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    yeah, i just sent in mine! now to wait for the phone call ?
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    I was also accepted! I'm super excited and can't wait!
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    Got an email, I was waitlisted. Good luck to everyone!
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    Operate under the assumption that you won't get into PA school immediately or at all: which degree will get you to an alternate career that you would like? That's how you decide. Always have a valid back up plan.
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    Ah I see! Ok I can calm down jusssst a bit. I went to an open house last year and I thought it was very professional and well put together! ?hopefully we get secondaries from them! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The AdCom is the "second level review," meaning you made it through whatever filter they are applying, because they make the decision as to whom they want to extend an invite for an interview. It's possible that they are only sending an initial rejection email OR the forwarding to AdCom email this year. Thus, the confusion. The process generally goes like this: CASPA Received + Supplemental Received > Admission staff review (completeness, minimum requirements, etc) > AdCom Review and decision to invite > Interview > immediate calls vs hold to review > Final decisions In December-ish (Admit/Wait List/Try again next year). "First level" would be the admission staff review. I'll see what I can confirm. The new class just started and everyone is busy focusing on them (and rightly so!) At the end of the day, the AdCom is looking at your packet. You're one step closer, congratulations! Now, hang in there! All the best! Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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    Oh yeah I got that one too but I thought it was just standard
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    I got the call too! So excited!
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    Got the acceptance call today! Hope other’s got the same good news!
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    Just got into the second level review! Here's my timeline so far: Submitted: 6/18 Verified: 6/25 Initial Review: 6/27 Second Review: 7/2 Hopefully, we'll hear some calls later this month! *Fingers crossed*
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    It might be different for each campus. The GA program has a $500 deposit that needs to be paid within 1 week and is applied to tuition.
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    It basically said that my file is under review to ensure I meet minimum requirements. If I meet minimum requirements, then the application will reviewed by 2 faculty members. Could take till the application deadline of August 1st. Will be notified by email of the results of the initial review.
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    ???? I definitely agree!!!! I didn’t either! ? I’m guessing since we made it this far we’ve already garnered the attention we needed on paper ?? Now it’s all about that interview!!! No worries! We got this! ??????????????????
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    I’m curious about this too.. I had a week to respond with the $500 non refundable.
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    No problem girl! I did not attach anything (I thought I read something at the top that said to check with the programs recommendations about attaching items; since there was no mention of it on the checklist I opted out. I'm not sure if it was the right thing to do or not though)
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    ??????????Hey hey!!! Looks like we are in there!! I tried again around 10:30am and the term was available! So thanks a million, Audidane!! Question though..... did you guys attach a resume, written statement....etc?
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    Woah where did you get this information? My email stated “To reserve your place in the Graduating Class of 2021, please read carefully, then sign and return (or e-mail) the acceptance agreement located below by 5 pm EST, June 29, 2018, along with a non-refundable $500.00 deposit. This deposit will be applied to your first quarter's tuition.” I was able to respond by email within a week of the acceptance call as well as put down a deposit. To my understanding the full amount was non-refundable..
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    Received an interview invite this morning for 8/1 at the Glenside campus!
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    I got a call for the interview on August 20th. If anyone has any insight or advice for the interview process, it would be greatly appreciated!
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    Got my acceptance this morning as well! I'm so excited!!! Good luck to everyone that interviewed or is going to interview ?
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    Got my acceptance this morning! Good luck to everyone that interviewed!
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    11.9% is definitely a stretch in terms of return on investment. Also, there's an age old saying about the stock market: "past performance does not predict future performance". I am a firm believer in investing in low cost ETFs as historically the stock market eventually goes up, but not at the expense of school loans at 6.4% interest. Paying your loans aggressively is a guaranteed 6.4% return on investment. Contribute to your 401k up to the maximum needed for your employer match and hold off on investing until your school loans are done. Different conversation if you refinance to a lower interest rate but even then the freedom of having that loan monkey off of your back often works more to your advantage than investment returns.
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    I emailed them and they said we should be able to select a term shortly. Good luck to you all
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    It's even messier than that. Most places want a doc name on the chart so they can bill 100% for incident to rather than the 85% if an APC only sees that patient. This creates all sorts of issues on how the RVU's are split between the APC and the doc, especially if the APC really saw the patient. Some models include 3 different splits: 1 if the doc was only "available for consultation", 1 (with more RVU's allocated to the doc) if the APC "discussed" the patient with the doc, and a 3rd (with the doc getting most of the RVU's) if the doc did a "face-to-face" examination of the patient. This last leads to lots of the doc saying hi from the doorway to get the most RVU's.
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    What's your interest rate? That's the key question here.
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    Loans. Paying off loans gives you freedom in the here and now. investments? Not so much.
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    Hi, lucienPAhopeful, I was just about to post the same question! I just sat down to complete this step and I ran into the same issue. I am of the same mind as you, so I’ll try again tomorrow morning. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll contact someone for direction.
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    A little tangential here, but where I live applicants without a Master's degree are ignored, even with years of experience. They would rather a new grad with a Master's than a seasoned PA with a Bachelor's.
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    On Saturday, June 30, a physician spoke at the Musculoskeletal Galaxy Conference sponsored by AAPA and AAOS on foot and ankle conditions. He implied that bunions are caused in part by wearing improper shoes, and that women may be more prone to bunion formation because of wearing high heels. He then proceeded to note that he was speaking to a "majority female" audience, and said, "But I am not going to discourage females from wearing heels because it makes your butts look good." Regardless of the professional nature of this conference, our "majority female" audience deserves an apology for his comment. I sincerely hope the governing board selecting speakers for this event realizes this comment was made and prevents it from happening again. I am here to learn about orthopedic conditions. I am not here to be subjected to comments about my choices of clothing and my body. Update: A short time later, an apology was goven to the group regarding the comment. The quick response is appreciated.
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    Hey, also a first year with Leslie above! You definitely don't have to take a med term test or write an essay unless they're drastically changing the interview format this year, but they would tell you ahead of time if you needed to. As far as we've heard its still the info session, tour, MMI, and individual interview. Overall it's a very chill interview day, so for those of you who are coming through don't stress too much! Just put your best self forward and be genuine about who you are and what you're looking for in a program. When they ask you if you have any questions seriously ask them. You're trying to find the best fit for you just as much as they're trying to build a great class. Good luck!
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    I'm not sure if its a backup in case the interviews they schedule don't fill the class or if a seat becomes available for an interview last minute and we're the ones they would pull. I guess time will tell. I haven't heard anything since yet.
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    Agree, but PAs need to get the respect/recognition they deserve for the work they put in. We are actually the closest thing to a physician out there, and most folks, especially those in HR, don't often make that distinction. We are trained by physicians in the medical model with a standardized curriculum and over 2000 hours of rotations in all the major medical disciplines(IM, Peds, EM, Surgery, Psych, FP, OBGYN), not to mention specialty electives. The number of PA postgrad programs is going through the roof. There are likely well over 100 now, with 32 in EM alone. When I graduated 22 years ago there were no EM postgrad programs. USC had one prior to 96. I applied for the class that would have started in 1996 and what I thought was my "come interview phone call" was actually my "we are sorry, there will be no new class next year" phone call ?. I think our future is bright. We all just need to get on board with OTP one state at a time. and I agree with cideous, we need a new name yesterday.
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    Submitted 5/31. Called today for an interview August 20th! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Congrats to everyone who has been accepted! I'm still waiting to be verified but hoping I have a chance!
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    It says to allow 24 hours after completion before your checklist is updated! ?
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    Great comments. His Hospitalists Union Board Certification is from a bogus group that is not a member of the accrediting Boards. This guy is commandeering a turf war and his MD makes him sound like he is the only capable person to treat ICU/CCU patients and to round the floors. When I was the Liaison from the AAPA to the ACS we had a one hour forum delivered by the ACS Committee on Surgery as to the credentials needed for a physician to be Board Certified as a Hospitalist and they were that they needed to be double boarded. they also mentioned that the Nurse Practitioners were doing a fine job and they hope that PAs would show greater interest in this field as they were so comfortable with them in surgery. the Forum was held by Dr. Fabri of Florida. I immediately wrote articles in the PA literature encouraging PAs to become hospitalists. I see from my inside look at medical centers that this has become a real reality. Good job, ladies and gentlemen.
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    Update..... Passed PANCE! Scoring 100 points higher. If anyone would like me to email them all the study materials I used you can email me. aserulneck@yahoo.com
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    Hi guys! I am a first year student at Rush University, so I was in your boat this time last year. I saw some questions about the interview day. The day will start with some information about Rush as a PA program. Later in the morning you'll break into different groups to do the MMI, traditional interview, the tour, etc. Don't worry too much about the MMI aspect, it was my favorite interview of all the programs I went to. If you're really nervous you can look up typical MMI questions pretty easily on Google. Let me know if you have any other questions about Rush, or the application process! Leslie
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    Good luck everyone! Alum here, class of 2016. Loved my time at SU from interview day (for real though, I felt very comfortable there and already had a sense of belonging) to graduation. Hit me up with questions if you have them but please be patient with me; I don't get here very often. Will be shooting for 1-2x/wk if I remember! ?
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    Just received an email confirmation that my application is under review! It only took a little over a week for them to receive my CASPer score
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    I was accepted into the program this last cycle. I start this upcoming month. I’ll try to be active on this forum to answer questions as much as possible.
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    AlvernaHB, My advice is do not be afraid to ask for what you want. Be confident and know your worth. Do your research, know the averages in each negotiation category, and know what to ask for in your specialty/location. Also, you can think of creative ways to make the deal sweeter. For example: Let's say you are offered 1,000 CME and you ask for 2,000. If they don't give it to you, then you should ask them to pay 50% of any costs that exceed the 1,000. It's a compromise, essentially. So you can be creative in your negotiations. I also think you will have more power in negotiations if it's an area that has a provider shortage (ie. New Mexico). I think that certainly played a strong role. P.S. I love this job, and my employer treats me very fairly/kindly. I really love the doc I work with and I have been seeing about 10 patients/day. And they buy me lunch every day for goodness sake :) They are very appreciative that I am here. Best decision ever to take this job!
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    yeah.....not appropriate but not malicious. Just tasteless.
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