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    I understand it's difficult to move, especially with with the reasons you cite (family/friends/community/spouse's employment). While it's difficult to pick up and move, EZLife could make two to three times as much if s/he left NYC while enjoying the reduced COL. The mathematics behind that is a game-changer. EZ could make $67K a year working part time in many parts of the country. But to each their own.
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    Anyone else sitting in their hotel room - trying to calm their nerves and get the wrinkles out of their suit from traveling LOL Tip for those with upcoming interviews... bring a jacket/sweater... it gets chilly in Midland!
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    We have the same "extender" language in our EMR. I am going to talk to my director as well. I don't think the patient will give me the "bug eyes/WTF" if I told them I am a Medical Practitioner. The term is very self-explanatory. The problem with our name is not only the "Assistant" but also the "Physician." Physician Associate is not any better in my opinion. We need a stand-alone name, especially with OTP movement.
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    I'm a student at USA and we were also just on Fall break this past Thursday and Friday! That plus all the hurricane drama has definitely put them back. Mrs. Dunn told me they are working hard though! Hoping to hear something very soon.
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    We were also told last week at the Tennessee-APA conference that you have to pay tax on any loan reimbursement as well - and it usually isn't a small amount which may negate any relief.
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    Hi everyone! I received a few questions about how to ‘stand out’ during interview day and also what is unique about the PSU interview process. Regarding setting yourself apart from other candidates...if you are selected for an interview than you have already accomplished this! Keep in mind that only about 110 candidates (or approximately 3% of applicants) are interviewed each cycle. So, if you are invited to interview, the admissions team already thinks you’re unique! Interview day is all about seeing if you are a good fit for the program AND FOR YOU TO SEE IF THE PROGRAM IS A GOOD FIT FOR YOU!! With that said, our interview process is also unique in several ways. First, interviews are conducted in small groups- usually no more than about 8 or so. The faculty interviewers will already know a lot about you from your applications so, while you should know your application inside and out, also be prepared to speak to things about yourself not already asked. Another unique aspect is our patient interview. Although the patient you will meet with is usually an actual patient of our faculty (who continue to actively practice clinical medicine) medical knowledge is not needed for this component of the day. It is simply an assessment of your people skills (those critical skills in medicine that no textbook or lecture can teach) and usually is every candidate’s favorite part of the interview. Last, many interview days include participation in a TBL (team based learning) session. Again, this is nothing for which you can prepare and is not a part of the interview that is evaluated. This is really where you, the candidate, can get a sense of our Program’s learning and teaching style as well as ask more questions of current students. Thanks for the great questions!! Again, feel free to post questions to the forum or message me privately. For questions sent to me privately, I will respond publicly for the benefit of all but will honor individual privacy. Also, for those near, or relatively near, the Hershey area this Tuesday (10/17), the Program is hosting an information session at the College of Medicine. Members of our faculty, as well as current students and alums, will be there to provide details and answer your questions. Hope this helps!! - Sue, PA-C, Class of 2017
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    Contract says you won't get payout, doesn't mean you won't get the days. I would sit down with boss and say you're leaving in 8 weeks, and need to burn your PTO. Tell them how grateful you are for everything they've done for you, how much you will miss them....and when would they like you to burn your PTO. Bottom line...use your PTO. If they are dicks, then be a dick back. I can work really, really, really slow. I can also catch a bad cold tomorrow. And my goldfish could die or something. You've got 11 days PTO. What's that worth, $5-8K? Would to let them steal that?
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    I just want to encourage those of you who have a low GPA and want to become a PA. Here’s a little bit about me. I applied twice to PA school. The first time I applied, I applied to 12 schools and didn’t get an interview invite from any of them. My cGPA during the first cycle was around d 2.88 and my sGPA was around a 3.2. I had rough start to my college career. My GRE scores were horrible- less than 140 on both the quantitative and qualitative. After my rejection, I retook the GRE. I ended up getting 151 on the qualitative, 147 on the quantitative, and 3.0 writing. I retook two of my prerequisite classes, both of which I had C’s in. The grades I got in those classes was an A, and one B. I Also took another biology class just to add a little more to my GPA. Even with my improvements, I still didn’t fully believe that I could compete with the stellar applicants on this forum. I guess one of things that I had going for me as it concerned my GPA is that there was an upward trend. Over the last 100 or so credit hours, I went hard. I averaged somewhere around a 3.5 cGPA—this included the later semesters of my undergrad work as well as my post-bacc—but still my cGPA remained at below 3.0 As many of you know, low GPA’s aren’t appealing to schools. Many of you are wondering what can you do to stand out amongst the crowd of those with damn near 4.0 GPA’s. Here’s my advice, go to the open houses!!!!! Almost every school that I’ve applied to has an open house meeting. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with the admission faculty. By attending, you become more than just an applicant, you become an actual person. When you go, make sure you dress and act as though you were on an actual interview. You are being watched the entire time by both the faculty and students. Make sure you speak well and look good. Buy a new suit…but not a black one. Black is a common color that people wear to the open houses and interview. Remember, your goal is to stand out, so details are important. This advice my friends is what I believe contributed to my admission into PA school. Of course, my hard work over my last 100 credit hours played a major part too. So I guess my point in all this is to push as hard as you can to help resolve the mistakes that you may have made in your earlier college days and go for the gold!! My last bit of advice is to not allow yourselves to be filled with doubt. I was disheartened to read some of the replies to the posts on this fourm where PA applicants asked if they had a chance of getting accepted to PA school with stats that were similar to mine. Some people were advised by members of this fourm that they had no chance, and I couldn't disagree more. This opportunity is yours for the taking. Don't accept someone on a blog site telling you that you don't have what it takes. Blessinga to you all.
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    sounds like you have some great experience, and a good background which should be really helpful! like you said, I would try and shadow another specialty, and then I'd make sure your personal statement is excellent and apply early - it really does make a difference - you got this!
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    From my understanding yes, Mrs. Mealer stated our application is an interview without an interview so it makes a big difference.
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    Your grades are fine and your experience is interesting; not everyone has their HCE in psych, but it should be considered well in many programs. The combined A&P is not always preferred by PA programs; most want separate courses and both with labs. Do your research there. It sounds like you'd be worth a shot here. Good luck!
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    Congrats to those who received an acceptance and will be committing to USF PA School! Welcome to the USF PAmily :) For those still waiting for a call or an interview, don't lose hope! Again, if you have any questions, feel free to DM me.
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    I’ve asked other applicants from previous years and they say that the interview process always changes every year. Some of them had to explain a certain topic on Anatomy & Physiology while other had to take a short exam. *If you all don’t mind me asking, when we’re y'alls Caspa apps verified? I had mine completed on August 3rd and it seems that other that applied way earlier didn’t get an invite
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    Congrats AspiringPA53 ! I got an invite as well for October 18th!
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    Indeed, while I'm a big fan of 'dead tree' books, I cannot say that I understand why anyone might think they were the best way to capture ephemeral information in the Internet age...
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    Depending on where you're from, we might not notice the accent ;-D SK
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    I just gave up my spot to interview on the 20th - I was accepted in to one of my top picks. Good luck to you all!
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    NY has a boatload of PA schools and literally a stack of cv's of people who will take the job at 67, which is a bit low, but I'm not sure you will be breaching triple digits for a recent grad in primary care. About 5 hours away in Corning you can get triple digits, because it's hours away. Check it out.
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    There are far more factors to consider than just salary. Market saturation (supply and demand) is a big player. If I'm not mistaken, NY has a lot of PA schools and is generally considered a pretty saturated area. The bottom line is you just may not have a lot of bargaining power. If you are going to try to negotiate you need evidence (AAPA salary report, to start) but there's always the chance they won't play the game and you are stuck with the choice of accepting a subpar salary or walking away. When people on this forum say 'don't take an underpaying job' they are essentially saying walk away. Any employer that is going to try to pay a PA $67k per year certainly won't be negotiating a 50% increase and probably pays that because they know they will find someone willing to take it. Also 100k is not a hard and fast rule. 87- 93k in an area where that is appropriate for the cost of living shouldn't be snubbed.
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    There are plenty of us that didn't know we would be going to PA school until long after college graduation and we've managed just fine without intentional resume boosters. Do something because it interests you and you want to do it, not because you are trying to fluff a resume/application.
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    Anything that you feel increases your skills/traits, will be a great thing to do. Whether you put those things on a job resume or any kind of graduate school application, it will likely be valued. If the research summer program actually interests you, do that one! If the others interest you more, then do that! If you have no real interest or desire to do them at all, that is also fine. While this may only be anecdotal, I actually put my job when I was 14 years old and filed patient charts at an eye doctors office on my PA school application. Sure it was a really long time ago, but it added to my story on how I got into medicine. A few people from admissions for some programs recognized that and commented on it in a positive way. And I just want to second the thoughts from above. Choose a degree you actually like since you will probably naturally get better grades because you are studying something you enjoy. Also, choose a degree that will offer a career you are interested in, regardless if you go on to do some sort of graduate program.
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    I'm showing up Monday for a Tuesday interview. Would be interested in meeting up Monday evening with other applicants if possible.
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    Just gotta wait, it's beyond your control now. If i could go back in time i would continue to rack up even more hce, shadow other pas, take even more hard sciences and plan even more to keep my sanity to not think about it.
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    I bet it's an awfully small sample size; not likely to provide much more than anecdotal stories.
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    hey, I interviewed 10/6 an gt accepted on Thursday ! it was a group interview, individual and a written essay.
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    They probably don't come to this board anymore ;)
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    That's normal. Your eraider password expires every 90ish days. You just have to make a new one
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    Hi everyone! Congrats to those accepted. I interview on October 20th. Does anyone know how many seats are still open?
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    Would you really receive world class training? By comparison, the Medical College of Wisconsin offers a dermatology fellowship in which you know you would. Plus, the salary is 55k there with full benefits, and you would legit be more marketable after.
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    Can we change PA to MP already? I think Medical Practitioner is so perfect, let's just make it happen!
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    Yup ours is calculated as collections/billing. We do not subtract the insurance adjustment
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    Earlier this morning, I got an email saying that I was invited to interview on October 24th. Good luck guys!! :)
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    I received an invite for October 17th
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    I received my invite last night for Oct 16th as well!
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    Be on the lookout! This morning I received an interview invite for Monday Oct 16th :)
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    Got a 140, pretty disappointed
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    What resources are you using for how to do this? I want to pay off the wife and my loans, max contribute to 401k and mutual funds, buy a house, then invest to build wealth and retirement income (passive income).
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    i didn't study for it and my program doesn't assign a grade with it. Still waiting for the results though.
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    Im going to answer you with a question first, have you simulated through a GPA calculator what would happen to your GPA if you retook or took additional science classes? I would absolutely suggest if you're going to raise one, that you raise the science gpa. Let me caveat that when you calculate your GPA it will most likely be different from how CASPA calculates it. Keep in mind, if you don't know, they'll average out to grades for the same class even if it's an older class. Keep me posted
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    Army here. 5 years - Sgt 68W - Infantry Medic Got into PA school a few weeks ago!
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    they do have good pay and great benefits. they have to in order to treat PAs the way they do. My first job in urgent care right out of school was in CA working for KP in urgent care. they treated me well, but there was definitely a culture of "this is PA work and this is MD work". My next job was with KP in Oregon working in EM. I had transferred into the position from CA. Better scope of practice, but many specialists refused to talk to PAs on the phone, our scope of adv skills was limited, and they called at 0630 EVERY SINGLE DAY I was off asking me if I wanted to fill open shifts, even if I had just gotten off at 0200. The pay and benefits are awesome, that is for certain. I had KP insurance when my kid was born. difficult labor and delivery, NICU time, etc. total bill? $5. If I was still there I would be at the top of the pay scale(step 20) and close to making $100/hr on night shifts with differentials, but would want to kill myself after each and every shift. The final straw that made me leave was when they took the code cart out of the PA area and wanted to make a new grad fp doc my SP. when I said I should work with an EM doc they said" it doesn't matter, you are just a physician'S assistant". I handed them my pager and walked out that day. best professional choice I ever made. had a new job the next day at a level 1 trauma ctr.
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    I turned down the interview offer for October 14th due to already being accepted into a few programs so I am hoping one of you gets a happy email in the next few days!! Good luck!!
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    MCPHS Worcester cycle ends December 1st 2017 for the class matriculating in 2019 (I'm pretty sure January). The class starting in 2018 was accepted in the last cycle. [My coworker got into MCPHS Worcester in the last cycle to be in the class starting in 2018, she called them to say that if anyone declined acceptance that she would love to start in 2017, and they called her 2 weeks before the start of classes and they got her into this years class!]
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    I think much of the advice above is a bit off the track: we all learn differently and different courses may call on different approaches. Rev ronin is on track: Go to your learning center. Also, when your current style doesn't work in a class, try something else! In my case, I could never memorize pharm from flashcards or tables, so I tried drawing family trees of different classes of drugs. In my case, I could still see these trees during exams. Don't start drawing trees, but recognize that a definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. If what you are doing doesn't work, be an experimentalist and try something new that fits you.
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    I was tempted to apply, but I saw the question about it being a faith-based program.
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    Hey guys. I'm a first year PA student at Western. First off, I just wanted to let you guys know you're making the right choice by applying here. This is truly an exceptional program and the support you will receive from your teachers and peers here is as good as it gets. I remember being in your guys shoes last year, the hope, the fear, the anticipation. Enjoy the process, because whatever's meant to happen will happen whether your stressed or calm. I wish you guys the best of luck!
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    This topic really hits home for me, and has been part of a lengthy discussion I had with the PA I'm currently shadowing. She and I both agreed that there seems to be a mentality nowadays that if you aren't working 50-60 hours a week, you aren't working hard enough. This is coming from a PA I have seen first-hand take patients 15 minutes before her day was supposed to be over, because she is flexible and understanding. I whole heartedly agree with the post above, that it is how hard you work in the hours you put in, rather than the number of hours you're averaging. PART of the reason the profession is so appealing to me is the thought of living a life with meaning that is also comfortable. By comfortable, I mean having the things I need and perhaps a few things I want, not neglecting patient needs while collecting a substantial paycheck. I just hate the thought that if you are concerned about finding balance in your own life as a provider, you must not have gone into medicine for the right reasons. I hope to one day be a part-time provider to spend more time with the kids and maybe do some traveling. Neither of those things makes me selfish, but they do bring me joy. Life is about so much more than just career, and frankly, the best providers I've seen are the ones who have outside interests and activities, and often like to swap short stories during the appointment.
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    You sound like an ideal candidate, even with your overall GPA. What gives? I really hope you get in this year, because applying to >200 school seems like over-kill especially with stats like yours. I got an email from PAMO stating that the PAEA in collaboration with CASPA found that admissions committees base 65% of their interview offer decisions off the applicant's personal statement, so maybe revamping your PS might give you a huge edge? Because looking at your stats, I don't know what else the issue could be (unless you have a super low GRE score). And the fact that you got a(n) interview(s) last cycle and were waitlisted points to one of two things: possibly interviewing late in the cycle or not having refined your interviewing skills enough. P.S. I would definitely contribute to your GoFundMe if I weren't already in crippling debt from this whole process. :(
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