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  2. I'm interviewing tomorrow 8/23 and got an email 6/27. I could have scheduled for 7/18 but chose 8/23
  3. Hello everyone, This is a bit weird, but I am a current student at Lipscomb. My wife is applying nearly two years after I applied. How long after submitting your CASPA application did you get an "Application received" email? Was it immediate after your CASPA was verified or did it take a little while? Thanks in advance for your responses!
  4. Hope this timeline helps people! CASPA sent 7/17 GRE received 7/19 Invited for Interview by phone and email 7/29 Told to complete CASper 7/30 Interview Thursday, 8/15 Waitlisted via email 8/21(email specified that you won't know where you are on the waitlist.) Good luck to everybody!
  5. Hey guys For those that interviewed yesterday it can take awhile before you hear back. Last year I interviewed on a Friday and heard back the following Monday mid morning. So it might not be till tomorrow or Monday. We just had skills test/OSCE test yesterday and first big exam today and they will need to look that over as well. Best of luck and ask if you have any further questions.
  6. Too generous, E! Last time I did the Kaplan test bank and looked up the stuff I got wrong Honestly I'm thinking about ignoring peds and taking that section cold I'm so out of the loop on recert (given how irrelevant it is to real life practice), I figured some young sharp PAs here would know the latest resources on the interwebs. But I will take your advice to heart.... M
  7. Yes! I think I met him also! He was an excellent and strong candidate! Congrats to him! I didn’t apply to rocky mountain because of cost also. I would love to stay in Utah and serve the community as a PA in Utah so hopefully we will BOTH get in, in somewhere locally!
  8. Hey guys, has anyone every seen hourly rates of 100hr + ?? I have but they were only locums positions. If so what was the specialty?
  9. You work ER? Sounds like your may work for Team health with that OT is paid hourly unless specified. Iv had team health pay me double time when they were in a spot. That was years ago. But I agree, hourly is the way to go. I am salaried now and you cant even give a shit away because you then own them for the house and have to either pick up a shift or use PTO. ER was hourly and I liked it a lot better for the flexibility of moving shits around. I also remember when I was right out of school Team health offered time and a half for OT, I asked them to remove it from my contract, knowing it would limit how many hours they would let me work, they wouldnt. I worked 200hr/month back then
  10. The next review is in March 2021
  11. I keep getting emails from PCOM advertising their school in general and it’s such a tease when I see their name pop up in my email! Hoping we hear about interviews soon!
  12. A I don’t think so. I also paid for my supplemental as well. But, I have not heard anything either.
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  14. Would anyone be interested in starting a groupme for everyone accepted in here?
  15. @alikuz have you tried to contact cornell about the decision timeline?
  16. Pqyourpa, When I interviewed last year they did not tell us how many seats were still open. I can’t say enough about the program and how much they truly care about the students too.
  17. Hi! I thought I'd chime in, because it seems like you and I have very similar backgrounds. I am a first cycle applicant, recently accepted. I also have worked most of my career with underserved populations (refugees/immigrants, drug users, people living with HIV, homeless individuals, etc), and I focused my personal statement on this. I think that your experience will really set you apart from the crowd. You've got a fair amount of shadowing hours, so that's good! Your GRE is on the lower end (mine was as well), however, your writing score is good. I think the only thing that might trip you up are the GPAs. Were there any subjects that you particularly struggled with? It might be useful to address those head on in your application. Best of luck!
  18. Anyone who put center city as their preference in the east falls application receive an interview? Worried that putting center city as my preference might hurt my chances.
  19. Forget working in the ER - how can any person with this much hatred and bigotry function in a service profession? Working in the ER didn't DO THIS to this guy - this is him - his ingrained set of beliefs that he freely spews. These jackwads exist in every walk of life. Keeping them from ruining our profession or putting out bad press is a constant fight. If you can't treat a human being as a human being - don't go into medicine - at all. If you act like this - buh bye - so long - no more license for you. Tired of idiocy
  20. I just got the call- I’m in! Interviewed on 8/20. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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