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    Seriously?!? You are gonna ask them about Stats. After a rejection?? Please private message people if you wanna talk about stats or start a different thread. This thread is for encouragement, info, and support. No stats. People get really crazy caring about stats and no it’s a whole lot of waste because NO single stat matters. Not trying to be rude but this thread isn’t for that. Thank you!
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    Still have not heard anything yet on my end. Hopefully we will soon, the suspense is distracting me from work!
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    I’ve heard from past years it’s around 4pm, but that hasn’t stopped me from refreshing this page and checking my email every two seconds.
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    I got an interview invite! You guys be on the lookout!!!
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    Thank you everyone for the kind words and support! I could not imagine a better group of potential classmates to have than you guys! Wherever you end up will be lucky to have you. Best of luck this cycle!!!
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    I just finished interviewing two freshly minted PAs via skype a few days ago. The position is for a intensivist position with a structured training program. One of the candidates applied from across the country. Her resume was formatted well and personalized for the position. The interview was also excellent. I could tell that she did her homework prior and was determined to land a position during this challenging time for new grads and to beat the odds. Today, my attending and I received individualized thank you notes. The other candidate was local, however she seemed to have a blase attitude along with a resume that seemed hurried when prepared. She gave off the feeling that she did not want to stay in the area and was looking towards a city. Needless to say, we will be sending the first candidate an offer at the end of this week. Open APP positions are scare during this time, but they are out there if you go the extra mile. You need to sit down and decide if you truly want to work and practice now. If so search for jobs off the beaten path primarily in areas that are more rural where there will be less applicants and specialty roles that still need staffing.
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    Just finished second interview! I would say the academic was a lot more relaxing and a low pressure conversation compared to my personal. I wouldn't stress too much about it! They said the soonest we would hear back would be 2 weeks but probably closer to 3 weeks for acceptance, waitlist, denial. It's all a waiting game now! Good luck everyone!
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    I'm tired of waiting. Tens of thousand of PA's are tired of waiting for AAPA to finally move forward in a definitive way on the name change issue. Anyone wanting to be elected to any role in AAPA leadership *should* absolutely choose a name preference so that PA's voting know who they are voting for. If that's too much to ask of a candidate then I don't know what to say....
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    Got an invite today for a virtual interview 6/9 and 6/10!!
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    Guys, I got offered an Interview via email this morning!!!
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    Yep! Matched into anesthesiology at my first choice residency!
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    I totally agree-- everyone hang in there! It's so nice to have found this forum to not feel alone in the waiting and stress!
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    Hey guys! I am an accepted student and will be starting this summer. It is super early in the game right now for UC Davis and a lot of California schools in general. UCD does not review apps until they're all submitted in July- they don't utilize rolling admission. I got my verification that I submitted my app on 7/8 but keep in mind I submitted my app like 07/01. They will send out a mass interview invite email around September (9/23/2019 for us) with 4 dates to choose from. Usually on the 4 Mondays in October. I can imagine interviews possibly being done virtually but I can't imagine how different the timeline/process would be. The wait is definitely nerve wracking! From submitting and waiting to hear back from schools for interviews and then even worse-waiting to hear back AFTER interviews but the time will fly by right in front of you eyes.. trust me haha! Try to enjoy this process Hope this helps. Feel free to PM anytime..
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    I am officially bored with protestors and frustrated as all hell with conspiracy theorists about this whole pandemic being a plot to take away rights. When did freedom become FreeDUMB? I am debunking crap daily from folks - everything from famotidine to that damn hydrochloroquine and people wanting to stop their ACE/ARBs because of something on the news. Now remdsivir,which I think holds promise, as long as the WH stays out of it and we can get enough. Maybe this is job security in medicine - not sure anymore. Just worn out with stupidity.
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    Don't be discouraged! Those who have gotten interview invites got their (completed) application submitted earlier than everyone else. So they were a part of the first week of interviews, today being the last day of that week. Nobody else has gotten an invite except those from this first round. People have gotten rejections, however, so while the waiting is hard, don't give up yet!
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    Hey everyone!! Please send positive vibes! I have both of my interviews tomorrow!! I would love for us all to be classmates!
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    thank you! Just had my first interview! It was almost as I expected. But be prepared for a lot of questions. Ive seen on this chat that its just a low pressure conversation and that certainly was not how mine was. Overall I think it went well though!
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    Not yet! I keep refreshing this forum and my email like a maniac. Haha. Hope to hear something soon! Fingers, eyes, and toes crossed
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    One man's opinion but it would be better to release all the data BEFORE the HOD meets. That would give the HOD time to review it and, theoretically, all of us to share our thoughts with the delegates that are supposed to represent our interests and opinions.
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    Looks like the Navy is sending my family and I to San Diego for 3 years. If I get accepted to the program, I hope to connect with anyone else in the area
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    Couldn't agree more with your statement, be happy for people, not jealous. Maturity is supporting one another. Ken313627 way to keep it positive and best of luck to you and the rest!
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    I have emailed the school to check if the invitations are sent out, as soon as I get a respond I will let you know!
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    Hi everyone! New to the chat, California applicant first round. Just received my interview invite this morning! I am so excited, this program is my top choice!
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    you could be brain dead and still do ortho, so they wouldn't cover for that....:)
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    Not sure if this helps ease anyone, but my boyfriend did the med masters program this year and was supposed to hear if he got accepted to the MD program right after finals but didn’t hear anything until the following week due to delays from the pandemic. The only communication they got was that meetings with the admissions committee was pushed to later than anticipated. So I’m sure that pushes everyone and every program back and we most likely we will hear back next week or so! crossing my fingers as I’m a reapplicant as well!
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    They did say the first week of June...so it is difficult not to be excited about the prospect of hearing today! Wishing everyone patience in the process and of course, good luck! Trying to hold it all loosely, but it is so tough!
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    Starting the 2020-21 thread! Good luck everyone
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    I got my interview invite ( first wave) on June 3rd last year so it’s probably still not out yet! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Me in a fight wearing chain mail:
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    Every member of HOD/AAPA, including the “Director at large” should be required to present their views prior to election, how else do you know the person you are voting for supports what you feel is for betterment of the profession both now and many years down the road? Are people who hold positions not allowed to have their own thoughts. I’d bet everyone running for a position is a “great guy/gal”, but what are their goals and what are they willing to fight for in regards to title change and future independence? How does he feel And would he support independence after specified number of years? While active In the state and national level, what specific legislation and Changes did he support/accomplish? For those holding out on proving results to title change, investigation, well the most polite thing I can say is you should be ashamed of your indifference or flat out lack of passion or care toward the future of this profession.
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    There may be no formula to it all, but according to last year’s forum, it looks like there were about 4 weeks in between the first and second round of interview invites. And then 2 weeks from then when the first round of acceptances went out. I could be way off and Yale may have a totally new method this year, but I’m sure a lot of us are still checking our email quite often
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    Congrats to all Minnesota PA’s after 4 years of hard work, you achieved a great accomplishment. AAPA is on 5th year working for PA”s to do direct billing, maybe they will be successful this year. https://www.minnesotapa.org/news/509884/PA-Modernization-Act-becomes-Law.htm
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    Just got in to one of my schools from last cycle and am withdrawing my application, hope that frees up an interview spot for someone! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I just called the office and they said the director of the program is behind on sending emails and they are behind on reviewing applications because they have received so many this cycle, more than they anticipated. So the director is sending out emails now to those who are missing prereqs, hours etc. as a priority before they get started reviewing. Just thought you guys would like to know!
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    It's been hard to catch up on the forum! I have an accordion family that expands from 2-5 and we all live in OKC. I'm a PT Tech, but have previously been an MA and a teacher. It's great to see everyone be so positive and supportive. I got my interview invite Monday and have been nervously excited ever since. It's great to meet everyone.
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    Never before has any profession as highly trained as ours, made so many decisions that were contrary to moving the profession forward. It's really quite stunning when you see what DO's, NP's, Pharmacists and even Chiro's have done to promote themselves in the last 10 years? Us? Dancing PA ads. Mercy.
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    Agree with the folks that don’t want to kill themselves making a buck. I was fortunate to get my dream gig. 120-126 hrs / month (14ish 9 hour shifts) and make about $170k/yr in EM. Full benefit employee. I discovered I like having more days off a month than I am required to work. I live well below my means, and have no desire to work more just to make more money. I take pride when my friends ask me “man, do you ever work?!”
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    We have received multiple reports on this topic. first, if a prospective applicant is gullible enough to believe everything they read on the internet from a user who does not provide their personal information to be verified, then that’s an applicant you probably don’t want as they are dumb. Since we cannot verify anything by anecdotal reports only, we have decided as a group these reports typically stay up. This isn’t science where we have objective data to help us stop the spread of misinformation, a subject I am passionate about. Could there be a real program problem that people should be aware of? yes. Could this be a struggling student who wants to lay blame on a program for their problems? Also, yes. applicants, we have far more reports that this is a upstanding program than not. Keep that in mind. I’m sure your favorite restaurant has at least one really bad yelp review from a disgruntled karen, but it doesn’t keep you from eating there. Keep that in mind. Remember, this is one persons anecdotal experience on a anonymous forum and won’t necessarily reflect your experience or even be remotely true. moral of the story is you should always do your own investigating by talking with current students, alumni, and faculty. Edit to Add: if someone is complaining about potent chemicals in cadaver lab, they are not speaking from tremendous experience. I’ve taken three cadaver labs in my life at three different institutions. The formaldehyde always sucks. It’s not limited to one program
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    I think it is so valuable as a parent to be able to attend a PA program that allows you to remain in the community where your support system is. The curriculum is going to be a huge challenge and how nice to know that the kids are well-adjusted and thriving while we are scrambling to cover everything! I am rooting for you as well! I hope someday we will meet! I felt so anxious going into my interview (with the U) last year. I was there for ten hours and ending up doing 10 interviews (mini or regular) and an exam throughout a day interspersed by a few long periods of downtime. It was rough! I met amazing people, but in the end I didn't get a spot. Yale's interview process should be so much more straightforward. My best advice for interviewing is practice speaking answers to the basic questions. It seems like it will be easy to articulate your experience, or motivation, or journey, but really those can be complicated things and it is very hard to sum up in an organized way the things that are extremely important to you. By practicing it, you can filter out the distractors, tangents, etc. that like to pop up when the pressure is on! I got my second evaluation submitted, so it's all on me now! Eager to hear what happens for all of you early submitters!
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    I hadn’t checked my email yet, but I just got an interview invite!!! Ahhhh so exciting! Congrats to all of you guys who got an interview too!!
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    Hello my fellow applicants and hopefully classmates. From Dearborn Michigan. This forum brings me so much peace of mind and I do not feel like I am alone. I literally check all of my email boxes every 10 minutes or so First time applicant and I applied to one program while another waits accreditation. Good luck everyone
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    I have renal failure from light chain deposition from cancer, multiple myeloma. Please, know your patient before you make a diagnosis on line. Knowing what I've been through this past year, in the throes of death for much of the year, I find comments from people like you who have no clue what you are talking about when you address my case as highly offensive. I was making a point in my original posting about how we need to take patients seriously. I regret using one personal example from my own experience to illustrate the point about listening, not knowing that someone would not "listen" to my personal story and then exploit it so they could market their own alternative agenda. There is nothing more offensive to a cancer patient than having someone try to profoundly oversimplify their nightmare to suit their own worldview.
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    Get this in writing, as subtly as you can, if you want to make this point, and then the next time it happens, you will be able to document contemporaneously, and complain to the MEDICAL board that the NP is practicing medicine without a license by countermanding the direction of a physician to a PA with a supervisory relationship. Of course, that might be career suicide, so your other option is to just leave as fast as you can.
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    Sorry but time to start looking for a new job. Lots of red flags here.
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    In large organizations, there is often a chief of APPs (not a fan of the word, but not sure what else they could use). Sometimes it's a PA and sometimes an NP. It doesn't change who your real supervisor is. A warning light is flashing and I'm not sure you are going to be able to work this out. It sounds like you might be getting set up with a formal probation so they have a trail to let you go. You use the word "disagreement" with your supervisor; difference of opinion lightly discussed: sure. "Disagreement": often not a good idea.
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