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    I couldn’t help myself so I called them and they said we should hear something before 5pm. Also they said that if any of the 120 people decline their interviews they will invite more to make sure they interview a total of 120.
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    I'm giving it until 5 pm before I start to panic. Lol.
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    Most of us are all qualified to get into PA school. We all have the grades and the experience. Sometimes it’s the personal statement that could get you the interview, and the interview is what gets you the acceptance. I’m happy for those who got an interview. I hope the rest of us will have better luck at other schools.
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    Just got the email invitation for an interview!!
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    agreen21....I pretty sure I speak for a lot of us when I say thanks for taking one for the team and calling. Greatly appreciate it. Now at most only 4 more hrs of waitingI'm sure we will all get a interview spot!
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    Best of luck to everyone! This wait game is definitely intense.
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    I got an interview invite today for the November 9 date. So I am assuming that slots open up as people decline/cancel their interview since I wasn't initially sent an invite. So don't give up hope! I was shocked to get the invite since I also thought they were done sending invites!
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    I can tell you that I received an interview and I am not considered a competitive applicant. I have about 4 of the “preferences”, my last 60 is high but my overall GPA is low and my prereq was average. I have about 4000 hours of PCE when I submitted my application which fell under the moderate range as well. Hopefully there will be a second round sent out and you will be offered a interview because you have a lot of PCE!!
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    Just got waitlisted for an interview. Congrats to everyone who got an interview!!
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    Well it’s almost 5 and I have not received an email but I’m happy for those of you that did! Best of luck!
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    Interviewing on 11/3-11/4! This is the first part of the email that was sent: "You've been invited to interview with The University of Tampa's Physician Assistant Medicine program! There are 4 different interview weekends available. Please choose the link corresponding to the one interview date desired and submit the RSVP survey to reserve your spot by Monday, 10/21/19 at 5:00 pm ET. Once you complete the survey, I will reach out to you individually by phone within one business day. Once a date is full, the link will no longer accept submissions." I would predict that offers for interviews that were canceled or rejected will more than likely be sent out after the deadline in bold above... Hope this helps!
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    Interview invite received for November 10th at noon! And although I'm STOKED to have been invited, I will be turning it down as I've already gotten into my top school. Best of luck to everyone interviewing! ..although I could just show up in jeans and a T-Shirt to make everyone else look better...
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    I'm glad you called because that was about to be my next step!
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    I was originally scheduled to interview on November 1st but just gave up the spot as I will be accepting a seat at another program. Hopefully this frees it up for someone!!! Good luck everyone!
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    They definitely just haven't sent anything out yet! This is my second time applying to PA school and it tends to feel like the waiting is a test in itself. When we get an email is out of our control, I'm just glad this forum exists! Wishing the best for all of you, keep hanging on! Be proud, we've all worked so hard to get here
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    Hey all! Just received my interview invite today for 12/7 Tacoma interview and figured I’d start this thread to see if anyone wanted to meet up before!
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    Interviewing 11/24-25! I would imagine they won't send out rejections until after the final interview dates (unless you're a hard no), as people could potentially decline interviews up until the day of and they will want to fill those spots. I would strongly discourage you all from comparing stats. I have received interviews from multiple schools and everyone's stats are all over the place for those I have interviewed with. For the school I received a rejection from, I had better stats than some people on the forums that got interviews and worse stats than others that received interviews. There is a lot that goes into the selection process and you never know exactly what a school is looking for. Also, meeting minimum requirements doesn't mean you automatically deserve an interview. Schools look at the big picture. With that said, personal statements play a large role in interview invites for many schools, and that is a pretty subjective thing. Plus, you never know exactly the caliber of LORs other people are getting (or yourself for that matter if you didn't actually see what your recommender wrote)
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    Just a thought but do you think that b/c this is a newer school and they are on provisional accreditation that they are only interviewing people with perfect if not near perfect stats even though it says 3.0 last 60 hrs and 3.0 for the pre-reqs? I had 4 out of the 8 program preferences when you needed only 2, had around a 3.4 in both last 60 hrs & the pre-reqs, I know I had great letters of recommendation, and my patient care experience fell in the moderate range with 10k + hrs, and I applied super early in May??? Head scratcher to me that's all. Doesn't mean I won't excel in the program if I don't have a 3.9-4.0 in everything and have all 8 preferences, etc.
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    It makes me wonder how we find time to actually care for anyone. Any clerk or petty tyrant anywhere in any process can ask for anything no matter the reason and it gets polished up as "patient safety" or some such nonsense. I know I went to school in the late 1800s but we didn't log anything. We worked on a rotation with broad guidelines about what we were supposed to cover and then we got an evaluation by a preceptor or department chief. I think this is when I'm supposed to shake my cane and say something about too much hoo-ha and flapdoodle over nothing. Nattering nabobs....
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    I interviewed on 9/10. I was originally waitlisted but just received an acceptance call yesterday!!! I would love to chat with other accepted students.
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    Yes and no. So how it works is that they review everyone who has interviewed after each new day of interviews. Yesterday was the most recent interview day. They look over people from that day first, accept people who really stood out, and then decide who they still might be interested in. Then they look over people who are still being considered (from the interested-but- not-yet-accepted list) and try to make some decisions. If they extend more interviews (which seems pretty likely), those folks will be reviewed first, followed by anyone else still under consideration. Does that make sense?
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    Habif: Skin Disease and Treatment ISBN-13: 978-0323442220. Great pictures, easy to use reference.
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    Hi guys! I have been meaning to post, but got so caught up! I was accepted from the 9/27 morning group on 10/2! I’m so excited and can’t wait for this journey!!
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    Good luck everyone. I hope we get good news. I’m so nervous for tomorrow!! I wonder what time they will send out invites.
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    Agreed! I don’t think they’ve sent anything out yet..
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    Due to the official start of the 2019-2020 CASPA Cycle I decided to start this forum to facilitate discussion and be available for any questions you may have about the program. Myself and other students of the Class of 2020 are in the middle of our didactic phase and students of the Class of 2019 are out on their clinical rotations. There are several of us who are fairly active on this website and will try to be available whenever possible. Best of luck on applying and remember to apply early. Go Noles! FSU PA program link: https://med.fsu.edu/pa/home
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    Hello everyone. My interview date is October 28th. Congrats on everyone who's been accepted and good luck to those interviewing on the 28th with me Can't wait to meet everyone!
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    You & me both. I just felt that the requirements were tailor made for me. I was beyond ecstatic when I found out there was a program that I had a legitimate shot to matriculate into. It's most unfortunate but hopefully some people will decline their interviews b/c they were admitted to other choices and maybe we will be selected as alternates. I don't care if I'm picked first or last, I just want to get into a PA program and start changing lives and the world for the better through medicine...that's all I want is a chance...don't think that's too much to ask.
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    Hey everyone! I have an acceptable, but I'd say "lower" GPA in comparison to the average GPA that applicants have. I have still managed to receive four interview invites this cycle. I recently had my second interview and feel confident that it went more smoothly and I was more confident than my first interview. Definitely more prepared!! However, I am concerned that, although my interview went very well, I will still be waitlisted or rejected because of my GPA. Other than my GPA, my clinical hours, volunteer & leadership hours are all above the average by far. I also was a student athlete during undergrad. I scored a 313 on my GRE . I knew that with a lower GPA, I would have to really excel elsewhere in my application. Do you think that, even though I received interviews, I will still be rejected or waitlisted in comparison to those that do have a good GPA and maybe didn't interview as well? I've heard that once you make it to the interviews, it's an even playing field, but is this truly the case? Any thoughts are very appreciated!
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    Just got an email for an interview invite on 11/10!
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    I interviewed 9/17 and was originally waitlisted - also got an acceptance call yesterday! PM me! @msnoodle do you know if there is a facebook group yet?
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    Congratulations!! That’s so soon! Good luck to you :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I believe so! I got an email from them a couple days ago asking me to send over my grades for my courses that are in progress and when I explained that those wouldn't be done until December she said that's fine and they are holding interviews in the spring.
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    I received an email several weeks ago stating they will be interviewing monthly through December so its not time to worry yet!!
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    when did you receive this? i emailed them and they told me my application is still open, but that’s all.
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    Just received an interview offer earlier today for November 9th! I find this odd since I know they already sent out offers for the last interview date. Timeline for reference: I submitted (and verified) my CASPA app on 7/13/19, Pacific U confirmed this on 8/6/19. I submitted my secondary on 9/5/19 and Pacific U confirmed it on 9/6/19. Interview offer e-mail received on 10/16/19 for 11/9/2019. Anyone else on that date coming from the Bay Area?
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    I spoke with the PA program this morning and they said today is the last day for verified applications to come through, and they will likely send out interview invitations next week if not earlier. Best of luck to all!
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    Would like to start a forum for all those accepted and attending in May 2020. Congrats to you all!
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    Few insights, take them or leave them as you will. 1. Your screen name infers you are working in NYC - notorious for poor pay and unbelievable cost of living. Add in "six-figure student loan debt" and you will likely be financially insecure for years or decades. Move. Yes, you can. Yes, I know you love NYC, but it's (probably) killing your financial future living and working there. You can probably make 30% more, in an area that costs HALF as much, and therefore pay off $50-$70K/year in student loans. Hell, if you love NYC so much, move back in 3 years when you have the student loans paid off and a little money in the bank. Suddenly you've doubled your standard of living by not having student loans. 2. They don't "tax" your OT as discretionary bonuses, they "withhold" your OT as bonuses. You will get this back at tax time. If you routinely pull an OT shift or two a month then you can adjust your withholding so Uncle Sam withholds a little less to balance out the 41% they keep from your OT. 3. I understand burnout, and I also understand the psychology of working toward goals. Do you have written goals about when you can be free of student loan debt? When you can be totally debt free? Other financial goals? It helps with burnout if you know that today's shift is $xxx.xx toward your goal which you expect to be reached by ##/##/20yyy.
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    Go to the cheaper program. Region means nothing.
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    you are literally just trolling?
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    Congratulations! I also received an interview invite for November 1st! Excited about the news :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I got an interview email for October 25!!
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    So, just to add some perspective, I interview when I can for Pacific's program, which has been four years since my graduation in 2012. Here's my take on how things are, based on my interviewing folks on October 20th. No spoilers, no secrets will be disclosed, and CERTAINLY not any applicant info, but here goes... 1) Oh my goodness! There are like triple the number applications vs. when I was admitted (2009-2010 cycle), and only about 1/3 more seats than we had. The program has grown numerically far less than it has in desirability, apparently. 2) Everyone had astounding GPAs. I would likely not have gotten an interview in this cohort, and I felt the same thing when I interviewed in 2016 as well. 3) Every single candidate was professional, interviewed well, and I would be happy to precept any one of them and call them my colleagues eventually. It's a tragedy of riches, really, because there are SO MANY excellent candidates, not just on paper but personable folks with good poise, thoughtful responses to questions. The questions at this point aren't so much "in" or "out" but rather "In what order shall we rank this treasure trove of thoughtful prospective PAs, who have worked hard for years to get here?" If you didn't get an interview invite, I'm sorry. Like I said, I probably wouldn't have this year either.
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