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    Just a little piece of advice no one asked for, but I will share. On the day I was accepted, many got calls in the morning. I did not. I crumbled. I was devastated and cried for hours. Emailed my counselor, and I skipped out on a meeting I had planned on Zoom for something. I was thinking about what this meant for me and my kids and my future and how everything was about to shift and I had to re-group (yes, my mind was a day full of run-on sentences). I spent all day reading this forum and freaking out. Then in the evening, the forum picked up again and still no call for me. As soon as I began to feel proud of myself and think about how I will make this "rejection" a positive in my life and will find a new path and will make it no matter what is when I felt better. I smiled! I was proud of myself and getting it this far. I decided it was 6 pm on the west coast and 9 pm on the east coast, so it was time for me to call it a night and be happy and go for a walk. What would be would be. As soon as I turned off my computer and set my phone aside....my phone rang!!! I couldn't believe it. I was Accepted! I learned a lesson that day. The forum is fantastic, and everyone is so supportive, and it is nice to get information and comfort. On the flip side, it becomes an obsession and may be toxic. I had a horrible mental health day because I kept comparing my journey to others. Again, no one asked for this story, but I will leave it here. Interpret it as you will, and maybe it will make you revisit your actions during the day. Don't let the forum decide how the rest of your day will be like. YOU have the power to determine how you feel and proceed. Rooting for you all and hope to meet many of you next year!
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    Hey everyone. I'm usually more of a lurker/reader versus poster on here, but I wanted to blast out a message real quick. We all understand how stressful and drawn out this process is - especially all the re-applicants out there (shout out - me too). We're all trying to do something big for our futures and for the future of medicine, and as inspiring as it is to get this far and meet other intelligent, qualified, like-minded individuals, it's still difficult to learn that you or someone you know didn't get an initial acceptance. The selection process is tough and we have no idea what quotas the school is trying to fill or even what they're really looking for in each individual applicant. That being said, if you made it this far you clearly stand apart from the rest and have a true calling to this field. Do not be discouraged by the decisions made by the EVMS admissions committee! Please do not feel any less intelligent or worthy just because you were waitlisted or rejected. I know I struggled with this last year, and will struggle with it again this year in the event that I don't get an offer. The bottom line is that we all worked so hard to get where we are and as long as we don't lose sight of our end goal and give up, we will all be successful P.A.'s one day. Stay positive, y'all. -C
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    So did I. I was offered an acceptance as well
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    It's happening. I just got the call and I'm accepted. She called from her cell phone so it wasn't a Connecticut number so be sure to answer all of the calls.
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    Ok. I'm gonna share this story on myself and maybe it'll help be that tiny voice of reason when your other voice is telling you ALL the ways you messed up. The interviewers are people too. They know this is hard and competitive and wouldn't consider us if we were't all Yale material. The hard part is it's kinda a lot like dating, you can meet perfectly good and wonderful people, but they're not a fit. It's crushing when you're not the fit. But it also doesn't mean you suck. I don't claim to know what they're looking for, only that they're taking the time to actually LOOK at us and consider us beyond numbers on a transcript, which is amazing. I did the same thing as @jamierah and @Hkane, I'd just randomly think of much better or much more thorough answers while sitting at stoplights, or cooking dinner. WHYYYYYY did I pick this example when clearly that other one that I didn't think about would have been better. Did I answer the question good enough, did I tell my story enough? Did I just babble and they were too nice to say anything? Could they tell that I stuffed the armpits of my suit jacket with washcloths because I didn't want to have to dry clean sweat stains? My BIG thing? I emailed my "thank you" note to the wrong person. Holy crap, who does that?!! It doesn't matter that I was sure I had the wrong person's email address in the "send" field, and was actively looking through faculty profiles to find the right match when my son burst in and started talking a mile a minute and hit "enter." SO my second interview started with (said in a happy joking way) "Do you know what you did?" Yes. Yes I do. I feel so dumb. Please let me in. And they did. That takes a WHOLE lot of grace on their part to look beyond something like that. So, if you find yourself in the shower, or lying awake in bed, or at a stoplight and your mind keeps telling you how awful you did. Remember what I did. I ACTUALLY messed up, lol!
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    Guys, I was invited to interview !!!!! I took a few minutes to collect myself and make calls, and was successful at scheduling both.
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    Actually, I would say that someone who is okay with being called an assistant when they do not assist anyone is the person with self esteem issues. What I have is pride in my work. You see yourself as an assistant, I see myself as a practitioner of medicine in my own right.
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    Hi everyone! Just got the call I’m accepted! I’m so excited! Can’t wait to get to know everyone!!
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    All, Attached is the link to S.128, a bill designed to update PA practice in Vermont to "collaborative" practice. This was championed by PAAV (with help from AAPA) and it further cements our role in the VT healthcare system. Some bullet points include: - Collaborative practice language - no more supervision - Collaborative MD/DO language; no responsibility on S/P for PA-C decisions of care - Recognition and reimbursement by Medicaid (and other insurers) for PAs as PCPs. They can now be chosen as primary providers Vermont was already a great place to work as a PA - and it just got even better. With the new changes, I think it has the best laws in the northeast. https://legislature.vermont.gov/Documents/2020/WorkGroups/House Health Care/Bills/S.128/Written Testimony/S.128~Sarah Bushweller~Physician Assistant Academy of Vermont, Chart~5-12-2020.pdf https://legislature.vermont.gov/Documents/2020/Docs/BILLS/S-0128/S-0128 As Passed by Both House and Senate Official.pdf Props to PAAV for getting this done - strong work! G
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    I had no idea she was a PA, but once I read she was emerging as a top 3 pick for Biden I decided to research her background to stay informed who the next VP could be. Low and behold there it was in black and white....she's a PA! Left or Right, it would be great having someone...anyone who supports PA's up there. https://pahx.org/assistants/bass-karen/
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    Hello everyone! My name is Camille and I am currently a first year student in the Marist PA program. Congrats to everyone who was offered an interview! You all are going to do amazing! I have created a small committee of first year students who are willing to answer any questions that you may have regarding our program, the interview/application process, etc. Please feel free to email any of us! Good luck everyone! Specific Q's: Maria Valenti (q's on campus facilities, campus life, Poughkeepsie area) - Mvalenti0910@gmail.com Joanna Papasmiris (q's for zoom interview experience) - jpapasmiris@gmail.com General Q's: Shannon Walsh (Class of '22 Rep) - smwalsh714@gmail.com Camille Chavez - Camille.ashley.chavez@gmail.com Katie Jordan - kaitlynajordan@gmail.com Jennifer Levy - levyjenniferk@gmail.com Sabreena Mei - smei7297@gmail.com Sara Campolieta - saraannecamp12@gmail.com
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    Wishing all the interviewees the best of luck!! It takes so much hardworking and determination to even get to the point of applying. Just be yourself, have concise answers so you can make the most out of your time, and smile! As far as invitation waves, the consensus of those participating in the meet and greet was that none of us know for sure so we don't want to speculate although I have heard the same information previously to applying as well. So we aren't denying or agreeing because we simply don't have concrete evidence either way. Hope that clears it up. Regardless, you guys should be super proud of your accomplishments to get to the interview. Now it's all about determining if you are a good fit for EVMS and if EVMS is a good fit for you. Congratulations!
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    just finished my interviews. good luck to everyone else!
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    Sleep Medicine. Perhaps wound care. Something direct and repeatable that you can become a complete expert in and thereby reduce many of the unknowns like in certain medical fields which leads to stress and anxiety. Stay away from any form of walk in medicine like Urgent Care. p.s. Brave post, good on you for trying to help yourself.
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    hey guys! I attended Northwestern's Virtual PA information session today. The host of the meeting confirmed that interview invites have not been sent out yet and they plan to start sending them out late/end of summer! Good luck everyone!
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    For anyone struggling with doubt or fear, just remember that stats and numbers are just LOOSE FRAMEWORKS by which applications are gauged, they are not the law. This site, and others like it, should help to inform you and your application process, but should not serve to set a bar by which to judge yourself or others. We will all end up where we need to be, we just need to trust the process!
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    Just received my acceptance letter via email!!! Good luck to everyone!
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    Guys!!!! I just got the call!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited to be joining this cohort!!!!!
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    Well today was anticlimactic. Here's to another day of not so patiently waiting.
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    I agree with Samantha! I’m quite the nervous person too but they made me feel very welcomed and truly just want to get to know you! It’s actually very refreshing lol. Like everyone else has been saying, take a deep breath, relax, and be yourself. The fact that you got an interview means they know you’re very capable of being a successful PA, they just want to get to know the person behind the application. Best of luck to you and everyone else interviewing tomorrow! You got this!!
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    I forgot both of my IDs for my first interview. She asked to see my two forms of verification and I said hang on and I LITERALLY RAN FROM THE ROOM AND LEFT HER HANGING!!! OMG. I ran back in and sat down calmly and apologized but I legit left her staring at a blank wall for a good minute while I ran for my IDs. I remember thinking I had to really blow this interview out of the water to make up for this mistake. I was also grateful that I was wearing pants FYI I got in. Lol. Don’t over analyze. Just be your best truest self and that’s the best you can do.
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    Good luck to everyone interviewing this week. For those that interviewed last week. Who stood in the shower or laid in bed over the weekend coming up with way better answers to the interview questions than what they actually said? Me, sheepishly raising hand
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    Hey everybody!!!! Dylan here, president of the UCDavis PA class of 2021. I'm super excited for all of you guys submitting your CASPAs and getting ready to start your PA journey, whether it be the first time applying or the 50th. You CAN do it! If you are like me, the application/interview process is one of the most stressful times of your life... especially if you don't get in the first time around( it took me two). One of my passions is to help others get through interviewing and into the career of their dreams. Over my time at school and preparing for over 13 interviews I have learned exactly what is necessary to excel in the interview process and have since helped several students get programs around the nation. the If anyone is interested in being a mentee of mine, you are welcome to contact me. Email: hawaiilife93@gmail.com
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    Accepted to drexel - received an email today!!
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    Hope the interviews went well today
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    Hey there! To keep things fair for everyone I don’t think there is really much expansion or interview advice we could give. I would say thinking through what you feel is important for them to know about you and being confident in yourself are probably the biggest tips I could give. As much as I would love everyone to succeed, it wouldn’t be right to share anything that would give you or any future interviewers an advantage. We all get the same info to work with ahead of time. I am just trying to be respectful to all of those who already interviewed or are on the waitlist . Best of luck though!! I am sure you will do great! Remember if they chose you to interview then it means you are good enough to get in.
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    Applied a while ago, still waiting. The anticipation is killing me lol
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    To all who are interviewing tomorrow, I just wanted to wish you the best of luck! ...and to remind you to get a good nights sleep.
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    Paying off debt is one of the greatest feelings in my adult life... Ok I'm kinda boring... [emoji23] Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    There are far too many rockstars on this forum for not a single one to be accepted, I refuse to think that! I think they were super busy today and honestly, if they didn't finish making decisions yesterday (thus not making phone calls) I don't believe they had time to finish it today. Who knows what they'll do tomorrow during the day but there's a chance they still need to finish up making decisions (and aging us all prematurely with excessive adrenaline and wine ). My fingers are all crossed for tomorrow night... ...Heavy sigh...
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    Sparkle on, everyone! Waiting is difficult, it's easy to feel you've been passed over, but there's nothing to support that. I remember hearing somewhere that when negative thoughts enter your mind; ask yourself "where did I get this information." Most of the time, at least for me, I made it up myself because I felt anxious/overwhelmed/scared/not good enough/ whatever.
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    I am a current Yale PA online student and got to know some of you in the SA information session that was held on Thursday night. It was nice meeting those that were in my session. I remember the feeling a year ago of not knowing and waiting anxiously for the decision! Good luck to you all today and don’t forget to take the moment to celebrate when you do get that phone call!
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    Good morning guys! Looking forward to another day of jumping at my phone and constantly refreshing this page! Lets get this!
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    Not to add to the anxiety but I believe they probably call in alphabetical order because I’m at the top of the alphabet and as far as I know I was the first one to get an acceptance call. She called me at 7 CST PS come join the Facebook group when y’all get in. It’s Yale PA Online 2023 Cohort
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    Just got an interview invitation for September 19 over zoom!!! Had my application submitted and verified by 5/12/2020. My CASPER was done back in April. Stats Male 27 years old GPA 3.8 HCE 4000hrs MA PCE 6000hrs Scribe Volunteer 100Hrs
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    Interview invited - it will be through zoom.
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    Update 2020 the year of COVID Just in case anyone is paying attention or is reading this because they were recently dismissed from a program. After being dismissed I went back and took Pathophysiology the course I failed and earned a 4.0. Then I continued to strengthen my application by retaking anatomy and physiology 1+2, Genetics, and Biochemistry. These classes I had previously failed to take and had applied to schools with the bare minimum. To further strengthen my knowledge I took a General Pharmacology class and well as a nutrition class, both of which are not required by schools but would prove useful if going the NP route. In the last application cycle, I was only wait-listed once at Chatham University and denied by several including the school I was previously enrolled at. Which makes sense I had only posted 1 grade since my failure. I am entering this new cycle, aka hunger games, with a higher GPA and more community service, before COVID19 hit, and more patient experience at different hospitals. I continued to shadow PAs where I was allowed and re-wrote my PA statement to reflect my failure. Overall I am optimistic about my chances of being accepted into a program this year, my main sights are on Chatham University and any program that will give Veteran's preference. So far, this application cycle 2020, I have been offered two interviews and will continue to update my progress on here. Also to those who may have failed and are reflecting on that failure, just remember that through failure comes growth and experience. Good luck and may the odds be in your favor.
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    Hoping we don't have to wait 2 weeks for an answer! How are you holding up?
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    I found my one on one to be very conversational and relaxed. My interviewer asked personal questions regarding my application and clearly had experiences that she wanted to touch upon with me at some point throughout the interview. I felt as though it was a neutral dialogue between two friends. I would be prepared to expand upon how your experiences solidify how the profession fits your call to action per say and how you think the profession can uniquely address health concerns that others providers cannot. Have confidence, be composed, take a moment to collect yourself before you respond and be genuine. It really felt like she was trying to advocate for me and allow me to showcase the best aspects of myself. Best of luck!!!
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    There is nothing wrong with the name if you either are near retirement, don’t give a damn about the future of those in the profession or are one of those who do not look beyond your individual circumstances. This is a large country and in many places PAs are struggling in a fight for jobs against NP.. The lawmakers who pass bills for more independence do not see how or why an Assistant should be granted more freedom, they do not care or know the education. IT IS NOT a self esteem issue, it is a survival issue. Additionally, just saying Physician Associate Is little better in fight for independence or OTP. It still suggests MUST be tied to physicians to practice.
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    I don't know about you guys, but I feel SO much better now that I'm done interviewing ! Very hopeful for a positive response !! Good luck to everyone
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    PM me. we are hiring and mass is not that far away.....
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    Just offered an interview over the phone from Ms. Kays!! Interview date: 9/2 Residency: In state CASPA verified: 5/18 UF received app: 5/26 Secondary review: 6/25 cGPA 3.55, sGPA 3.43, GRE 310 (155 quant 155 verbal 5 writing) PCE hours at time of submission: 5000 (Scribe- 3300, CNA- 1500, Volunteer clinic- 200) 2 years research experience Volunteer: ~400 hours Shadow: ~200 hours 3 different PA specialties LOR: 2 PA's, 2 RN's Method of interview: Zoom
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    Yeah Im not too thrilled about the whole online interviews, and I know its cliche to say this but just be yourself. Theres so many articles online telling you how to act and how to answer certain questions. I got too caught up in those. They have literally interviewed hundreds of applicants, they’ve heard every answer in the books. They will know when you’re saying things just to impress them. Be yourself and answer accordingly, don’t say what you think they want to hear. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hey everyone, thank you for the words of encouragement. I finished my 2nd interview today. Only thing left is to wait. Good luck to everyone on their interview this week and next. Good luck to those who have submitted but waiting to hear back about the next steps!
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    Finished my interview yesterday. I keep getting asked how it went and I dont know how to respond! This was my first PA school interview ever. I felt like I am a strong interviewer and that I answered the questions directly and to the best of my ability based on my experience but man I just really dont know. I am in this weird mix of emotions of being proud of myself for completing an interview and very anxious about hearing back and not getting in. Does anyone else feel that?!? Just need some encouragement
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    I don't know who needs to hear this, but I wanted to tell you, don't give up hope no matter what. Crazier things have happened. I just got a call today from NAU offering me a seat in the 2022 class! Class literally starts in 6 wks! I just submitted my application for this cycle in early June and then today I got THE call! So whatever you do, don't lose hope and always keep pushing forward! My stats are: I'm a non-traditional student. Combat Air Force Veteran. I have a B.S. in Biochemistry with minors in Math and Biology, I recently completed my M.S. in Cellular and Molecular Medicine. GRE was 305 with 4.5 in writing, My cGPA is a 3.37 and my sGPA is a 3.0. I have more than 3,000 HCE and volunteer hours
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