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    About joining CAPA... I have some friends who are practicing PAs in Cali but are NOT members of CAPA despite their employer paying for dues. They just simply forget to register. That I think is unacceptable especially in these times. We need to have a presence at the state legislature and in California, CAPA is the only way to do that with any kind of impact. So if you're like my friends in Cali, please join CAPA. Same goes for those in other states. Join your state society! Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    Just received an email explaining they’re a little behind but it seems the school will be making a Facebook group next week.
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    Agree on all points. Problem is, ARC-PA has to approve these programs if they meet requirements. It’s federal law. So what they need to do is bump up the frigging requirements and shut down these programs.
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    I just got accepted today from the APOS list. Wishing everyone else the best of luck!
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    I would be all over it. OTP is great. If all it is implemented exactly as intended, like it was in North Dakota, I’d be pretty happy. The problem is it’s chosen as the place to start negotiations, which it shouldn’t be. We get to regulate ourselves, we our responsible for ourselves, we practice to our education and experience. Full stop.
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    The issues began at his workplace so that's where the issue should be addressed or he should arrive with a Workman's Compensation Claim form from his employer prior to a workup as private health insurance frowns on footing the bill for a workplace related health issue.
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    Got the call from LMU Knox this morning. Exciting news! Congratulations to everyone!
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    Just got an acceptance call today for yesterday's interview as well!! Good luck to those who have an upcoming interview! And to those who haven't heard back, don't lose hope!!
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    I see. I did last week as well. Good Luck to you and everyone who is waiting for the reply. Hope for the best!!
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    I emailed Rush maybe a week ago and they said that they were still compiling results of the last interview and then still needed to reevaluate the waitlist. When they had this accomplished they would email in which quartile we were placed. Waiting is never easy.
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    I’m sorry that you feel this way about MDC and that you’re frustrated with your personal outcome. Miami Dade College is very competitive and only considers those with the skills necessary to succeed as a Physician Assistant once you graduate the program. Those skills extend beyond academics to include professionalism, patience, compassion, and many of the other skills required for this field. I would recommend that in the future all applicants demonstrate these skills in person and in all other platforms. As for the GRE, MDC has been ahead of the game, realizing that the it does not test students on the skills needed in medicine; this is why they have their own focused assessment. The Master’s program offered with Saint Francis is a real master’s degree and exactly what you need to sit for the Physician Assistant National Certifying (PANCE) exam. Every PA graduate in the nation sits for the same exam. MDC currently has a pass rate of 98% so they are definitely doing something right. Now for nursing, it is also a great field but keep in mind that if your goal is to reach Nurse Practitioner, that will be 2-4 years of nursing school plus an additional 2 years of schooling for your MSN. For the rest of this year’s applicants, don’t be discouraged. Be patient, have faith, and continue preparing for your interview. It always takes a few weeks for the invites to go out. As Jason said, right now they’re managing the new applicants, the clinical year students, and us (c/o 2021). If any of us hear anything we will let you know. We’re all very excited for you and wish you the best of luck! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Does anyone know if most applicants will still find out in March? Seems like a lot of people have received early acceptance...
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    I agree. It is largely about perspective. And I appreciate yours. Yes, mine has darker days. I hope that you did not think I was being too defensive, I was just trying walk the lines of generalization (from my experiences as well as the new grads I know). I will be involved in my state. I will donate and already do. And I will do everything in my power to rock the boat. I guarantee it. Most of which I will always feel obligated to do after experiencing the new grad struggle, so for that I am thankful. Thanks for your input and I really do appreciate the extended hand.
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    So this is the big One boys and girls, this is the legislation and the state that I have been warning about here on these boards for a decade. When nurse practitioners get full practice authority in California, stick a fork in us, we are done. This came within a hairs breath of passing last year and if you go back to my older post you will see that I predicted that it was going to pass this year. I really hate this for our profession but you can’t help but respect nurse practitioners for doing what our forbearers did not have the guts to do. When this passes in California I think our next legislative move should be to merge our profession with nurse practitioners. Hopefully we can bring something to the table that they want. After this passes, it will take less than three years before PA jobs almost completely dry up in California, and we are doomed to the wastebasket of history because those who have been running this profession refused to do what was needed 20 years ago. This is not good news.
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    My experience is that being older is not an impediment. I applied at 57 and graduated at 60. I applied to three programs and was accepted by all three. I took all but one prereq in community college while I kept my day job. You will probably need to get your science GPA up considerably if it's under a 3.0. You will probably not make lots of additional money as a PA (the salary range is fairly broad and it depends on where you work and in what field). Given your situation, I would thing that you either have to really want to do this or else just keep on keeping on with the medic job.
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    Has anyone heard anything more? The struggle of waiting is real!
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    Hi! I interviewed at both Harrogate and Knoxville. The way they explained the alternate list to me at Harrogate is that if you’re placed on that list, every time they do a fresh batch of interviews, they compare those new candidates with the alternate list candidates and choose their next batch of admits from that collective pool. I don’t think it’s a “one person declines, so we go to the next person on the list” deal. Not entirely sure about Knox but I bet that’s it’s more of the traditional filling the empty seat as they go. That being said, they may wait until their interviews are done to send out offers for their waitlist so don’t give up hope!
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    Accepted today from my interview 02/04! I am so excited to get started and meet you all!! Just requested to join the Facebook group for the Class of 2022
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    Good luck! I know you're here right now and I hope everything went well!
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    Was accepted, but I got into another program that I’ll be going to. Good luck and congrats to whoever gets my spot! everyone at utrgv was amazing. Nothing but good things to say about the program/staff
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    Is it really more robust? Looks like a lot of ingredients to a lot of pharmaceuticals are made in China, and with a just-in-time supply chain, we're likely to see drug shortages... goodness knows how much single use medical equipment is made in China. We definitely have a medical system that can provide awesome pinnacle care to the very acutely ill... but how many hospitals are ALREADY struggling with having enough ICU beds? If you got 1000 per million patients needing a vent all at once, could your metro area handle it? How about 100 per million? Oh, keep in mind that if this is pandemic, the surrounding cities are going to have roughly the same requirement for their own resources... So yeah, we can do some awesome stuff... but overwhelm us and disrupt our supply chains, and we're going back to supportive care we did a century ago. BTW, the total worldwide death toll from the 1918 influenza pandemic has been estimated as high as 200 million.
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    I'm sorry you're in a crappy work environment. It seems like some high-paying positions have to pay to get people because of that reason. And similarly with low-paying positions: it's a crappy work environment so turnover is huge and therefore they won't pay people. I'm not sure this will help since you're looking more to vent, but I figured I'd share: I've learned to "never say the number first" and "everything is negotiable." Sticking to that, I think it's worked out for me so far throughout my yearly negotiations and jobs. Sometimes they pin you down and you need to finally say something, the jobs have set raises, and the larger institutions are sometimes harder to negotiate with. But in my opinion, it never hurts to have a reasonable discussion about it. As for the screening process, I try to never say anything about salary if at all possible because you can shoot yourself in the foot before even getting in the door in two ways: filter yourself out by being too high or automatically pin yourself to a lower range by aiming too low. My answer would be something like, "Once I hear more about the specifics of the position, I would have a better gauge on the salary." And if they offer a salary range during the screening call that's not really up to snuff, I wouldn't necessarily say no right then either. I would hear them out and interview. And if I was happy, I'd see if they be willing to negotiate. They might be if they decide they like me enough to come up on their offer. But that can't happen unless you get into the door first. And I agree with Ventana about the rule of three's of which you get to pick two during your job search: location, specialty, and pay. Rural positions may pay more and afford you the increase you're looking for but if you're limited to a location and specialty, it may be difficult to find the pay you're looking for. That's not to say the trifecta unicorn isn't out there, because it just might be, but it may be extremely difficult to find. I'd encourage you to open up your search parameters and keep looking for something that will get you out of that situation. You could also consider moving to a lower COL area which would help offset some of the pay difference. With all that said, there may be a glass ceiling for PAs for both practice ability and pay. But you could continue to increase your earnings if you choose to switch to a higher paying specialty or do PRN work on the side. Good luck!
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    You’re right, it’s not a rejection! I wish you the best! I just want everyone in the forum to get in haha we are such a good support system.
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    @Maddie88No, but I did call FIU and asked if they were still sending out interview invites and they said yes.
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    Received my rejection letter today as well. Let’s keep our heads up, stay positive, and if necessary, reapply in a few months! Best of luck to those still preparing for interviews and waiting for answers!
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    It's not being negative. It's pointing out reality and refusing to stick one's head in the sand. OTP vs Full Autonomy Assistant vs Practitioner That's as real as it gets. You are a non-clinical admin....who are you going to hire?
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    Correct. We are also independent prescribers and do not require a co-signature on any medication whether it's a scheduled medication or not.
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    wow , tread lightly but firmly first talk to CP to advise second this is a nursing issue as well as a licensing issue for the facility So with the CP awareness and support ask for a meeting the administrator and DON of the facility At this meeting (CP does not need to be there and would be better if they were not) address the specific issues you have with examples. Clearly, professionally lay out that should your orders not be carried out as order that you will not have a choice but to report to the licensing agency for the nursing home, and the Board of nursing for the DON, ADON, and the nurses - no joke this is a big deal that you need to first protect the patients, then your license... tread carefully and take really good notes and act ultra professional as they are going to come out swinging. I have found that the LESS I say in such situations the better it is.... good luck
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    I don't practice in EM but do what you are planning on. I work two shifts a month because I'm addicted after 34 years. It's a day with old friends and I get to keep up some of my skills while helping some of the newbies. This last time, I challenged the NR written test rather than get the CE and did fine. My department checks my skills. That, my clinical days, and teaching for a PA program helps keep life interesting!
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    I don't think it is necessary but it doesn't hurt to bring it along either Whatever makes you feel comfortable!
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    My plan is to master watercolor and I'm in process. I just sold a painting today. I start teaching classes at the city parks and recreation department in June. I'm taking classes from master watercolor artists - local and nationally known. I have 1.5 years to retirement, maybe earlier. Someday I will be famous and you can all say "I knew Paula on the forum, wish I would've bought an original when she was just a novice!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
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    You'll be fine if you want to jump ship to Primary Care. Your ER background will help you with what many primary care PAs don't have a good feel for: knowing sick/not sick. As for the hours.....I get it. But I'd warn you....I did primary care for 12 years. Frequent night and weekend call really sucks and makes it hard to go to the movies or any place with questionable phone reception. I also found the ever-increasing paperwork....FMLA, prior authorizations, recertifications, health maintenance exam paperwork, etc to be mind-numbing. Good luck to you in whatever you choose.
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    I also received an interview invite on 2/27, excited to see you guys there!
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    I'd suggest more shadowing and applying to way more programs because these past programs might have seen a personality/mission misfit during your interview. Maybe search for programs that weigh GPA heavily. Lastly, most importantly, you have to volunteer in the community (nonmedical volunteering counts)
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    Congratulations!!![emoji1376] Does anyone know how many people were accepted off the waitlist? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Same! Continually refreshing my email, haha
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    I’m hoping so too! It’s been a long 3 weeks!
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    Since they still are giving out interviews this week does anyone know if they will extend their interviews into February? Seems like there still might be spots open.
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    So I guess the short answer to my question is that little by little waiting rooms will get emptier until they are no longer needed.
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    current first year here! interview day was comprised of one individual and one group interview. No MMI!
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    Organizations are all different. In PAFT our students board members are voting members. I am within a few years of retiring so very little of what I am doing will effect me. This is their profession for the next umpteen years and they should have a voice. I understand not speaking up out of fear. It can seem intimidating to voice an opinion when orgs and boards are loaded with people who start every comment with "I have been a PA for 40 years". But comments and opinions and questions should be encouraged from everyone regardless of where they are in their career and shame on anyone who gets snarky or belittles. I have been working in health care policy and politics for a long time and I learn so much from people with different experiences than I have. When I retired from the Army we were still in the "7 jobs for every PA" phase. Now things are very very different and I need to hear from everyone. Everyone in leadership needs to hear from everyone. Students are covered up trying to get through school and new grads needs jobs. I think everyone understand real life comes first. But I would encourage them all to do what they can when they can and let their participation evolve as theiy advance in their careers. I got tricked into being on a committee for my state org a long time ago and it was the start of a long run of working on policy and health care politics. If people get invloved early they have a greater chance of making positive changes and they may find they like it. My greatest frustration is people who have enjoyed the benefits of this profession and all the changes and improvements and, not only have contributed absolutely nothing, but are blissfully unaware of how many people have done how much work to make their professional lives better.
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    GPA: 3.59 // Science GPA: 3.50 // Non-Science GPA: 3.73 GRE: 288 (verbal: 143, quantitative: 145, writing: 3.5) PCE: 556 hours (Nurse Intern: 256 hours, CNA: 300 hours) Shadowing: 212 hours (Cardiovascular Surgeon: 176 hours and his surgical PA: 36 hours) Volunteer: 28 hours (1 semester - I volunteered at an Equine Therapy Facility that worked with children with disabilities) Honestly not anything too special, but I think I was able to get some pretty strong LOR that may have helped. Hope this helps
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    well....I could go down this rabbit hole easily enough. I recently asked why we had non-physician's as voting members of our various boards as opposed to non-voting advisory members and was told without a vote they probably wouldn't participate. I was also told we need these outside folks (I use that term simply to denote PA and everyone else) and was told we need them to help us understand public perspective and other "stakeholder groups" thoughts and opinions. The word "stakeholders" has started causing me to bring up a little bile every time. I get the concept but think it is often being used as an excuse. I understand we don't function in a bubble. I don't understand why we give representatives of other groups a vote in our profession.
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    Dr. Wright called me today and I'm off the wait list! For those who are still waiting, stay positive because GW pulls people off the wait list through May. Looking forward to meeting everyone!
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    I was accepted today!! Is anyone looking for a roommate? I'm a female in my 30's and would be open to chatting with someone to see if we would be a good fit. Just send me a private message if you are interested.
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    Congratulations to the new class!! I will be happy to answer any student related questions. I am an older student (41) and out of state. I love this program and look forward to meeting you all in the fall.
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    Today I had to say goodbye to an old friend and great PA who was a pioneer in PA practice ownership here in Texas Mr. Richard Branson. Richard passed at 1PM today after a long fight with chronic heart disease. Richard and I became fast friends and thick as thieves many years ago when we both served on the TAPA board. Probably more than any other 1 PA he was responsible for the strategy and leg work that achieved the successful passage of legislation granting us scheduled drugs prescribing rights. Since then Richard started his own practice in San Antonio in a very busy and competitive market and then created what he called a practice incubator, a written guide that provided guidance and resources for other PAs who wanted their own practice. He gave this away, along with his personal support and advice, to any PA who wanted to strike out on their own. He never asked a penny or a thank you from anyone he helped and there were many. He was also a driving force in organizing and funding a law suit in federal court that stopped the medical board from, essentially, taking practices away from PAs that owned them because they weren't majority owned by physicians. He was a quirky genius and I feel sad for the people who couldn't see past the quirk to the gold underneath. PAs in Texas are better for having him among us and are just a bit diminished today with his passing. So long old friend.
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    Oh boy.... A list I made yrs ago (maybe 10!), but hopefully is still up to date. Includes "Most Commons" as well as the Buzzwords associated w/ certain conditions Please feel free to post corrections as most of this list is not my field! Long list, let's see if it posts: Bouchard’s Nodes (PIP), Heberdeen’s nodes (DIP)- OA Swan Neck, Boutionneire deformity, ulnar deviation, claw toes, hallux valgus- RA Koebner phenomenon (rash provoked by scratching) – JRA Sausage finger (flexor tendon tenosynovitis), “Cup and saucer” proximal phalanx- psoriatic arthritis Bamboo spine – Ankylosing spondylitis Tinel’s sign – tapping Median N. – paresthesias in median n. distribution Gottron’s sign (violaceous inflammation on knuckles), Heliotrope rash – Dermatomyositis Vasculitis associated with Hepatitis B, C – Polyarteritis Nodosa Xerostomia & Xeroderma, Schirmer’s Tear Test – Sjogren’s syndrome Esophageal web, dysphagia, Iron Deficiency Anemia – Plummer Vinson Syndrome IBS & Mitral Valve Prolapse – Fibromyalgia association Housemaid’s Knee – Pre/Suprapatellar bursitis Weaver’s Bottom – Ischial Bursitis Pump Bump – Achilles Bursitis Sickle Cell Osteomyelitis – Salmonella Boxer’s Fracture – Distal Fifth Metacarpal Greenstick Fracture – bowing, one sided Torus fracture – buckling fracture; compression Nursemaid’s Elbow – radial head subluxation Dinner Fork Deformity (on radiograph) - Colles’ Fracture (transverse distal radius metaphysic w/ dorsal distal fragment displacement) Falling on outstretched hand – scaphoid or Colles’ Rotator Cuff muscles Supraspinatus Infraspinatus Teres Minor Subscapularis Drop Arm Test – Rotator Cuff injury Lachman Test - ACL Bankart Lesion – tear of glenoid labrum Kocher Maneuver – shoulder reduction Apprehension Test – anterior shoulder dislocation Jerk Test – posterior shoulder dislocation “Separated Shoulder” – AC separation Neer Classification – humeral head fracture Nerve Injury in Humeral Shaft fracture – Radial N. Claw Hand deformity - Volkmann’s Contracture – ischemic flexion contracture resulting from fracture, compartment syn., cast or tourniquet application Keinbock’s disease – lunate osteonecrosis Gamekeeper’s Thumb – tear/sprain UCL thumb Lateral Epicondylitis – Tennis Elbow Medial Epicondylitis – Golfer’s/Baseball Elbow Finkelstein’s Test - DeQuervain’s Tenosynovitis (stenosing tenosynovitis of abductor pollicus longus extensor pollicus brevis) Sellick’s Maneuver – cricoid pressure Scheuermann's disease – Juvenile kyphosis Culprit crnal nerve in ptosis - III McMurray Test – Meniscal Tear Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease – avascular necrosis of femoral head Feeling of sitting on a ball – uterine prolapse Clue cells – Gardnerella (BV) First step in infertility w/u – semen analysis Nagelel’s Rule- Date of LMP – 3 mo + 7 d Sack of grapes/Snow Storm U/S – molar/hydatidiform pregnancy Bloody Show- passage of blood tinged mucous cap from cervical os during early labor Vaginal discharge: Malodorous frothy green-yellow – Chlamydia Fishy – BV (Gardnerella) Todd’s Paralysis – transient postictal limb paralysis Lhermitte’s sign/”Barber Chair Phenomenon” – passive neck flexion causing sensation of electricity down back; classic in Multiple Sclerosis Brain bx revealing Tangles and Plaques – Alzheimer’s Band like HA – tension Stocking Glove neuropathy – DM Tyramine free diet – MAOIs Magical thinking – schizophrenia Condyloma- HPV of abraded skin Erythema marginatum – rheumatic fever Erythema migrans - Lyme Erythema toxicum neonatorum Erythema mulitforme – drug lesions, infectious Erythema “Sunburn with goosebumps” – scarlet fever “Dewdrop on a rose petal” – varicella zoster Rice water stool – cholera Box shaped rods in chains – anthrax Infectious Trismus - tetanus Pea Soup diarrhea – salmonella (typhoid) Pharyngeal gray membrane – diphtheria Bulls-Eye Lesion – erythemia migrans Herald patch, Christmas Tree Pattern rash – pityriasis rosea Koplik spots- measles Wickhams striae – lichen planus Auspitz’s sign – capillary bleeding after peeling away scale; Psoriasis Tapioca lesions – dyshidrosis Hot tub folliculitis – Pseudomonas Target lesions – erythema multiforme Spaghetti & meatballs on microscopy – pityriasis versicolor (Malassezia furfur) Rash sparing skin overlying joints – SLE Farmer’s/Sailor’s skin – dermatoheliosis Pearly white domes papule – BCC Microcytosis out of proportion to anemia – thalassemia Prussian blue staining – sideroblastic anemia Basophilic stippling – lead toxicity Heinz Bodies – hemolytic anemia Howell-Jolley Bodies Auer Rods - AML Glossitis in anemia – Folate (beefy red), Fe (pale) Anemia w/ neuro symptoms – B12 > 1g Hgb drop/week = hemolysis or loss Pruritis w/ bathing – polycythemia vera Pancytopenia w/ circulating blasts – acute leukemia Monoclonal spike on electrophoresis – Multiple Myeloma Ashigenaza Jews – Factor XI deficiency Russel Viper Venom Time – Lupus Anticoagulant Bird’s Beak sign – achalasia Virchow’s Node- Left Supraclavicular Lymphadenopathy- Gastric CA Sister Mary Joseph Nodule – Periumbilical nodule – Gastric CA String Sign – pyloric stenosis Cushing Disease- primary pituitary ACTH overproduction w/ cortical adrenal hyperplasia and glucocorticoid excess Cushing Syndrome- manifestions of glucocorticoid excess from any cause Cushingoid Features – Buffalo Hump, Moon Facies, Supraclavicular Fat Pad ENT disorder seen in dwarfism – recurrent OM Hypercalcemia seen in patients on bed rest – Paget’s disease of bone Eruptive/Tendinous xanthomas – hyperlipidemia Drugs causing hyperlipidemia Beta Blockers Thiazides Estrogen Cortisol Foamy Urine – nephrotic syndrome GU complication of mumps - orchitis Rust colored sputum – strep pneumo Currant jelly sputum – Klebsiella Susceptible populations: Wool workers, farmhands - anthrax Fish handlers – erysipeloid Purpura, Arthritis, Abdominal Pain – Henoch Schonlein Purpura Can’t Pee Can’t See Can’t Dance with me – Reiter’s Stndrome Lichen Planus 5 Ps Purple Planar Polygonal Papular Pruritic Chronic Pancreatitis Pancreatic Calcification Steatorrhea DM Necrotizing Fasciitis Fever Diffuse Crepitus Shock Hypercalcemia/Hyperparathyroidism- “Bones, Stones, Groans, Moans, Psychic Overtones” Bone Turnover Cholelithiasis Cholecystitis Constipation/N/V Delerium/fatigue/lethargy Horner’s Syndrome- Ptosis, Miosis, Anhidrosis Pancoast Syndrome – Horner’s + Neuritic Arm Pain, Arm muscle atrophy “SPHERE” of lung CA complications SVC Syndrome Pancoast Syndrome Horner’s Syndrome Effusions Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve Injury Endocrine (paraneoplastic) Gross hematuria, flank pain, palpable mass – Renal Cell Carcinoma Diarrhea, Dermatitis, Dementia – pellagra Poor wound Healing, Petechiae, Bleeding Gums – Scurvy Tumor Markers CA125 Ovarian CEA Colon AFP PSA Prostate Most Common…. Benign Primary Hand Bone Tumor – Ecchondroma Facial pain – TMJ Neck Pain – Cervical spondylosis Fracture in children and adolescents – clavicle Neuropathy – median n. (CTS) Elbow overuse injury – lateral epicondylitis Shoulder dislocation – anterior Hip Dislocation – posterior LBP – prolapsed intervertebral disk Spinal Deformity – idiopathic adolescent scoliosis Deformity of MTP – Hallux Valgus (Bunion) Curvature in scoliosis – R T7-8 Secondary Ammenorrhea – pregnancy Presentation of fibroids – vaginal bleeding GYN malignancy – Endometrial CA Ovarian growth – cyst Benign breast diases – fibrocystic (#2 Fibroadenoma) Breast CA – ductal Site Breast CA – upper outer RF for preeclmapsia – nulliparity 3rd Trim bleeding – abruption Infectious infertility - chalmydia Primary intracranial neoplasm – glioma Dementia – Alzheimers HA – Tension Side for Bell’s Palsy – Right Cause of Movement disorder in children – Cerebral Palsy Viral meningitis – coxsackie Source of brain mets – Lung, Breast, renal, GI Form of schizophrenia – Paranoid Antipsychotic causing agranulocytosis – Clozapine Mental disorder – Phobia Vector borne disease - Lyme Skin Condition – acne Cutaneous malignancy – BCC Anemia – IDA Cause IDA – GI blood loss Hypochrmoic microcytic anemia - IDA Normochromic normocytic anemia – Chronic disease B12 def iency – pernicious anemia Leukemia – CLL Coagulopathy – thrombocytopenia Acquired coagulaopathy – Vit K deficiency Congenital coagulaopathy – Von Willebrand Disease Acquired platelet dysfunction – NSAIDs/ASA Extranodal site of NHL – stomach Cancer deaths Lung Skin Colon Pancreatitis – ETOH Acute Hepatitis – Viral Cause of hyperthyroidism- Grave’s Cause of hypothyroidism- Iodine Deficiency Thyroid CA – papillary Site of cystic bone lesions in hyperparathyroidism – mandible Blindness in patients > 60 yrs – DM retinopathy Compication DM – neuropathy Addison’s disease – autoimmune cortex destruction Acromegaly – pituitary adenoma Neuro finding in Paget’s disease of bone- deafness Renal stone – Ca Electrolyte disorder in hospitalized patients – hyponatremia Atypical pneumonia – mycoplasma Solitary pulmonary nodule – healed granuloma Interstitial lung disease – idiopathic fibrosing interstitial pneumonia (formerly idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis) PUD – H pylori Finding in Gastric CA – IDA Jaundice + Palpable GB – Pancreatic CA Death in US Heart Disease CA CVA
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