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  2. One thing you need to start thinking about...why are you wanting to become a PA vs. an NP? I was asked this question obliquely in multiple PA school interviews. If you want to be a PA then do what is necessary to become a PA. If you want to become an NP then start your RN and go for NP.
  3. could someone explain the cadaver lab / anatomy aspect of the curriculum ? i noticed there was not much info on that on the website
  4. After you make your account it will be listed right before you make the payment.
  5. Anyone mind if we start a group chat for class of 2022? I don’t have Facebook so I’m not trying to create a group page there haha E Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Hello, currently working at large tertiary care center in CTS. Read any and all material you can get your hands on. If you have any understanding or exposure to CPB, no significant difference. I personally used red book and asked questions to perfusionists. I don’t know about your state legislation, but where I am, circuit has to be run by cardiac perfusionist currently. Looking to expand that to RT but I don’t believe it is passed law yet; certainly not in practice at my healthcare facility. Hope that helps. My best, Dangle
  7. Where did you find that policy? I was searching everywhere on their website!!!!!
  8. I as well...especially with the main graphic reading "Your choose the tests. You get the results." Can't even proofread their website.
  9. Submitted on July 30, then got an email that said my prerequisite coursework was reviewed as complete on September 12. Nothing since.
  10. Hypothetically speaking could I open my own Urgent Care center and have a SP who practices in a different speciality of medicine than EM or Family Medicine? Or are there regulations stating what their medical speciality needs to be?
  11. Congrats on your acceptance Were you in the morning slot or afternoon slot for interview on 9/27?
  12. When did you both receive your "under review" e-mails? I'm starting to get nervous as well!
  13. Verified August and got the continued consideration email. Crossing my fingers
  14. It's 500 dollars and here is the policy they have posted. "Refund Policy: If you accept an admissions offer from another university or choose to withdraw from the waitlist for any other reason, your deposit will not be refunded. Your deposit will be refunded if there is not an available spot for you in the cohort."
  15. It’s $500 [emoji24] I emailed them about it asking more info on whether we get a refund if we don’t get in. I’ll post something once I hear back! Cause $500 is a lot, is like 1/2 the deposit you pay when you get in. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Does anybody have an idea of how much the wait list deposit will be?
  17. Overall GPA is on the lower end, but your pre-req GPA provided somewhat of a buffer. What's your science GPA? PCE/HCE is way below average and will definitely work against you based on how competitive PA programs are. How many hours have you completed as a CNA over those 2 years? Being a CNA and seeing how RNs work is way different than the scope of a NP. So you're comparing apples to oranges. Based on what you're providing at this moment of time (and not saying impossible) but your chances are slim to zilch.
  18. From last years forum they said the list was small.
  19. For those that have been accepted, is there any type of group on Facebook (or anywhere else) for this class? I'm excited to get to know my classmates!
  20. Yes they did and I interviewed with them late September but haven’t heard anything back [emoji3525] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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