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    Schools recruiting high GPAs without any quality health care experience. EDIT: this applies to both male and female.
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    Hey guys! I just made a Facebook group for accepted students. It’s “Assumption PA Class of 2023”
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    Gotchya. At the risk of being called mysogenistic/etcetera (and making a statistical inference about the OP), our profession is going in two opposite directions at once. There is a growing movement toward autonomy, yet we are moving further toward being a profession of very young women with no real life experience who has just 2 years of medical education.
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    Does anyone know if there is an accepted page ? Sorry I really excited
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    End of the day jitters are over-ish! At least we historically know that we may know something by next week!
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    I applied during the first week of July and have not received any interview invitations, or rejections. What about you guys? It is taking a bit longer than I thought.
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    I do not disagree with this summation with the caveat that I am hoping you will specify what young females vs young males is implying. I believe physicians are nearing 50/50 distribution for M:F. Thanks in advance.
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    Few points, The two year education is always so misleading. Physicians have four years, however when you count time actually taking classes, it can and is being done in three. So one would assume PA is about 2/3rd of physicians. Physicians are typically required 3 year residency. Some good, some appear to be little more than what a PA would get with a decent physician supervisor. Giving a new PA independence would be idiotic. Giving a PA with 5 years independence is smart professional move. Nurses with no Medical experience Are going straight into NP programs with less than half the education and training as PA’s, yet they have gained independence in a year to 3 years experience. PA’s need to protect their future or you will Eventually be working on par with RN and in many places less salary. Gain independence With rules or guidelines for graduated/staged to protect patient (better than nursing is currently doing), you are not protecting patients by standing by taking the higher ground and losing out on jobs.
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    Offered an interview for NUMC/Bay Shore on September 14th! Incredibly excited for this opportunity and hope to meet some of you talented individuals virtually! Best of luck to everyone!
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    Anna I feel like you've brought this question up in prior threads as well? Maybe I'm wrong. But there was good advice in those threads. Academic anything. Surgery. Certain EDs. Heme/Onc. Cardiology? Honestly it more depends on the practice setting than the specialty.
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    I feel there was a benefit to being older and you are not all that old. I decided to become a PA when I was 51. Taking some time off for medic school and to take prereqs old and new (I had to retake chem 40 years from when I took it as an undergrad), I was 57 when I applied to PA school and 58 when I started. I'm 74 now and still working (2 days in practice and 2 as a PA professor) because I enjoy it. The big question is what do YOU want to do next in your life and are you willing to pay the price in money and time. If you're not sure, spend some more time shadowing and talking to PAs and decide if it's for you. And start your prereqs with a single class if only to see how that feels to you. You are definitely not going to be too old!
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    Lots of PAs dont agree with the movement for independence.
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    Oncology and this may be the strangest question I’ve ever seen on the forum
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    Anybody know what to expect regarding the interview??? Advice?
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    I also got a call yesterday! I was put on the waitlist 8/26 and interviewed 8/17. Good luck everyone, I got the call when I least expected it- don’t lose hope
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    There are several members on there that are current first year students as well ! Keep the hope up and keeping my fingers crossed for y’all.
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    Just received a virtual interview invite for 10/12! Excited to meet some of you and I wish all the best!
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    Received an invite earlier today!!
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    I withdrew my app and gave up my interview spot today as I’m accepting a spot in another program. Best of luck to you all!!!!!!!
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    This is one of the biggest reasons why there is an unspoken "don't share stats" rule. Because it is more than just that!
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    I wouldn't expect any pay increase. The wide availability of telephone/tele interpreters these days makes the skill set negligible when it comes to negotiations. It may help you land a job as an "interest factor" but that's about it.
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    Me too! Me too! Good luck guys!
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    Maybe this will help... I don’t know what your situation is, but I’d look at the answer to your question of “why online learning”. The majority of us (actually almost every single one of us with the exception of one or two) that have been admitted all have very similar stats to yours but with over five years or more experience in healthcare being the average (there are some with less) and a lot of us have 8+ years. We are also older. I was told the average age they admit is 31. All of us have reasons why we can’t really attend a traditional PA school. We have kids and can’t relocate. We move every few years because we are in military families. We have extenuating family circumstances. Etc. I have also noticed that a lot of my classmates (myself included) had to fight and struggle to get where we are at. We definitely didn’t take the traditional route to get here. For example, I gave birth to my second child in the middle of finishing prerequisites, while my husband was deployed. I would breastfeed my baby by holding him in one arm and I’d be simultaneously scribbling down notes from my online classes with the other while my toddler ran around the room. The day I took the GRE I was on the phone with my husband when the call got dropped because his base was bombed. I didn’t know if he was alive or if my kids had a father anymore. I took the GRE with that question looming over my head and I still scored a 325. You’d better believe that I made damn sure Yale knew that. This is just one example and doesn’t even begin to hit the tip of the iceberg. I communicated everything I could to Yale. For me, Yale was THE ONLY CHANCE I had of going to PA school. I made sure they understood why I needed to apply to their school. I can’t speak for admissions because I’m not affiliated with them, but if I was in their shoes, I would not be giving my spots to people who have great stats but have copious opportunities to go anywhere. I’d be giving them to people like my classmates: great stats, tons of experience, good test scores, that magical “x factor” Ivy League schools look for, and demonstrated need for online learning. In other words, people who are good enough but haven’t had the opportunity and deserve a chance. That’s just my two cents though.
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    I think I submitted 5/23!
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    REALLY? You are going to complain and accuse NCCPA of mis-management when they merely follow good IT security? They can't win, if they got hacked they would get blammed, if they follow good protocol they are getting blammed.... Really just use a pasword saver like 1password and move on. I for one am in favor of using reasonable security on the password side of things as getting hacked is a royal PIA I say thanks for the forced change, (Iand I think eveyone else should also even it if takes an extra 10 seconds to deal with....)
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    SM bold Trying to be as transparent as possible. It depends on the schools... 1 - Hopefully you have not missed the deadline for the schools you want 2 - look at the school forum and see when the first round of interviews are for rolling admissions. One of my schools had a Aug deadline, however they advised to apply NLT June to get into early consideration. 3 - For schools that have two or so interview dates, I'd contact the school. Admissions will tell you to still apply, however talk to program director or look to see if invites have already been sent out for 1st round. Overall - yes its late for some schools in the cycle, however some won't start interviewing until Jan (late starts). Also weigh the cost benefit. CAPSA $57, School supplemental $40-80, transcripts GRE $20, etc. You already met the first CAPSA fee so its not that bad. I know it starts adding up quickly, however start thinking about how much sooner you could get into PA school if you applied now vs waiting another cycle. Good luck and if this is what you want stay with it! It took me 3 cycles (first time I applied I was still in undergrad and 2nd one had CAPSA update issue) however currently a PA student. I will use the Hockey quote - you will miss 100% of the shots you don't take.
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    I used Savannah Perry's book that everyone uses! She has like a GIANT list of the most common PA interview questions in the back of it and I just used a google number randomizer and popcorned it. I gave myself like 15 seconds to think and then I kept shortening the time (you don't have to do this part). Some of the questions were RIDICULOUS (like, girl, no one is gonna ask this) and others were really useful and did actually come up on interviews.... but it helped me learn how to answer questions on my toes. Definitely helped me in my interviews!
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    Hey everyone! I received an invite today for September 14. I am super nervous and honestly a little scared because I think this is the last block and the class is half full. I don't want to mess up because I am in love with this program and what it has to offer! I think my nerves are getting the best of me. I noticed that there is an asynchronous activity after the presentation. Is that a knowledge assessment, ethical questionnaire, or essay questions regarding the program? I would really appreciate any tips on this and how to prepare! Good luck to everyone this cycle!
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    Hello everyone! I am a current first year at MBKU (I also have a pre-PA IG, @whitecoatchasing) to give you all a little context, I submitted August 25th, received an interview November 6th, interviewed December 7th and was accepted December 10th! I wish you all the best of luck
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    I interviewed for this program last year. They didn’t send invites until November and interviews were in January; however, I did notice that the confirmation email said interviews would be in November this year so we will probably hear earlier. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hi! I was wondering the same thing. I have done some research into Radford's website and past forums and I was not able to find much with regards to their facilities. Does anyone know any specifics regarding their facilities?
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    Hey all! First year PA student here. I didn’t hear about an interview until 9/23/19 and they gave us four days in October to choose from. With COVID, idk what that means for you guys but thought I’d share the process. Good luck! If anyone has any questions about anything feel free to ask!
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    Hi is there anyone who can speak to specifics regarding the program and location (facilities, culture, learning model). Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend an information session but am very intrigued with this program. Thanks!
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    I spoke with Deidra on Friday. She said we should be receiving an email on Monday 8/10 with instructions and a confirmation on date and time of our interviews. She said the interviews will be held the week of 8/17 (next week)
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    Hi! Congrats on the interview! I hope you love Rush as much as I did! As for being prepared, obviously know your typical interview questions, as those always come up, but the mmi portion is very hard to prepare for. I truly wouldn’t do any reading up on questions you may be asked. Only look up what the mmi portion is and that’s it. That way you will be your honest self and that’s what they’re looking for! Don’t forget to have fun! You’re also interviewing them to see if you’d be a good fit! Show your enthusiasm if you genuinely feel it! I know everyone says it, but be your honest self and it’ll go so far! Don’t use answers that you’ve read on the internet!! Your application got you this far, so continue being who you are and not the internet. I hope that helps!! Good luck!!
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    Their interview was one of my favorites! They provided you with very thought provoking scenarios and questions and wanted to genuinely get to know who you were aside from your statistics on your application. The questions and scenarios of the MMI interview were definitely ones you would not be able to prepare for, so they can see your true thought process, but they were not by any means things you wouldn't be able to speak on. I loved the MMI portion and thought it was actually really fun to put myself in those situations and explain how I handle them!
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    Pro-tip - no one will ever know your grades. They won't know your GPA. They won't know your PANCE score. Patients want competent and kind providers. Do that. Be that. Welcome to a healthy dose of reality. I panicked the first time I didn't get an A and guess what? Life went on and I'm not any worse off for it. In fact, I'm probably better because I learned how to accept not being perfect.
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