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  2. I don’t think the NP door can ever be shut for someone. There is an online NP school somewhere in this country that will take your money no matter your circumstances
  3. We were told it would be a couple weeks. The faculty and admissions committee has to meet but one of the faculty members will be away for some time working on a new course. They said they hope it won’t be too long of a wait.
  4. When did they open on CASPA? I checked back in June and didn't even see the school listed and thought that was due to probationary status.
  5. Does anyone know what they mean by “academic interview” ?
  6. Have people received any sort of confirmation email yet? Like anything saying that CASPA is complete and received by the program? I am debating if I should be emailing them to confirm.
  7. had a student flunk out of myPA program in same city he signed up for NP program soon there after he is an NP now.... go figure....
  8. Today
  9. Hi guys! I was wondering if anyone knows if the interview will be open or closed? In other words, will the interviewers have access to our CASPA application during the interview... or no?
  10. It doesn't go to the following year? In prior years the interview dates extended into the following year.
  11. Application Was verified 6/12 and had an interview on 8/9. Have yet to hear back they said 2-3 weeks after the interview you'll know the decision.
  12. Yesterday
  13. I received an email that my application was received and being reviewed on June 17th.
  14. My interview is 9/5 at 1 pm!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Yeah that are definitely not rolling. I applied there last year and that’s how the process went
  16. Yeah, that's theoretically accurate, but a family nurse practitioner pretty much can do anything a PA can do. I haven't heard a gripe about an NP being pigeonholed into one thing ever. I do know a DNP/FNP who's working on getting cross-certified into behavioral health, though.
  17. If you have a perfect record? Don't respond. If you had a family member die the one semester you got a bunch of mediocre grades? Got divorced and had the same outcome? Assuming you chose not to address those in your personal statement, which *I* would advocate instead so every program sees your underlying history and not just those with a catchall question like this, you should address them here.
  18. Did you by chance end up doing this fellowship?
  19. When did you apply? I’m waiting to hear much of anything, but feel like I’m going to get that email too.
  20. i submitted on 5/31 application received on 6/10 second level evaluation on 8/13 & still waiting!! fingers crossed! i think they are just working through all the applications and it takes time!
  21. Hey my interview is on the 22nd of August. I'm wondering what the timeline for finding out if you're accepted, or, waitlisted is. For those who have been interviewed, have you gotten an answer already? If not, did they say how soon you should be getting an answer?
  22. Hey all, I am currently on CASPA filling out an application and it presents under the "Questions" tab an optional essay. I am going back and forth about whether I should write something there but wanted to hear a few thoughts about the matter first. The question is as follows........." You may use this essay to address any issues you would like the Admissions Committee to know about. This could include time lapses in higher education, academic issues, or clinical experience issues. Responding to this section is not required" What I am struggling with is do you think schools frown upon you not answering this question even though it clearly says optional? My dilemma is " To respond or not respond" that is the question lol...........Thoughts?
  23. Hey, Since they aren't rolling, I strongly recommend you still apply if you have the sufficient funds/time for it. I received my supplemental a few days after I submit my caspa. There is still time and you never know, it only takes 1 school
  24. For those that have received interviews and acceptances, when was your application verified for this school?
  25. Nothing wrong with choosing a new program, but there are disadvantages. In my opinion, the clinical rotations will not be as robust. A new program wont have tried and true rotations that will give you quality clinical experience. For example, in OBGYN, some will give you opportunities to deliver, some will only have clinic, and some will only have you Shadow the whole rotation. Each setting has its own pros and cons but a established program have options and also has weeded out the rotations that just aren't very beneficial to students. Another issue is, unless you run through some or several years, there will be kinks and hurdles the program hits and needs to reassess the curriculum. New programs will have way more of these as they go through the growing pains. Mind you, even the oldest programs have these due to standards changing and credentialing needs to stay up to date, but again an established program will be able to manage those hurdles a little more smoothly. this is my opinion and im not saying you wont get a good education at a new program but just know that there are disadvantages to a program that hasn't gone through several classes to see what they put together actually plays out the way they want. Good luck. I graduate next month and im excited to practice medicine. You will too.
  26. For those that have received interview invites, when was your application verified?
  27. I received an interview invite for 9/11 and I applied for the dual PA/MPH. SO excited! However, the email did not mention anything about the MPH. Wondering if people who applied to the dual program and had interviews had an extra interview for the MPH or if it is the same interview process for both and it just doesn't mention it in the email invite?
  28. Thank you! Very excited, since SB in my number one! I submitted and was verified 5/22 My supplemental was submitted 5/24.
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