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    Got an interview as well! Did they send you the email with more information? I'm still waiting on mine
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    Just got the call about 10:00 to interview on July 11th! CASPer scores may be getting there from June 3rd.
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    Always try to express your thought in the least amount of words as possible. Don't ramble if you've made your point! Allowable word count = MAX. If there was a minimum requirement, that would be different. But just submit what you have now if you feel you expressed your thoughts well enough. ?
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    My heart goes out to you. I am a provider in the ER and go through similar phases of anxiety. Some days are great and other days I agonize about things I might have screwed up on, and stay up all night worrying and replaying the day in my head. I agree wirh the above poster that your anxiety could be related to burn out as mine DEFINITELY IS. When I am working too hard for too many hours that’s when these feelings start to really creep up. Mindfulness training and meditation will really help you. Sometimes when I am starting to note the anxiety creep I start practicing mindfulness - focusing solely on the task at hand, the present moment. When you’re in surgery and feel the thoughts start to race and the anxiety come on - think about how the instruments feel in your hand, how slow and controlled your motions are, what you are seeing right in front of you. When anxious thoughts pop up, acknowledge them and bring your focus back to the present moment. This can be done in the OR or even when you’re washing dishes. I would also recommended seeking counseling to talk through some of these feelings. You are a talented, well trained, dedicated surgical PA bad a$$! Keep reminding yourself of that. We all have moments of self doubt and many of us deal with anxiety, sometimes crippling anxiety. You’re not alone.
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    So you don’t have first hand experience with the company and when someone who has a real world understanding of the company and the context that it operates in for a potential PA student posts you don’t even bother to read the post? Also, non-competes are a fact of life in the professional world and they exist to counter the exact advice you gave in an above post. Happygal314, speak to people who have the experience first hand, know yourself and what you are willing to do to get what you want and make your decision. One of the most important things I’ve learned in my career is get all the tacit knowledge you can, and be self aware.
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    I'm a very compassionate guy. I mean, I love to give away care for free, especially in the developing world. However, I made a business decision two months ago to stop accepting all medicaid related insurances. Since then, our revenues have had a significant increase, which I sort of expected. However, on top of that, we have had a huge plummet in; a) argumentative and angry patients, 2) no shows, 3) late comers, 4) drug seeking behavior, 5) phone calls and etc. Our lives are 80% better. I hate to turn away the poor who need help. I'm sure there is a lot of good people in the mix of those medicaid people who are not. But I am rather shocked to see what difference this has made.
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    I got an email that I met all their prerequisites and my app was under review back at the end of May.
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    I would probably just wait so that you aren’t autofiltered by not having a 300 benchmark Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Also same haha. Hopefully we get good news this year! Did either of you interview last round?
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    Cumulative GPA: 3.6 Science GPA: 3.6 Last 80 hrs GPA: 4.0 Age at application time : 24 GRE: I don't remember, but I think it was around 300 Direct Patient Care : ~5,000 as an army combat medic and as a civilian ER Tech
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    I'm waiting for my email too! This is my first cycle and first interview so I'm super nervous. Stats: 3.2 cGPA and sGPA, took a ton of classes post bac so my pre req GPA is higher; GRE 309, W 4.0; >8,000 patient hours in a multi speciality ophthalmology practice, ~500 hours volunteering, some research experience, shadowed 2 PAs, one in the burn ICU and one in the OR doing lumbar fusions, also I already took my CASPer a couple weeks ago for another program
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    Hey everyone, best of luck applying this year
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    I'm in! But I'll keep checking the other thread too ?
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    They will have two interviews in September, one in October and 2 in November. Hopfully we will get an invitation.
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    Know why you want to go into EM, why you like that program, what you plan to take away from the program and be able to articulate it well. Also, have a couple of questions for them. It can be something as simple as how they utilize US on a day to day basis in their ED to what kind of jobs their graduates have ended up in. Good luck!
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    I'm a current student here. This issue has been addressed and the program is waiting to hear back from ARC-PA. The problem was a matter of paperwork under a previous director. If you have further questions the director or other faculty are open to answer any questions if you contact them. If you do matriculate at UB with this status, it is still accredited and has no effect on your ability to take your boards. You can message me with any questions too if you would like.
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    Hey! You can add experiences , but you cannot edit/delete submitted experiences. See the CASPA FAQ: https://help.liaisonedu.com/CASPA_Applicant_Help_Center/Submitting_and_Monitoring_Your_CASPA_Application/Before_and_After_You_Submit_Your_CASPA_Application/6_Updating_Your_CASPA_Application Also check out the responses to the same question from 2015. It seems like updating your CASPA app and emailing programs directly is the best method!
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    New rules in past year or so requires new exam when card expires whether 1 week, one month, or 3 months. Previously extensions were allowed without new exam.
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    I am with you ! Got rejected with sGPA 4.0 , cGPA3.96 and 8000+ Heath care experience... 100+hr of volunteering at the hospital and 40+ shadowing hrs who knows what they are looking for ! But I am staying hopeful with another schools . Good luck !
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    Verified today 6/12/18. Good luck at your interview!
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    I don't have any for GP stuff, sorry, but for physical therapy and other various ortho handouts I use https://orthoinfo.aaos.org/en/recovery/
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    Anyone looking for a scribe position outside of the big contract companies, like Scribe America, who is in Colorado may want to look into my former job. I was paid well enough (like former posts have mentioned, the education is much more valuable than the pay) I did make > $12, though not much more. They are looking for a scribe right now, I guess the one who replaced me when I moved away for school has moved on as well. Working for the practice and the very experienced providers I scribed for was awesome. I am an Army Medic, and so was expected to test and get my MA certification, which was paid for by the clinic. I do not know if this job is what many schools are looking for, because I was accepted based on applications I submitted prior to getting the job, but like I said, the experience is invaluable. I did not get much direct patient care in, because I was hired mainly to scribe, but did the rare dressing, staple removal, etc. This is a general surgery practice. Send me a PM if you would like any more information, and good luck to everyone in preparing for school.
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    Hi there! I got an email today for an interview tomorrow morning! I submitted my application at 11:55pm on April 14th! So don't give up hope. They're still offering interviews.
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    Great offer. Check into 401k match as others have stated. Non-compete? Tail coverage? Other things to think about: Working with one or multiple surgeons? Are they open to training and/or have worked with new grads before? Is ortho an actual interest? If not and "just a first job," beware that it can pigeonhole your skills...
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    My success in this area has come from networking rather than job postings. Talking with a few Physician and PA colleagues and let them know of your interest. Depending on your background and what field you're in, a practice may be willing to create a position like that for you. At least that's how it worked for me.
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    I applied to 14 schools. Let hope we get in somewhere!
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    Depends on what speciality and the specific site you are applying to
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    I have not heard anything either. I did call about a week ago, and was told that my application was still under review. There are some really qualified people on here still waiting, which still gives me some hope!! I am wondering; #1: have they denied anyone yet? and #2: Are they possibly extending the time for early decision applicants to get an admission decision past June 15th? I have tried to find on the website where that statement is that says we "early decision applicants should receive an admission decision by June 15th", and I can no longer find it. Makes me think they had to extend the time? If anyone does still see it on their most up to date web page, please post! Still hopeful because of the many really competitive people still hanging in there/here?-I feel like I am in good company!!
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    So you're working 50 hr/week plus a few Saturdays a month plus being irradiated daily (as stated above) all for 97k... That is 40/hr max, not including your saturday shifts... I would want 120k with all that tbh...
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    The interviews at Tufts are incredibly laid back, but the director is old-school. They consist of 2 interviews with principle or adjunct members of the faculty (one-on-one), a presentation given by the program director and a student-lead tour of the academic buildings/labs and a brief walk through the medical center. Be professional at all times, even when with those students giving the tour - they do ask us for feedback about yall. Be prepared, just like any other interview. If it's in your application, be able to explain or discuss it confidently. Know why you're applying to be a PA and why you want to study at Tufts. Have anecdotes from your patient care experience ready to talk about, especially if they were challenging for you or your team. Set yourself apart. Send a thank you note to the director afterwards - no emails! Good luck
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    Pay is a little low but overall not bad. For reference i had an IR offer as a new grad in central N.C.: $105k, 3 weeks pro plus 10 major holidays, full medical/dental/vision/life, retirement matched to 6%, $3k and 5 days for CME and scheduled raises. You are being irradiated daily.... you should be compensated for that better than the average surgical new grad
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    Just submitted my application last night! so anxious to hear back, this is my top choice :)))
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    Agree. And if some swearing offends you.......don't listen.
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    Hi All! I submitted my Caspa application on 5/6 and received a confirmation email from Hofstra on 5/11. This is my second time applying and am really hoping for some good news!
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    Let’s get some stats going if you’d like to share! Where are you from? Overall GPA? Science GPA? Health care experience? Shadowing? Volunteer hours? Anything else you’d like to share? I’m a senior at Wichita State. 3.83 overall 3.66 science 1700 PCE 31 shadowing hours 100 volunteer hours Super excited and nervous! This is my first time applying.
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    Be patient everyone! The waiting game is the worst, but hang in there.
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    he was the keynote at AAPA in vegas
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    So I was told by an attorney that it is in fact illegal, it violates Title VII. The sex of the clinician is not a bonafide occupational qualification. The proof of that, other than common sense, is that ACOG admits men. Also: "Nor do customer or client preferences for one gender over another excuse an employer’s use of sex as an explicit criteria in employment decisions. 29 C.F.R. §1604.2(a)(1)(iii)" So there you go. I'll let you all know how it plays out. I may consult private council just to see what the trajectory of this is. I was advised NOT to use university counsel, HR, or legal services. And to clarify, it's not about the exams. I'd like to keep the skill for employability reasons, but it's more the principle of them restricting my scope based on gender as a political avoidance mechanism.
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    If you were going to talk to a lawyer, it might not hurt to talk to the University's risk management lawyer. Should be free, policy is blatantly discriminatory, and if you can't solve this at a low level, then you've got options of frontal assault, surrender, or letting someone else get your way. A quiet word from the University's risk management folks might accomplish much. Oh, also might mention that this is likely at Title IX issue as well; not just a state employment/nondiscrimination issue, but a legit federal case.
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    Pm your PS, I'll read and give you feedback for a low price of $0.
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    I was in the first cohort to take and pass the em caq. It has done a lot for me; better jobs, better privileges at those jobs, and better pay. My current em chief introduces me to new docs as "the only emergency medicine boarded pa in the state". I think if you explain to folks what it is you will get benefit from it. I also agree that u/s and fccs are great options. I take any and all cme that I can, especially if it is free through my jobs. here is my current list : Certifications/Licenses 1. N.C.C.P.A. Board Certified with Surgical and Primary Care Honors 2. N.C.C.P.A. Certificate of Added Qualifications in Emergency Medicine, Inaugural exam 9/12/11 3. Oregon and Washington State P.A. Medical Licenses 4. D.E.A. Certification, Schedule II-V 5. Advanced Cardiac Life Support (A.C.L.S.) Provider and Experienced Provider Courses, Former Instructor 6. Advanced Trauma Life Support (A.T.L.S.) 7. Advanced Pediatric Life Support (A.P.L.S.) and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (P.A.L.S.) 8. Tactical Emergency Casualty Course (T.E.C.C.) 9. Advanced Burn Life Support (A.B.L.S.) 10. Fundamental Critical Care Support (F.C.C.S.) 11. Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (A.L.S.O.) 12. Basic Disaster Life Support (B.D.L.S.) 13. The Difficult Airway Course (Emergency & EMS Versions) 14. Remote Medicine for the Advanced Provider (RMAP) 15. Team Health High Risk Emergency Medicine 3 Day Simulation & Procedures Course, February 2016 16. FAST Plus Emergency Ultrasound Course (SEMPA) 17. Basic Trauma Life Support (B.T.L.S.) and Prehospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS) 18. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation for Health Providers (C.P.R.) 19. Neonatal Resuscitation (N.R.P.) 20. NYC Medics Conflict Area Deployment Training
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    Just recently left a Trauma Surgery job. Are you doing any surgery assisting or covering the ICU? If so, that is where your main challenges are. I'm assuming you can pick up the rounding stuff and/or have done it on rotations. That part of it is not that difficult, although you would need to ask if those patients are admitted to you and you are the hospitalist for them during their stay and discharging them? or are you a specialist who signs off at a certain point? If they are admitted to you, then you have to manage everything, quarterbacking specialists and managing their diabetes and other stuff along with their injuries. You certainly will be doing anti-coagulation and VTE surveillance / proph as Trauma patients are often in bed for a while. There are a couple handfuls of things that are unique to Trauma, but you will run across them in short order, like labs that can go crazy with Trauma to the body and stuff that can develop later on (like adrenal insufficiency). It's not that much. It's a pattern you can pick up on. The ICU may be different if you are involved there. You will have to learn to manage ventilator or brain dead full life support patients, when to move to a Trach/PEG, eventually maybe stuff like organ donor and end of life issues. I found two books helpful: Marino's ICU and Fluids and Electrolytes made ridiculously simple. The SCCM has a section on their website called LearnICU which I think is free, and they have Crit Care classes and conferences and such. Take it slow and don't try to learn everything - this is really complex stuff for really dedicated learners. Having said that, there's usually always a couple of patients in the SICU for non-complex reasons (policies or specific conditions) that are not going to give you serious problems, so you should be able to pick it up a little at a time. http://www.sccm.org/Pages/default.aspx Surgery is something I know little about, since I don't do that - I was a hospitalist and don't even quite know where the OR even is. We would respond to Traumas and supervise the ER docs as they did their thing, then take the patient off their hands. Some would go to surgery, where they are stabilized. Trauma Surgery can get pretty hairy. They put 200 units into a guy over about 90 minutes with a transected aorta, most of which poured right back onto the floor. Saw a lot of penetrating/degloving injuries that were like "how did you manage to do that"? It was neat, but alas, the work environment was toxic so I left. Long story. You may have a clinic where you're looking at wounds, taking drains and sutures out, scheduling IVC filter removals, moving people into their next thing once the most serious thing is healed to your satisfaction. You could take a look at some basic wound care (when surgical wounds go bad) and which abx to use in your area if you want to. Overall, I'd just come ready to learn. It's a fun and cool gig, especially outside the ICU. I loved the rounding on the floors , by far my favorite thing. So I dunno, take a while to relax, maybe look at a few things (especially if you are first assist) but don't go crazy. Good luck!
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    Soylent Green is getting closer and closer. Just saw statement on ABC World News that 40% of US kids are on Medicaid. Really? 40%? Someone please explain...never mind, I think I've got it figured out.
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    That is the mindset in Haiti as well. folks walk 11 miles for a 5 min appointment, receive 30 Tylenol, thank you, and say they will pray for you and your family.
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    You deserve the improved QOL. I get the guilt, but this is you're life first and fore most. You've put in way too much effort and time for anyone to think otherwise of this decision. Enjoy :)
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    It's usually just a writing sample to see if you can spell, and put sentences and thoughts together. Nothing major. They want to make sure you didn't have your English professor mommy editing your CASPA essay to death.
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