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    The rationale behind testing is for two reasons: 1. Healthcare should know if there is a potential link between covid positive mother and loss of baby in utero. Especially with reports of odd strokes associated with covid and other clotting abnormalities in otherwise healthy, young patients. 2. On a more patient specific note, it is considered best practice to try to find an answer for loss of pregnancy, especially at term to hopefully be able to make informed decisions for possible future pregnancies. Of course the decision for testing options is up to the parents (such as fetal biopsies and/or autopsy). Of course, the question of covid test accuracy is valid. In this case the covid test was negative, of course accuracy (sensitivity/specificity) could be questioned...but it’s what we have. In regards to this patient the answer was found to be most likely a silent placental abruption based on bloodwork and findings at delivery. For those that have guessed this was my wife and family, unfortunately that is correct. I wasn’t trying to specifically post to make that clear, but it’s not a problem. The post honestly was made while angry the test was denied. But, the reality is that this stuff happens, and us highly educated healthcare providers aren’t spared simply because we know lots about healthcare and best practices. It doesn’t make it easier for me or my wife, but it’s reality. We were the unlucky ones. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. I hope you all can understand if I don’t respond to questions immediately or at all regarding the situation. Pretty much all of the pertinent details are here.
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    You are unable to comply with this without violating HIPAA. 1) You're a covered entity if you bill Medicare (or if your employer does) 2) an MRN is PII (see link) because it is attached to a specific individual, EVEN THOUGH it cannot be identified outside the context of the specific originating system. 3) a procedure is protected health information, so in combination with an MRI, that's personally identifiable specific health information, and sharing it is a crime. https://www.hipaajournal.com/considered-phi-hipaa/
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    My only qualm about expanding PA to Doc bridge programs is that the product will no longer be a PA but a Doc... If this became the norm or at least a significant number of us did this wouldn't the PA profession be losing members/supporters? I'm not necessarily saying PA to Docs dont support us, I know some do like Prima and others but let's face it, they have more incentive to support docs than PAs... Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    Hey everybody, I just figured I would create a thread for this year's application cycle since CASPA is opening soon! I am a current student at South and I have loved everything about it so far. Good luck to all of you who are applying this year and feel free to reach out with any questions you may have!
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    Hello fellow applicants, Last cycle was my first application to Campbell and this forum helped tremendously. Hopefully this will help someone again. Best of luck!
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    Got another email from the school they have picked their top 75
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    Okay great! Thank you for letting me know.
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    Hey guys! I gave up my seat today since I got in to my first choice. Good luck to all on the waitlist!!
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    It’s true. The problem is some people aren’t matching because A) they shot for ortho but they have have Family medicine written all over their stats B) some are so bad and barely passed, so they can’t match into anything (essentially why they created assistant physicians in Michigan)
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    Many blessings to you and your family. We are harder on ourselves as medical professionals but we are just as subject to loss as others. And it is harder for us to accept sometimes. I have been there and understand. My peace come to you.
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    That’s so insane to me that they wait that long to notify us of their decision when they decide who they have accepted the day of the interview!
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    It baffles me that any medical provider would get furloughed. So many with so much to offer! I am very fortunate in that the VA has a fixed population and there will always be work. I also like what I do. Cideous - I hope things come back for you and others! Perhaps some unique opportunities will come from this.
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    Think I’ve mentioned this twice. A hospital in an independent NP/APRN state laid off many APP’s due to finances a few years back. As they rehires, what was once at least half PA, half NP , became closer to 3/4 NP. Yet, rumor has it that PA will remain PA, changing the assistant to associate still doesn’t take out the presumed need for physician oversight forever. As a PA, the profession will not be seen anymore than it currently is, Not a Doctor and not a Practitioner. Local news has a Q/A with various Physician, NP, PT etc. not ever PA. Again, Assistant or Associate, still physician helper. Not that PA can’t get laws passed, but the fact is It is the law makers that decide future practice rights. They do not take the time to know or care what your education is. They look at a title which suggests need for physician oversight, then no matter what “you are lesser”. There are to many PAs that want to remain just that, a physician helper. Feel there has been fair amount of increased interest in the future, but is it enough to make AAPA and HOD vote for something other than easy way out. I ask, in another thread for an explanation as to why Physician Associate is still the choice? With an answer other than it’s easier, cheaper, faster. Ten plus years ago there was push for Associate, that was before NPs had gained so much independence. Is it really the best choice. I know their has been gone over and over, but have heard no other reason than the initials, the ease and because it keeps the profession associated with physicians. Physicians who no longer care. In my specialty office, they will be hiring a new APP, I’ve been told it will be a brand spanking new NP, with no related experience. It is the physician saying It’s better in future due to paperwork. Just makes me sick!!! Thus my rant! Get a real Title that shows at least equality to NP and fight for OTP/FPA!
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    Building on the momentum of the temporary changes brought by Covid-19. Get new legislation in all fifty states based upon the PA response to the call for healthcare providers. Finalize a name change that is most accepted by our PA polls.
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    I would test for knowledge sake. Peace of mind, education, knowledge of the potential affect of the virus. We need all the information we can get for the future. Remember Zika.
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    I have been open with my supervisors and coworkers about my high risk issues. Nothing to hide - it doesn't affect my ability to be a provider - except when faced with a potentially deadly virus with 35 different sx and no one presentation, high chance of late demise after improvement, no truly 100% test and no vaccine.................. I did get a letter from my PCP stating my high risk situation and would use FMLA if I had to. Self protection and job protection - plain and simple. My last few face to face appts - one patient scoffed at the whole thing and was kind of a butt. I mentioned to him that the virus could kill me or people who work with me and even if he didn't think he had it - he could pass it along. He got quiet and quit spewing crap. No self realization or world view................. Working from home now and doing phone and tele. Feeling guilt for not being on the front line but using some Vulcan Logic to remind myself that dead or on a vent isn't a really good option and not wanting to become a patient when avoidable. Trying to help anyone I can in whatever way I can. One of my colleagues is living in an RV outside of home to protect family from exposure at work. There is a national movement to get RVs to front line workers to give them someplace to stay away from their families. I know a lot of couples self distancing inside the house due to work exposures - separate bathrooms and bedrooms when possible - at least for a while. I do not think medicine will ever be quite the same. Entire office set ups and how we handle interactions will change forever. Handshakes might go away - I have personally been using Namaste and hands for a while now. Ordered long term use N99 masks from England for my family. Masks will become the norm for the future. A whole new branch of insurance will crop up - pandemic coverage - for lost wages and protection. PTSD will now have a sister - PCSD - post corona stress disorder and COVIDIOT will be a new dictionary entry. We will all contribute in whatever way we can and hopefully come out of this whole. Stay Safe Everyone!
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    My experience was that I was able to hit 6.5-7 RVU/hour, but I was working pretty hard to get there. If you've got an RVU model, picking up procedures is the way to go, especially I&D's and injections: trigger point and nerve block. They are relatively quick vs laceration repairs and foreign body removals. For example: RVU's for ED visit levels: •Level 1 ED Visit: 0.60 •Level 2 ED Visit: 1.17 •Level 3 ED Visit: 1.75 •Level 4 ED Visit: 3.32 •Level 5 ED Visit: 4.89 •Critical Care: –1st 30-74 min: 4.5 –Each addt’l 30 min 2.25 Vs. RVU's for some simple procedures: .Trigger point: 0.66 (0.75 if 3 or more) •Occipital nerve block: 0.94 •Dental block: 1.11 •Sphenopalatine ganglion block: 1.36 •Sciatic nerve block: 1.48 So, it's pretty easy to double or in some cases triple your RVU's for your dental pain, neck pain, migraine, and back pain patients - all while giving them faster relief than with other modalities.
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    Names of healthcare workers that have passed. Several PAs are listed. https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/927976 May they never be forgotten.
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    I am super confused by this. It sounds like they want a procedure log... so how is what you describe above a procedure? Those are just your basic day to day duties; it’s implied in your job that you do all that. I see they mention “procedures” but your patient log doesn’t reflect that. A procedure would be a biopsy, lumbar puncture, etc. Usually when my hospital has me renew my privileges it is all about what procedures I want privileges for (for example, in the ER, laceration repair, fracture reduction, lumbar puncture, etc). The way you’re doing this is going to take forever and I am not sure it makes a lot of sense. I would ask them for clarification of what they want.
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    How devastating for that family. And if this is someone close to you, I am very sorry for your loss.
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    I took Cell Biology at WSU online (MBIOS 401) via their Global Campus and it was a good class. It was definitely challenging but I would recommend it for fulfilling RRCC's Cell Bio prerequisite if you need to do it online.
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    I don't know. I would probably bounce that question off an ID person.
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    Congratulations to all of you for getting interviews! you guys will do great! do not stress! go with the flow, and bare with the faculty and staff as they navigate through online interview platform!
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    You’re right, you do need a CASPA ID and CASPA does open on the 30th. However, you can make an account before it opens, in which you will receive an ID. CASPA opening means you can begin submitting applications. Prior to that, you can enter some info and just get familiar with the site. However, idk if you can make a new account right now...it might be that odd window where you can’t...though I’m not sure
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    No you won't. Your out of the game and I am right behind you.
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    Full practice authority and responsibility in primary care. I know there are many EMPAs practices solo but I think we should focus our energy to push FPAR in primary care. It is more feasible for PAs to practice independently in primary care at this time, just simply follow the NP model. My prediction is there will be COVID21, COIVD23 etc. More opportunities will be in virtual medicine. To be ahead of all these new changes, we as a professoin needs to be in the driver seat not the passengers. I think having FPAR in prmary care will give us more control in our own destiny.
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    Too many programs/Job saturation/loss of earning power Self-Determination at the national and state levels ... and I'm having a hard time settling on a third. OTP solves a LOT of issues.
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    Congrats both of you. I know waiting is extremely tough.... Now with the acceptance, the next fun part - Paying for PA school! I start next month and just received my first semester bill. BTW, if you planned on the tuition and extras fees for your financial plan, be sure to consider Medical Insurance - its a requirement. The university automatically added it to our bills. Waivers (if you already are covered by spouse or parents up to age 26) can be had. However summer session added more than $800 to our overall bill for the first semester. Think about that over 7 semesters.... For those still waiting, PLEASE don't give up hope. With the current situations, schools are offering deferrals (never have they before). They understand situations with family, childcare, taking care of parents, medical, financial issues, etc. They offered to hold a spot until 2021 start, that may free up a few more slots this year! Good luck! Lets get at it!
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    Thanks so much for the encouraging words! Congratulations on getting an acceptance!!! I just got off the waitlist for my top choice a few days ago Yay us!
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    Does anyone have an update on South? Or any other school they are applying to. I am curious what other schools are doing with dealing with the Coronavirus outbreak.
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    Conrats on getting this! The only thing I can add is I am attending a private catholic university that cost $1700 a credit and it was no problem. I think if the VA thinks you are a good choice, cost of school will not play into it. Just my thoughts, best of luck with school!
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    Take the medical assistant course from us career institute. You can finish it in a weekend if you wanted to. Go to the national healthcareer association website and buy the study guide for the ccma certification, study that for 2 weeks and then take the ccma certification. Boom you’re a certified MA in a month. That’s what I did and it opened multiple doors. You can volunteer at medicinal clinics, work part time as an ED tech, an MA at an urgent care, etc.
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    I see that you didn't have any responders here. I owned a practice for 5 years, and it has been three years since we closed so I will give some general comments. My mentor told me (a PA who had owned a successful practice for 10 years), and I didn't listen, but I should have, to do my business plan the best I could and then cut in half my expected income and double my expected expenses. The hard lessons I learned were (and this does not correspond to your numbered questions); 1) Insurance companies drove me crazy and constantly looked for reasons to not pay us. It is a false notion to believe that if you just bill correctly you will get paid. For example, our business building did not have a mail box so we had to use a PO Box. It took six months to find out that no insurance company will pay for a visit that was seen in a practice that uses a PO Box (it is in their very, very fine print). We lost 65 K right up front and it could not be re-billed. I had to go to war with my landlord over this (he didn't want mail boxes in the building) which took a huge amount of energy and distraction. 2) Unless you are really lucky, personnel will disappoint you. I had five did different billers over 5 years, each one starting out doing a fantastic job and then doing a lousy job. 3) While suing injust insurance companies (who withhold payments for no reason) would make a good Hallmark movie, in reality, they are bullies. You can sue them, but it would cost you about 250K and you may get very little in return even if you win. 4) I had about 10% cash paying patients, most from Vancouver, BC. I loved them, because cash made it so easy. 5) I strongly recommend that you run a very frugal practice (based on what my mentor told me) until you are clearly doing well. My software because very expensive and failed us horribly. Between Kaiser rejecting payments (and it was ultimately based on the fact that I was a PA who owned the practice) and the software contract (which failed to bill correctly) I choose to close my doors although I was overwhelmed with demand. My fear, going into this, that there would not be enough demand but that fear was not realized.
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    I just wanted to let you know, I got my CCMA certification the day after I took the test--so I officially have my first certification in the medical world. <3
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    I was an Air Traffic Controller and made a really high salary. In college I asked my professor this same type question. What facility can I go work at and make the most money. He told me if you don't love the work it will never be enough. So I went ahead with my plan and burnt out in three years. If your not interested in helping people more than making money you will never be happy but worse you will be putting the safety of people behind your love for money and that can be very dangerous. Someone with your ambition could go work in a number of other types of medical industries and make a lot of money. It sounds like your better suited for being a drug rep or medical equipment rep, both have huge income potential and you would not require anymore schooling, in fact what you have is desirable. Time is money right!
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