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    Got the call...I’m in. I can’t stop smiling, very excited!!!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I interviewed on October 2nd, and I got accepted yesterday as well
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    I got the call this morning! I've been accepted after being placed on a Committee Hold! So excited to meet my future classmates this coming May! Best of luck to those still waiting on a response. For those on a Committee Hold, let this show that hope is still very much alive!
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    I'm a P and still waiting as well! Ugh. I interviewed last year and would be super disappointed to not interview again this year. Here is to being hopeful!
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    I was placed in committee hold as well. Good luck to everyone else who applied. I’m still hopeful!
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    I interviewed in August and haven't heard anything either. I just want to know my fate so I can stop staring at my phone and know whether or not I need to be prepared to reapply next cycle
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    Interviewed on 10/23 and was accepted yesterday!
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    Interview 10/16 and also accepted yesterday
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    Congrats thatLSUgirl! I’m dying waiting...it looks like 2 weeks is the standard time of waiting. Hopefully I hear something next week! If not...im not sure of What to do next. Ugh!!!
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    I am from the valley and the majority of people speak English, but their is still a large number of people who speak Spanish. I don't believe it will be a issue. Most Spanish speaking patients are understanding and will bring a family member that will speak English. I have also worked at clinics that do provided translators for doctors and PA that don't speak Spanish, but being in the valley is a great opportunity to learn Spanish and understand a different culture.
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    I am a reapplicant and recieved a call around 2 today. My last name starts with M, not sure if they go in alphabetical order. Good luck
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    @Huskylover congrats on the acceptance! I'm always so excited to hear from more students being added to the class :)
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    Not that I think you're wrong, but why go PA then? HCE+PA school+internship really not that much shorter than med school+residency at that point and you're forced into a specialty. Two of the more attractive attributes of the profession (IMO) are the flexibility and the shorter school path
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    I was asked, " what are certain limitations the physician assistant has?" I scrambled to come up with an answer and said, "A P.A. can preform brain surgery as long as the Physician is present and gives his approval, so the only limitation is what the supervising physician is willing to allow the P.A. to do under his license." I think that was the right answer, but as of right now it doesn't seem to have sufficed.
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    Just got my interview call for December. Good luck everyone! No, it was a 0000 number.
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    Its ridiculous. Soon everyone will be a doctor. Meet your Doctor of Custodial Engineering:
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    Interviewed 10/11, got waitlisted 2 weeks later, got accepted 11/6!
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    I submitted my CASPA application 7/14/17 and the supplemental application 8/15/17. I still haven't heard anything about an interview invite either.
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    Hay everyone! I'm a current student in the MUSC PA Program. Good luck! Try not to be too nervous & enjoy your interview day! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I’m an R too! Still waiting nervous as can be but hopeful too :)
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    Just got an email and placed on committee hold after the 11/4 interview, good luck to everyone else!
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    Anyone from Aug interviews still waiting to hear back with news?? Feel like it’s a no at this point but just haven’t heard anything since then so wanted to see if anyone else is in the same boat
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    Y'all! The wait is killing me! I know it's a crazy obsessive question, but what time of day did you all get your acceptance emails? I'd think they'd send one batch at the end of each day. If that's the case, I figure I won't have to check my email every five minutes. ??? Joking.... kinda...
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    I will be interviewing on November 28th! Can anyone provide some details as to how the interviews are set up? Thanks :)
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    Only 5 people are on the Facebook page so far, so not for sure how many have been accepted so far! I already graduated but i am still working on one prerequisite and i got accepted
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    I received an invitation to interview this morning for December 2, but that is the last interview session they said.
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    Here’s a question...has anyone that is still working on pre requisites been accepted yet? Please Let me know if you got in and were finished too.
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    I created a Facebook page already, if you have been accepted you can request to be a member. The name is LSUHSC-Shreveport Physician Assistant Class of 2020 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Just got my acceptance today! anyone else?? I interviewed on October 23
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    I am also a reapplicant and haven’t received a call. I went to one of the general advisement sessions tonight and they said that they have called about 70 of the 150 people they plan to call. They are going alphabetically but split the list in two so not very helpful. I was told that they haven’t gotten to S or T yet on the back half of the alphabet (my last name is S). They are aiming to be done calling everyone by 5 pm tomorrow or Thursday AM at the latest. Hopefully that is helpful to some of you guys!
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    Yes! Mine is on hold until I️ finish prereqs. Their website said we can have outstanding prerequisites and still have our application reviewed but mine was put on hold until I️ can send a completed transcript. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I was also invited a week prior to my interview - just relax and enjoy it. This truly is the best program in the country. Definitely have to agree with everyone above! Do your research on UF's program and review your personal application (specifically why you want to be a PA). Good luck! :)
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    They are taken place in many different settings across the valley or even cities outside the valley if they can provided housing for the student.
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    30 days from the date of the acceptance letter! So most likely early December :)
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    I submitted on 8/15 (in for the early consideration, eh?) and have an interview on 11/13.
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    GOT ACCEPTEDDDDDDD! CLASS OF 2020 IS LIT! Congrats to everyone!! Can't wait to meet/see you all next year!
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    Hey y'all, just got my acceptance offer call today, which I plan to take them up on. Excited to meet you all! Go Gators!
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    UPDATE This post got a lot of traction when I first posted it so now that I'm 6 months in I figured I'd post an update. Once I started it was a little different than I thought but I still function as both an MA and PA. The doctor I work with is awesome and his MAs help me some but it just wasn't going to work out long term. We switched EMRs and when we had the reps come in they were flabbergasted that me as the provider had to room the patient, check them out, schedule follow ups, etc. I let the doc know a couple of times how this wasn't going to work and I could never be productive because it takes me at least 30-40 minutes per patient by the time I room them, triage, order everything, examine them, write scripts and scan/fax/send them, do any type of procedure, put in all the charges, check them out, schedule the follow up, and then clean the room. I also had to do all of the injections/casts for the physicians patients as well. It was also difficult because I don't have designated rooms so i literally just travel the office from pod to pod asking other providers if I could borrow a room. It's obvious that the group is a for profit, physician owned private practice as it's all about the $$$ and having the PA function as a super MA that can bill is the smart business move on their part and they will just continue to plug in the openings. We are seen more as clinical staff and are lumped in with everyone else. We recently celebrated Clinical Apprecation day or whatever and that included PAs, MAs, x-ray techs, and DMEs who all provided medical services to help the docs. Not one word or post during PA week. I recently got a call call from the Ortho place I rotated at and they loved me as a student but had no spots. They knew about my situation already and knew I wanted out. They had an opening and wanted to interview. That made me an offer that was $40K higher than my current salary (not including any bonuses) 5 weeks PTO, $2500 CME, cheaper insurance for my family, better 401(k), my OWN MA that is an Ortho Tech that will put on casts as well, be in surgery every week, as well as it being a non profit that qualifies for th PSLF program. I accepted and had had a long talk with my doc. He is sincerely a great guy and when I told him of the reasons I was leaving he was honestly a little thrown off. The practice is new to PAs and I guess they just don't know how to use them. I told them that most PAs won't stay long in a position like this and if I had known this is what the job entailed I wouldn't have accepted it from the beginning. My original offer letter has a 90 day notice so I'm trying to stay professional and not burn any bridges and working pretty close to the 90 days. He understands now and I think he will try to change things up a bit for the next PA. Thanks everyone for the advice originally. I know a lot of people wanted me to quit immediately but my wife was pregnant and I'm now the father of a 2.5 year old girl and a 2.5 month old boy and had to provide for them. I'm really excited about starting this next chapter and I hope this post shows other new grads to try to not get taken advantage of like I was originally.
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    How long is a shift? If they are 12 hour shifts your rate is just a touch under $40/hr, which is low If they are 10 hour shifts this is a $47.80/hr shift which is pretty good. 8 hour shifts.... I can't imagine they are paying you $60/hr straight out of school. If this is a seven 12 hour shifts then I'd be asking for somewhere in the neighborhood of $95k, minimum. That's a little over $43/hr... If you have never worked seven days on for 12 hours a day you are going to be shocked how worn out you are at the end of the week. That is 84 hours in a week. You will wake up, go to work, come home and sleep. Don't live that life for less than $95k a year
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    For those of you interviewing over the next two weeks, here are some things to keep in mind. You are qualified to be in this program, so keep that in mind. I know that thought kept me more calm during interviews. At the UoU, they really are just trying to get to know you and see if you fit the mission of this program. The faculty and staff that does the interviewing are really great people and they aren't out to get you or trick you. Also, keep in mind- there are no perfect answers. Just answer from within yourself, truthfully and with passion. When I interviewed, I ultimately didn't think about being accepted. I just knew I was stoked to be at that point, among so many amazing candidates who all had the same goal in mind. If you aren't accepted, there are many other programs and if you're set on the U, there is always next year. Best of luck to everyone! Come with a smile and be excited to have made it this far. Don't let the fear control you!
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    Hey everyone! I am interviewing at MUSC on the 9th. I am also interested in knowing if this interview will be MMI style so if anyone can keep me updated that would be great! I am from Michigan and the website's information on tuition is a bit confusing. Does anyone know how much in state and out of state tuition costs? Thanks! Melanie
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    Hey guys! I decided to decline my interview invite today since I've been accepted to one of my top choice schools! Hope that means someone else will get an invite soon! good luck everyone :)
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    Were you at the 10/5 interview?? Congratulations!!!!
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    2 issues here: the PA working in the same field as the residency they intend to do and the pa thinking about changing specialties. I know as a PA I could apply to work in another field than EM, but if I were to do something unrelated to em(say CT surgery or nephrology), I really would want to do a residency in the new field. I agree that is hard to go back and do a residency in your own field after many years in practice. I still wish I could do one today as there are lots of procedures and knowledge(mostly of the critical care , u/s, and ICU pt care management variety), but no way I could take a 60-75% pay cut to do so. If I was single and without considerable debt I would still do one in my late 40s. would still consider doing the lecom bridge under those circumstances.
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    At GW the interviewers will typically have one "main" question for each station and then a couple of follow ups. It's not quite a conversation, because as the poster above said we want to hear your opinions, but they won't just sit there and stare at you for seven minutes either. Again my best advice is to think out loud. It's like math or physics: show your work!
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    I was also given the alternate interview invite email last week and received an invitation today! So don't lose hope! I am interviewing on 11/15/17. Anyone else interviewing that day?
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    Was put on committee hold just now - crossing my fingers! I absolutely loved the program and facility and everyone was so welcoming. We'll see!!
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    Rejected! Ah, so bummed...top of my list. Good luck everyone! I'll be going to Tufts in January! Dan
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    Lolz, I know what you mean. I'm anxiously waiting to see if anyone interviewed got their results yet...
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