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    I really think there should be class action lawsuit against insurance companies over "credentialing." They claim that it is a tool for them to guarantee that the providers taking care of their subscribers are qualified. However, it is the responsibility of each state's medical board to make sure that the provider is qualified. The insurance companies use it as delay technique that saves them millions in payments. Seriously, I'm not just blowing a gasket, but we need a lawyer who could do that. I sense damage to providers and hospitals is in the billions.
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    This happened to me once. I was able to get my old hospital to run a report of all of my patient encounters by age/sex and complaint, and they accepted this. I didn't have procedure logs, but I've never needed procedure logs except for expanded scope stuff (e.g. central lines, etc.). I would definitely start by asking your biller/coder and/or HIM contact if they can pull your case logs for you. Also, everyone knows credentialing is insanity. Don't get too upset or worry about having a job without talking to the physician/recruiter who hired you first. I can't tell you the number of times HR has asked for some crazy shit and then I got my department head or attending physician to make a phone call and take care of it. And worst case, contact an attorney. There may be a case where you can sue for lost wages for not telling you of this "undue burden" when they offered you the job.
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    https://money.usnews.com/careers/best-jobs/rankings/the-100-best-jobs Seems like they actually put some effort into it this year. "Often, the physician or surgeon supervision is more like collaboration, but there are certain archaic regulations that make life for physician assistants – and their patients – difficult. "To give a real-life example of these arbitrary regulations, in my practice, I can write a patient a prescription for morphine," Katz explains. "However by law, I cannot prescribe my diabetic patients diabetic shoes. Often, the stress comes in when PAs are not able to practice to the full extent of their training, education and ability."
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    I didn't even take it but found it to be very difficult.
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    is there a facebook page for incoming class
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    I got in!!! I couldn't be more excited to join this journey!
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    Fellow waitlistee here... so did everyone who didn't get in just get waitlisted? 20 doesn't sound too bad let's try to be optimistic Does anyone know someone who got off the waitlist and into the class last year and what that was like?
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    Just got accepted too! :) Congrats @pauljl
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    Just got the call. SO STOKED. Best of luck everyone.
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    Just got the call for an interview on the 29th!
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    Hey everyone, I created this list of schools for those of us who did poorly in college when we were kids and have desires to be PA's. The list consists of the following: School name, CGPA, SGPA, PrereqGPA, and HCE hours. I don't know if this is ALL of the schools, but it was all of the ones I could find and I looked at pretty much every PA program. I hope this helps some of you out in your application process. If any one knows of other schools you can comment below and I will add them. Best of luck to all. https://docs.google.com/document/d/10DB5YytgTE6oOarGVgJQ_1Mm8Jj6g5J8eS1-yRj1CA8/edit?usp=sharing
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    I start PA school in 5 months, and I am BEYOND ecstatic! However, I am also extremely nervous, as I have been out of school for about 2 years. I read the book "Surviving PA School: Secrets You Must Unlock to Excel as a PA Student," and I am working full time (as I support my family) until school starts. I am looking for any other advice for before school starts. I know many people discourage studying before hand, but I want to know if theres something I can do that my future self will thank me for. Thank everyone!
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    Honestly just check with the programs that require an academic reference and see if they will accept the CE teacher. I was in a similar situation and opted to NOT apply to programs that required an academic reference because mine were all just so far removed from my life. I considered it the school's loss and moved on - I even asked them directly and they insisted it couldn't be substituted.
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    Hi there! Thanks for the feedback. Was the e-mail automated? Asking because I haven't seen onE yet. Any information will help at this point
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    Hello all ! I just received an email from the PA program stating that they have not finalized the class yet. So there is still hope ! Although they did say to wait for 1/31 for final decisions .
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    Great question. I had the same one myself years ago. With 5 months you could put in a just few hours of study every week with plenty of time to rest and relax with family and still get a lot of benefit. I personally found physiology by far the most beneficial. Not just superficially cramming for a test like most people do in undergrad, but really internalizing it and knowing it backwards and forwards. Those physiology building blocks will come up time and time again in many parts of medicine (diagnosis, pharmacology, toxicology, critical care, etc); many classmates had to relearn physiology before new material would make sense each time it came up over the years, whereas you can have it already done once from the beginning and the new material will just makes sense with very little studying needed. Focus on these systems the most: -cardiovascular like the alpha / beta receptors, how the heart works as a pump, how blood pressure is regulated ("oh, this is a beta 1 blocker... ok I can predict what that does" etc) -neuro. The very basic subparts of brain, what blood vessel supplies them (anterior or posterior circulation) and what their main function is... predict what would happen if a big clot clogs up part of the system and kills off that part of brain, and you'll immediately internalize what professors mean when they say "the patient had a posterior stroke with cerebellar dysfunction". -going off of neuro, the *autonomic system* is a hugely recurring area. Know it to the point where you could predict how abnormalities would present if a part of the system is hyper stimulated or hypo stimulated. cross check vs "toxidromes" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toxidrome . If you know these, when you hear countlessly throughout school "this has properties that are largely cholinergic, anticholinergic, sympathomimetic, etc, you'll immediately know what they're talking about. -renal system. RAAS system. *acid base system* boy if you have a decent grasp of this you will be lightyears ahead of your classmates. -pulm. conceptualize as 2 separate / independent processes: oxygenation and ventilation. What are all of the different ways that each unique process can be negatively impacted? Try to find resources that apply the physiology to real world scenarios so it makes sense and sticks. Hope this helps, -SN Here are some prior threads also discussing this question for some more perspectives: https://www.google.com/search?client=safari&rls=en&ei=YAU1XMGWHoLU8AOlkKRw&q=studying+before+pa+school+site%3Aphysicianassistantforum.com&oq=studying+before+pa+school+site%3Aphysicianassistantforum.com&gs_l=psy-ab.3...7560.10159..10462...0.0..0.67.1239.25......0....1..gws-wiz.6Abl3hBVfpQ
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    I am currently attending Trine, and I wanted to advise the students who will be joining me later this year on a few things. I would suggest not moving in with another student unless you know them personally (it can be stressful), don't move into Canterbury (there have been three fires there within the last 4 months), and get here a month early to settle in if you can. Looking forward to meeting you guys.
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    I keep track of things like intubations and cardioversions and have done so for years. At a job a few years ago they wanted lots of prior intubations and accepted my paramedic internship run sheets from 1991.
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    Good luck to everyone interviewing today! I'm looking forward to hearing how they went!
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    Congratulations Come join our FB group, the link is posted above
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    If you're going to sign a contract, make sure it specifies they pay you regardless of credentialing status as long as you maintain national certification and state licensure.
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    I had the same fears and low uGPA, took oc 1 2 bc got as and landed interviews. It'll help you prove to ad comms you can handle hard classes and the reward of taking on the challenge will be preparation for the pa curriculum and a seat at a prospective pa program.
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    Any way to pull our logs from your billing department? I needed to generate a procedure log a few years ago when applying for a promotion, and at that point hadn't kept track of my procedures. Our billers were able to give me a list of every LP, arthrocentesis, etc. that had been billed in my name; not perfect, but it might get you enough to finish credentialing.
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    I was pulled off the waitlist today!
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    Sounds to me like your surgeon is not taking care of his patients. The clinic should have called him and told him to e-script the narcotic while he was on vacation. That's a pretty major failure IMO -- a surgery clinic should ALWAYS be able to provide narcotics post-op regardless of whether the doc is out of town or not. Asking the PCP to script narcs? Completely inappropriate. Did anybody actually bother to call the surgeon? He should have been made aware of this situation immediately and he should be the one to fix it by e-scripting the narcs.
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    CASPER scheduled for tomorrow @ 2000 5 LOR submitted Waiting on three transcripts from the Fall semester Coming in with 3.867 in last 40 (replacement as UG GPA is 2.xx), Prereq GPA of 3.85, and 30k of HCE as a paramedic Hoping for an interview Good luck everyone!
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    With the interview being two days, are y’all planning on wearing a full suit on the first day as well?
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    anyone know how many seats are still available?
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    Got into my top choice as well, so forfeited my seat. Hopefully someone gets incredible news soon, it's a great program!
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    Did you attend both interviews? We can message and chat if you would like to discuss together.
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    I would report 100% of my hours and tell them "we run back to back calls all day". if they don't accept that, is it really a place you want to go to school?
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    I just applied too. The only thing you have to lose is the chance if you don't. I would say do it.
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    Hi there! The biggest piece of advice I can give you for making the most out of your study time during didactic year is to appropriately prioritize the material you are given. Between PowerPoints and supplemental reading, it is almost impossible to memorize every last bit of content in front of you. With each slide, ask yourself, "what are the top 3 things I absolutely MUST know from this slide?" Then (and this the part that is easier said than done) don't worry about the rest. If it's not clinically relevant and it's unlikely to be on the boards, then don't waste your time studying it. My classmates thought I was crazy at first for purposely not studying so much of the content that was given to us. My notes were among the shortest, most concise in my class. But it worked -- I earned straight A's and never failed an exam. Many of my classmates learned the hard way that your test scores are not directly proportional to the amount of notes you take. It is better to have a firm grasp on the most important information than it is to spend an equal amount of time on each detail. If you aren't sure what the key takeaways are, UpToDate is a fantastic resource. My rule of thumb = if you can't find it on UpToDate, it's probably not that important. I personally didn't use any supplemental textbooks but many of my friends found PANCE Prep Pearls to be very helpful. Also, don't use flashcards for anything except pharmacology and dermatomes. And for those, don't write them by hand -- waste of time. Download Anki instead (electronic flashcard software for your desktop/phone; no internet connection required). Hope this helps! Good luck!
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    Can anyone from the past classes or has knowledge speak to how the waitlist candidates are selected? Thanks!
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    I bet this guy got AWESOME Press Gainey scores! [emoji16][emoji16][emoji16] Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
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    I got an e-mail saying "your application is under consideration for an interview invite". Ayeee. It's something! Anyone else receive this?
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    One other thing i forgot to mention about 4-5 of the PA faculty are also Nova PA FTL alumni so they understand what we are going through and have lots of advice if need be. Also what's about 2 years running is the new medical imaging class, solely focused on getting us acquainted with looking at xrays/CT/MRIs anything image related including writing Rx's for them. Not many other programs have this. We won't be experts on it but definitely don't feel as lost looking at images now.
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    Just received my interview invite for Jan 8th, I applied about 3.5 weeks ago. Looking forward to it! Anyone else interviewing in Jan?
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    Oh, Congratulations, Ranil! I had a feeling you would do well!
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    Starting new per diem rural , solo coverage gig tomorrow in central WA. This place is a bit of a drive from anywhere so they provide housing on site if you want to show up the day before. Similar to full time job: 15 pts avg/24 hrs. nearest cath lab > 1 hr away, nearest trauma ctr farther than that. Hoping for a mellow day tomorrow so I can figure out where everything is, etc. They use electronic T-system , which is a fairly intuitive template-based system that I have used before.
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    Current student here if y'all have any questions feel free to pm me, or if you would like to meet when you're in town to interview! Best of luck!
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    I think it's funny how people think the deadline is the same every year. It gives me sheer joy knowing you people know nothing about Congress and the fact that every year it's different. Keep believing it'll be the same every year. Keep giving me this laugh.

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