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    Good luck everyone! I bet this will be the week and our wait will be over. No matter what happens, everyone who was awarded an interview has qualifications and skills that would be great attributes as a P.A., I wish there were as many spots as there are great candidates!
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    Relax, review your anatomy and physiology now, and have fun before school starts. When school starts, keep up in class, be collaborative and not competitive, bond with at least some of your classmates, treat school like a job, experiment with what study techniques work best for you (may not be the same in every class), set aside time for yourself every day, briefly celebrate after tests, exercise (even if only to take a walk), eat healthy (most of the time), have a good support structure for the tough times, and remember that many thousands of people have successfully navigated these waters. You can, too. And, surprisingly, you'll probably look back at it (most of it anyway) with fondness. Best wishes, newbie!
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    Firm believer in medical practitioner. We practice medicine. Firefighters fight fire. Police police stuff. Truck drivers drive trucks. Pilots pilot things. We medicine stuff. "Hey there, I'm MediMike, medical practitioner with the pulmonary team" Straight forward. I'm not a physician so shouldn't have that in my name. I'm not an assistant so probably shouldn't have that in there either. And I dread the idea of explaining the word allopathy. Too many syllables.
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    Hey! If anyone has any questions regarding PA school or their application please don't hesitate to let me know! I applied to 9 schools, got accepted to 1, waitlisted at 4 schools and denied to 4 schools. When I was applying there were not many resources to find other students who were accepted with low GPAs to see what they have done, so I just want to help out as much as possible. This is a very stressful part of an individual's life and having someone to relate to can definitely help out. If anyone feels uncomfortable commenting their questions on here or need a super fast response, feel free to message me on my instagram as well: Naisphan Right now, I'm a volunteer pre-pa mentor for two community colleges in my neighborhood. I don't want to make this a super long post but a quick overview of my statistics: cGPA: 3.1 sGPA: 3.01 Last 60 credit hours: 3.8 PCE: 2600 HCE: 1500 Shadowing Hours: 144 GRE: Did not take There is so so so much more than just the numbers. I really mean that. I have spoken with a whole bunch of PA admissions committee members directly at multiple schools about my application and also what they're looking for in potential applicants. I've also spoken to many students and pre-pa mentors as well to help me throughout the process. With my low GPA, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to make it into school but with the help of my mentors I was able to craft a great application. Don't be discouraged at all, there are so many things to do to make your application much better!!! It really is a holistic application and as long as you reach the minimums, anything is possible from there. Again, AMA either here or on my instagram page!!!
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    We're all reading too deep, because we are nervous and waiting. Though being a third wave invite might mean your app scored lower, we'd probably be surprised how many first wave invites didn't interview well. Your scores combined could definitely surpass the others. Anyone who does not get a seat from this interview, though, consider this: you have a huge leg up knowing what to expect on interview day next year. Do you know how many of us are reapplicants? I know students that applied three times and students who interviewed twice. Reapplying shows determination and adds points to your application. Improving your app right away also helps. It may take until September to speak to someone about your application, but you can improve your prereq GPA and last forty/qualifying GPA immediately. This was my experience. I was extremely disappointed last June when I did not even get an interview, but within a week I was back to the books and getting more As to knock off some old grades included in that last forty GPA. I improved my prereq and qualifying in seven months and put together my app in February. Failures are rewarding if you keep your mind open to the opportunities they create.
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    Hey future class of 2022! Just wanted to let you know that the class of 2021 is holding a very informal get together for you guys during interview weekend. Details about location and time will be sent to your emails. It is not affiliated with the school or your interview. It is just something that we put together so you guys can talk to the current students and ask us questions about what it is like living here, being in PA school, etc. Meeting the upperclassman was actually the reason why I chose to attend EVMS in the first place, so I definitely recommend stopping by if you get a chance! It is also a good way to meet some of your possible future classmates! Hope to see you there! Please feel free to send me a message if you have any questions.
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    I like being a PA. We seem well respected in the medical world, and the comments I've heard from other providers, including NP's and MD's/DO's seem to reflect that. We've developed a niche in the procedure and surgical world, as well as being highly valued in other fields for our high standards of education across the board, and for our adherence to the medical model. We also seem to manage a pretty high level of standardization of our education, rather than an education system that is variable in preparation, or in rotations. I see in the future less HCE prior to school, and more of us going into a short residency, which will further delineate us from our NP counterparts. I don't think the solution is piggybacking onto the NP lobby, but rather spearheading our own path, and further developing our own niche.
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    Sooooo.. It looks like tomorrow is the day I hope we all make it for the class of 2022!!! Good luck to everyone!! Stay positive!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I’m a psyche NP, and have had several distinct jobs within healthcare, and can tell you that getting my workflow down was probably the hardest thing about each of my jobs. With 15 minute visits with patients, that’s barely enough time to get logged in and decent documentation entered. The thing you may need to realize is that everyone in that kind of situation is flying by the seat of their pants. The difference between you and someone that you think is handling it ok is either you being wrong about your perception of them, or else you are more uncomfortable about flying by the seat of your pants than they are. With more patients you see, and the more cases you handle that don’t end in disaster, you’ll start to become more relaxed knowing that you didn’t send someone home to die because you made a mistake. Your ER experience that affected you so badly... no need to analyze that any further. You saw how it was, and formed a correct opinion of the place. You can sleep at night knowing that most ERs really aren’t good for a new PA unless they are supportive. You weren’t imagining that, you lived it. Get comfortable with focused assessments. FOCUSED ASSESSMENTS are what happens in urgent care. Anyone asking for more than that gets a referral to primary care. But that feeling of being an imposter follows every reasonable person into high stakes careers. It even follows people into low stakes careers. The fear of failing causes one to fail, beginning the cycle all over again.
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    Boats makes this note on almost all of his posts here, and I'm glad he does. It has never been more true than in the last 10 years of our profession. Living from paycheck to paycheck driving the nice car, owning the huge house, sending the kids to super expensive private school is so 1997. My wife and I are saving like crazy and have been for a while. We will be downsizing to a house half the size of the one we have, going to one car and reducing eating out by 90% in the next year. Why? Financial independence and the ability to weather a storm like the one you are unfortunately facing. I'm tired of being dependent on 29 year old admins with no clinical training threatening me and other providers because our reviews are just not high enough according to the latest target metric........
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    Agree with the above. We aren't midlevels. Also note the AAPA is not under the AMA. It is a independent advocacy organization. So good news! What you thought would take 5-10 years is a non-issue. At this moment, things are looking good for the PA profession. ND passed OTP and cosignature has been eliminated in many states even before the push for OTP. Things are looking great.
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    You could just slow down to about 2-3 patients an hour and not worry about the people in the lobby. The problem will then fix itself
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    Unfortunately, I've already sent most of my money to a prince in Africa, so in a couple of weeks (or months, the email was kind of vague) I'm going to be rolling in dough, and I just don't have the money to send.
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    Hey everyone, I created this list of schools for those of us who did poorly in college when we were kids and have desires to be PA's. The list consists of the following: School name, CGPA, SGPA, PrereqGPA, and HCE hours. I don't know if this is ALL of the schools, but it was all of the ones I could find and I looked at pretty much every PA program. I hope this helps some of you out in your application process. If any one knows of other schools you can comment below and I will add them. Best of luck to all. https://docs.google.com/document/d/10DB5YytgTE6oOarGVgJQ_1Mm8Jj6g5J8eS1-yRj1CA8/edit?usp=sharing
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    I just got the call today. I got in. I wish u the best n the same feelings i have today. Don't give up hope. Your time will come soon.
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    Anyone mind if I merge this thread back into my original one? Fair criticism is fair criticism, and I wouldn't be doing it to suppress or hide your feedback, but I do think we'd be better off if we kept the discussion in one thread to the greatest extent possible. Having said that, since I have all the extra buttons to make things disappear or whatnot, I want to make sure that we're ALL clear that my position here--or anywhere--gives me no special rights with respect to criticizing AAPA or its officers. You can start a poll just like mine on a similar topic, to the best of my knowledge, and have it supported or rejected by your peers and mine, too. Now, why jump straight to ousting Dorn for the fiasco? Because, and I use this word advisedly and without malice, she's a parasite. She's not a PA, as most of the AAPA staff are not, and yet makes a very good income off of our dues. It's her job, as a chief executive, to make sure colossal screwups like this don't happen. but like most nonprofit executive/employed staff, is only minimally likely to be held accountable for failures that damage the profession. She has no skin in the game, other than her reputation as a nonprofit executive, which can affect who she might work for next. If the PA profession goes down in flames, Dorn can go work for the NPs, or the NDs for that matter. We can't. By the same token, so could thousands of other "executive directors" and other non-profit employed staff. Have you looked at https://www.aapa.org/about/senior-staff/ ? Let's see, counting her that's 13, with zero PA-C's... carry the zero, and... NONE of the senior staff are PAs, retired PAs, or in any other way tied to the future of the PA profession in any meaningful way. Go read their bios: insurance; other health-associated nonprofits; various political staff positions, corporate... very little healthcare, not a single one with any graduate level degree in ANY healing profession AT ALL. Do I expect she'll be fired? Not by the current board, nor any of the recent past ones. She should be placed on notice that the membership won't necessarily wait for her annual performance review to make their displeasure known. We need an AAPA executive staff that is better at executing political change than it is in putting on awesome conferences. Not that the latter are a bad idea, but the former are essential to the survival and growth of the profession. I would like to see 50% PA-C representation among the senior staff. Maybe that's too high; even if it is the right number, it will take YEARS to get there. But I can tell you that a 0% PA-C representation among the employed staff is a dismal recipe for an organization that is the last, best hope to drive change in a profession that is being squeezed by change. BTW, If I'm ever speaking as a representative of anyone, I'll say so. I don't believe in nonsense disclaimers, so I don't write them. If you want to criticize PAFT, feel free to do so on the basis of what their elected officer(s) are saying on Huddle while clearly attaching that affiliation to their name. I've never been a part of the PAFT leadership team; EMEDPA has.
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    Similar Bill to the Florida one is set to pass in north dakota, hopefully in the next week or so. "..the NDBOM unanimously approved to support PAs in the upcoming legislative session in our efforts! Specifically, the NDAPA is pursuing the following: Supervisory agreements currently mandatory for licensure in North Dakota will no longer be required. This means that PA’s will be responsible for the care they provide and the need to have a supervising physician will no longer be necessary. This is a HUGE change for our practices and profession. It better aligns us in practice for those employers that don’t even consider PAs due to supervisory issues. The NDAPA and PAs in North Dakota will still do what they have always done and practice in the team model. We are not looking to be “independent providers”, rather we want to be able to practice where we are needed. One concession that was a deal-breaker for the NDBOM was that PAs would need to practice at clinics, hospitals and physician offices that are established or meet certain criteria. The NDBOM concern was that PAs would pursue privately owned clinics for things such as cosmetic dermatology, medi-spas, etc. A PA may still be able to operate a clinic or practice of their own but would need approval from the NDBOM to do so. This concession was felt to be a reasonable request as we are trying to get PAs in areas that need providers in primary care. If we are able to get this legislation passed through the legislature, North Dakota will be the first in the nation where a PA can practice medicine without a supervisory or collaborative agreement with a physician." https://www.legis.nd.gov/assembly/66-2019/bill-actions/ba1175.html
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    Hi there! My name is Hailey and I am a first-round applicant for PA school. I have gone to a handful of interviews, and have a few acceptances. I believe my personal statement was very strong, and I am wanting to help other prospective PA students get an acceptance on their first round also. I have quite a few friends already attending PA school, and those about to start. I have edited their personal statements as well. I am willing to edit your personal statement, have brainstorming phone calls and answer any questions about the PA admissions process in general. My services are FREE OF CHARGE. However, I do ask that if you feel you've benefited from my help that you give a small donation, whatever you can, via venmo to my PA school tuition fund. ~karma~ If you are interested, please email me at AcceptedPAstudent@gmail.com. I look forward to helping all you prospective students! Best, Hailey xox
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    It's not OTP, lack of independence, or anything like that which is driving down our income. It is the explosive growth of NP and PA programs churning out new grads who will take these jobs, and the adminiscritters who would rather pay a new grad NP $45/hr versus an experienced PA $85/hr.
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    Hi @John999Rogers and other applicants for the USJ PA program! I am a 2019 graduate of USJ's PA Program and was curious about what new applicants had to say about the current interview and application process. I wanted to start off by saying that yes, USJ's PA program is challenging. It is difficult and will test you on multiple levels during your time there. To read a post that states "one quarter of the cohort fails" each exam and to describe the professors as "utterly unsupportive," was shocking. My class did incredibly well during our time in the program, ultimately leading to a first time 100% pass rate on the PANCE. During the clinical year, we exceeded national averages on the EOR exams and we scored very high on each PACKRAT. Throughout my rotations, I had multiple preceptors tell me how impressed they were with the USJ PA students. We were prepared and it showed. The faculty worked hard to make sure we were ready for clinical rotations, and we were. The last time I heard, I believe that almost my entire class has been hired already, including myself, with 3 people from my class getting accepted into prestigious PA residency programs. Many of us have been hired by places we did clinical rotations at. I want to stress that yes, the program is newer and is growing and changing but that does not mean that the program is a failure or has a poor reputation. I would be happy to chat more about any questions or concerns and if I could be of help in any way. It was unfortunate to read this post and to hear such a negative description of my program, but I wanted to clarify some points for other applicants and to not discourage people from applying. Good luck to you all as you continue the application and interview process! Best, Jaclyn Neveu, MSPAS, PA-C USJ PA C/O 2019
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    Hello pre-pa students! I'm here to let you know I am willing to read through your personal essays and offer feedback as we are approaching the opening of CASPA soon. I was recently accepted to PA school as my first and only cycle. I believe a strong personal statement is what separates you from other applicants. I scored in the top 96% on my GRE writing section so I feel confident in my ability to help others. I'm not charging for the service, however I do ask for a small donation to help with the expenses of starting PA school. I work night shifts so I have a lot of extra time throughout the night to work on reviews. the email you can send your statements to is essayreviews949@gmail.com. Thank you and good luck to everyone!!
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    this thread is becoming suspect please do not attack each other nor just sling mud keeping on task on track and professional is helpful
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    Hi everyone, My name's Lisa, and I'm a current 1st year in Arcadia's PA program at the Delaware campus. Good luck to everyone applying! I know it's an incredibly stressful process, and there are so any things going on at once. If anyone has any questions about the Delaware campus, don't hesitate to ask. I will say that both campuses use the exact same curriculum, so I may be able to shed light on some topics for both campuses. Please reply to this message or direct message me so that I get a notification, I don't want to miss anyone's questions. Again, I wish everyone the best of luck!
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    You can start your advocacy for the profession by stop referring to us as midlevels....
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    I agree. I initially had a long post about it but deleted. Essentially, the question should be how does one become a GOOD provider. Lots of physicians and other types suck. The question is not a good one. Can a FM physician ever be as good as a IM? It’s all relative. What makes someone good is putting in the effort and having the right opportunities.
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    So I am literally shaking right now I just got my invite to interview. Congratulations everyone!!!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hi everyone! My name is Sandi and I’m a current PA student at EVMS (class of 2021). I’ll be helping out on one of the interview days. Let me know if you have any questions about the program minus interview tips (be yourself) and secret stuff (we don’t really have any secrets). Good luck everyone!!!
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    Readers may not like my opinion, which is certainly your right. It was given because it was implicitly called for by the original post. I am generally an optimistic, supportive guy and would have liked to have been in this case as well. On the other hand, threatening to hurt yourself just a few weeks before school starts to the point that you actually had to be held in protective custody is a warning light -- not forever, but for now. I want the OP to be stabilized to the point that the poster's medical team is certain that he or she does not represent a threat to him or herself or others, especially if and when something goes south during PA school (which it can). Telling someone who just recently went through all this that that "you've got this!" sounds way more optimistic that any of us strangers has a right to be. I think we can all agree that the ball belongs in the OP's medical providers' court.
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    I will risk being shadow-banned by a certain moderator here (again) by giving a politically-incorrect answer (meaning one that people don't like, but that doesn't mean it's not true). It's all about standards. And if you talk standards, you HAVE to talk about MINIMUM standards. You can have certain credentials that prove you have met minimum standards of competence. Like Board Certified Emergency Physician (or Board Certified **insert specialty here**) means you are at the top of the game in Emergency Medicine (or other specialty), so it is reasonably safe for everyone to assume such a person is competent in their specialty. With that credential we know that the person graduated medical school and has (with rare grandfathering rules) completed an Emergency Medicine residency and passed Emergency Medicine boards. The MINIMUM standard for being a PA is passing a 26 month intense program of medical education and passing a test that virtually everyone passes. That is a big difference. Oh, and that experienced 20 year PA could have worked in urology for 19.5 of those 20 years, and now that he's in your ED doesn't really know how to manage an unstable arrhythmia. Likewise, that experienced 20 year PA who worked in the ED for 19.5 of those years wouldn't know how to reconstruct a bell-clapper deformity. The MINIMUM standard for being a NP is being a nurse who passes 24 months of part-time online classes, and shadowing a friend in clinic for 500 hours, then passing a written test. That is a HUGE difference. But, like it or not, those ARE the standards. So, if you are a physician/midlevel/APP/RN/RT/CNA/adminiscritter or ward clerk, how do you know if someone you just meet is competent in their job? If the MINIMUM for their credentialing means that they passed their specialty boards in medicine, you can assume they are indeed a specialist. If their MINIMUM standard is a 26 month program that lets them move between specialties...yeah, I'm not going to assume they are competent until they prove it. Will practice based OTP change this? nope. It's human, and protective, in nature. As we continue toward specialization (CAQ's) I think this will improve, but that will be a long road.
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    Alternatively, why does there need to be a progression? No one asks med students/doctors "So, what are you going to do next". If doctors can just be doctors, why can't we be PAs? I don't need to become a doctor, I certainly don't want to become an administrator, and I'm quite happy in the specialty I plan to stay in for the duration of my career. Why must I 'advance'? I have 2 masters degrees. I think that's quite enough, thank you. Given that you are a new poster with multiple fonts (i.e copy/pasting from somewhere) I'm going to maintain a high degree of suspicion of trolling. Someone admitted to a PA program should already have some insight into the questions you're asking.
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    Hello & Congratulations to everyone that has been accepted so far! My name is Conicka, I sat and spoke with quite a few of you during the interview process. I am currently a student in the 3-year track and the 3.1 Rep on our student board. Hang in there if you haven't gotten a call yet, as I told some candidates I was the very last person to interview on the very last day, I was waitlisted but got a call in May that I was accepted so stay strong!! As for your FB group, please be sure the follow the link your fellow classmate has set up, we have FB groups that you will be incorporated into in the Fall. I am the admin on the 2021 page and I got a request for acceptance that I denied so please follow the link. Hard to believe it's been a year since I was in your same spot but I remember how exciting it was so stay on top of your email, Rahima will email you all more information about the Orientation and White Coat Ceremony soon until that time go celebrate and enjoy your summer break study-free! Next summer there will be no break, we go straight through the summer with classes so live it up now! Feel free to respond with any questions I might be able to answer and no, I'm not sure if they are done making all the call, sorry. Also, fell free to add me to the FB group if you like, Conicka Toney, and I will keep you all in the loop with any on going events/information that I can share.
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    Got my acceptance call around 11:45!!! Good luck everyone
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    AAPA provided $$ support to North Dakota’s Academy for this. Just something to point out to those who think they not working to advance change.
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    Oh wow. A clearly presented question with two answer choices? Who would have known this could be possible?
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    I received a call yesterday from Dr. Lohenry offering me a seat! I was originally placed on waitlist after my interview in December. So exciting!!
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    Me too! Couldn’t sleep last night smh.
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    Interviews are now officially over. Now we wait everyone. Great job on clearing such a big hurdle!
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    Oh, heck no. Those situations would have given anyone anxiety, don't take the fall for bad working conditions. However, you want to put a good spin on it, For example "Credentialing issues resulted in loss of anticipated revenue, and the practice laid me off to reduce overhead" sounds nice, but anyone who knows healthcare knows they screwed up, you paid the price, and you're being nice about it. THAT is that way I would approach gaps, reasons for quitting, etc.: honestly, yet diplomatically.
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    Received an email tonight with an invitation to interview on July 20th! I look forward to meeting all of those who will be there to interview on that day. Hang in there everyone. I know it’s stressful, and you check your email 20 times a day with the hope of seeing some good news. It will come.
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    You are normal. Sounds like your jobs have stunk at this point. Dont get discouraged. Try primary care. You have time to read up and figure it out. Max 16 pts in a 8 hr day (otherwise it is just assembly line)
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    Yeah, that ship has sailed. There are enough people who are getting these degrees that the programs are not going bankrupt, and will in fact expand. Then, a clinical doctorate will be expected eventually. The quoted poster may or may not have retired by then. The one thing they don't get: We're not doing it ("we" as in PA's; I have an unrelated masters' to finish before I can consider a clinical doctorate) to irritate the physicians, but rather to hold our own with NPs and gain credibility with admin.
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    Got my invite as well! Stats to follow!
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    Verified 5/30 I read in last year's thread people got interviews as early as 6/5 so hopefully some of us will get good news this week! Fingers crossed for everyone!!
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    ... and we have reached the point where aggressive ignorance, if real, is indistinguishable from trolling. Bye.
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    I thought this was going to be about PA's > 50 yrs of age...... old, abused and invisible.....
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    I personally am supporting Beth Smolko and Jennifer Orozco. Beth has been a PA leader and was the one who first started the collaboration resolution back in 2012 or 2013 thereabouts. It passed the second year at the HOD. She is fully in support of title change and we should all read her platform statement and listen to her video. I do not think she will take an adverse result from the WPP title investigation survey. I support her because she will look out for our profession and has a fresh idea and good skills to navigate us to the future. She is running for Pres Elect I support Jen Orozco for BOD as she has been strategically improving practice laws in Illinois and help beat down NCCPA when they sent a lobbyist to Illinois to defeat the Illinois PA Academy efforts for law modernization. It was an interesting time for sure. SO we have a few go-getters and focused candidates in Beth and Jennifer. Vote for Beth Vote for Jennifer
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    UGoLong is a well-respected contributor to the PA community and these forums; applicants should pay careful attention to his suggestions--I consider them, on the whole, better thought out than my own recommendations.
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    Wanna be a physician? Go to medical school.
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    Is anyone surprised by this? Individual physicians in the trenches are our friends, never organizations.

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