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    I spoke with SMU admissions today and they said they do not send out confirmation emails. As long as our applications are verified on CASPA, we are good.
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    I received an interview invite today for Nov 5th! Submitted supplemental app: September 3rd
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    Just received a call about a hour and a half ago for my acceptance! Really excited to join y’all in this next adventure!
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    I’m not sure of the total number on the waitlist but I figure it’s 30-60. It always depends on the cohort but there’s a possibility that if you’re high on the list, which I know they don’t give out rankings, you can possibly get in. There’s many people in my cohort that were waitlisted. I know of at least 7 but there’s probably more I just never asked anyone and only know because they offered up the info. Keep your head up!
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    Also got an invite today, but denied because I got into another program. Hopefully someone else gets a call soon! Good luck to all those interviewing!
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    If you don’t need the job..... demand, yes demand, a meeting with clinic manger and medical supervision. state that you will not see more then 2.5 patients per hour ..... period. This is is what you were hired for, what you can and will do to deliver good care and if they do not allow this to happen hand them a resignation letter on the spot. screw these bean counters and non medical people treating us like widget manufacture. Just simply say no. If they state you are in contract tell them that you are in contract for what you were hired for, not the stupidly high productivity you are rejecting. Hold you head high, dress and act professional, and quit on the spot if they do not meet your requests. You can not redo this so make sure you have ALL demands in one concise form.....ie cme, PTO, max patients per day. if they accept your resignation but state you have X weeks of work still say fine, work you pace that is safe and leave on time. This means they will have to cancel patients but this is their problem not yours.
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    I just called and confirmed a reservation for Wednesday under my name. I look forward to meeting you all. Congrats again to everyone! -Dean
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    Has anyone received invitation for October interview?
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    Got the acceptance call earlier today and will be attending! So excited!
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    I was waitlisted as well. Fingers crossed that we'll see some movement on the waitlist in the next coming weeks! I would LOVE to join y'all in January!
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    Accepted! (Interviewed 8/27) Good luck to everyone, hope to see you next summer
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    Hello everyone, I received my acceptance on Friday and am excited to meet everyone!! This is a dream come true. I am from Chicago, Illinois. If you're from the CHI let me know!!!
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    I got the email too! I'l be at the October 7th interview
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    Except, respectfully I think PA's should absolutely be concerned with losing their jobs. Corporatists looking for cheaper labor won't give 2 craps about where someone did their rotations. "Do you have a license?" "Will you work for (insert low offer)?" "Sorry but we have phased out benefits". "Why?" "Simple, we had 37 NP's and 7 PA's apply for this one job! We figured someone will take it even without benefits..." Meet the future.
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    Oh my goddddd. Got an invite too! Was NOT expecting this. chose the 10/21 date. anyone wanna exchange numbers and get to know each other beforehand? Heard its a group interview, would be helpful to have familiar faces during the process! So excited, congrats to everyoneee who got an invite! Also, does anyone know if they do rolling admissions? Is it wise to interview earlier?
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    Yea same here No email for me as well. Let’s hang in there! Hopefully something soon
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    My NP school had a standardized process of evaluating any clinical rotations. I can’t vouch for other programs and the rigor of what they did, but our process was a bit onerous. They actually rejected one of mine, which was frustrating, because it was a solid clinical rotation, but they took issue with the certification of the provider that was on record as being my preceptor. I just had a different physician designated instead, so it worked out. So yeah, the familiar argument of the lack of standardization between programs is present, and I get it. But there is a contractually agreed upon criteria involved, which is also an issue of the facility and the school don’t agree. I found it to be a real pain. I guess there’s nothing that prevents the oft suggested trope that every NP clinical rotation is lacking. This will be a moot point going forward because future accreditation for NP programs will require them to arrange clinical rotations for students. This will phase in as a requirement for any programs that reaccredit. It won’t happen all at once, but will be totally switched over within the next few years.
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    congrats! I chose Oct 14! to give me more time! lol
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    The waitlist is moving people! Just got a call tonight. So excited
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    I don’t but a lot of people in my cohort do. Call housing tomorrow and ask them how to get on the list for housing. They’ll direct you to the person you need to talk to and get you on the list. They’ll most likely tell you that you’re 60-70 on the list but I swear they tell that to everyone. My classmates that were told that pretty much all got into the housing
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    The part I don't understand is how NPs find their own rotation sites, even paying companies to find rotations for them, without any standardization. Absolutely I learned a TON while I was sitting in the classroom during PA school, but the REAL learning came during my rotations. The majority of them were AWESOME, and only one that was subpar. But, the amount of learning, and solidification of what I learned during the didactic year, during clinicals was key to my development as a provider. To leave that up to the student to find and then not ensure that it is a quality rotation blows my mind!
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    Waitlister here... received it this morning too! Makes me re-think the school a lil bit!
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    I'm going to say something very important and thoroughly politically incorrect. Understand it anyways, even if you choose to reject the advice: Stop behaving like a woman. Act like a man. That is to say, stop being concerned with pleasing people, maintaining harmony, and using indirect approaches. Start by using demands, data, and brinksmanship without trying to be nice about it at all. Practice saying this, or something similar: "You're going to start paying me $10/hour more as of this minute, or I'm walking" If the answer is anything other than "yes" or "OK" ignore it, interrupt and walk out while saying, "It's $20/hour now. You know where to find me if you change your mind" and LEAVE. Mind you, you need to do what is required by a contract, so do that. If you think you can't do that, mock interview the raise conversation with your husband or someone else you trust. If they catch you saying "I'm sorry", "Please", "I've been loyal...", or anything of the sort, they should stop you and make you do it all over again. You are a PROFESSIONAL. You CARE FOR PEOPLE, and YOU MAKE MONEY for the organization. Don't beg. Don't grovel. Two other midlevels have left, so you have them over a barrel. Use it, ESPECIALLY if your family financial situation is stable enough you can walk away. DO not be a doormat. Do not let your employer treat you like a doormat just because you lack a Y chromosome.
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    Hope they are still sending out interviews! Still anxiously waiting!
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    I did too, the actual reply/thank you came a few hours later for me. I'm sure you'll hear back from them soon!
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    Hi I am flying in from Philly on Friday morning! I was just wondering how were you all able to RSVP for the Friday night meet up?
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    Also got accepted from the waitlist! Stay hopeful!
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    Submitted on July 13th and it was verified on the 14th
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    Just got the invitation, hope everyone else did too!!
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    Goodluckkk!! May all of us have good news
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    https://www.facebook.com/groups/536669200470013/?ref=share Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    hey guys! So happy to hear the status changes went out today and congrats to those admitted!! If y’all have any questions about the program, the school, the area, or what to expect just ask and I’ll answer what I can! Literally any question you have I will try my best to answer! congrats y’all and can’t wait to see you in January!
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    I received a call from Kay this morning, I am beyond excited, I hope you get your phone call very soon!!!
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    My organisation (which is actually a pretty decent employer...so far) recently hired a new grad NP to work in one of our UCs. They assumed she would be ready because she has worked trauma/ED as an RN for 10-15 years...she has been shadowing the established NP (solid provider who has worked in the UC for at least 5 years) for almost 2 months and is still not ready. The shadowing was supposed to just be getting used to the computer system and policies of the UC (for example, if ECG is needed patient is to be sent to ED because we don't have an ECG machine...on purpose they don't want UC working up chest pain that is concerning for cardiac involvement) but it has essentially become a rotation teaching her. The new NP shadowed me this past weekend (after already shadowing for 2 months) and her lack of knowledge was ASTONISHING - even things that I would expect an RN to know, especially coming from trauma/ED!!! No concept of a neuro exam, no idea on how to even start differentiating cardiac vs. non-cardiac chest pain, COPD exacerbation treatment guidelines, etc., etc. She was worse then useless! Turns out she went to an online only NP program and most of her rotations were completed at a single clinic sitting at a desk doing MA tasks like filing paperwork, scanning documents, prior auths, etc. She is the highest paid student in the world right now making a full provider salary!! After 6 hours I told her to leave because I was tired of having to explain everything and teach when she isn't a student (and I couldn't justify having her stay clocked in and getting paid when she was doing NOTHING!). I love teaching, but she wasn't even motivated. I struggle to even understand how she could have passed her RN boards, let alone her NP boards. PS: this really isn't even a vent on NPs, more on this idiot "provider." The NP who has been here 5 years is good, and the NP I work with in my FM office is good (but has some holes in concept/knowledge). This NP just knows nothing! Maybe could happen with MD/DO and PA, but I feel like there are more rigorous hoops to jump through where this type of inadequacy would be caught. I've never hoped anyone would lose their job, but I had to send an email this morning to the CEO recommending her dismissal.
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    Interviewed there on 9/13 and received an acceptance call a week later, on 9/20. They said that emails from admissions will be sent out tomorrow (Tuesday) with further details. Pretty psyched, they look like they have an excellent program and seem to really like paramedics. Happy to answer any questions anyone has. Good luck to everyone who has an upcoming interview!
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    Bob Bob Bob....wwhat are we going to do with you stepping in the dogma like that? It's like the drunk uncle nobody wants to confront. The high quality NPs are starting to feel the burn of the under-trained and unprepared. It is a broad brush painting some of the wrong people. The biggest problem is health care being run like a fast food frannchise and administrators willing to take any warm body as long as they have a license.. I'm tired this morning so I'm a bit more dour than usual but things just seem grim some days.
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    You and any NP's are welcome here on these boards anytime. I enjoy the insight I get from them.
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    Uhhhhhh.... BONs are well known for seeing their role as protecting the public from poor performing nurses. You have them mistaken for BOMs, who are there to protect the physicians. The physician community has more collegial familiarity with each other than probably any other profession. You’ll rarely see one of them throw another under the bus. It’s as “good old boys” as it gets. They all went through the same crucible of medical school and residency, and have the same shared experience in their eyes. They may trash each other to each other, but they will fight like lions to keep any member of their craft from losing out on the >10 years of training that each other put into their work. No physician wants karma to come around and yank their own licenses someday. Nurses eat their own. Plus, an NP could be sitting in front of a disciplinary board consisting of mostly RNs. Sorry, never got the impression that the BON was extending warm fuzzies to NPs with their certified letters. I don’t know many NPs that would get by with having sexual relations with patients, let alone adolescent ones, but heck if physicians don’t. “Action plan?: chaperone!” Meanwhile, the BON will nail you down with a disciplinary action over some meager stuff.
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    Just got my acceptance call! I’m so pumped!
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    Just received an email confirmation from LIU that my appliciation is currently under review by the program.
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    I also just got an acceptance call! Super excited to attend there next July!
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    I just got the call that they accepted me into the program! Starting July 2020!
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    I submitted my application in June last year and didn't get an interview invite until December for February. Be patient!! I was an alternate last year but a few people from my February interview were accepted.
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    I received acceptance yesterday from my August 23rd Interview!
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    I find the work/life balance kinda tough with a family. I think it would be much easier as a single man or just a spouse. Trying to make time for my kid who has her own school schedule is difficult, but doable. It’s certainly more than PA school where I felt I had a decent amount of free time. This is not to say I don’t have any. I take my kid to the park or something outside at least once per week and we play video games together plenty. My wife doesn’t work, so I don’t need day care which would be a must if she did. the number of hours aren’t bad. We do the same as physician residents and averages to 60 hours. Plus conference every Thursday morning and journal club once per month. That’s the average from Sunday to Sunday. Sometimes you can end up 5-6 in a row. Once I had 4 days off in a row and it was awesome, but then I paid for it on the ends. What gets me though is the frequent flipping. Your following shift is always equal or later than your previous, so you always have time for adequate time for sleep, but sometimes I can’t. Then my kid is up and I’ll sacrifice sleep to spend time together. I go through melatonin like candy. There are many different shifts. Day, slightly later day, eve, slightly later eve, night.There is no call in the ED really, but you have to cover minimum 10 call shifts in 18 months. Not hard. Just do your thing and don’t drink in case they need you to come in. another procedure I forgot to add that I’ve done is US. Tons of it. Eyes, heart, lung, fast, gallbladder, appendix, kidneys, soft tissue, dvt. It’s basically my stethoscope now.
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