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    When is everyone's interview date? Make sure to keep us informed on the sort of format of interview they give for the next cycle applicants.
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    I just received a call!!! I got accepted good luck to everyone else!!
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    I've decided 36 years is enough since I've qualified for my second pension and I'll be turning in my notice next week with my last day being 10/31 (don't want to work another flu/holiday season). My job will be opening shortly after I give my notice (clinic manager is already aware but I wanted them to pay for my license renewal first) and for anyone interested the job will be posted at https://garlandisd.tedk12.com/hire/index.aspx. You need to fill out the online application (it is a chore) to apply. We have a seasoned PA who frequents the forum here who will be the remaining provider. This job will be ideal for someone who wants to wind down over the end of their career. A couple of years of experience is preferred and frankly, I wouldn't recommend it to a new grad due to limited pathology exposure and frankly, boredom. It is a school district clinic who sees only minor medical complaints. No GYN, neuro/MS pain, controlled substance prescribing, serving as ones' PCP, after hours call/weekend coverage. It is about a cush of a job as one could imagine. C-M insurance coverage (umbrella) provided by the district. Hours are 10-6 M-Th and 7:30-4 on Fri during the school year. There is a 10 week or so summer period where hours are 7:30-5 M-Th w/ Fridays off, so a three day weekend (summer hours are SUPER easy with a volume per provider of maybe 8-10 if that). You have a built-in one week vacation without usage of personal hours the week of July 4 (district saves electricity during that week). Extended time off without using personal hours during the holidays and spring break. For those claiming that there aren't any good DFW jobs, especially cush ones available, this disproves the theory. Cideous, are you listening again? It is worth the drive from FW. Med/dental/disaability/403b or 457 retirement options available. Retirement pension after minimum of five years of service. The clinic manager who I started with is leaving soon so you have your chance to leave your mark with the new administration. As for what the future holds for me, well, I think I'll get bored after the holidays so I may become a Wallyworld greeter or maybe explore EMS instruction. Bottom line, I won't be dealing with patients as their care provider any longer. PM for any questions.
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    I got an acceptance Call this afternoon. Feeling so happy ! For those who are still waiting to heard back, Have Faith! I interviewed in the first round of interviews July 18th.
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    I was at the July 18th interview and received an acceptance call around noon today!!
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    I received the email to schedule my interview date around noon today.
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    It says on their page that we hear within two weeks of the deadline about interview or rejections. Tomorrow should hit the two week mark and I haven’t heard anything after my Casper invite July
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    Congrats to all who have been accepted! It is a hard road, but worth it!
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    Hi everyone! Congrats to all those who were accepted! I also received the call this afternoon and I couldn’t be more thrilled!
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    Another UPDATE: So there is even more to the story, that I'm not going to go into for privacy reasons for the PA who is no longer employed. But, I have a meeting tomorrow with the CEO of the hospital to discuss a long term position they are actually looking into. Basically an ortho sports medicine position that having FM background would be excellent for. I would get surgical time to gain the skills and to be available to cross cover as needed - plus to become the PA for the next ortho surgeon they hire (currently recruiting now). So, definitely glad I opened my mouth, seems to be working out well. Now I just need to learn more about the hours, salary, bonus, etc.
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    Hi guys. I am a current student at this program. I am a little over half a quarter in. The way that Davis picks their students is a little bit different than most schools. The main purpose of the interview is to get a general sense of your personality, make sure you'll fit in with the culture of the program, and look for any "red flags." The secondary is your chance to really shine and tell them what makes you unique.
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    It doesn't matter if your GPA is still below 3.0. I'd spend another year taking classes, getting straight A's, to bring that GPA up and show an upward trend in your grades. Either that or only apply to schools that don't require the 3.0 minimum.
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    @Frannycat Hey, I’m not sure if it’s optional or not but I definitely did it. I think if anything it can only help your application. So I think it’s worth spending the extra time.
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    I'm glad to hear they're still interviewing! I'm submitting my app this week and was wondering if I was going to be too late...
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    Thank you! You got this!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'm also going to be interviewing on 9/9, and I'm very excited to meet everyone. Also, thank you to the current students that are offering a place to stay, that's extremely generous of you!
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    I'm still waiting for a reply myself. I'm going to give it a week and send a follow up email.
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    Just received an interview request!
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    Everyone's mileage probably varies. I'm 3 PANREs in and I thought they were about on par with the PANCE. Some of it probably has to do with life circumstances. When preparing for the PANCE, most people are doing only that - preparing for the PANCE. When preparing for the PANRE, most of the time you are doing other cool things like making mortgage payments, feeding kids in the middle of the night, getting your broken down car fixed, cutting the grass and maybe even seeing patients here and there. I get nervous when we have a graduate who barely squeaks out a passing grade on the PANCE and then goes into a specialty. It's tough to find protected time to study out there in the real world.
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    @sjrack I got the same email, glad I’m not the only one lol. But it was nice to at least get a little update!
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    I was also offered a seat this morning! So excited! The day ended about 4:15 as mbartausky said. The former/current students talked a little longer than they were supposed to but it was all very helpful. I think you may be cutting it close but could possibly make a flight that evening!
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    Hey everyone! Congrats in your interview invite. I am a current student of the CSUMB PA program. My roommate (another student in the program) and I are offering up our place for the different interview dates. We live close to the campus and have an extra twin bed. Unfortunately, we can only take in one person per date at this time. If you are interested, please shoot me a message. We will be posting our place on AirBnb at some point once we get back from our summer break. Pros of staying with us include: we will make you breakfast, drive you to the interview, and will help you prepare for your interview. HOWEVER! We will NOT disclose questions as this is unfair to other applicants. We are more than happy to answer any questions you have about the program and do a mock interview.
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    Hey everyone! I also got accepted today!!! We did it guys! Can't wait to meet you all in a couple of months!!! Good luck to everyone applying!
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    Congrats to those that got accepted. I’m a current 1st year in the PA Program and can say you will love being at Campbell.
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    has any one received an interview invite lately? Still haven't heard anything
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    Interviewed on 8/6 and was given a spot on the waitlist today!
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    There are barriers: it's called credentialing. It's performed by hospitals and payers. That's why it's a fallacious argument to say that "independence" will lead to a PA or NP doing something they're grossly unqualified for. It's the same thing that keeps physicians from performing things they're not qualified for. No hospital will credential a surgeon to do a procedure they're not trained for, much less credentialing any medicine specialist to do a procedure they're not trained for. Neither will insurance co's or other payers.
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    yea but I live here. I'm treated pretty well an paid pretty well and generally, as long as you remian the physicians faithful lackey the rules aren't too nebulous. I have said we will get OTP here right after Puerto Rico and American Somoa. Its a battle of attrition and they are all old.
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    Yea we run into that as well. My UC also sees people who were in auto accidents and want to claim the bill on their car insuirance. I have advised we have no contractual relationship with auto insurance companies and no agreed rate so they are unlikely to pay it leaving the patient with a huge bill. Admin doesn't care. Bodies in the door and charges generated. As stated, while I think there may be an ethical issue, its insurance and doesn't have anything to do with me.
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    Yeah totally. I think I just googled allied health sciences there and was transferred over to the PA school department from someone else. From there, I stated my name and he checked while I was on the phone. I haven't heard anything since then but it's good to know that the application is complete and under review!
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    Interviewing 9/13! Anyone else interviewing that day too?
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    Wow, that was really bad and doesn't sound like locker room talk. Definitely shouldn't be around patients. Also, got a huge Sheldon Cooper vibe, except this guy is a racist. Yes to both questions in the heading.
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    Should not be in health care at all. What is this, the 1930s? What a disgrace to the profession. You cannot give good care to minorities if you are a racist pig.
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    No, they are not, but if people believe that they are, they may seem that way. Don't sign one. Negotiate over it: "Ok, what is your offer without the non-compete clause?" If they say there isn't one, and you get that negotiation in writing, then there's clearly no exchange of consideration for that part of the contract--which may or may not help. Line it out and return a signed agreement; see if they accept it. Contact the various agencies responsible for fairness in hiring and complain. Negotiating a contract is not a click-wrap license like you get from Microsoft or Apple. If you sign a non-compete, you're throwing under the bus all the PAs who refused to. Don't do it.
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    Verified May 20th, offered interview for July 16th on June 11th
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    Has anyone been rejected? I feel like they just put everyone on the waitlist for an interview and didn't reject anyone.
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    I totally forgot about this thread. I ended up not even applying here. Nonetheless, congrats on the interview, Dana!
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    I was wondering the same thing. I applied early June and haven't received anything, not even a confirmation email.
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    Interviewed at Glenside campus, just got my acceptance as well! Very excited!!!
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    Just got accepted to the Christiana campus!! Interviewed yesterday as well. So shook that it was a 24 hour turn around!
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    I was also offered an interview and had to turn it down. I just finished my first semester at a program closer to home. Meharry would have been an amazing school to attend. I hope this opens the door for others like us who want to attend HBCU's. Good luck to everyone interviewing! If you have any questions regarding interview tips, you can contact me!
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    Just received my acceptance email! Interviewed 07/08
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    Hi Lisa, I have an interview next month for the Delaware campus! I was wondering if you might be able to share what a typical week of classes looked like your first year at Arcadia? Also, if there's a difference between the Glenside and Christiana campuses, what would you say the main difference is? Thanks so much! Caitlin
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    Hi everyone! I applied and was verified around July 9. I received an email from there August 28 that ended up in my spam folder. Header was something along the lines about a decision had been made on my application. I had to login to the site to get the official rejection notice. I knew based on the first acknowledgment email that I was not going to get in due to a C+ in Gen Chem I and I was not planning on retaking the course but I just let things play out. So, for those of you guys who haven't heard anything, first check your Spam folders. If you haven't heard anything, you are very likely still in the running! Stay hopeful ? Best of luck to everyone!
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    why wouldn't you just do a surgical do residency if you like surgery? and who would give up 250k/yr to work 30 hrs/week as an internist to go back to 125k to work 60 hrs/week and take call? (although if you do fp as a do you could still first assist-they have a very broad scope of practice....)
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