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    Yes, we did. We agreed to meet at The Market Street Garage - 550 East Market Street, Charlottesville VA 2209 @ 6pm. If anyone wants to come, then, please join us! I will be staying at the Hampton Inn, if anyone wants to go together
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    I can confirm the program sent all 80 offers out on Tuesday. I called and asked.
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    "What is the justification for granting autonomous but not independent practice to a PA with more training (6 years and 45 weeks) than an NP who can practice independently?" Preach
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    I think Rutgers has a fantastic program. Their faculty/student relationship is very tight knit and are fun to be around. I don't think it's rare to see some of the students hanging out with the faculty. At this point, they'll be seeing how well you will mesh with the program. They know what types of people they're looking for to build the class they want. I was able to answer all my interview questions but I believe I didn't show them how much I really wanted to be here at this program. They could tell I was applying broadly to lots of schools and that I'd be lucky to get into any school. To be honest, I was very humbled to have even received an interview invite here because of my low stats. I just couldn't see myself attending this school at the end. Wishing all of you the best of luck.
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    competitiveness is a relative term. i have been denied from programs that are deemed "not competitive" and have been offered interviews to several that are regarded as "very competitive." there is still plenty of time left before the application closes. I would go ahead and apply! you never know!
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    Yes. They will continue to extend acceptance offers until all 80 seats are secured with a deposit. Once they are, then they release the official waitlist. A rejection can come at anytime during this process.
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    I got the call offering acceptance yesterday too- so excited! Interviewed 7/23
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    Unless you use your PA-C emeritus for writing or speaking, your participation as a practicing clinician is gone.Your years of experience and your skills have been negated. This does not happen to physicians and it sure as hell should not happen to PAs.
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    The tell me about yourself question is an open door to talk about ANYTHING about yourself. A quick intro to how you got to be who you are, a chance to show some humor/humanity, how you got interested in becoming a PA, and what attracted you to their program. They’ve read your file; now share something that makes you three dimensional and an interesting addition to their class. Be flat and listless and you won’t be sharing much about who you really are. Not getting in because you weren’t sharing who you really are is the ultimate sin of omission. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I graduated this past May 2019. I went to school in Washington and I accepted a position in Texas. They do offer relocation assistance but as a reimbursement. If this is the case with your future employer they may be able to pay directly to a moving company in your behalf, that way you don't have to fork out the money upfront. I'm sure they would. I agree with Evanderburg to start looking and applying for jobs now. It is quite the process from start to finish. Like I said, I graduated in May and won't start work until October 1st, (due to time spent searching, applying, interviewing and now credentialing). You would be wise to ensure you have enough money/loan to last you several months beyond finishing PA school. If your dead set on Oregon, then you could start your state licensing application sooner. As I was interviewing in Texas I got written approval with the company I was interviewing with to reimburse me for the state licensing fees (assuming I took the position with their company). This helped speed up the process. I would look into Oregons licensing Process. Some medical boards meet monthly, others are quarterly. You can get a temporary license if it's the latter. There are lots of jobs on indeed, some on PA forums (including this one), you can get into contact with recruiters and they can hook you up with jobs in Oregon. If your open to the specialty/location within Oregon it becomes much easier. I interviewed with a employer in Oregon (ortho) they provided $5000 relocation expense. In my opinion it's not any harder finding a job in a different state. You do have to travel more for interviews. One other thing, if the employer truly is interested they should pay for all of your travel expenses (flights, hotel, rental car). I was able to bring my spouse with me to Texas as well. Hopefully this helps. Good luck.
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    I was offered a seat today. Pretty excited as this was my Top choice. Good luck to everyone !
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    Are people going to be posting here when they hear back from Western about interview invitations?
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    Has anyone from the July 18th interviews heard anything yet?
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    Hi guys ! Just had my interview this past week and I wanted to confirm that the interview will consist of 20 people. You get split into two groups. One group is taken first for the interview one-on-one portion and the other group stays for a medical writing assignment and gets a tour. You have three 15-min interviews with a faculty member. A fellow student stated earlier in this thread that she received more behavioral than traditional. I personally only had one critical thinking question, basic traditional questions, and then just conversational. However, it really does depend because I had peers who got mostly behavioral questions as well and hardly any traditional. So I would just prep regardless. The faculty and students are amazing, so I personally really enjoyed my interview. Best of luck to everyone !
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    Academics can be tough but as mentioned above...it's been a month. I started off as a new grad in the CCU of a top ranked heart transplant center and believe me, I wasn't operating at high capacity right out the gate either. Reading your posts there are a LOT of "I was told" or "Someone told me" and none of that means jack unless you hear it from the individual's mouth. If you want this field talk to the attendings one-on-one and tell me you want to optimize their production and your learning. Use the fellow/residents on service as a resource, they teach, that is how academic medicine works. Everyone teaches someone. Most of them enjoy it especially if you are able to make their lives easier with more knowledge. If the role has been more administrative in the past it very well could be because your prior colleague didn't want it to be more than that. If that is the expectation then have the conversation that this isn't what you were hired for and start looking for another job. I don't have any nice tropes as above but fight for what you want (or at least vocalize it), utilize the resources at hand, or get on out to where you're happy.
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    I have been pretty clear on this.... recertification testing is hurting the profession not just the individual provider. The exam, which has been determined to bring nothing to the provider in terms of improved skills or patient outcomes, can cause people to lose their livlihood. The further implication is the loss of a qualified provider that could be caring for people, the cost to practices and institutions both the cost of testing and the cost of replacing people who lose their certifications. It just goes on an on. Despite all this factual information the NCCPA merely explores other methods of high stakes testing. Even worse from my perspective the whole operation is under the control of an organization that answers to nobody but themselves and whose primary drive is to remain in business. the IRS scares me but at least they answer to someone besides themselves. The NCCPA can thumb its nose at all of us and do as it pleases because it has no outside restraint. Simply put they frighten me. The only place I have worked that didn't require certification was a community health center and they were thinking about requiring it. I helped create a position paper for PAFT re-stating this information and calling for the immediate cessation of high stakes testing and we sent it to the NCCPA where it will be laughed at. We have also asked the AAPA to join this cause. If, before I retire in 5 or 6 years, I can help kill off this harmful process I will consider my career to have been successful. here is a nice article about the costs of PA turnover: PA Replacement Costs
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    I have not been doing this for 25+ years, but I can say that if I were to lose my "-C" I would lose my job effective immediately. I don't know what Michigan's requirements are for the "-C," but for every job I've had within MI it has been a requirement for employment. There is a grace period with my current employer before I would truly lose my job...but if I did lose the "-C" I would not be allowed to work (without pay of course, or use up PTO) until I got it back. Do I feel that the PANRE is effective? I've not had the wonderful opportunity to take this exam, but can say the PANCE that I took and passed with ease several years ago was not an effective evaluation of my medical knowledge. Far too many specialty questions that were esoteric in nature or laboratory questions that have nothing to do with a PA's role (or any other provider for that matter) and no one outside of a laboratory has any business knowing.
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    I also got my acceptance call. Congrats to you
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    One thing that blew my mind was when I met a PA who had no psych rotation. It was apparently an elective at his school. He got "mental health" hours through his family medicine rotation. He never rotated through a psych specialty setting under the guidance of psychiatrist during his entire program. What kind of BS is that?! I only hope that is an exception to what is typical. This is the kind of stuff that tells me PAs need to beef it up when it comes to psych, especially if they want to make the big psych $$$ which is totally out there. Psych NPs with experience bring in >150k easy.
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    My (Ohio) PA program had a required mental health/psychiatry rotation. This did not include providing psychotherapy.
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    I think part of the issue is billing. Many states/insurances will not allow a PA to bill for psychotherapy unless the PA is also an MFT/LCSW (and rightfully so, IMO, as I do not see any PA programs with dedicated didactic/clinical hours towards training to provide real psychotherapy). MDs and psych NPs do get this training, even though it may be somewhat skimpy, it does exist. I know that's a limiting factor in many places, not being able to tack on the therapy code and being reimbursed less is leaving $ on the table. I think PA psych residencies should include a psychotherapy component, but the few I've looked at have (disappointingly) not included this. PAs are doing this to themselves and should advocate for better/more complete psych training IMO.
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    Also received an interview for the 9th! I’m also very surprised they’re interviewing so early. I’ll see you on the 9th!
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    There is a phenomena there where any topic can devolve into PA/NP complaining. Threads where the original post is nowhere near the topic of PA/NPs regularly find themself down that pathway. It’s like an art form..
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    Former Psych PA here and also found it to be a struggle to find openings for PAs....thus I'm a former psych PA. One practice is constantly hiring, could be a bad sign, but I keep applying and give my little speech about there being no reason, in Ohio, to exclude a PA from consideration. I've pretty much had it was being completely excluded from positions because employers simply don't understand. I applied for a position with UnitedHealth recently. The posting was for an NP, but in the qualifications it said NP, APRN, CNP, or PA-C. So, I apply and get an email from the recruiter to set up an interview. He then responds and says he just realized I'm a PA and not an NP. They can't hire PAs at this time. I kindly respond and ask way. He says "Some states we can use PAC's but Ohio is not one of them currently. CMS gives us direction on this.". I don't know all the ins-and-outs of CMS, but I'm trying to understand why CMS would set what states PAs can work for UnitedHealth or not. I reply with some information about us both having an NPI and both can get reimbursed from CMS. I worked side-by-side with an NP in acute-rehab and CMS paid is both the same. He responds back now stating that his director of clinical operations told him PAs can't be used in Ohio because the nursing board says LPNs can't take orders from a PA...To which I provided him a document, from the nursing board, specifically stating LPNs can take orders from PAs, and asked him to kindly give that to his director. I'm sure they will be calling me with a job offer any time now HAHA
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    I was accepted this morning 7/25 for MPH/PA! Interviewed on 7/19
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    For those who have interviewed, any tips on the types of questions they asked? Was it relaxed or more intimidating? I appreciate all the help!
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    Hey all! I just wanted to pop in and say hey. I interviewed at South College- Nashville campus last cycle and was accepted, but committed elsewhere due to location. It's an awesome program and all the staff are super helpful. I know the process is stressful, so if anyone has any general questions please feel free to reach out! Good luck to everyone and congrats to those who already received interview invites!
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    Anyone else think answering the supplemental questions with 250 characters was excruciating?!
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    Hi guys I also received confirmation of my application and received their additional questionnaire today. Remember, God has a timing for each one of us, I hope to see you all achieve what you hope to achieve!
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    You are welcome!! Please let me know if you or anyone else has any questions about the program, application process or PA school in general! I can't promise consistently rapid responses because of school, but I am happy to help in any way that I can! If I were to give any advice, it would be to not compare yourself to the other applicants - although this is MUCH easier said than done. There will always be someone else applying that appears to be "more qualified" with better grades, or more PCE hours, or more medical exposure, but don't let that discourage you. Most programs want to make sure they are getting the best possible students in every respect - personable, caring, compassionate, hard-working and dedicated to making a difference in the lives of future patients and to bettering the PA profession as a whole. Have confidence in your application and in yourself, but remain humble as well. Understand that everything happens for a reason and it will work out exactly as it is meant to. Let me know if you have any more questions!
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    Ugh. Another "I'm 26, too old to do anything!" posts. Well, one day- and you never know when that will be- you won't be able to do anything. So stop telling us what you can't do: My dad was 45 when he died from lung cancer. I held his hand and watched his life drain away. I'm not going to give you one of my inspirational stories because you don't deserve one. If you think your gd life is over at 36, then all you have is my pity. I started working at 39, and I can honestly say, more peoples lives are better because of me. You want some advice? Stop worrying about the future, and apply away. I have lived at least two, if not three lives by now.
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    I haven't seen anyone talk about the interview format yet. I just went to the interview so I thought I'd share the love for those who have yet to interview, and for people looking at his forum next year. There are three 15 minute interviews, the question and styles of the interview depend on the interviewer. The questions I was asked skewed heavily on the behavioral side with only a few traditional questions. Below is a link to a list of the members of the admissions committee, you will be interviewed by three random staff on the Faculty. There is a written portion that tests some basic medical knowledge and some behavioral skills. The day starts with ice breakers and a tour of the building by two current PA students. Then there is a powerpoint presentation given by some of the faculty. Then everyone is split into two groups. One group goes into interviews first, the second does the written portion, then they swap. Each of the faculty have a different speciality, and their personality and questioning aligns pretty well with their speciality and role in the program. https://www.southuniversity.edu/tampa/areas-of-study/physician-assistant/physician-assistant-master-of-science-ms/faculty Best of luck to everyone who has interviewed and to those who will be interviewing! There are still a lot more interviews that will be held so don't give up if you haven't heard back yet.
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    I wanted to share this tool with everyone as I believe it could be helpful in gaining a clear understanding of PA compensation. It is an editable spreadsheet that anyone here can add their own compensation data to. My wife is a PA, so I am passionate about helping support the PA community. I believe giving PAs a good reference for salary information is vital to the profession. If you could join me in this effort and add your compensation data to the spreadsheet, I think it could go a long way in helping both current and aspiring PAs. http://pasalaries.herokuapp.com/ Note: In order to edit, you must be signed into a google account and on a PC
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    Google Navy Pay scale and look at O2 over 2 years. Google BAH calculator, enter you zip for where you will be stationed, add this number. Add 11k in bonuses. This will be your gross salary.
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    I agree with casting a wide net, the application fee doesn't deter me from applying, its the fact that even though I meet all the requirements and would be a great candidate, because of their tier system, my application will not even be read. I will be placed in the lowest tier since my lowest gpa is my cum at 3.14 ( but my highest gpa is 4.0 for pre req). I was told my application was not read as they did not go below 3.5 gpas, so my outstanding LORs, patient care hours, and statement were never even looked at. that is unethical in my opinion. I was just more curious how others felt about their tier system, if I was the only one bothered by it
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    I just got my site approval change last week. It only took 9 days from start to finish to get the approval. Very easy process and not what @Cideous has stated. the application process for the NHSC was not that bad. The worst part was putting all my loans in manually as the federal sites were not working last year when I tried to upload my loans via the federal.gov website. Everything else was painless. I am glad to hear people like @Cideous think it is hard as that makes my chances higher and I will hopefully be getting my 3rd year loan repayment next July! The $50,000 tax-free was the biggest blessing and has changed my life.
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    How are you guys writing the autobiography to make it creative? I've been stuck on this question and what they want for it.
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    I had no issues changing site, although I changed towards the end of my service agreement. As long as the HPSA score is similar (I think it has to be within a certain range) and they approve of the change before you move, you should be okay. All this info should be on the website. Good luck!
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    full time hourly x 22 years at multiple locations in 3 states. . salary is an invitation to be abused. salary would have to be very well spelled out with a discussion of overtime, for example 75/hr for 144 hrs/month. any hrs above 144 at 1.5x base rate of pay. I know folks working open ended salary arrangements who are paid for 160 hrs and required to work much more to meet the needs of their departments. that is not ok. If I work extra, I get paid to work extra. end of story.
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    I found this site helpful and wanted to tell my story in order to let others see that a non-traditional student with a low CASPA GPA due to freshman mistakes can make it if you keep working hard. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. After being put on Academic probation/suspension from VA Tech I joined the USAF as a Medical Lab Tech/Medic 1992-1996. After completing my contract with the military enrolled at NCSU and graduated with honors. Took more post-bacc classes for pre-reqs and boost up my GPA at Durham Tech Community College and NCSU. Should be stated that Campbell will look at your last 60 credits if your CASPA cGPA is not a 3.2. Undergrad Ed School: North Carolina State University Major: Zoology Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.3 (from NCSU and does not include the courses I received a D and F in from my freshman year) Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.23 (from NCSU and does not include the courses I received a D and F in from my freshman year) CASPA Undergrad cGPA: 2.92 (this is low due to being put on Academic probation/suspension my freshman year) CASPA Undergrad sGPA: 3.00 (this is low due to being put on Academic probation/suspension my freshman year) Post-bacc cGPA: 3.86 Post-bacc sGPA: 4.00 Age at application time: 47 3rd GRE: 304 (155, 149, 3.0) This was my best score after 3 times. Direct Patient Care: ~12,000 hours as a Medical Laboratory Technician/Medic in the USAF for 4 years Volunteer: ~60 hours in the Emergency Department Shadowing: 9 hours with a PA in neurosurgery Letters of Rec: PA (was a fellow military friend who I worked with and obtained his PA degree shortly after we completed our contract with the USAF in 1996), MD/PhD mentor and A&P professor with a MD/PhD as well. Schools Applied: Duke, University of Florida, University of Utah, University of Nevada at Reno, Stanford and Campbell Application Submitted Date: June 25th 2018 Interview Invites: Campbell Denied w/o interview: all except for Campbell Rejected after interview: 0 Accepted: Campbell Attending: Campbell Attempt: 2nd
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    Wooo I FINALLY got my mail today and I’m accepted! I’m so excited!! Whats the name of the FB group?
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    Undergrad Ed School: Public school in NJ Major: Chemistry cGPA: 3.20 sGPA: 3.14 (undergrad science GPA was a 2.80...YIKES) Master's GPA: 3.92 (all science credits), completed at Tulane University Age at application time: 25 GRE: 309 Direct Patient/Health Care Experience: combination of medical assistant in women's health, medical scribe in an ED, and research coordinator in neuro-oncology Total: 3000-ish hours Volunteer/Leadership: Numerous volunteer experiences in education, health, and music festivals! Teaching Experience: TA in epidemiology during MS program Shadowing: obtained from scribing, in addition to shadowing an ortho PA Letters of Rec: 3 - 1 PA from work, 1 manager, and 1 grad school professor Schools Applied: 9 - South (Tampa), South (Richmond), Barry (Miami), Southern California University of the Health Sciences, Emory, University of Florida, Case Western, Rosalind Franklin University, Campbell University Application Submitted Date: 5/15/18 Application Verified: a couple days after Interview Invites: 3 (University of Florida, Case Western, Campbell-declined interview) Denied w/o interview: 2 (South Richmond and Emory) Rejected after interview: none Accepted: 2 - UF and Case Western Attending: UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA!!!!!! Attempt: 1st I NEVER THOUGHT I'D MAKE IT!!!! I failed classes in undergrad and graduated with a terrible GPA. I couldn't even apply to PA schools because my GPA was too low, so I took a BUNCH of post bacc classes and completed a master's to push my GPA above a 3.0. It took A LOT OF HARD WORK. I CANT BELIEVE MY DREAMS CAME TRUE. I used this thread a lot to help figure out which schools to apply to, so thank you everyone!!!!!
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    Undergrad Ed School: University of Vermont Major: Biology, minor in Chem Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.39 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.22 Last 60 cGPA: 3.8 Age at application time : 22/23 GRE: V: 150 (48%) Q: 156 (62%) AW: 4.0 (60%) Direct Patient Care : 500 ER tech, 3,000 Medical Assistant Volunteer/Community Service: Farmworkers clinic, Strides against breast cancer and Relay for life: total ~400hrs HCE: Research Assistant in ED Shadowing: Plastics PA, Derm PA, Peds doctor, Nephrology doctor LOR: 1 doctor, 1 professor, 1 manager Schools Applied (11): Stony brook, Case Western, SUNY upstate, UNE, Cornell, Roslind Franklin, GWU, MGH, MCPHS, PCOM, Utah CASPA submitted: May 23 CASPA Verified: May 31 Interview Invites: Stony Brook, Case Western, MGH, SUNY upstate (turned down invite) Denied: Utah, UNE, Cornell, Roslind Franklin, PCOM, MCPHS, GWU Waitlisted: Stony Brook, MGH (both pending) Accepted: Case Western Attempts: second My advice: Apply early! I applied late last cycle (late august) and didn't receive any invites. The only other differences between the two cycles were that my PCE and volunteer hours increased.
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    Undergrad Ed School: University of FL.........Major: Health Science Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.38 **upward GPA trend: Junior and Senior Year GPA: 3.9 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.37 Age at application time: 22 GRE: V 152, Q 153, AW 4.0 Direct Patient Care: 1. Phlebotomist (300 hours) 2. Medical Assistant (800 hours) Extracurricular/Research Activities: 1. Student Pre-Health Organization, served as Fundraising Coordinator and Internal Vice President 2. Medical Mission Trip to Guatemala 3. Volunteering: roughly 150 hours 4. Shadowed several PAs (50 hours) and Internal Medicine MD (50 hours) LOR (4): MD, PA, Professor (who is also my advisor), Faculty Advisor for Student Org (also my research professor) Schools Applied: Barry University (Miami campus), FSU, FIU, NOVA Orlando, Nova Ft. Laud, Methodist, Thomas Jefferson, PCOM (ATL campus), Temple Application Submitted Date: 7/25 Schools Received Application Date: (approximate date) it was all scattered, depending on the school. Interview Invites: FSU, Temple, FIU & Barry Declined Interview Invite: FIU & Barry Denied: Thomas Jefferson Withdrew Application: N/A Waitlisted: N/A Accepted: FSU, Temple, NOVA Orlando Attending: Temple!! (1st choice) Attempt: 1st I thought that my application wasn't that stellar but I took a chance and applied anyways and I still got into 3 wonderful schools. It is possible, trust me!!!
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    Shout out to all my low GPA people out there, DO NOT GIVE UP! I have a pretty bad GPA for applying to PA school, but I had around a 3.5 for my last 60 credit hours and I worked up a healthy amount of HCE to bolster my application. It took me a long time but I made it and you can too! Undergrad Ed School: University of Maryland College Park (B.S. in Biology) Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.0 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.0 Age at application time : 24 1st GRE: 155 Verbal, 154 Quant, 3.5 AW) Direct Patient Care : Medical Scribe and Chief Medical Scribe (1500 hours) Medical Assistant in Spine Surgery (4000 hours) Shadowing Experience: All of my shadowing is from following PA's as a scribe ~1000 hours Schools Applied: 15 schools, yes, FIFTEEN Application Submitted Date: June 16, 2017 Interview Invites: Lincoln Memorial University, my only interview! Denied: Literally 14 schools Waitlisted: 0 Accepted: Lincoln Memorial University Attending: Lincoln Memorial University DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine Class of 2020!
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    Undergrad: College of St. Scholastica BA Natural Sciences 2012 GPA: c3.26 Age: 27 PCE: Medical Scribe family practice clinic, volunteer with hospice patients HCE: over 10k hours as certified pharmacy technician Volunteer: Hospice center, tutor for elementary children in low income community GRE: Q 151 V 151 Written 4.0 (2013) Shadowing: 12 urgent care, 8 allergy, 16 ortho surg, 4 ortho clinic Extra curricular: Heavily involved with college athletics, Student senate LOR: Bio professor/Head of dept, pharmacist, supervising MD, PA at work Applied to most schools in May 2017 Applied: Quinnipiac, Campbell, Methodist U, University of Charleston-WV, MUSC, Barry-Miami, Nova-Orlando, Samuel Merrit, Pacific University, MGH Institute of Health Professions, Northeastern, Duke, High Point, Rutgers, South College-TN Interview: University of Charleston, Campbell, Methodist U, MGH, Barry-Miami (did not attend) Denied: Rugters, Northeastern, University of Charleston (after interview), Quinnipiac, Samuel Merritt, MUSC, High Point, Pacific U, Duke Waitlist: Campbell Still waiting for: Nova, South Accepted: Methodist U Class of 2020!! MGH 12/21/17 Attempts: 3rd. I applied very late to very few schools the first time around. Had 1 interview last year at Campbell, and 4 this year! I want to stress heavily if you want something keep working toward it until you get it! I had retaken as many pre-reqs that were not A's as possible, even if they were B's. I have been waiting so long to post on this page and still can hardly believe that I am :)
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    I CAN FINALLY POST UP!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! NON-TRADITIONAL WITH LOWER GPA! 100% Rejections my first cycle, zero interview invites. Undergrad Ed School: Florida Atlantic University B.S. Biology Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.22 Science GPA: 3.20 (6 Post-Bacc Science credits 4.0) includes o-chem labs Age at application time : 33 GRE: V: 158 (80%) Q: 151 (45%) AW: 4.0 (59%) Direct Patient Care : Lead Physical Therapy Aide Orthopedics/Limb Lengthening = 3680 hours Extracurriculars: - Founded www.oneguyonefork.com restaurant review website (check it out!) - Volunteer Patient-Doctor Spanish interpreter Free Clinic (Primary Care) = 60+ hrs - IMBA Mountain Bike Patrol - 2 years (CPR/1st Aid cert) = 100+ hrs - Broward County Parks Volunteer Mountain Bike Trail Maintenance = 200+ hrs - Broward County Parks Board Member Mountain Bike trail (decisions/approvals) - Volunteer Bicycle Mechanic for races/events (SOS Neutral Race Support) Shadowing: - 16 hours Pediatric Orthopedics (NP) - 240 hours General/Vascular Surgery (PA) LOR: - General/Vascular Surgery (PA-C) - Medical Terminology Professor (DPM) - Director of Physical Therapy, employment (DPT) Schools Applied (13): South University (Tampa/Savannah), UF, ALL NOVAs, Barry-Miami, FIU, Keiser, FGCU, USF, FSU CASPA Verified: May 22 Interview Invites (5): Nova Ft Laud, UF, Nova Jax (w/drew), Barry MIami (w/drew), FIU (w/drew) Interviewed (2)- Nova Fort Lauderdale, UF Denied (6): South University (Tampa/Savannah), Keiser, USF, FSU, FGCU, Nova - Orlando, Ft. Myers Denied w/Interview: UF Waitlisted: None Accepted: Nova Ft. Lauderdale (1st choice) Attending: Nova Fort Lauderdale Attempts: 2nd First cycle received no interview invites at all. Beefed up my application, began volunteering, started a business, continued taking a class per semester and did not settle for anything less than an A. Two writers of LOR's suggested they would rewrite their LOR's to further highlight positive traits. Redid my personal statement to highlight my traits that suit me as a PA, talked more about my positive experiences with PA's through work and shadowing. Applied earlier and to schools closer to home. The outcome of this cycle is that I got an interview at UF, FRIGGIN UF!!!! Also an acceptance at my dream school although if an acceptance comes from UF I will be going there but at the moment, with an acceptance, I have a whole ton of weight off my shoulders
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    Go for it! My sGPA was 2.98 and I start next month:) Duke truly uses a holistic approach for admissions. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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