting me know I have been awarded a scholarship! Hang in there!
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    Don’t do a basic EMT course. It will not teach you about in-hospital medicine. Do elective rotations in critical care or EM. Apply for residency positions.
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    7 years... but who is counting? Still buying Power Ball tickets.
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    I do want everyone who hasn't gotten an interview to keep their head up. Yeah you probably hear that a lot, but it's the truth. If you get rejected give yourself a day or two to be pissed off/cry/sulk/drink. Then re-evaluate yourself, application, and ask yourself if this is what you want to do as a career. If it is then go through your entire application and see where you can improve. This was the 3rd cycle and finally got an interview at EVMS. I am on my 4th cycle applying to other schools at this very moment (hopefully I just get into EVMS and not have to worry). Call and email them at the end of September/Early October to see where your faults were in your application. You should know what they are going to say and have already been ahead of the game, but emailing and showing interest means something. Re-take those pre-requisite courses, continue getting hours, shadow, volunteer, etc. Pre-Req GPA: 3.8 Graduate GPA: 3.9 PC hours: 8,000+ Volunteer: 500+ in various places Shadowing: 100+ (Neuro surg PA, Hospitalist PA, ENT PA, and Primary Care/HIV/HCV NP)
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    At age 17, you don't realize that life gets better. Too bad she couldn't get the help she really needed.
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    Received an invite to interview, but will be turning the offer down due to commitment to another program. Good luck to those still waiting to hear!
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    Got an invite!! First time applicant and I only applied to this one school. Interview is Friday, July 12th at 0745. BS in Public Health PCE: over 18k hours as radiology tech/interventional mammography tech HCE: 15,850 hours Volunteer: over 186 hours within last year Shadowing 4 hours Undergrad 3.58 Replacement (Last 40) 3.85 Pre-req 3.96 Best wishes to everyone!!!! Vicky
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    Just got the invite! Good luck everyone.
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    That’s a great question! We have class M-F with variation in # of classes and time spent in class each semester. 1st semester was 7 classes (1 of those classes was online) and we went to class from 9 or 10 to 3 on M & W, 1-6 T & Th, and 9-12 on Friday. Exams for semester 1 scheduled on T & Th’s only at 10am. So if a Tuesday or Thursday comes up and you have no exam that day you get to sleep in, study, go to the beach, prepare for Anatomy Lab (which is every T& Th) whatever until 1pm. We only have 5 classes 2nd semester and it’s way more chill. We have class M-F: M 8-3, T 11-4 (we are scheduled to 4 but it’s group work at a pre-arranged time so you could potentially be done by like 2), W 10-3, Th 11-3, and F 8-2 or 4. Lecture exams are on T & Th at 8am for 2nd semester and exams in the Sim center called the SCSIL (with standardized patients) are on Fridays or Wednesday. We have a lot more variation in schedule times second semester due to all the different labs like skills, ultrasound, and assessment practice in SCSIL. Reminder: This is what the class of 2021 schedule looks like. There are a lot of changes being made to the schedule for the class of 2022 so I would recommend asking about those changes when you come for tours, interviews, etc.
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    I have been offered acceptance. I’m not sure of my exact GPA’s, overall GPA is likely in the 3.8-3.9, science GPA probably around 3.6-3.7 and prerequisite GPA probably around 3.7-3.8. My GRE was 313. I have been a Registered Dietitian for 10 years and have an MS in Human Nutrition. I have worked in hospital/ICU, physician office, and mental health settings (lots of hours). I applied at the final deadline last year with one outstanding prerequisite and was waitlisted for the 2019 cohort (and a spot did not open up). I submitted my application very early this cycle (early February) and completed interviews and Casper test in early May. Good luck to everyone still waiting!! There’s still plenty of time!
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    Online reviews, and reviews in general, are bullshit on their best day. During the interview, ask for an estimate of currently active patients in the practice. If they have a panel of 3000, and you found 149 negative reviews, it gives you an idea of how many are doing the complaining. Unless I have received exemplary service, I will rarely go out of my way to tell the world about my positive experiences but, forget to put mustard on my hamburger, and heads are going to roll!
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    Shrug it off unless you think he was intentionally trying to belittle you. My last SP used to gently pimp me and I had 20+ years in. If I didn't know..I didn't know and I'd learn something. I didn't see any malice in it and I think as my SP he was entitled to probe my understanding sometimes. No blood...no foul.

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