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  2. I submitted my application 9/12and got an interview invite on 9/23
  3. I’m confused by their site...are you just interpreting labs online or are you at a site drawing labs? What’s the pay like? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I also heard the good news this morning! I haven't heard anything about a facebook group.
  5. Does anyone know if they are sending out interview invites soon?
  6. Cannot wait to meet everyone at the 10/17-10/18 interview session! Fingers crossed for us all!
  7. I'm sorry, not familiar with the acronym OP, and what are you alluding to as a troll? Lots of bashing on this site! I was simply asking NYCPAC if he considered other options. As a PA of over 21 years, medicine can certainly burn one out, especially of time. So I ALWAYS keep my options open. Especially if I can also use it to relieve some of the tax burden we all have.
  8. Hello! Does anyone know if their program would be considered rolling admissions? Would it be worth it to submit an application this late? Thanks
  9. I just gave up my interview, so hopefully more calls will be made and invites sent out Wishing luck to everybody!
  10. 48/72 is probably the best bet for a firefighter schedule with a side gig.
  11. Has anyone had an interview invite or otherwise that submitted an application in September? My portal still has the applicant checklist so I'm wondering if they are still reviewing applications.
  12. Precepting is something I do to give back. If a program doesn't want me to precept their students I'm certainly not going to beg them to please please take my free labor. It doens't bother me to precept NP students like it does some but, again, I'm not begging anyone to let me. Sorry...got a little off topic.
  13. Unfortunately I was rejected on 10/11/19. Good luck to the rest of you!
  14. Hi! I just got my invitation for Anchorage on 11/16 as well! See you there hoping to learn more about the interview day/what to expect
  15. Thank you! I interviewed on 7/26 and was offered a seat on 7/28.
  16. Has anyone received an interview invite from an application submitted/verified in September? I love seeing all of the people getting interview invites and acceptances but this waiting process is rough.
  17. No reputable employer is going to accept an all online ACLS certification. My organization does mixed learning which is a great improvement but there is no legit way to avoid the skills test.
  18. I’ll be joining you! Super relieved and excited! I’ll hop over to the Anchorage thread to help coordinate a meet-up.
  19. Boats my point was more about expectations and how things would be perceived using a lawyer's perfect 20-20 retrospectrovision. I suspect a miss in the ER after following good standards would suffer less scrutiny than a UC trying to rule out an MI with an EKG and a Troponin. My super power is imagining the worst possible outcome from a given policy or circumstance. I can only imagine the line of hired experts that would testify as to how inappropriate a cardiac rule out is in an UC particulrly done by a PA. I'm not saying it can't be done. I'm saying there are physicians who would stand in line to testify it is malpractice.
  20. Hey friends, I submitted my app in July and received my "Prerequisites are completed and verified" on September 9th. I was wondering if anyone kind of around the same boat has heard anything for if anyone knows about more interviews. Let me know! Thanks y'all, best of luck this year!
  21. Am I correct in the fact that I will know if I am accepted as soon as the day following the interview?
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