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    Hello Everyone!!! I am currently a first year student at the TTU PA program!! If anyone is wanting to get some insight about the program, Midland, or just how life is as a student - please don't hesitate to text me (text me your name that you are prospective student that way I don't block your number - 3256656996) I'm down to hangout tomorrow evening for those coming into town for their interviews on Thursday - I'm down to grab coffee or dinner, I'm down for that! I wish you all the best of luck on all the interviews you get! Hang in there cause the waiting game is the worst portion of all! I'm open to everyone, not just for Thursday's group of interviewees! Again, don't hesitate, but please be patient on a response if you text, I may be studying or in class lol! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Just got accepted but will be giving up my spot for another program! Hope it helps someone! :)
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    Accepted! 4th cycle GPA 3.5ish HCE 12k hours GRE 307 ETA: volunteering 150 hours
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    To anyone who gets accepted today-Congratulations. You deserve it, and it was your hard work and perseverance that got you accepted to this great school.
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    Best of luck to everyone today!!!! Regardless of what the decision is today, I really enjoyed the interview process and I loved having the opportunity to meet everyone!!
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    Accepted! cGPA: 3.35 GRE: 311 PCE: 3,800 hours (at time of application) Volunteer: ~300 hours Shadowing: ~25 hours College athlete 2nd time applying with no interviews or acceptances last year.
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    I hope it makes you feel better that I've had the opposite experience. I work 12-13 nine hour shifts a month. The MDs I work with tend to work more shifts and end up staying late at their shifts regularly when I rarely get out more than a half hour after my shift is over. I've seen a lot of MD burn out and a lot more PA satisfaction, maybe because it's easier to switch jobs? Our group is easily, fully staffed with PAs and NPs so we have great work life balance, but we have a hard time recruiting MDs and they are all working a lot more shifts. I have also been told by a few MDs that they wish they would've done PA instead and I know one who told his kid to consider PA over MD (she ended up doing RN, so maybe she's going to be an NP). I don't question all those years of experience and what EMEDPA has seen, but I don't think it's like that in every situation. For example, the OBGYN I was precepted by worked about 80 hours a week because of surgery, delivery, clinic hours and being on call. The NP she worked with did M-F 8-5 and never took call (she didn't deliver babies so no reason). The peds and PCP preceptors I had were PAs and worked bank hours. The orthopedic surgery PA I shadowed did clinic days and then first assist for surgery and worked great hours, no weekends (to be fair, I think his surgeon did the same). I did two hospital internal medicine rotations. The hospitalist PA I was a student with worked weekends and holidays but did 40 hour work weeks, took about an hour when he first got to work to chat and eat breakfast and had hour long lunches. The MD hospitalist I was a student with pretty much worked 7 days a week and did 12-14 hour days (he took long lunches, too). I kind of suspected he did that to himself and wanted to avoid being at home or maybe it's because he and his partners owned the practice? I don't know what his deal was but he was just always working. This isn't a factor for everyone, but it's worth noting that all of the doctors I work with had their kids either in their mid to late 30's or early 40's (they were talking about it one day, not just me pondering their reproductive lives). A PA friend of mine works with a neurosurgeon who is in her early 40's and doing IVF with a sperm donor because she says she just never had time for a personal life but wants kids now. I also work with a doc who told me the best thing about finishing residency was being able to have dogs again. I have a friend who is married to an EM resident and they had their first kid just before he started. They're doing fine but he is at work all the time and as someone who has a kid the same age, I can't imagine missing so much time with my toddler (seems like they change by the hour sometimes). I think it would be really hard. I'm all for deciding never to have kids, not having them in your twenties, prioritizing career, being a stay at home parent, etc etc, no wrong way to do it (or not do it). I don't want to offend anyone by mentioning this stuff, but some people like to consider it when looking into their career. Sorry this turned into such a lengthy stream of thought post! I just want you to feel warm a fuzzy about your PA choice, again.
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    Just received an email notifying me of my position on the waitlist. Definitely disappointed because I loved this program but I'm still hopeful! Congratulations to everyone who is accepted today!!
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    Received my official confirmation itinerary for my interview on Nov. 3!
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    On this same note, I have met so many doctors through shadowing experiences who have told me that they regret having gone to med school and that they would've chosen the PA route in a heartbeat if only they'd known about it. Some of these same doctors have also told me that they are discouraging their children from following in their footsteps. I've also met many doctors who pull >60 hours/week as well as PAs who work 3-4 12's per week. Again, it is all a matter of perspective and your specialty. Staying open-minded is great, but someone's beliefs shouldn't automatically be disregarded because of their age. I'm a traditional student who just graduated last year and wants to be a PA. Does that mean I'm jumping the gun? No, it doesn't. Not everyone who wants to practice medicine wants to be a doctor.
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    I'm sorry if you interpreted my post as a slight against the PA profession or a personal affront. As I said multiple times the PA career is fantastic and I am pursuing becoming a PA myself over a MD/DO. I don't want to be a doctor. The reason I brought up MD in the first place was that the OP's post implied that they haven't done a ton of research about the profession or the logistics of getting there which could be interpreted as maybe they hadn't considered MD/DO. I'm just a dude on the internet, y'all can do whatever the eff you want to do, but my advice remains the same. If I was 18 and in her shoes I would definitely consider MD as an option. It ultimately depends on her goals and aspirations. If she decides to go PA, that's great too. My wife decided at age 17 she wanted to be a PT and today she's a happy practicing PT so it can be done. Also worth pointing out that many a pre-PA/Pre-Med decided to go a different route once they took some upper level college classes. Either way, wishing the OP the best of luck on her exciting journey ahead.
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    you have a lot of research to do still. outside of surgery, many PAs work MORE than the docs they work with. I have been working in medicine for over 30 years. I know a lot more happy, well rounded physicians than PAs. the folks I know who are better parents are the docs, not the PAs, why? they work 30 hrs/week while the PAs work 45-80. they are home at night while the PAs cover the ICU, ER, etc they are home Christmas, etc while the PAs staff the various hospital depts. they are at their kid's ball games while the PA is seeing pts in clinic. physicians who get initial training in family medicine can do many things outside of clinic work. this is a very flexible career path. one can do ER coverage, manage OB pts including c-sections, work as a hospitalist, do lots of procedures like scopes, derm stuff, treadmills, cosmetic stuff, vasectomies, overseas work, etc. my biggest regret in life I think is not going to medschool. I like my current PA job, but it took 20 years to get here to work at a place a physician could work day 1 out of residency. I also have to drive more than an hr from a major metro area to find a place that treats PAs well, one of the few places in my state. Docs get instant respect based on the initials after their name. we get instant doubt about our qualifications and constantly have to prove ourselves. please, do yourself a favor. Shadow docs and PAs in the same specialty. ask them about their lives outside of work before you make a decision about who has a better life.
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    Hey guys! I am BEYOND excited to announce that I have been accepted! I wish everyone the best of luck throughout the application process. I look forward to meeting some of you!
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    #one&done I can't wait to meet everyone! Congrats.
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    Hi @tiedyepa, I submitted my app and paid the fee on May 23rd, finished the supplemental on June 4th and emailed to confirm they received it in which they confirmed on June 7th. I then was invited for the September 16th interview on July 21st! I never received any confirmation either and that made me nervous so I sent a short email to confirm and I got a quick "yes we got it" from Audra, the admissions coordinator. I do think they send out rejections but I heard the finalized rejections and/or waitlist will be emailed out in December.
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    I mean, I don't think it would hurt to email them. They have to know that other schools are in full swing interview mode and therefore expect applicants to be curious. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    They will notify you via email! :)
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    Congrats to everyone accepted! The waiting game for accreditation is killing me; I check the ARC and CBU sites pretty regularly. I'd love to know when they're actually meeting. If CBU receives accreditation I'm going to try to make a FB page for the class of 2020.
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    I am in the same boat as you guys. Hoping I can still get good news.
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    They said it's usually 50 people and they usually end up taking close to half but can't tell anyone their rank Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Pam said in my interview group that the waitlist will be 50 people
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    No! I haven't. I'm checking every minute. My birthday is this Saturday. I'm hoping it's going to be a good one with an interview!
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    I just got waitlisted too! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hello everyone! First year applicant here and just received my interview invite for the Tacoma class #6 10/21/2017! I've been a Respriatory therapist for the past 5 years and a pharmacy technician for 5 years before that. I am super excited and nervous for the interview. What is everyone doing to prepare? Have a great day -Nicole
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    I created a Facebook group because I have come to the conclusion that there is not one. Search "South University Tampa PA program class of 2020" and it should come up.
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    jesuschrist people, the girl is 18. Just go to any college and pursue any major for now. Neither med or PA school cares about colleges or majors. Make sure you keep your GPA as high as possible. Get HCE/PCE because thats necessary for both PA and med school. And most importantly, just enjoy college. Enjoy your youth. As for whether you should go PA or med school, you got plenty of time to decide. You got until junior year at the minimum to figure out which profession you want to pursue. Things happen and people change over time. Who knows? Maybe by junior year you rather go to PT school or whatever. I was dead set on pharmacy school my first 2 years of college. Things changed. A lot of people here always say if you're young, go to med school etc etc. I'm 24 and just started my rotations for PA school and I just can't imagine going through more school. I'm pretty tired of school. Maybe in 20 years I'll wished I went to med school instead, but as of right now at this very moment, I do not lol.
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    I got the interview invite as well :) 900 applicants!
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    Okay, but OP did not ask anything about being a PA vs. a doctor. I don't know why posts like this from young prospective PAs always get responses that seem to steer towards discouraging them from joining such a great profession. Keep the faith, OP. If you want to be a PA, you will get there. Try also asking your question on the Pre-PA Reddit (which I find to be more supportive toward young people becoming PAs).
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    Just got my acceptance as well. Good luck to all those still interviewing, interview day is an interesting experience at CBU, and the faculty/staff are incredibly nice people. Fingers crossed for accreditation!
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    I interviewed 9/11 too and got my acceptance letter this morning!! :) Good luck to everyone interviewing! :)
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    I received my acceptance today. I am super excited and praying everything goes through with accreditation. I really liked the program but above all the faculty.
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    I was accepted today from my 9/11 interview!!! Anyone else hear anything? Good luck to those still waiting/interviewing!!
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    Per the 2016-2017 class statistics 50 of the 88 students were Alabama residents, 38 from out of state and the class before that had 39 Alabama Residents and 41 from out of state. It appears that they look for the best students for their program. The statistics are in the link below. http://www.uab.edu/shp/cds/physician-assistant/admissions
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    I'm not actually being facetious. I'm just cool with my maybe unpopular opinion, and everyone else's as well. I'll invite any flames headed my way, but haters gonna hate and all of that. We all know all of my opinions are always right and people that disagree are all wrong. I'm okay with that! I'll never think it's for everybody. I would not have gone to medical school for free when I was 18, and didn't in my 40's when I had the chance. Once I discovered PA, it was no contest. I told the Harvard Post-bacc I wasn't coming after all and canceled all my apartment stuff in Cambridge. I was simply assuming OP had made that decision already. Maybe I should suggest they go ask the PA vs. MD over at SDN. I got the comedy tonight! Try the veal, and tip your waiters and waitresses.
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    Haha not sure if you're being facetious but this is pretty standard advice for young people interested in medicine. EMEDPA has said it many times and I agree. I know all the stats about job satisfaction etc etc and I am totally happy with my decision to pursue the PA profession but if I was 18 and had the foresight to plan my future like this I would most likely give MD/DO a LONG, HARD look. As it is, I have no interest in the MD/DO path due to my station in life and goals. Both are great careers that foster sometimes disparate values.
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    Off topic but thought I'd share. Ordered a heart beat one too for the same price that hasn't arrived yet [emoji68]?How is everyone? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'm a fairly new grad, and I had a 4 year old and 3 year old through didactic, and had my 3rd 3 days before graduation. If you have a solid relationship with your spouse before starting school, that is crucial to your success (along with communication). I agree with Rev about managing your expectations. I actually found that I was less stressed than classmates, however, because I had more perspective on life and what was important. Learn what you need to know to be a great clinician, but don't burn yourself out... your family is first priority. I do agree with MomofEAF that it's tougher being a mom in school when the kids are little. I give major kudos to all the dads who have done it, though!
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    Hi! I'm a 1st year student at this point. Happy to answer your question! So personally I have to hear things like 100 times before I actually understand it. So it takes me a lot longer to study than most people. Spring A&P MEDEX will probably tell you to set aside 20 hours per week for this. I honestly spend 30-40 hours on this class because there was so much information! But I know some of my classmates range from 10 hours - 50 hours per week for this class. But it does take a pretty good chunk of your time. So if you plan to work full-time, don't plan on have much party time. Summer in Seattle This is a pretty intense quarter. You'll spend 9am - 4pm in class. And the rest of the time you'll spend studying. You'll have a exam every Monday that consist of 4-5 topics (ex. cardio, respiratory, GI, GU, Reproductive) that you'll have to know for the exam. But it is still possible to have one weekend day to yourself during this quarter! I personally had time to explore Seattle while I was here and try many of the amazing restaurants! Fall This is a slower ramp up from summer. The first few weeks were pretty slow and I was actually thinking to myself "what is going on?!?!?" but it ramps up after that and you'll end up having 2-3 exams per week. And it will be similar to summer, but longer. I hope I answered your question!
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    What day is the last round of interviews?
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    Quiet - You posted a while back about having difficulties in the ED, and got some good advice. Making some observations from that post and from this post, I have some advice for you. Please don't take it as any sort of personal insult because that is certainly not my intention, just some observations and advice, take it or leave it. Your language is unprofessional, and very passive. Instead of "I was gloved and gowned", you wrote "I was in gloves, with one of those thin yellow gowns just for safety." "genital herpes is like super contagious" "it seems that way from all that I have read" "maybe", "maybe", "what if", "seems", Your OCD/paranoia is alarming. We all probably need to wash our hands more often, and some of us likely get fluids on us more than we should so I'm not suggesting you dip your finger in blood to note the time on your patient's forehead (like we used to be taught to do for tournequets).....but your OCD/paranoia about "catching something icky" is alarming. If I worked with you, and you got into full gown attire for every pelvic exam, I would think you were ridiculous. Add to that your unprofessional language, and your apparent lack of knowledge, and I think I can see why you are struggling in the ED. My suggestions (take them or leave them): You made it through PA school and passed the PANCE, so your head IS full of knowledge. Maybe your OCD/paranoia is just blocking access to it. If so, then get help with your OCD/paranoia so your cognitive side can shine through. Work on your professionalism. Dress professional, TALK professional, and BE professional. Lose ALL SEMBLANCE of the juvenile "Valley talk" that you have used in this post (never, ever again use the term "like" as an adjective, as in "it's, like, super contagious"). Use the medical language that you know. And perhaps EM isn't your calling. If you get OCD about doing a pelvic, what are you going to do when EMS brings in the multi-trauma that's still pumping blood all over the floor, or the diabetic homeless guy with maggots literally crawling under his skin. These are the times when YOU HAVE TO PERFORM and get your team to perform. Again, just some observations and suggestions based on just a couple of posts. I may be wayyyyyy of base, and if so, then just ignore them.
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    Now I am concerned. I read this thread on a touch screen. If a poster on this forum has herpes, and I touch their post on my screen, can I get herpes?
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