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  2. Yep, I ordered US, XR, labwork, vascular referral, etc. today...started antibiotics. I was more just HUGELY surprised wound care did nothing to confirm that ulcer was gone with no abscess formation deep since patient was still tender - so was wondering if that was wound care protocol or more normal to have confirmatory US.
  3. For those of you who received invites to interview: Did you complete ALL your prerequisites after 2015?
  4. @MediMike Thank you for your encouragement! @JD2012 They do! I am a first year student trying to consider what electives I want to do, so I am just trying to put in some research now in order to have more information before deciding on which elective rotations I want to do as we begin meeting with our clinical directors. @pastudentw Thank you for sharing your experience with me! What is your experience with the role of PAs as first assists in the OR at level 1 trauma centers? Would you say that is rare or that it depends on the hospital?
  5. Did you try checking your spam mail? I thought I remember reading somewhere that sometimes the emails can go there! I received an email earlier today informing me that I was awarded the scholarship and my portal USAjobs portal still says referred!!
  6. If you are concerned you should order follow up imaging such as MRI. Sounds like a reasonable concern and plan. If no abcsess or osteomyelitis then you have documented proof no need for further intervention.
  7. Anyone know how many are on the Alternate List??
  8. I am not sure why it is conventional to enroll young children in a local soccer league. Perhaps it is the cute oversized jerseys or the adorable way they run around like misdirected ants. Never-the-less, I was one of those oversized jersey kids. Fortunately, I fell in love with the sport and all it had to offer. I played every year and eventually joined a club league as well as my high school team which was fortunate to win our state championship. During a friendly game my senior year, I suffered an upsetting ankle injury that would project my life into a different direction. After numerous doctor visits and countless physical therapy appointments, I returned to the field knowing that I would never be the same. It was this event that lead me to an introduction to Brandon, a physician assistant who worked in my college town. While in my undergraduate program I was able to balance three jobs, tutor children in homeless shelters and maintain a decent GPA. During this time, I was also able spend a summer in South Africa volunteering in various communities, opening up my eyes and heart to other cultures. I thought I had it all figured out but was admittedly undecided when the question of what I was going to do post graduation was proposed. After speaking to a counselor, I was set up in a program that allowed me to shadow a physician in the specialty of my choosing. Remembering the wonderful encounters I had while recovering from my ankle injury, I chose to shadow an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Funk. I presumed with a name like Funk, the experience would be entertaining at the least. I did not know at the time that he also worked with a physician assistant, Brandon, who was an alumnus of my university. I noticed that Brandon in particular was kind to his patients, taking time to explain even the smallest of his decisions. The fascination only continued as I was hired on as a scribe in my home town emergency department. Unaware that this was the second busiest emergency department in Los Angeles county and the third busiest in the state of California, I reluctantly accepted the position. To say that I was scared when I was first hired would be the understatement of a lifetime. All I knew of the ER was what was portrayed on television as my mother watched the dramatic long running series. I decided to push forward and was reminded of my years of piano lessons and how a piece that was once intimidating was later mastered and played for an audience. During my time in the emergency department, I have had the privilege of working with kind and selfless providers. The PAs in particular have shown a kindness to their patients and an excitement for their profession unlike any other career I have known. They have been well-informed, team-oriented, humble and skilled. Due to the lack of medical services in the area, I have seen a large of volume of patients pass through the department with an array of acute problems to end stage diseases. Even with the high volume of patients checking in daily, the PAs continue to fully treat patients and inform them of their condition, aspiring me to also work in an underserved area. Nothing captivates me more than communities. I love the way that different pieces are able to work together, much like the human body. I am continually intrigued by the way the body attempts to heal itself, but I am more so impressed by the way others are able to support that process. Weather by suturing a laceration to repair a patient physically, or by educating them on a reoccurring problem to help them mentally, PAs are able to be a part of healing the patient as a whole. Much like the workings of a human body, I appreciate the way that physician assistants are able to communicate with other physicians and nurses in order to treat patients. In nearly all aspects of my life, I have sought out opportunities that would challenge me and I desire a career that will do the same. To be a physician assistant would not only allow me to love and support those who are unable to help themselves, but will be the perfect combination of strength, determination and compassion all of which I believe I exemplify. I have watched a number of PAs go the extra mile to encourage and assist those around them, weather staying late to help a coworker or check prices of prescriptions for the benefit of those less fortunate. I believe that I will be an outstanding PA and the events in my life have prepared me well for the profession. Growing up playing sports has taught me and allowed me to demonstrate team work; Playing the piano has trained me in the importance of working until the job is done; Continuing to volunteer in my hometown homeless shelter has given me an opportunity to express compassion; and juggling multiple jobs while in school has taught me time management and organization. With didactic and clinic skills, I hope to embody each of these attributes as I treat each patient I encounter wholly and proficiently.
  9. Thank you for posting this! I was struggling to find a graded online course for credits which wasn't ridiculously expensive. So glad I saw this and enrolled in this one!
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  11. Thanks for posting about this topic. Although I have no experience in addiction medicine, I am hoping to complete an addiction medicine rotation during my clinical year in PA school and would like to know more about it.
  12. Hi! How soon after verification did you hear from them and was the first time you heard from them for your interview? Thanks!
  13. Submitted mine back on June 1st and just received my invitation to interview on Thursday for August 29th! So Excited!
  14. Actually a small group of practice owners I was a part of spent 200k suing the medical board in federal court. We did not prevail but we did stop them from making the order retroactive.
  15. why isn't AAPA or Texas PAs taking this to court?
  16. Well considering you were all but dead that is pretty amazing. Great news and I hope things continue to trend well for you!
  17. Well my whopping WBC count of 46 k is, as of this morning 0.71 k. This drop is from the nasty (and intended) work of Mephalan. My new stem cells have been "on-board" for 6 days, however, they will not start to set up "house keeping" for another week. This is my vulnerable week of little defense. But, back to my original point, the human body is amazing. It is incredible what the human body can endure. I've known people who see their (very healthy) bodies as so fragile that they only drink lukewarm water, fearing the cold or heat of drinks.
  18. Caspa verified 06/13 submitted :06/15 I haven’t received the email yet but i do believe it might take a while since NYIT is not rolling admissions. Good luck everyone!
  19. Has anyone heard from USF at all after submitting?
  20. Got an interview invite today via phone call! Signed up for 9/13. Good luck everyone
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  22. Congrats! When did you submit your application?
  23. @pahopeful46 Thank you for letting me know! I applied at the end of April and mine still says referred as well. Good luck!!!
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