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    Tomorrow could be the day for the second wave! Thinking positive thoughts [emoji173]️ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Breathe my friends. Breathe. Now get back to work.
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    Hoping so! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    No I’m not writing one I just hope it’s not held against me. I believe my personal statement is strong enough, HCE experience and gpa. I’ll take my chances
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    I feel this exact same way. After already submitting so many applications and supplemental applications another essay to write is not ideal. But I want to give myself the best chance. I'm planning on submitting today or tomorrow and I'm still deciding on this additional personal statement ? but I'm probably going to end up doing it.
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    Thank you guys! Are either of you not writing one? I feel like it can only help to include SOMETHING there, but I don't want to be repetitive and I'm feeling pretty burned out from the other school applications I've done. Have you applied yet? Good luck to everyone!
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    If you were going to talk to a lawyer, it might not hurt to talk to the University's risk management lawyer. Should be free, policy is blatantly discriminatory, and if you can't solve this at a low level, then you've got options of frontal assault, surrender, or letting someone else get your way. A quiet word from the University's risk management folks might accomplish much. Oh, also might mention that this is likely at Title IX issue as well; not just a state employment/nondiscrimination issue, but a legit federal case.
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    I also received this email!
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    LKPAC, with all due respect, are you intimately familiar with the training and education of this profession? If not, I really think you should be open to the possibility that they are potentially well educated to do what they do. They clearly perform a relatively intimate procedure upon patients of all ages. They are possibly well educated in oral pathology, anatomy, and dentist type pharmacology (antibiotics to anesthetics). I encourage the OP to reach out to programs of interest with a well prepared description of your job duties. What programs think is what matters.
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    after 31 years in emergency medicine if someone told me no more pelvics unless truly emergent I would be ok with that...
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    Interesting and a bit bizarre. As CJ said if you are at will they can set your conditions any way they please within the confines of the law. Discrimination based on gender? I think that would be a very easy argument to make. It is simply the standard across health care that we are professionals and see both genders for anything within our scope of practice. There are systems (chaperones etc) for that and the patient is free to opt out of being seen by a specific gender if they choose. Are they stopping male Ob-Gyn physicians from seeing female patients? Of course not. That said you can only throw yourself on your sword once. If you make a fuss things may change but would you be a marked man or a crusader? Hard to say because administrators are like miniature politicians...they sway with the wind. I think what you need is someone from the Women's Health Department/Ob-Gyn to take up the cause along with anyone else who shares your perspective. Lawyer? You'd win but you would lose. Universities are very political organizations and I have seen some talented people ousted from long term positions for simply not going with the flow per leadership's point of view. One of my core philosophies is problem solve at the lowest level with the fewest number of people required.
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    I know it's early but decided to start a thread for those applying this 2018-2019 cycle to Nova Fort Lauderdale. I'll try to help with any questions when I can. Will be starting class May 21st. Good luck!
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    Welcome everyone, With CASPA opening tomorrow I thought I would get this thread started so that any applicants have a place for their questions and to communicate with one another. The University of Florida PA program is a highly regarded and long standing. It also benefits from its close association with UF’s medical school and from those resources. From my own experience visiting the campus it was amazing. If you are offered an interview I would strongly encourage you to take the opportunity to see what UF has to offer. There are many alumni and current students who frequent this forum and may be able to help answer questions. GreatChecko in the past has offered excellent information and hopefully will stick around for this cycle as well. I’ve compiled a short list of common questions from last cycle’s thread that should still be helpful for this year’s applicants too. (Keep that in mind, this information is based on last year’s thread and is not official or endorsed by UF in any way shape or form). 1 – Apply early! UF gives preference for interview selection to applicants who submit their application and all supporting materials before August 1st. (Source) 2 – Based on last year’s thread, those who do apply early have their applications placed in secondary review more quickly and are offered interviews more quickly; as the applications start rolling in, the process slows down considerably. 3 – Application submission confirmation, initial review, and secondary review progress are notified via email. Interviews are offered via a phone call and email and seem to begin around late June and early July all the way into the fall. 4 – If you are offered an interview, the timing isn’t suppose to matter, there are enough seats available for everyone being interviewed to be accepted. Interviews begin late August to early September and are suppose to end around late November, but last cycle were stretched into December due to hurricane delays. 5 – Rejections w/o interview are sent via email and may be at any time during the application cycle. After the interviews you may be notified of acceptance anywhere from the same week that you interviewed until mid December when “final decisions” are made and apparently the majority of acceptances are sent out (so if you don’t hear back right away, don’t panic!). It is also my understanding that mid December is when rejections after having an interview are sent out. 6 – If you are offered an interview, part of it includes an informal dinner with students (no faculty). I would strongly encourage attending as you get the chance to speak with students candidly and it also helps ease the nerves some before the actual interviews the next day. 7 – Last cycle, the whole interview process was potentially 3 days long (Mon-Wed). The first day is a tour and orientation, and the second and third days are the proper interviews. Interviewees are asked their preference for the interview on Tues or Wed. Out of town interviewees are given preference for Tues interviews. So you may only be there Mon and Tues. If you ask for a Wed interview, then you have a day off to explore Gainesville and tour the whole UF campus if you like. Once your interview is completed, you are free to go. I hope that all helped and didn’t go overboard too much! Good luck to all the applicants and re-applicants! UF School of Physician Assistant Studies: https://pap.med.ufl.edu/ Florida Pre-PA FaceBook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/FLPrePA/ P.S. If it becomes apparent that any of the information I provided is no longer accurate, please PM me and I'll remove it, thanks.
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    Brittbarba, I'm not sure. I haven't heard from them since Tuesday. I'm hoping that we will hear tomorrow or early next week.
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    I have a good feeling they will be coming out sometime tomorrow! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'm not sure I agree with this, mostly because of the use of "inappropriate behavior." From context one could assume you are referring to sexual behavior, but I also would still disagree. It is a fact, just as d-wade mentioned, that men report abuse very rarely, and that is saying something when less than 20% of women report. Now sexual assault resulting in rape or similar horrendous outcomes, yes, I agree that males commit that more often, and I would argue it is a difference of strength/body type - obviously not making it ok. But I don't think it is true to assume women commit inappropriate behavior less often than men.
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    I'm pretty sure they have plenty of spots available. They didn't have their last interview until 05/30/18, so it would be unfair to have people interview at that point without having available spots. ?
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    Yep! It is something that I had during one of my hardest semesters of college and it wasn't diagnosed until 3 weeks before the semester ended! I'm afraid my GPA will keep me from getting an interview anywhere
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    I also received an interview today for June 28th!! CASPA verified on 5/20 and confirmed by Drexel on 5/22.
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    Just received and interview invite this morning for June 28th!! So excited !!!
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    Pacific University and OHSU don’t require the GRE. I think OHSU is a top 5 program. Requiring the GRE has nothing to do with how reputable or established a program is.
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    Did everyone receive that email? I did. Just wasn’t sure if it was to all.
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    To prevent males from seeing female parts but not females from seeing male parts seems overtly sexist. There really are just too many stories of female high school teachers having sex with boys at this point to have a lopsided policy regarding this issue. If you pressed them on this disparity, they might just fire you out of spite, particularly if they are doing this because it is easy, not because it is the right thing to do. I imagine they are aware they could use chaperones, but simply find this to be a cheaper option. If you complain, you may be forcing them into a more expensive policy, which they will never forgive. To find it necessary to suggest someone "leave" if they don't like it is a relatively hostile approach to take.
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    Couple of them are a bit old (4-5 years ) but a lot of them were compleated within last year . well I have 6 more schools to answer and planing to apply to couple more . Fingers crossed .
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    Women are just as capable of inappropriate behavior as men and toward women or men. By preventing you from seeing female gyn concerns - the University is saying men are not acceptable in that role and that is very wrong. Female patients need to learn to trust providers - male or female. Chaperones exist for a reason. I have to have a male chaperone at the VA to examine male patients if disrobed. PERIOD - it is policy. I have to have a female chaperone to examine a female vet at the VA for breast or pelvic exams. All patients have the right to ask for a chaperone at any time. The knee jerk reaction to prevent male providers from seeing females perpetuates the stereotype that men can't be trusted or women are more trustworthy in that setting. That is a load of crap. The legal battle may be rough on you professionally but I applaud your willingness to stand up to a dumb decision. My support is with you!
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    I agree with what the others have mentioned. If it isn't mandatory to disclose the information, why put yourself in the pot hole. I have attended a few interviews this past cycle and more than a handful asked the "why PA, not MD" question -- so, this can possibly be the ideal spot to mention it. When asked about it, simply be honest.
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    @rbenfant I was CASPA verified 5/7 and got an email from Cornell saying my application was received on 5/23 ?
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    From a different perspective, I think most providers try to AVOID these patients.
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    It's optional. I did the virtual campus tour Q&A with Rachel, and she said it is optional and will not be held against you.
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    When this guy grows a pair and uses his name, instead of cowardly remaining anonymous, I might care about his opinion.
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    does anyone know when they usually interview?
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    Just a heads up that I received a call Monday afternoon (6/4) for an interview today (6/6)!
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    I was you four years ago up until this past April. I walked into every clinic, urgent care, primary care and hospital in my area (both at school and in my hometown). I emailed. I called. I asked my own PCP and dermatology PA, negatives. Most places told me there was too much "red tape" in shadowing and it was just so much harder to snag nowadays. The single best piece of advice someone on instagram offered me was to use my connections and post on FaceBook. A status asking anyone who works in healthcare to contact you because you're looking for PA shadowing. I'm a member of a professional chemistry fraternity and I knew a ton of people worked at local hospitals as scribes so I personally posted my status there. I had 10 people reach out to me and guide me/get me that initial PA connection to get into shadowing. I went from 0 hours to 60 in two months and I would NEVER have been able to do it without those people. I shadowed at two hospitals I had previously walked into that told me they don't allow shadowing. If you haven't already, give that a try and don't give up! I tried to get shadowing for three years, and it was SO discouraging. But once you get that one yes, it's just awesome to know that YOU made that happen. Don't give up! Good luck!
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    You could join the Washington State Academy of PA. Most states will have a directory for PAs that are willing to take "pre-pa" shadows. I called everyone on my directory and waited a week before a response, however, I was able to secure five different PAs in five different specialties. Good luck! (Let me know if you need any other help.)
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    Submitted my app on Friday! Anyone know when they start interviews?
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    You're on the right track by physically walking into places; I'm not a fan of cold calling/e-mailing, which is too easy to ignore. Go on healthgrades.com and do a search for PAs in your city. Once you find some, it usually lists their work address, which you can then google to find the specific clinic it is. I would stay away from hospitals since many these days don't allow shadowing due to HIPAA concerns; private practices should be your focus. Get some copies of your resume and write a cover letter outlining your desire to be a PA, your desire to shadow to learn more about the profession, and maybe a brief statement about your background, and then physically walk them in to some of the clinics that you found that employ PAs. Make sure you are dressed professionally (business casual is fine). Ask if you can leave your resume/cover letter/contact info with one of the PAs if they're available (they probably aren't, but doesn't hurt to ask); otherwise ask to leave it with the office manager and see if they will pass it to the PA. Then, if you don't hear anything within a 2-3 days, follow up by walking back in and asking if they have had a chance to look over your stuff and consider letting you shadow. This part is important, since the PAs and office manager are likely busy and may have simply forgotten about you; it's harder to say no to someone in person, it shows you are persistent, and it gives you an extra chance to make a good impression. I was able to find 4-5 PAs to shadow in a few different specialties by doing it this way.
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    guessing he didn't match, thus his concern about pa opposition to "assistant physician" programs that would allow him to work without a license...
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    I can tell you that swallowed semen containing cocaine does NOT test positive for cocaine. Used to do Occ Med and the Medical Review Officer declared this take on it to be a load of crap. If he was THAT stoned - could he even have intercourse at all? I don't think semen in the vaginal wall could give her a systemic positive. Might burn though....... Back to my boring life.
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    I work in critical care, and I am required to work twelve 12 hour shifts every 4 weeks. My shifts can be spread out on any days or nights, some weeks I may work 1 shift while other weeks I may work 5. I really like working 12 hours shifts and having more days off. I probably wouldn't get much done on the days I was working anyways, if I was to work 8 hour days, so I figure it's better to work more hours on the days I do work and get more days that I'm not working. I am required to work 2 out of every 4 weekends though, but my scheduler is good about honoring requests for certain weekends off and also writing the schedule so we do not need to use vacation days if we need a period of up to 5 days off in a row. We also have the option to work 24 hour shifts, I don't do them very often but some of my co workers work 24's exclusively. While it might be nice to work M-F 9-5 and have every weekend off, having 5-6 days off in a row and not using any vacation time is great. We even get about 7 weeks vacation a year which most of us will use to take an entire month off at a time.
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    From what I understand, the building is being constructed right now and should be done before the first PA class starts next Fall if they get accredited. Thy have a nursing program though so I'd imagine if it came to it PA would go somewhere there until it was finished. But the website says its anticipated being finished in 2018.
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    There really aren't any that I am aware of. Anything that will pay decently will almost certainly cost you money for training and will take some time. Usually a 2 year community college program like surgical tech or rad tech, or a 4 year bachelor degree like RN and Respiratory Therapy. You might find some accelerated program for something, but you are almost certainly going to have to take a significant pay cut and have significant opportunity cost so make sure you factor that into your decision. I left the corporate world in 2015 to work low paying PCE jobs and am now a PA student with a light at the end of the tunnel so it worked out for me, but it sucked leaving a decent paycheck for a near poverty level one and no guarantee of admission.
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    I submitted 5/6 and was verified 5/7. Duke is my top choice but it’s quite the stretch! Good luck this cycle everyone!
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    I remember the last time this came around, about 5-7 years ago, when I was in the HOD, NPs were the threat then too, just as they are now - except they are not - and this got nowhere. It was pawned off for study in committee for a year to placate those who wanted the name change but in the end - nada. I expect the same will occur - regardless of what is spent. If folks wish to spend their time and energy on something like a “name change” that somehow will grant us greater autonomy, open up greener pastures, and make the world a happier place - have at it. But that’s not reality... we are governed not only by AAPA, NCCPA and ARC-PA, but by federal and state statute. Want to make change - you have to change it there first. The name isn’t the issue... being a generalist is. Money moves the world - not titles. For a rose by any other name is still a rose. And my license to practice medicine says that - I practice medicine. I’m held to the same standards as MDs, DOs, other PAs, NPs, name it... whether I am an “assistant” or not - I have to practice to the gold standard that is the standard of care. Politicians know this, lawyers know this... and amazingly, patients know this. My patients don’t care that “assistant” is in my title - they can’t see a doc if they wanted to - unless they want to travel quite a distance further. As for the NPs - good luck with that... CMS and other federal entities see them as gateway keepers in primary care medicine. The logical approach is to join them - they are an overwhelming force to be reckoned with - ask members of the BODs of the AMA behind closed doors. No wall you build will hold back that current - use it to our advantage. Or not. They won’t care either way. G
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    I don't think any of this really matters... there is a reason why it hasn't changed in the last 20 years and isn't likely to anytime in the near future. The nature of NPs and MDs do is vastly different than what we do, with the exception of family practice and IM docs, who by design see a wide spectrum of illness and farm out a lot to specialists. NPs specialize from the get-go in whatever field they wish to pursue. Docs do fellowships in certain fields and maintain boards in those specific fields. We don't. The closest we come is specialization via the CAQ, which just shows a "mastery" of a specific area of medicine - but the core does not change - we are still generalists. The only way this changes is when Congress mandates it based on Medicare and Medicaid re-imbursement issues or we collectively sue, the AMA, using the FTC route. Until the field accepts specialization outside of the NCCPA mandated generalist curriculum and/or we extend our education (which is self defeating), I see no reason to change the name except to either APP or Physician Associate. Medical Practitioner is even further confusing I suspect to the general population and requires a rebuild from ground zero - a battle not worth fighting. G
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    So I went to the open house last night and got a lot of info on the program, some of it surprising. I thought I would summarize things here in case it was helpful to other applicants this cycle. The number one priority at Pacific is GPA. Although their cut off is a 3.0, it was suggested not to apply without at least a 3.4. Of 2200 applications, only about 700 meet their soft GPA requirements and the rest they screen out. Both BCP GPA and last 45 semester credits are weighted equally, and more or less these two number should average to a 3.6 or above to be considered a competitive applicant. They will only read two LORs. It was stressed that they want to see letters from clinicians or supervisors in the medical field. If you have five letters, the two strongest medical letters will be selected and read as part of the application. Even if you have a strong academic letter and two weaker medical letters, they will toss the academic letter. Because they prefer high GPA applicants who are already obviously academically strong, at this point they just want to hear how those in the medical field view your abilities. Once your application is verified and sent over to Pacific, they will not look at updates. After verification your app is printed and it is not revisited. Any updates over the application cycle will not be viewed. Pacific doesn't use rolling admissions. They start offering interviews in September, about two weeks after the deadline. There is supposedly no benefit to early submission and all applicants verified by September 1st are considered for interviews. Interviews are offered on Saturdays in October, November and December. There will be four interview days this year. On each date about a quarter of the class is admitted. You will receive an acceptance email in about 3 - 5 days, usually the Tuesday or Wednesday following your interview day, if you were accepted and likely a phone call as well. Deposit is $1,000 and you have two weeks to accept or decline the offer. Those are the main things that stood out to me! If anyone has specific questions I would be happy to try to answer them. Good luck to everyone this cycle!
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    Why can't you go back and finish med school? The residency limit for med school counts the COMPLETION of it not when you attended, am I wrong? If you are going to invest in 2-3 years of PA school or 4 years of Pharm school why not just finish the last 2 years of med school. Time is time no matter how old you are. In 2-4 years would you regret your not completing med school? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
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    Dont accept verbal promises for anything. If they won't put it in writing... There is a reason.
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