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    All I can say is wow. I’m so impressed with MBKU’s interview day. I completely agree with those before me who said that their experience was just plain amazing. I felt so relaxed and welcomed by all the faculty and staff and not once did I feel intimidated in any way. They went out of their way to help us stay calm and to help us shine. I do sincerely hope I get accepted at MBKU, as it’s my top choice, but even if I don’t, I’m just so glad and grateful I was chosen to interview and that I got to experience the process. Good luck to everyone tomorrow and to those interviewing in January! I’m sure you will all have nothing, but positive things to say as well
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    Congrats to you both! Looking forward to meeting you both and our class.
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    You wouldn't happen to have any suggestions for a specialty that would be a better fit, would you EMED? Jokes aside, I think that the fact that endo is part of internal medicine gives you more a wider background than you'd think. Also, it seems like most groups that do endo also have a primary care component to their patient population, so you get plenty of practice with the bread and butter diagnoses. As an endo PA, I agree that my main population is diabetes and thyroid patients. We also see a fair amount of reproductive topics (irregular periods, PCOS) and neurology that intersects endocrinology (pituitary adenomas, we even see some Sheehan's syndrome). It's a basic outpatient schedule- I'm currently seeing 10 patients per day and working up to a goal of 16 per day, with time for charting in the middle of the day. It's not the most adrenaline-inducing field, but I'm fine with that. I will admit freely that it's not for everyone- I do a TON of chronic disease medication management and motivational interviewing for diabetic patients. However, my SP is a really supportive teacher, and I like the idea of getting to know patients over time and seeing the results of all of my work play out. I do wish we had an excuse to rock scrubs every day though, business casual is not comfort forward...
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    just got an acceptance call/ pulled off the alternate list! Super excited to be a part of this class.
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    If given the same circumstances when I retired from the military....I would do it all again. I really like being a PA. I have good and bad days but overall, I enjoy it. If talking about the 20-something me....I would go to med school.
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    ACCEPTED FROM THE 11/30 INTERVIEW!!! Wow the turnaround time was so quick I was kinda shocked -- but congrats to everyone else who got accepted!! I'm sooooo excited!
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    Is there an accepted student facebook page?
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    New Federal Report Supports AAPA Priorities to Modernize PA Practice Urges States to Consider PA-Practice Changes December 6, 2018 This week, the Trump Administration released a new report promoting consumer choice and competition across the healthcare marketplace. The report recommends policy changes related to PA practice that are patient centric and consistent with AAPA’s legislative priorities. The report, Reforming America’s Healthcare System through Choice and Competition, recommends that states “consider changes to their scope-of-practice statutes to allow all healthcare providers to practice to the top of their license, utilizing their full skill set.” Specifically, the report urges states to give consideration to “eliminating requirements for rigid collaborative practice and supervision agreements” between physicians and PAs. The report also recommends that the federal and state governments consider allowing PAs and similar providers “to be paid directly for their services.” Before the release of the report, Jonathan Sobel, DMSc, MBA, PA-C, DFAAPA, FAPACVS, president and chair of the AAPA Board of Directors, met with the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to discuss policy issues that are essential for PAs. Additionally, AAPA met with senior administration officials and had an opportunity to provide comments. “We believe the recommendations related to PAs in this new report are an important step in the right direction,” said Sobel. “They should surely resonate with stakeholders as we continue to move the profession forward by advocating for PA-practice modernization, including Optimal Team Practice, at both the state and federal levels.” The effort to compile the report was led by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the U.S. Department of Labor, and the U.S. Department Treasury, and follows an October 2017 executive order by the President. More Resources Optimal Team Practice Frequently Asked Questions About Optimal Team Practice AAPA Guidelines for State Regulations
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    Finally received the email stating that my application has been received. Still hoping we didn’t have to submit transcripts and LORs. This process...Talk about anxiety lol
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    Accepted on Wednesday via phone call! Best wishes to everyone on the waitlist! Look forward to starting in May with you all
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    Hi all, I have another update. As of yesterday, we were told that they have made approximately 70 offers, however not all of those have accepted and some may drop out as they are accepted to other programs. They have not reached the point of offering “accepted pending open seat” so there are still a couple spots open. They have about 90 people left to interview, and may interview more later in Jan. I’ll keep you posted… Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Maybe part of this is that we’re an independent practice that still depends on word-of-mouth and PCPs to refer to us. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    All my undergrad courses were semester (didn’t take any of the prereqs there), all my prereqs were quarter hours. Like you, mostly 5 credits. Most of my sciences with labs were 5, though chem was 6 (they weren’t any more time consuming than my others, that’s just how that school set the hours for whatever reason). I didn’t have any issues with any programs I applied to. I honestly think they care more that you took the right level course, got a good grade, and took the lab for the courses you need a lab for.
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    As a current didactic student, there are a few things I didn’t even consider (or gave very little weight to) when considering my options that I now wish I had. I know that in the big picture, didactic is short and it’s going to be tough no matter where you are, but these are things I wish i had given more consideration to: - class size and average class age - policies on what qualifies as passing grades and systems in place for remediation - organ system based vs traditional curriculum Class size and average age are obvious. I learned in undergrad that I do better in small class sizes, but figured in PA school that even in a large class size I’d be able to find a small group of core people. This has turned out to be true, but most days I find myself wishing our class was smaller and had a bit higher of an average age. Passing vs failing can vary widely by program. Of course, all schools want you to succeed and most use grades as a method of gauging that no student is falling behind. However, there are always going to be a circumstance(s) where the testing/grading system in place isn’t accurately reflecting student comprehension. A program that is very rigid about high grades and won’t work with students in order to best help them succeed is much less appealing to me than a program who is invested in providing help and guidance to each student. For example, some programs require above 80% on ALL exams, whereas other programs allow remediation for a failing grade, in some cases meaning the student can revise and retake the exam for a passing grade. For me, the program that is allowing students to revise and figure out what material they weren’t understanding, and remediate to show they’ve revisited the material, is more interested in student success. Finally, I didn’t give much consideration to curriculum. I figured I’d learn the material I need to know at any PA program. However, now that I’m in a traditional curriculum program, I strongly wish we were organ system based. I simply learn better that way. I’d encourage all pre-PA’s to really consider what style of instruction best suits them. Even if a program doesn’t specially detail their method of instruction on their site, pretty much all of them have information on didactic curriculum, so look through that information and compare between program.
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    Interviewed on 11/27 and received an invite via phone call today!!! So excited! Good luck to everyone. God is so good!
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    That’s definitely encouraging hear, thank you so very much for that insight! And congratulations on your acceptances!!
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    Accepted to the Delaware campus today after being wait listed November 15th. So excited to start PA school!
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    I'm scheduled to interview Feb 13th!
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    Playing the odds, she probably still had a better shot taking that chance than staying. People don't undertake these journeys for fun. If I were living in an environment like that, I'd probably take that chance too. Seeing a PA vs seeing a doctor didn't make the difference I'm sure - it was just the nature of the facilities and the situation. I'm sure people did the best they could.
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    I emailed dr childers earlier today and will update the forum if he gives me a time estimate on admission decisions.
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    Current student here! I would definitely not be discouraged. There is always plenty of movement on the wait list! As people get in other places they will pull people. I got pulled off the wait list in March last year and I know quite a few people in my class came from the wait list.
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    Your days will not always be of the same length and are a mix of labs and lectures. Using your free time between lectures is key; it could be an hour or a couple of hours. Live close or find places to hide to review. "Kit" your study materials as you have time so that you can pull them out and review before exams. Like many things in life, PA school is a challenge to your time management skills, and the willingness to change study methods when your old standby doesn't seem to work well in a given class. This is all doable; over one hundred thousand PA students have done this at one time or another.
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    They mentioned that they will have 2 more sessions next week.
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    I just got accepted from the 10/4 interview!! I put down my deposit and can’t wait to meet everyone!
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    Back to the topic, Get the h.ll out. Forget what you like. You are talking about your livelihood which could be taken away from you. She is probably on someone's radar already. Run don't walk. IMHO
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    I was number 25 on the waitlist and took my name off as I was accepted elsewhere. Hopefully this helps someone else!
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    the review will likely show care was appropriate and best possible under the circumstances regardless of who delivered it. this is just a tactic to influence a jury. You could easily say the same about a pt having an MI under the care of an ER doc and dying before seeing a cardiologist: "they never even saw a heart specialist!"
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    I also received an acceptance email yesterday! I interviewed on 11/8 at 3PM. Looking forward to meeting everyone!
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    I am! Hi! My name is Amanda. I just got my call yesterday to be accepted to the dual degree program.
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    Got the acceptance call today! Super excited to be a part of this program!!
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    If your clinical coordinator is aware of problems with the rotation sites and won’t do anything about it He/She isn’t doing their job. Does your school let you do evaluations on the preceptor/site at the end of rotations? If so make sure to be brutally honest. You might get the attention of the clinical coordinator if you send an email with your program director and advisor cc’d asking for a change of rotation site due to poor learning environment.
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    I was also a general acceptance. And thanks - I'm looking forward to finally knowing who our classmates will be! I'm rooting for you!
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    I will be trying to get there on the 7th as well. Would love to meet up!
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    I initially found out that I was accepted through the student portal. Then I received an email, and then about a week later I received my acceptance letter in the mail.
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    Hope everyone had a good time at the Saturday interview and found the experience useful. Best of luck to all of you! I do want to comment on one thing, however. We had 11 no-shows (out of 60 interviewees) on Saturday. That's disrespectful to the faculty, staff, and students who put a lot of time into organizing and running those interview days, but much more importantly it's incredibly disrespectful to fellow applicants. Those are 11 spots we could have used to give 11 more people a shot at GW. Please, please, please if you are not going to go to an interview you've accepted contact the program (any program, not just GW) at least 24 hours in advance and let them know so they can fill your slot. It might give someone the chance to interview at their dream school. I am very, very sorry to anyone that didn't get to interview at GW this year, and thank you to everyone that showed up. We really do enjoy having you visit. Again, best of luck wherever you end up!
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    Alternatively, as someone who was waitlisted, it was vindicating to show up and kick a**. At the end of the day, you get to be a PA. Jokes on them. Remember your end goal.
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    Has anyone else confirmed their spot at Samford? I am super excited for the opportunity to be a member of the first PA class at Samford! I can't wait to get to know all my future classmates! I hope those who are waiting will get answers as people may be giving up their spot today!
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    I would have talked to students in different programs to find out about the level of (dis)organization in their programs.
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    I interviewed yesterday! This program is awesome guys and everyone there including other applicants were amazing! I hope we all become classmates here at Morehouse! I would love to exchange contact info with anyone who wants to! For those who have upcoming interviews, do not sweat it. The staff really is trying to make you feel welcome and to not intimidate you. The intervew is like any other interview with general questions about you and things like that so be prepared, but awesome program! Good luck to everyone!
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    I interviewed today as well! I felt that I was amongst a great group of people! I enjoyed the set up of the whole interview. They created an extremely open and welcoming atmosphere. Good luck to everyone! Anyone who interviewed today and would like to exchange contact info let me know! ?
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    For anyone that interviewed today, can we exchange info! You all were pretty awesome, and I wish you the best of luck!
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    Hey is there anyone who interviewed today who would like to get dinner or something
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    Undergrad Ed School: Public school in NJ Major: Chemistry cGPA: 3.20 sGPA: 3.14 (undergrad science GPA was a 2.80...YIKES) Master's GPA: 3.92 (all science credits), completed at Tulane University Age at application time: 25 GRE: 309 Direct Patient/Health Care Experience: combination of medical assistant in women's health, medical scribe in an ED, and research coordinator in neuro-oncology Total: 3000-ish hours Volunteer/Leadership: Numerous volunteer experiences in education, health, and music festivals! Teaching Experience: TA in epidemiology during MS program Shadowing: obtained from scribing, in addition to shadowing an ortho PA Letters of Rec: 3 - 1 PA from work, 1 manager, and 1 grad school professor Schools Applied: 9 - South (Tampa), South (Richmond), Barry (Miami), Southern California University of the Health Sciences, Emory, University of Florida, Case Western, Rosalind Franklin University, Campbell University Application Submitted Date: 5/15/18 Application Verified: a couple days after Interview Invites: 3 (University of Florida, Case Western, Campbell-declined interview) Denied w/o interview: 2 (South Richmond and Emory) Rejected after interview: none Accepted: 2 - UF and Case Western Attending: UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA!!!!!! Attempt: 1st I NEVER THOUGHT I'D MAKE IT!!!! I failed classes in undergrad and graduated with a terrible GPA. I couldn't even apply to PA schools because my GPA was too low, so I took a BUNCH of post bacc classes and completed a master's to push my GPA above a 3.0. It took A LOT OF HARD WORK. I CANT BELIEVE MY DREAMS CAME TRUE. I used this thread a lot to help figure out which schools to apply to, so thank you everyone!!!!!
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    Undergrad Ed School: Austin College (undergrad), Richland College (post-bacc cc) Major: English (minor in Spanish) Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.2 Science Undergrad. GPA: 2.6 Post-Bacc GPA: 3.8 (35 credit hours) Post-Bacc Science GPA: 3.8 (32 credit hours) Overall GPA: 3.3 Overall Science GPA: 3.1 Age at application time: 23 GRE: 155V 153Q 4.0A Direct Patient Care: 1860 hours as a Physical Therapy Aide Health Care experience: - Working with children and young adults with special needs for 9 weeks in Ecuador (270 hours) - Volunteering for a week in Honduras in a transient clinic for an underserved community (42 hours) - Volunteering for a month at a local, low-income Texas clinic (48 hours) Total: 360 hours Leadership: - President of the Campus Activites Board - Service Chair for Amnesty International - Chair Member of yearly huge "big name musician" concert on campus committee - Major Events and Weekends Chair for the Campus Activities Board - Freshmen Reprentative for Student Assembly Volunteer: - Local Special Olympics - Green Light New Orleans - Elementary school tutor - Prairie Restoration - Animal Shelter - Safer Alternative Trick-or-Treating event for the children of the local elementary schools Total: 146 hours Awards: - Founder's Scholarship - Global Outreach Fellowship - Medical Experience in Mexico Internship - Spring 2016 Dean's List - Fall 2016 President's Honor Roll (post-bacc) - Spring 2016 Vice-President's Honor Roll (post-bacc) Teaching Experience: TA for freshman Cognitive Science/College Mentoring class Shadowing: 153 hours (23 hours with PA in Pediatric Pre-Anesthesia, 90 hours with General Physician in underserved part of Mexico, 40 hours with Orthopedic Pediatricians) Organizations: The only relevant one I listed on CASPA was Global Medical Brigades. Letters of Rec: 3; A&P/Micro Post-Bacc Professor, Genetics Post-Bacc Professor, Pediatric PA Schools Applied: 14 - Rutgers, UT Southwestern, Salus, PCOM: PA, Franklin Pierce, Touro Cali, Arcadia (Dual PA/MPH), UTMB, Yale, USC, UNE, DeSales, Albany Medical College, Le Moyne Application Submitted Date: 5/30/2017 Application Verified: 5/31/17 Interview Invites: 3 (Rutgers, UTSW, Salus) Denied w/o interview: 11 (PCOM: PA, Franklin Pierce University, Touro Cali, Arcadia <but accepted into their MPH program>, UTMB, Yale, USC, UNE, DeSales, Albany Medical College, Le Moyne) Rejected after interview: 1 (Salus) Withdrew Application: 0 Waitlisted: 0 Accepted: 2 (Rutgers, UTSW) Attending: RUTGERS! ? My top choice! Attempt: 1st I hope that this serves as encouragement for other low-GPA applicants that you still can get into AMAZING programs as long as you put in the work. My biggest piece of advice is to cushion the weakest part of your application (GPA for me) with your strongest attributes. I worked on my PS for 6 months, had a great post-bacc GPA, amazing LORs, and great extracurricular/volunteering/leadership experiences! Please don't sell yourself short. I got into 2 out of my 3 reach schools and got rejected from schools that I thought I was a shoe-in at. Also APPLY EARLY and BE YOURSELF at your interviews. ?
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    PA school is still harder to get into than medical school... there is no Caribbean PA school option--no international graduate path to practice in the US at all. All you have to have to get into Caribbean med school is money.
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