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    I can confirm this. Last year I interviewed the 1st day (Friday the 13th) and received my acceptance email Friday the 20th at 10:17am PST while I was shadowing in surgery. Don’t freak out until Friday because it def won’t come before then. Good luck everyone! Can’t wait to add 80 more of you to our crazy family!
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    @FuturePA2022, Thank you for sharing your insight! I think I did well in the interview, but I feel a lot better that my application also is factored into the score. Regardless of the outcome, we proved we have what it takes. Best of luck to everyone.
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    Regardless of the outcome, I had a great experience! I'm glad that the application and interview scores are both factored because my group interview wasn't my best performance. This forum has been a valid resource in preparation for the application and interview process. Best of luck everyone!
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    Hi @JanJan33 , I am familiar with their interview process through speaking to previous and current students. We get a score from our application (GPA, community service, PCE/HCE, CASPER exam, etc. ) and a score from the interview. They add those two scores up and rank them. Those with the highest scores receive admission offers. If anyone finds any error in that, please let me know but, that is what I have been told. Yes, two more days! We're almost there!
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    Based on past years, candidates start hearing back a week from when interviews start— so this Friday. Last year, the first round of interviews were Friday 7/13 and offers starting going out Friday 7/20. It was similar if not the same the prior year.
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    Hey everyone! Hopefully the stress of the interviews has worn off at this point, and the stress of waiting to hear back is in full effect! To the folks saying they can’t wait until Friday, do we know for sure that we’ll start hearing then or is it just an inference? I know Dr. D mentioned that it could take 2-3 weeks. Let me know, and hang in there everyone! Home stretch!
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    Thank you for letting us know! I feel much better fingers crossed!
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    @FuturePA2022, Are you saying both because you are familiar with their interview process, or you assuming it’s both? I would think it’s both, too, but I thought they’re only looking at our interview score considering we all proved ourselves on paper. Either way, Friday could not get here any sooner.
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    Same here too! Do you think they factor in both application and interview scores for invites? --or just interview scores?
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    Thank you guys for your speedy replies! Hopefully the tension breaks very soon! @Bonist55 it was a pleasure to meet you last Saturday, you and the rest of the students were so helpful and kind. And @FuturePA2022 and everyone else here, here’s to (hopefully) meeting you all in January!
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    I am also interviewing August 3rd. Will be driving from Raleigh the day before and am down for dinner!
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    PAs don't need to be clones of their CPs. You do your thing, let him do his. My CP and I don't do everything exactly alike, there's some differences in the practice of medicine. He can respect that. And I'm always able to back up what I do with evidence.
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    I’m not a lawyer, but it seems to me that a promissory note is a form of a contract. You can bail, but for the amount you are talking about, It would be small beans for them to send it collections or pursue it. You took the money and promised to pay it back.
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    Did anyone else receive a phone call instead of email saying that their application was under review? I almost had a heart attack when I got a phone call from them thinking it was an interview invite
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    Early May, a week after the app opened.
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    Thanks! Yep this is my first time
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    Hi guys, Thanks so much for all the kind words! I just know you all will become fantastic providers cause of that demonstrated empathy. So, I really hope you all get interviews. And you guys are right. Until you hear that official rejection, there is still a chance. Just gotta keep pushing forward!
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    I just reserved my room at the recommended Hampton inn and will be driving from MD a day before the 8/3 interview. I’m in for dinner plans as well!
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    Mines were just average lol. Q: 151, V: 152, and writing: 4. I used magoosh to study for it.
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    Hi, I am from Florida. Good Luck to everyone applying this cycle!!!
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    I wish this was a real option...but not feasible having started this job 6 months ago, buying a home, etc., etc. I am personally guilty of it myself, but this forum jumps too quickly to just recommending "change jobs." Also, from what I have seen, the bad medicine seems limited to this physician, not the entire system itself. I have not specifically sat down with him and mentioned my concerns, but as mentioned, we have discussed the supplements and thyroid treatments when he has questioned my medical decision making. I guess the biggest question is how do I go about protecting myself and patients without getting into a pissing match with an MD, or at least mitigating the pissing match? Also, at what point do I get concerned about significant patient harm and report him to administration and/or medical licensing boards for review?
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    By the way, some tips for ya'll....WVU's Health Sciences Center (HSC) building is a very confusing place to navigate which is where the interviews will be. If you get offered an interview and aren't familiar with the layout of the building, I would definitely get here a day early or a couple hours early on the day of your interview to make sure you can find the room you have to be in so you won't be late! Everyone here is really friendly, so don't be afraid to ask someone if you get lost because it's inevitable that you will get turned around in the HSC building and everyone that works there knows how confusing it can be so they are very helpful! Second note, when I got the email and the call, they said they are doing interviews from July into the fall and will extend acceptances in early fall pending provisional accreditation is received. The interviews are being held on Tuesdays and Thursdays and the woman I spoke to on the phone (Kim) seemed very lax in letting me to pick which day I wanted to come in for my interview. Hope this info helps and calms your nerves a little! Good luck to everyone!
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    That is the impression I got too... but would also feel more confident if my application was factored in.
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    Thats good to hear... I felt great with the individual interviews but, felt nervous with the group interview
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    I submitted on July 3rd and was verified on July 8th. Hope this helps!
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    Thanks! I completely rewrote my personal statement and I really feel that it was so much better than my essay from last year (and you always hear people say its the essay that gets you the interview). I was able to pull a lot of experiences from my job as a nurse aide/tech which I feel strengthened my essay a lot. Also, my previous essay focused on why I would be a good PA and my new one focused more on why I want to be a PA. As far as my application, I did not have any PCE last time and barely had any HCE so I really focused on getting more hours!
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    If you truly believe that you are being pressured into doing bad medicine, you must decide on a course of action that protects you and your patients. I doubt the physician will change so you will have to chart a pathway that is best for you.
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    Me too. Wish I could have met you this past weekend @patobe82. I’m sure you crushed it!!
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    The final work does get done at the state level, but we have no national guidance or unity. The national nurse practitioner organization is 1000% behind their state chapters and they are all on the same page....Autonomy, or as close to it as possible....now. While we are spending a million bucks to study dropping "assistant" from our name??????? It's just heartbreaking.
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    Fairly certain the lab component isn't required. Their website has other prereqs listed as specifically needing labs (like microbio or A&P) but it doesn't say anything about a lab for biochem!
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    The grunt work gets done at the state level. AAPA is doing what it can but the legislative changes have to be made state by state by state.
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    I look forward to meeting the other applicants interviewing on the 18th! Anyone else going to the Q&A tomorrow?
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    Just received an email invite for interview on August 24th!! Anybody else interviewing during this weekend? I'll be coming from Colorado, so outside of the interview I will likely spend the weekend sightseeing if anybody from the area has any recommendations? How did the interviews go for those of you who mentioned you had them on 8/3?
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    I am also having issues getting to the supplement application. I hope it gets fixed! I am so excited for this year!
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    Interviewed 7/8 and just got my acceptance email at 4PM today!
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    Same issues with the supplemental app! I am able to get into the site, but the link to the supplemental keeps showing an error. May just wait till tomorrow to try again.
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    Looks like the supplemental application just went live. Is anyone else having technical issues with it or is it just me?
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    @Nrm1010 Can you post your stats and when you were verified?
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    No MMIs, 2 one-on-one interviews and a group interview
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    I will also be at the July 22-23 interview. Applied today and got an invite today by some stroke of luck. Coming in late Saturday or Sunday depending on flights from CA... @slammerjammer97 @dietcoke18 I'll be around if you want to meet or explore
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    Yes we are over 2000 applicants and are inundated right now, so patience is being requested. We cannot send out confirmation emails and have not offered interviews yet. There is no delay it is a process so please be PATIENT
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    That it's still in review.
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    I received an acceptance yesterday from the 6/14 interview. I hope that everyone else here gets the same news!
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    One of the more productive things any professional society can do is welcome students and pre-students. Glad to see this. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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