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    I’ve heard from past years it’s around 4pm, but that hasn’t stopped me from refreshing this page and checking my email every two seconds.
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    Not yet! I keep refreshing this forum and my email like a maniac. Haha. Hope to hear something soon! Fingers, eyes, and toes crossed
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    There may be no formula to it all, but according to last year’s forum, it looks like there were about 4 weeks in between the first and second round of interview invites. And then 2 weeks from then when the first round of acceptances went out. I could be way off and Yale may have a totally new method this year, but I’m sure a lot of us are still checking our email quite often
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    I emailed admissions last week and asked if offers were still going to be sent out the first week of June and I was only told “Applicants will be hearing back in June”
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    They approved my prerequisites so I’m finally under review! Wow...what a long May...good luck to all that have interviews this week! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    thank you! Just had my first interview! It was almost as I expected. But be prepared for a lot of questions. Ive seen on this chat that its just a low pressure conversation and that certainly was not how mine was. Overall I think it went well though!
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    Last year, invites went out just before 5pm so we still have a good 45 or so minutes..
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    I’m so excited and anxious... just received an email indicating that my supplemental application fee was received and that my application is under review.
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    Actually the first interviews start this week! I think @LDchick is first up tomorrow!!!! Good luck to her! She is gonna rock it it is two interviews. One academic one personal. That’s honestly all I know. And from reading forum post from previous cohorts it seems they are very kind and helpful.
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    Looks like the Navy is sending my family and I to San Diego for 3 years. If I get accepted to the program, I hope to connect with anyone else in the area
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    It’s possible that offers will be delayed due to the COVID related campus closures.....
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    Your application is very well rounded and that’s what they like to see. Hopefully you’ll definitely get in this time
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    I reached out and they said they are still finalizing their program on their end. They will begin pulling data from CASPA in about a week or two which is when they will send the email for the $35 processing fee.
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    Sending good vibes to everyone this week. Hope we get to be classmates I'm including myself in this, I'd love to be accepted
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    Good luck to everyone interviewing today!
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    Good luck to everyone interviewing today! You'll do great!!!!
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    Congrats & best wishes to everyone interviewing today.
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    Goodmoring........ Best wishes to everyone with interviews this week— how exciting!! Y’all got this [emoji3526] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    EVMS was the first program I’ve ever applied to and I do plan on applying to more programs in the current 2020-2021 cycle incase I’m not accepted to EVMS. Last 40 Replacement GPA: 3.60 cGPA: 3.22 pre-rec GPA: 3.54 PCE: 2200 hrs as an Advanced EMT and 900 hrs as a hemodialysis technician. Volunteer: 2000 of my EMT hours were volunteer. I’ve also been a medical volunteer at a marathon (16hrs) and my states Special Olympics (12 hrs). Shadowing: 20 hrs with a PA, 6 hrs with a FNP, and 12 hrs with a MD. 3 LORs I’m definitely preparing myself for the possibility that I won’t get accepted this cycle. I’ve been considering applying to EVMS’s MS in contemporary human anatomy program if that’s the case, but not sure if I should retake Gen Chem I (C+) and Organic Chemistry I (B-) instead. I did fulfill the Gen Chem prerequisite requirement to apply through my Gen Chem II course.
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    Best of luck to everyone with interviews this week!
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    Hey group, my application is submitted (5/26), verified (5/30), CASPer pending score (5/20), and I am taking Biochem through UCSD Extension during the summer (finished 8/31). AF veteran family here, my husband is a war veteran and now RN, and we have one son. I have PCE (~1900) as a Telemetry and Surgery Floor Aide. Very hopeful for this cycle. Good luck everyone !! P.S. I'm from rural NorCal
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    One man's opinion but it would be better to release all the data BEFORE the HOD meets. That would give the HOD time to review it and, theoretically, all of us to share our thoughts with the delegates that are supposed to represent our interests and opinions.
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    Welcome! I am glad you found this forum thread; looks like there are a lot of us parents on here
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    Just submitted my app for this school and thought I would start a thread
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    Hey everybody! Just wanted to get a thread started for the 2020-2021 application cycle, and to wish you all the best of luck! If anyone has applied, interviewed, or been accepted to uPitt, I'd love to hear your experience.
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    It was on a Monday. I had given up for the day then it came through. I remember being surprised that someone was still working that late in the day. But the website just says first week in June so it really could be any time this week.
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    I guess if interview decision notifications were to have been delayed because of COVID-19 they would have informed us wouldn't they?? They sent this email March 21st & it made a COVID-19 REFERENCE. Thank you for submitting your application to the Master of Physician Assistant Program at Eastern Virginia Medical School! We wanted to take this opportunity to update you on where we are in our admissions process and timelines. Initial Application Review (March - April) The admissions office is actively processing applications and sending you emails to update your CASPA application if you have any pending coursework. Completed applications are forwarded to the Admissions Committee to Review. Results for CASPer test scores taken on February 27 are actively being updated as applications are being reviewed. Please note the 3rd letter of recommendation will be updated as your application is processed. Admissions Committee Review (Ongoing) The Admissions Committee is actively reviewing applications and will not make any decisions until all applications have been processed and reviewed. Decline Notification (April - June) Decline notifications will start going out in April for those not meeting admissions requirements, Interview Notification (first week of June) Interview notifications will go out via email in the first week of June. Interviews (mid-July) Interviews will be held in mid-July for those who receive invitations. Due to COVID 19, the program will send additional information on what format the interviews will take place in June. Admissions Offers (end of July) Admissions Offers will go out via email at the end of July. Thank you for your patience as we process applications. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with you Sincerely, The Admissions & Enrollment Team
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    Last year, they did, but given everything with COVID, things could be different this year! Lots of changes!
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    Received email from GW that my application is now under review!
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    Thus, I moved from DFW 20 yrs ago to a state with better PA laws and privileges. The market is too saturated, the laws weak and the Texas Medical Board is still a good ole boy system of doctors. Sorry, OP - there isn't much good to say - on a good day and I was born and raised in Texas. Being gone for 20 yrs is great perspective, though. Broaden your horizons and remember that this pandemic is messing everything up even more.
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    Last year: 3.19 science GPA, 3.27 CUM. Publication from internship, about 800 hours of scribe and EMT combined. Also had 3000+ hours of EKG tech, however, i don’t know if programs consider that as patient care hours rather than “healthcare experience” GRE: Verbal 76th percentile, Quant 54% Analytical 98th percentile This year: 3.23 science, 3.3 cum. 2000 hours+ scribe and EMT, plus publication. Also got a job as an Ortho Tech in the same orthopedic clinic I scribed at removing sutures, casting, splinting, etc. but was furloughed cause of COVID, so took 911 position as EMT in Baltimore City, and was also redeployed to ER at local hospital to help treat COVID patients. Letters of rec from 3 physicians who I scribed for, as well as orgo chem Professor, and 5th letter from EMT ops director that I worked for. Increased volunteer experience through my local fire department. Completely changed my personal statement and supp essays to include updated patient care experience. I also am submitting my application earlier this year as opposed to last year when I submitted in July and one of the pre reqs wasn’t even verified on my application. I interviewed in October of last year. Hope this helps!
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    My advice is to think it through; that could be a bridge too far.
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    Welcome @anthrobiologist! Sounds like a great background to have! Best of luck!
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    Nope. Not a thing. New week, new month. Hoping to hear something lol
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    You already basicslly said it lol...more PCE, good LORs and the best PS you can come up with. Apply to different "levels" of schools for you. As in dont apply for all reach schools, spread the love lol
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    He has a Tele background, as well. We work for a rural community hospital. He's been rotating between ICU/ER and the COVID response team. He's been my inspiration through this all. We're very thankful for our GI benefits to pursue humanitarian roles.
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    Wow! Thank y’all for your service (Texas here ). I am also an RN! What area does your hubby work? ER? I am the ACE charge nurse in the ER and I have an army medic turn RN who works with me. He is my right hand!!! Very impressive experience. Tele is a great background!! It will help you tons! Good luck moving forward and Welcome to the group!!!
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    For 18 years I was termed a Physician Associate in my workplace that had no effect on how I was treated. For the last 10 years I've worked as a Physician Assistant where I'v been treated with great respect and dignity.
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    You need to do whatever you can that might give you a leg up.
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    Was just invited for an interview and will be doing a virtual interview in June(not too concerned with a virtual interview because I have interviewed at the campus in the past). They are anticipating in person interviews in September, but is subject to change.
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    You are rockstar!!! I hope nothing but the best for you.
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    I definitely think you can come back from that especially if you have documented records of recovery. Society is slowly changing how we treat people with a history of substance abuse since the opioid epidemic. If you write a detailed letter with your application that is heartfelt describing your recovery and things you have done to make amends I bet you would be fine.
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    Hi guys! I’m currently a PA-S1 at CSU and really loving it! I just wanted to wish everyone good luck this cycle, and you picked a great school to apply to! If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to answer. Admissions stuff is a little different this year with the COVID pandemic, so I’ll defer most specific admissions questions to the admissions coordinator. Please don’t ask what kind of questions they ask during the interview, as they kindly ask us to not share in order to keep things fair for everyone. But if you have questions about what the program is like, I’m happy to share! Best of luck to all of you!
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    I'll try not to get on my wealth soapbox here...but if you dont think you cant be wealthy on 150-200k per year....you need to seriously overhaul your relationship with money. I think people get hung up on the perception of wealth, especially professionals. But it's just a perception. Who is 'wealthier', someone with no debt or maybe modest mortgage debt, a joint income of say 140k, and massive savings rate on track to be financially independent by their early 40's.....or someone who makes 350k, has a 500k mortgage, a 60k car, travels to lavish locations 3 times a year, has a country club membership, sends their kids to premium schools, buys everything retail, and outsources everything--lawn care, auto maintenance, home repairs, child care, etc.....? Consumerism has infected us all and is why most working people wont retire until they are 60 or older, and will never be financially independent. The path to wealth--as I'd define it-- is deceptively simple: Systematically and ruthlessly eliminate debt Live well below your means---modest car, modest small home, minimize frivolous expenses Don't outsource anything unless the benefit outweighs the cost/risk. Invest the surplus. You should aim for a 50% savings rate, and preferably higher if possible.
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    I'm gong to offer an alternative perspective: PA school costs a lot of money; about the price of a single family home depending on how much you borrow to live. It will be 2 (or 3) of the more stressful years in your life. Jobs can vary from great to awful, depending on your role, your SP, the specialty you work in. Most PA jobs are stressful at least some of the time; some are stressful all of the time. Pay is good, but you already have that. Medicine like many other professions tends to get romanticized. "Taking care of people" takes a backseat to seeing more people in less time and dealing with all the other ancillary billing and administrative headaches of American medicine. You are definitely not too old as others have said. Just think carefully about what you want in life and whether you value freedom more (your current situation) or the possibility--not guarantee--of a fulfilling career, with a debt burden. I mostly like what I do, but knowing what I know now about myself and this profession, I would probably have chosen a less debt-intensive path. And it took me several years to find one of the 'good' gigs.
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