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    Just got accepted too! :) Congrats @pauljl
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    Just got the call. SO STOKED. Best of luck everyone.
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    Just got the call for an interview on the 29th!
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    Hi all, I'm trying to get into PA school. I graduated college last December, and beginning in January 2018 began working as a Patient Care Tech in a burn unit to gain experience to get into PA school. It was really good experience. We did dressing changes, assessed burn wounds, educated about wound care, all that good stuff. Well, a couple weeks ago, I was buying food in the hospital cafeteria when I got distracted. I went to talk to someone really quick, forgot that I hadn't pay for my food, and simply walked off without paying. I was caught on security cameras doing this, and was fired from my job for theft. Now, their official reason for firing me was theft, but I'm sure the fact that I hurt my back pretty bad in November and had to use worker's comp to deal with it played a massive part in my firing. I tried to explain to them what happened, but they wouldn't listen. Now, I don't know what to do. I'm unemployed, not sure how to find another job (especially if my former employer is going to tell prospective employers that I was fired for theft), and not sure how this will impact my PA school chances. I've applied for other jobs, but haven't had much success (it being the holiday season certainly doesn't help my job search). I feel like such a failure right now. What should I do? Have I ruined my chances for PA school? How do I find another job? Sorry if this is rambling or doesn't make much sense. I just don't know what to do and am kind of panicked Thanks
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    I was pulled off the waitlist today!
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    Sounds to me like your surgeon is not taking care of his patients. The clinic should have called him and told him to e-script the narcotic while he was on vacation. That's a pretty major failure IMO -- a surgery clinic should ALWAYS be able to provide narcotics post-op regardless of whether the doc is out of town or not. Asking the PCP to script narcs? Completely inappropriate. Did anybody actually bother to call the surgeon? He should have been made aware of this situation immediately and he should be the one to fix it by e-scripting the narcs.
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    CASPER scheduled for tomorrow @ 2000 5 LOR submitted Waiting on three transcripts from the Fall semester Coming in with 3.867 in last 40 (replacement as UG GPA is 2.xx), Prereq GPA of 3.85, and 30k of HCE as a paramedic Hoping for an interview Good luck everyone!
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    With the interview being two days, are y’all planning on wearing a full suit on the first day as well?
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    anyone know how many seats are still available?
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    Got into my top choice as well, so forfeited my seat. Hopefully someone gets incredible news soon, it's a great program!
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    Did you attend both interviews? We can message and chat if you would like to discuss together.
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    I would report 100% of my hours and tell them "we run back to back calls all day". if they don't accept that, is it really a place you want to go to school?
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    Tbh, 3 cycles max and after that you should really be thinking about a different plan of action, unless you don't mind wasting years and/or money...which is why it's important to have a back-up plan. At that point you should evaluate what has gone wrong the past 3 times and whether or not its worth applying again. Some people are okay with applying 5 or 6 times, but to each their own I guess.
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    I just applied too. The only thing you have to lose is the chance if you don't. I would say do it.
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    Hey everyone, I created this list of schools for those of us who did poorly in college when we were kids and have desires to be PA's. The list consists of the following: School name, CGPA, SGPA, PrereqGPA, and HCE hours. I don't know if this is ALL of the schools, but it was all of the ones I could find and I looked at pretty much every PA program. I hope this helps some of you out in your application process. If any one knows of other schools you can comment below and I will add them. Best of luck to all. https://docs.google.com/document/d/10DB5YytgTE6oOarGVgJQ_1Mm8Jj6g5J8eS1-yRj1CA8/edit?usp=sharing
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    Hi there! The biggest piece of advice I can give you for making the most out of your study time during didactic year is to appropriately prioritize the material you are given. Between PowerPoints and supplemental reading, it is almost impossible to memorize every last bit of content in front of you. With each slide, ask yourself, "what are the top 3 things I absolutely MUST know from this slide?" Then (and this the part that is easier said than done) don't worry about the rest. If it's not clinically relevant and it's unlikely to be on the boards, then don't waste your time studying it. My classmates thought I was crazy at first for purposely not studying so much of the content that was given to us. My notes were among the shortest, most concise in my class. But it worked -- I earned straight A's and never failed an exam. Many of my classmates learned the hard way that your test scores are not directly proportional to the amount of notes you take. It is better to have a firm grasp on the most important information than it is to spend an equal amount of time on each detail. If you aren't sure what the key takeaways are, UpToDate is a fantastic resource. My rule of thumb = if you can't find it on UpToDate, it's probably not that important. I personally didn't use any supplemental textbooks but many of my friends found PANCE Prep Pearls to be very helpful. Also, don't use flashcards for anything except pharmacology and dermatomes. And for those, don't write them by hand -- waste of time. Download Anki instead (electronic flashcard software for your desktop/phone; no internet connection required). Hope this helps! Good luck!
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    Can anyone from the past classes or has knowledge speak to how the waitlist candidates are selected? Thanks!
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    I bet this guy got AWESOME Press Gainey scores! [emoji16][emoji16][emoji16] Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
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    I got an e-mail saying "your application is under consideration for an interview invite". Ayeee. It's something! Anyone else receive this?
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    One other thing i forgot to mention about 4-5 of the PA faculty are also Nova PA FTL alumni so they understand what we are going through and have lots of advice if need be. Also what's about 2 years running is the new medical imaging class, solely focused on getting us acquainted with looking at xrays/CT/MRIs anything image related including writing Rx's for them. Not many other programs have this. We won't be experts on it but definitely don't feel as lost looking at images now.
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    Just received my interview invite for Jan 8th, I applied about 3.5 weeks ago. Looking forward to it! Anyone else interviewing in Jan?
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    Oh, Congratulations, Ranil! I had a feeling you would do well!
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    Starting new per diem rural , solo coverage gig tomorrow in central WA. This place is a bit of a drive from anywhere so they provide housing on site if you want to show up the day before. Similar to full time job: 15 pts avg/24 hrs. nearest cath lab > 1 hr away, nearest trauma ctr farther than that. Hoping for a mellow day tomorrow so I can figure out where everything is, etc. They use electronic T-system , which is a fairly intuitive template-based system that I have used before.
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    Current student here if y'all have any questions feel free to pm me, or if you would like to meet when you're in town to interview! Best of luck!
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    I think it's funny how people think the deadline is the same every year. It gives me sheer joy knowing you people know nothing about Congress and the fact that every year it's different. Keep believing it'll be the same every year. Keep giving me this laugh.

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