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    whoops - I misspoke! I meant a headshot in professional attire - my sister took it for me in front of a white curtain a few days ago
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    Submitted 5/15/20 Verified 5/15/20 Offered an interview on 5/21/20 for unknown date yet Hope this helps!
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    I definitely think you can come back from that especially if you have documented records of recovery. Society is slowly changing how we treat people with a history of substance abuse since the opioid epidemic. If you write a detailed letter with your application that is heartfelt describing your recovery and things you have done to make amends I bet you would be fine.
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    Yes to both in my state Need to have SP at each job pretty much never take PRN job with out malpractice unless you get a lot higher hourly.
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    Yes you have to list all your SP that you use with the state you are practicing in. You need to ask your PT/per diem position if they are offering malpractice insurance. If not obviously you need to get your own policy which I am sure you know can be quite expensive.
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    I was surprised too! They said that they try to let people know quickly so that they can plan accordingly. I am so thankful for that!
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    Really!?! That will be awesome. I’m sure the 1-2 weeks will seem like years to us tho.
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    They told me 1-2 weeks after the interview they would notify each person if either acceptance, waitlist, or denial.
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    A major theme in life is finding something you like to do. Some people work pretty much just for the money, some live lives of poverty because they want to do a special something that is their mission (regardless of pay), and most of us fall in the middle somewhere. I've had jobs that were more for the money and I became a PA because I never felt as rewarded as I did when I had a minute to make a difference in someone's life as a part-time paramedic. Not just treating patients, but talking to them and calming their fears. There are lots of ways to feel that sense of accomplishment -- if it's important to you. Being a PA might do it. Healthcare in general is one way, but certainly not the only way. My advice is to take small steps (like shadowing, etc) and see what the world is like. All jobs and environments are imperfect; you just have to find one where the pros outweigh the cons. Somewhere in it is the best place for you (for "now" at least; your interests may very well change as time goes on). You may have to take some awkward steps to get where you'll want to be, but the journey is interesting! Good luck!
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    Hi everyone!! I wanted to start a thread for this years application cycle. Any other PSU alum applying for their PA program this cycle? WE ARE!!!
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    Hi everyone, Wanted to start the 2020-2021 thread! Looking forward to hearing how everyone's application is going. Wishing everyone the best and hopefully we can get through this cycle smoothly.
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    agree with cideous. if not done yet, attend and complete an IOP program and keep the records.
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    Lynchburg can be completed in 4 semesters (12 months), 25k Rocky Mountain - can also be completed in 4 semesters(16 months) 27k. Might be able to transfer some coursework to make it cheaper. AT Still - 18k, not sure how long They have somewhat different curriculums and track options, so I’d look at that too
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    You are rockstar!!! I hope nothing but the best for you.
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    yupp!! they should be coming shortly after memorial weekend!!! all the best to everyone! i cant wait too meet you all!!!
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    Hi I have also received an interview with them for the 17th !
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    Thank you for those words!! I appreciate it!
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    Thank you so so much for sharing this - I had the same question and just uploaded a professional headshot hoping for the best. Thank you for the reassurance this gave!
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    Hi everyone! I interviewed on 5/12 and I got my acceptance call yesterday evening. I know during our interviews they mentioned they would be reaching out to people by the end of May! Don’t stress they’re still calling people!
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    I am too. I just need to calm my nerves before interviews so I can present myself the way I feel. I hope we can be classmates
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    Makes me even more nervous that its so close lol but I am confident in my skills and hope they will feel the same way! Good luck to those recently getting interviews! Hopefully we can all work together!!! -Andrea
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    CASPA verified 5/8 Received confirmation of application receipt from Cornell on 5/15!
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    I turned in my app this week and have not gotten an interview yet. Trying to not obsess over my email too much until Tuesday (Monday is a holiday) haha I did get the supplemental payment email confirmation.
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    I also got my interview invite Monday! I'm so nervous and excited! Good luck to all of you!! Wondering how long after interviews they will make a decision and let you know if you are accepted or not??...that waiting afterwards will be tough!
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    funny DOT physical today, states she can't wear a mask due to asthma - course I said "if you asthma is that bad you should not get a DOT" bingo story changed......
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    just make sure you report it just had a PA apply for a position that is likely going to loose his license as he was not honest with the other state. Second violation showing ZERO integrity means life long loss of license..... (nope we didn't hire him) Beyond that live and learn
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    COVID impacted me so it was easy. I honestly feel like it is only pertaining to how it directly impacted your application process. That is just how I understood it, but I can agree that I would hate leaving it blank. I have also heard from some schools and past applicants that going the grandiose route can be seen negatively. If it was me, I would make a quick write up that you were not significantly impacted, I would state you transitioned to online schooling and still did well, your job was not impacted, and other things along that line. Literally just a few sentences, and I am not sure if that is correct but it is what I would do.
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    I I went to CVS and literally got a passport photo taken! I said it was for a graduate school application, so I was able to smile and make it somewhat professional without paying an arm and a leg to have it done
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    Cum GPA: 3.4 SGPA: 3.15 GRE: 317 PCE: ~2500 Shadowing/Heathcare: ~1000 I got the last interview last cycle, November, and was waitlisted.
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    Finish. You'll take biochem in some way in PA school albeit in a much more accelerated fashion and you'll be glad you did.
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    No, there isn’t. If cardiology is that important, wouldn’t go the military route.
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    Well said! I can't wait. Paul is actually my husband's name. I will reach out in the private Facebook group to you. I use my husband's name because I found out programs monitor these forums pretty closely. I was interviewing at South and they had a faculty member that checked the forum daily. UAB does as well (that is what my interviewer told me there when I asked). I'm sure others do. Anyone with questions, I will be glad to help! Good luck!
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