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    I received an interview invite today for Nov 5th! Submitted supplemental app: September 3rd
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    I’m not sure of the total number on the waitlist but I figure it’s 30-60. It always depends on the cohort but there’s a possibility that if you’re high on the list, which I know they don’t give out rankings, you can possibly get in. There’s many people in my cohort that were waitlisted. I know of at least 7 but there’s probably more I just never asked anyone and only know because they offered up the info. Keep your head up!
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    Also got an invite today, but denied because I got into another program. Hopefully someone else gets a call soon! Good luck to all those interviewing!
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    I was waitlisted as well. Fingers crossed that we'll see some movement on the waitlist in the next coming weeks! I would LOVE to join y'all in January!
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    The waitlist is moving people! Just got a call tonight. So excited
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    The part I don't understand is how NPs find their own rotation sites, even paying companies to find rotations for them, without any standardization. Absolutely I learned a TON while I was sitting in the classroom during PA school, but the REAL learning came during my rotations. The majority of them were AWESOME, and only one that was subpar. But, the amount of learning, and solidification of what I learned during the didactic year, during clinicals was key to my development as a provider. To leave that up to the student to find and then not ensure that it is a quality rotation blows my mind!
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    Omg Congratulations! Thats great!
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    Just got my acceptance call as well! I’m so excited to meet everyone!
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    Just received my acceptance call! I’m beyond excited and can’t wait to meet everyone in this class!
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    Hi! I was verified on May 30th and sent my applications out May 3rd
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    I interviewed 8/9 and after getting the phone call, my packet didn't come in the mail for about a week (and I only live 2 hours away). I didn't get any emails until after submitting my deposit. But don't worry they give you almost a month until you have to have the deposit submitted.
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    If I didn’t love my job as much as I do, I’d definitely apply. Congrats on the retirement!
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    I was waitlisted. Does anyone know how many get put on the waitlist or the chances of getting off of the waitlist? I know they don’t give out ranks with the waitlist.
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    Congratulations! Would you mind sharing when your application was verified and texas tech confirmed it? Thanks!
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    that makes total sense but that is not how I received the prior message! I also emailed the program and they stated that if you are invited for an interview it will be communicated via phone or email!
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    Hey Everyone! I will be going to admitted student day too! I am so excited to meet everyone.
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    Understood, thanks for the clarification.
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    Also received the invite to interview on 9/20 for Nov 1 or 2 date!
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    Does anyone know many out of state students they accept? Is it just a few or is it more like half their class?
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    In a medical encounter ie the hospital absolutely not ... in my state that would be illegal. When I’m teaching so in the classroom, lab, any other academic setting with student students I go with Dr.
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    Hi! Thanks for being kind. I am wondering how long from your interview date did it take for you to find out you're accepted? Like approximately how many weeks.
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    Well, who knows how it will work out. I think we have a ways to go. I don’t doubt that will be the reality for a lot of people in a lot of industries. Medicine will change dramatically with the introduction of AI into the decision making matrix. Consolidation of the industry and drives toward efficiency will be problematic as well. PAs are really well trained, and that bodes well for you guys. That will bear fruit someday, just as independence for NPs in the long run will be the rope used to hang us if we don’t make a turn towards quality. So literally no PA shows up without a base level of applicable knowledge to their first day in the job. Any of them may struggle with maturity, speed, efficiency, institutional knowledge, street smarts, etc. But patho and pharm knowlege, and techniques and procedures should be at a standard, with the rest of their success up to them being adaptable. In psyche, there’s never enough folks around warming to work in it. In other specialties or roles, it seems to be a lot different. Even the CRNA role isn’t the good mine it used to be, but they wrestled the demand back up by raising the bar. A lot of Np programs are trying to really force the DNP as the new barrier for entry. I think that will be the next phase after they flood the market and become the non physician provider of choice.
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    Hey friend! I'll be there too!
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    I received an invite on a Monday. I applied last year and did not receive a rejection until March 20th. Hope this helps.
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    I got an invite too! Is this the interview or is there an additional interview? I am just curious on the process. I'll have to fly from Louisiana which is why I am trying to figure out if I have to fly out more than once. Congrats to everyone! I am so excited!!!
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    Submitted on July 13th and it was verified on the 14th
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    Just got the invitation, hope everyone else did too!!
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    I received an acceptance call as well, interviewed on 9/13! So excited about this program. Good luck to everyone!
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    Goodluckkk!! May all of us have good news
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    Not sure if you have already interviewed yet but I will leave this here for future interviewees. I interviewed on 9/9 at the first interview session. There were about 10 interviewees, we divided into 2 groups - A and B. They start out with a presentation of the program and introduction of the faculty. I will say that there are multiple interviews with all of the faculty, there is also a solo exercise/activity. Unfortunately I can't share exactly how the interview(s) is structured because they requested we keep specific details confidential (we basically signed an NDA). I will say that the faculty were very welcoming and friendly, they did not try to trip us up or anything like that. Regarding the accreditation status, the way they explained it in the presentation is that basically an acceptance into the program is conditional and contingent upon achievement of provisional accreditation status. If you are accepted and they fail to get accredited, they refund you the tuition deposit and all applicants will need to reapply in the 2020-2021 application cycle (if Xavier chooses to apply for accreditation again next year). If the program does achieve provisional status, class will start as scheduled in January. And it is my understanding that all students will be eligible to sit for the PANCE if provisional status is achieved regardless if the program loses accreditation in the future.
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    My organisation (which is actually a pretty decent employer...so far) recently hired a new grad NP to work in one of our UCs. They assumed she would be ready because she has worked trauma/ED as an RN for 10-15 years...she has been shadowing the established NP (solid provider who has worked in the UC for at least 5 years) for almost 2 months and is still not ready. The shadowing was supposed to just be getting used to the computer system and policies of the UC (for example, if ECG is needed patient is to be sent to ED because we don't have an ECG machine...on purpose they don't want UC working up chest pain that is concerning for cardiac involvement) but it has essentially become a rotation teaching her. The new NP shadowed me this past weekend (after already shadowing for 2 months) and her lack of knowledge was ASTONISHING - even things that I would expect an RN to know, especially coming from trauma/ED!!! No concept of a neuro exam, no idea on how to even start differentiating cardiac vs. non-cardiac chest pain, COPD exacerbation treatment guidelines, etc., etc. She was worse then useless! Turns out she went to an online only NP program and most of her rotations were completed at a single clinic sitting at a desk doing MA tasks like filing paperwork, scanning documents, prior auths, etc. She is the highest paid student in the world right now making a full provider salary!! After 6 hours I told her to leave because I was tired of having to explain everything and teach when she isn't a student (and I couldn't justify having her stay clocked in and getting paid when she was doing NOTHING!). I love teaching, but she wasn't even motivated. I struggle to even understand how she could have passed her RN boards, let alone her NP boards. PS: this really isn't even a vent on NPs, more on this idiot "provider." The NP who has been here 5 years is good, and the NP I work with in my FM office is good (but has some holes in concept/knowledge). This NP just knows nothing! Maybe could happen with MD/DO and PA, but I feel like there are more rigorous hoops to jump through where this type of inadequacy would be caught. I've never hoped anyone would lose their job, but I had to send an email this morning to the CEO recommending her dismissal.
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    Interviewed there on 9/13 and received an acceptance call a week later, on 9/20. They said that emails from admissions will be sent out tomorrow (Tuesday) with further details. Pretty psyched, they look like they have an excellent program and seem to really like paramedics. Happy to answer any questions anyone has. Good luck to everyone who has an upcoming interview!
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    Bob Bob Bob....wwhat are we going to do with you stepping in the dogma like that? It's like the drunk uncle nobody wants to confront. The high quality NPs are starting to feel the burn of the under-trained and unprepared. It is a broad brush painting some of the wrong people. The biggest problem is health care being run like a fast food frannchise and administrators willing to take any warm body as long as they have a license.. I'm tired this morning so I'm a bit more dour than usual but things just seem grim some days.
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    You and any NP's are welcome here on these boards anytime. I enjoy the insight I get from them.
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    Just got my acceptance call! I’m so pumped!
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    Accepted!! Midwestern was my top choice so I can’t believe it. I just got the call.
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    Hey y’all! I was accepted to a school closer to home and have given my spot up at Rosalind! I hope that opens something up for someone! Good luck
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    I called today and Maria is out right now - but when she's back in, it sounds like she'll be sending out an email with the info of how to pay the acceptance fee. Super excited to start with all of you!
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    Are they done sending interview invitation ?
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    I received acceptance yesterday from my August 23rd Interview!
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    Hello!! I know a few students already addressed this; but as a recent Duke grad, I wanted to add my two cents. As far as students being frazzled - super accurate depending on the day (high stakes exams, etc). But I don't think frazzled is the same as miserable. And I think all PA students at every school experience the stress of the exams at some point during didactic year. Regarding the reputation for not being prepared for clinicals is just wrong. Every single site I was at said Duke students are the most prepared compared to other schools. And many say we stand out above med students. I think the reason for this is we have multiple opportunities to be in the hospital and with patients during the first year and many experiences with standardized patients. Also Duke does not accept simply the brightest of the bunch- the students are overwhelming full of rich clinical experiences and backgrounds prior to PA school. The nontraditional student high acceptance is real. And because of that, some of us may have had harder time in classroom than the 4.0 GPA 22 year old, but one nice thing about Duke is the immense resources - like tutors and meeting with study-skills specialists. And the flip side is that clinical year comes more naturally for us, since a lot of us have great experience. With all this being said, it is important to choose the school that is best for you. At the interview, you may or may not click with the school you thought was your number one. And if you get accepted to multiple schools, then trust your gut for the best fit over rankings or other reasons. Best of luck to all - enjoy the journey!
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    The massive quantities of alcohol needed to make the hurt stop .
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    I just got the call- I’m in! Interviewed on 8/20. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Everything's in and verified 5/28, hoping to get that interview this year!
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    I find the work/life balance kinda tough with a family. I think it would be much easier as a single man or just a spouse. Trying to make time for my kid who has her own school schedule is difficult, but doable. It’s certainly more than PA school where I felt I had a decent amount of free time. This is not to say I don’t have any. I take my kid to the park or something outside at least once per week and we play video games together plenty. My wife doesn’t work, so I don’t need day care which would be a must if she did. the number of hours aren’t bad. We do the same as physician residents and averages to 60 hours. Plus conference every Thursday morning and journal club once per month. That’s the average from Sunday to Sunday. Sometimes you can end up 5-6 in a row. Once I had 4 days off in a row and it was awesome, but then I paid for it on the ends. What gets me though is the frequent flipping. Your following shift is always equal or later than your previous, so you always have time for adequate time for sleep, but sometimes I can’t. Then my kid is up and I’ll sacrifice sleep to spend time together. I go through melatonin like candy. There are many different shifts. Day, slightly later day, eve, slightly later eve, night.There is no call in the ED really, but you have to cover minimum 10 call shifts in 18 months. Not hard. Just do your thing and don’t drink in case they need you to come in. another procedure I forgot to add that I’ve done is US. Tons of it. Eyes, heart, lung, fast, gallbladder, appendix, kidneys, soft tissue, dvt. It’s basically my stethoscope now.
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