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    I just received an acceptance call and I interviewed in July and then was waitlisted!
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    I was accepted via email yesterday!! However, I will be declining my acceptance offer as I also gained accepted into another PA program literally 10 minutes later! Hopefully this will give an opportunity to another applicant! Good luck!!
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    ACCEPTED BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!! I literally cried when she called me.
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    Definitely agree with journey2pa, very laidback and welcoming! But definitely be prepared. There are many resources online to review PA interview questions, make sure to go over them. Best of luck, Samantha and Emma! :D
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    With the exception of a couple of devolutions into name calling this has been pretty interesting. I didn't read the thread because this discussion seems to always dwindle to name calling. I can't even begin to fathom how a universal health care system would work. I have seen socialized medicine both in the military and in the "real world" with Medicaid. There are always problems with "free" in my observation and mostly it has to do with how people treat things that are free....like they have no value. Just about anyone who has worked in primary care has many many stories of how people treat "free" healthcare. The original question was about how this might effect PAs. In a word we would become as valuable as you can imagine. We don't have the resources to care for everyone if suddenly everyone was covered with little to no cost to the individual. There is already a shortage of primary care providers. That would multiply in a fashion I can't even measure. There wouldn't be anywhere near enough of us to go around even assuming there were enough hard assets to carry the load (hospitals, clinics, labs etc). I also suspect we would be making much less (along with all our other colleagues) because the rates would be adjusted for the one-size-fits-all healthcare system. I know we are headed for something. I don't know what it might be.
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    I also received an invite for October 25th!
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    Also got an interview for 10/25!
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    Received an acceptance call as well! So happy!!!
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    I will be turning down my acceptance due to an acceptance into another program. Hopefully someone on the waitlist will get the call soon
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    Just received an acceptance call this morning!!!! So excited!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    So happy for you! Congratulations I interviewed 9/27.. hopefully I hear something soon
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    I'll speak for myself. It isn't the medicine that I've become disenfranchised with. Unfortunately, it's peoples expectations and lack of self accountability.
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    Received an acceptance call yesterday morning from the Sept 27th interview. Best of luck to everyone waiting to hear!
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    I don’t think current students and alumni are there solely to answer our questions. Rather, they are also there for the purpose of evaluating you to see if you’re a good fit for the program. Just because they were all in different rooms does not mean they were a part of different teams! They are on the same team and they are seeking the right people. That’s why it’s important to treat the panel discussion as an evaluation as well. Ask valuable, unique and, meaningful questions. Quality is important not quantity. You want to be remembered by them because I guarantee they will have a say on whether you get in or not no matter how small their input may be. Our 2x2 headshot photo was not submitted to see how pretty we are but, to remind interviewers, current students and, alumni of what we looked like. I didn’t see any note taking by the panel conductors but I’m sure as keck they jotted down a few things about you during room change and intermission.
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    I’ll see you guys there!!
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    Got my acceptance call yesterday!!
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    I received an interview invite for Nov. 8th as well! Beyond excited!
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    I’ve got the interview invitation today for Nov 8!!! I’m so excited you guys! And I’m looking forward meeting you all there
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    Hi! I received a confirmation email after submitting the supplemental that said I would receive an update early October regarding interviews. Today I got an interview invite for Nov 8!
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    I was also accepted today! It was on MyStar before I got an email. Congrats to everyone! As for stats I am not keen on sharing them as I do not want to discourage anyone but my GPA was definitely on the lower end with a strong upward trend. I had a good amount of HCE, and shadowing. GRE score was also a bit average. I think the program is truly looking at applicants holistically and those that align with their mission. Good Luck to all of you!!
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    If I had a dollar for every time I checked this forum, then I’d probably have my PA school tuition paid off by now.
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    They didn't say anything to us as a group. Talked to some of the current students, and they said they heard back in 2 weeks, but I guess thats not the same this year
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    “Aaaaaaaaaaat Laaast!” -Etta James, PA-C
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    I interviewed on the 20th and received my conditional acceptance today! It has been a long road to get here and I am so excited!
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    I just got an interview invite today as well! I will likely give up my seat as I was accepted to my top choice earlier today!
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    Same with spine as your first out of school position. At least there you can sometimes find objective pathology that actually matches up with a patient's complaint. I've since gone big league. Runny nose, congestion, and cough for a couple of hours without any self treatment.
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    Interview went so well today!! Very laidback and welcoming!!
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    I have had a few jobs like that in the past. They either learn to trust you or they don't. If you can work with it, you stay. If you can't you leave. I left a few and made a few work. When they see something like low dose ketamine turn a CHF pt on bipap around and prevent an intubation you get some street cred as a smart guy. In WA I don't have to a have backup doc to cover the ED or chart review. My CP knows how I practice and knows I do a better job than most and leaves me alone. Took me 15 years to find this job and I am not leaving unless they drag me out kicking and screaming.
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    Just got the invitation for an interview. I'll be attending the October 26 afternoon session. See you guys there!
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    Interviewing on October 16th! Fingers crossed, I know a lot of people are accepted already but I'm hoping Im in luck! #1 choice program for me!
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    GPA 3.68, 2000 PCE 350 volunteer 55 shadowing 1500 hours as research tech
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    I applied on Aug 8, and just interviewed yesterday. I wouldn’t worry too much though, they told us that there will likely be 7 more rounds of invites sent out, and that choosing the invites is an involved process that requires multiple rounds of vetting. Also for everyone with their application being rolled over to the next round, we should all just stay positive and hopeful because that will be the majority of us! At least that’s what I’m trying to do, good luck everyone!
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    Agree with others working in rural EDs... this is common until they learn to trust you. I'd even go so far as to say they are testing you, as they know what normally comes through their doors routinely and knows what works for them. Deviation from this makes them pucker a little... until they get to know YOU. Then what you know becomes what they know, they'll grow with it, and in time, it works. All politics is local... and this is what it sounds like. Sounds like the "lead" PA spoke up when needed. They'll either agree with you in time or you'll leave, validating any of their complaints (just how they will perceive your leaving, not that there is any validity to them). If you like the environment, ride it out. If not, move on. But, be like a reed in the wind... resist when you have to, bend, don't break. It generally works out. G
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    Hi all, does anyone know if they have multiple interview dates or just the one? No invite yet, but staying positive since I did not receive a rejection!
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    I submitted my supplemental application on August 23rd with CASPA previously submitted. I have yet to hear whether my application has been moved into full faculty review. Has anyone who submitted all their application material after August 23rd heard yet regarding their status? Does anyone know if Medex immediately notifies you if a decision had been made to not pursue your application further or do they wait until all decisions have been made? Thanks and best of luck to everyone!!
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    Congratulations everyone who are accepted! Anybody know about second interview session. I called them last week, they said they still reviewing the application for another interview session. Anybody who have information about this. If they already selected waiting list students, it means there is no any spot ?
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    Light speed, --------------------------------------- deleted due to being inflammatory and personal attack
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    So happy to hear it went so well for you guys!! Sending positive vibes your way
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    Got an interview invite for 11/5 as well!
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    Ahhhh! Just got an interview invite for 11/4! Now, does anybody know if you can request a different date? Or I’m probably failing my exam that week lol
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    3.5 cGPA, 3.56 sGPA, 309 on GRE, ~3000 PCE as a nursing assistant, 40 hours of PA shadowing, ~50 volunteer hours, ~4000 leadership hours. I’m also from Charleston, so that might play a role in it for me!
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    I got my verification on the 18th, has anyone from this verification date gotten an interview? I was reading old forums from last year and people got invites via mail. Should I be looking in my email or mail? I'm so desperate because this is my dream school!
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    I fill out my own FMLA forms - online on the screen and print. Our forms are prepopulated with my info such as NPI, etc. We don't have pharmacy selections - it is the VA. ONLY certain depts can change demographics. I write my own off work or return to work notes so I say what is needed properly. Clerks call for medical records and reports. My old private office charged for forms and made patients come in for appts to address forms - that stopped a bunch of them. Another office charged PER form - regardless of form - FMLA, DOL, etc. Get a rubber stamp with info such as your address, phone and NPI - saves a ton of time. OWN your own stuff - if you sign it - it better say what you want and accurately. I also have a full time LPN, RN and a clerk - we are a team. In a private office with potentially unlicensed MAs - be careful. Again, own it. It's yours. And remember that many times the patient never told the MA or front desk about any forms and they just whip them out in the room with you - sneaky tactic. So, nutshell for me - I own a lot of my own work - it has to say what I need it to say - spelled properly and phrased professionally and appropriately. Don't count on anyone else being able to do it and there are ugly consequences - that I have had to deal with and correct.
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    Yeah, Obama promised the same thing with the ACA. Oh, and that we could keep our doctors. She is a lying politician. Please do not impart any semblance of fear into my discussion. I have more than enough resources to care for myself and my family, and capitalism will always be present so I have no fear of the changes that come to healthcare. Government has been taking over healthcare since the 1960s. Give it a few more years and you might be looking to give guv'ment a "foot in the ass out our healthcare system."
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    I just called and was told the interview slots are full at this time, and that the only way that would change is if someone cancelled their interview and then they would send out an invite to someone on the wait list. Not great news but also good to be informed on the reality of the situation. Best of luck to everyone who is in the application process at other schools as well!
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    Call it taxation, or call it a premium; at the end of the day does it really matter?
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    I also interviewed on the 26th and got a call the morning of the 27th for acceptance! If anyone needs any help/tips for the interview, feel free to reach out to me!
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    Can't tell you anything about it but I will say I used no services when I applied (no transcript entry, no advice services, no interview services, etc) and it all went just fine. It's perfectly possible to apply and be accepted without spending extra money. Little elbow grease and hard work is all you need.
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    My PA program was the Army. We were woke at 5:30 for PT. That was about as woke as we got.
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    I was accepted from the waitlist yesterday!
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