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  2. Did they hand out interviews for the month of September or October yet anyone know?
  3. I've been wait listed as well. I wonder how big the list is?
  4. Congratulations! I was at the Oct. 11 interview too! I know they really want us to give a response as soon as possible, but I'm still waiting for some more programs. Did you accept the offer?
  5. I got an Interview Invite as well! Did anyone receive any info/does anyone know what type of interview it will be (i.e. MMI, One on one, group panel, group interview, etc)? Will there be a writing activity or a group activity as well? Thanks
  6. To the ones who have been accepted have y’all received an email on how to pay the deposit? Good luck to everyone still waiting!!! Stay positive! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. This is for pacific univ in Oregon, right? Sorry I’m just trying not to get my hopes up since I haven’t heard anything yet
  8. Hi guys, I know this is very specific but I just wanted to get all your input on my chances of getting into a PA program. I am a post-grad currently I hold a Bachelors in Health Administration with a 3.2 GPA. I have a 3.7 GPA in my science prerequisite courses. I have over 200 hours of volunteer work with a local nonprofit organization. I have also been a CNA for a little over 2 years. I recently just accepted a job offer to become a scribe in ER (havent started yet but very excited). I have not taken the GRE or TEAS but plan on it! If I don't get into PA school I was also considering becoming an NP. Being a CNA I've seen the work nurses do, and while I respect it and know I can do it, I think my heart and my passion leans more towards the medical side of healthcare. So my options for PA school are UC Davis, Stanford, Loma Linda, USC, and Touro at the moment. I just want to know my chances in getting in. Thank you for your time!
  9. Received an email about a spot on the waitlist
  10. Nope, no interview. Just got an email saying they had a competitive pool of over 1800 applicants this year for only 60 spots.
  11. Also in the same boat! I don’t know how many interviews they hold, but I’m starting to get stressed.
  12. So sorry.,... Did you have an interview?? I still haven’t heard anything
  13. When I toured this summer they said they usually do interviews in September. I emailed the PA account asking for an update last week but have gotten no response. Hopefully we will hear soon!
  14. Well, that’s the thing... I felt really self conscious at the time about asking a PA that was trying to help me with my clinical rotations to be hassled with my school’s requirement. I didn’t really know much about why they needed it to be that way, either. I backed out of what could have been a great rotation.
  15. Okay, I received the interview reminder email today. It basically just confirmed the date and also a reminder to wear interview attire, bring an original copy of your social security card, a check for $75 admission application fee and be prepared to stay for an hour.
  16. @kmeeu22 Congratulations on your acceptance!! I'll probably wait a little longer and see if anyone else posts information about a FB group since I know they're just starting to send out acceptances!
  17. Surgery Vs Cardiology Hospital Vs Private practice 125K in Urgent care Vs 115K in Cardio not a fair comparison. I make 115K with 4 years in EM. I know people at my perdiem U.C. making 140K.
  18. I interviewed 9/30 and got acceptance email on 10/9, and plan to decline, but I was confused because the email said "I encourage you to wait until receipt of your admission packet via U.S. mail before confirming or declining your admission offer online as described below." I may just go ahead and email and say that I am declining the seat. I haven't gotten anything in the mail.
  19. Individual schools might have different opinions but in general you should be able to classify CNA as PCE. See: https://beaphysicianassistant.com/blog/difference-between-pce-vs-hce-for-pa-school-application
  20. Could be bias. My program didn’t seem to care, we just had to include the physician in the agreement and petition for permission if we wanted to precept with PAs. I’m not even sure now if it was a insurance issue or I misinterpreted and it was simply a requirement with the preceptor contract as a way to ensure the SP was in the loop and informed of what was going on with the PA. All my PD said was it was a requirement for the “contract”, so I assumed it was for the insurance, but that was only part of the whole process. Having not precepted anyone myself, I’m still ill informed.
  21. I was just waitlisted from the 10/7 interview. All we can do is hope now!!
  22. CASPA submitted 8/30/19, Supplemental submitted 9/5/19. Definitely procrastinated but spent a lot of time tuning the supplemental essays.
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