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  2. I've also found it manageable to have a dog while in school. However, I've had him for a long time so he's been with me all over the country and in many different situations. A low key dog would be the best option. I have a dog walker on hand for longer days as well. I'm starting clinical year shortly and expect he will have to stay with my parents for a month here and there.
  3. You are correct: CASPA will only verify your grades once. You will want to submit follow up transcripts and go back into CASPA to update your grades there too after you have more grades to include. That way programs can see your grades, but they will not be factored into your verified GPA. I included a screenshot how to go back into CASPA to update your grades there.
  4. ArcPa just needs to keep our standards high. If they can not meet them no accreditation. If they fall below below a level loose accreditation .
  5. I just dont see how anyone could think granting independent practice rights to a graduate from this kind of program would be a good idea!
  6. Whoops! Missed that in your op. You've done the courses, now just stay paranoid and you'll do fine!
  7. This is all so true. And its one reason I worry a bit seeing all these new programs entering the accreditation process. It seems that 90+% of them are not at academic medical centers and are just free standing little "universities" seeing to offer another degree. If the MINIMUM standard for PAs is to attend a program run out of a failing chiropractic school on an old high-school campus (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southern_California_University_of_Health_Sciences), we might be in trouble soon.
  8. I've done the "official" one. Are there other ones that you've done that you thought were helpful? (Not that any airway practice is unhelpful...)
  9. In all fairness, in ~8 years of clinicals and practice, that's the only one I've ever encountered, and that was just a voicemail to a PCP that went something like "Hey, Dr. X, it's Dr. Y over at somesuch physical therapy..."
  10. Pause and regroup. Consider spending some time with a psych PA, a school psychologist, or any of the alternate choices you are considering. Don’t blindly go after a goal that might no longer fit your needs. The money already spent, in the end, is small potatoes compared to living the wrong life for you. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. I was set on being a PA for selfish reasons because I saw that it had a great job outlook and salary and that they had a decent work life balance. Although I only had an interest in Psych. I majored in Psychology so now I am taking the prereqs necessary for PA programs, but I'm slowly getting burned out. I also developed a health condition after the first semester of prereqs and now I don't even know if I can push myself to get the PCE hours and finish the rest of the prereqs. I thought I could do it because I do have an interest in learning about the different body systems, but it seems I don't really have a passion for it and now I'm scared that I've wasted all this time completing prerequisites just to back out. I've been thinking about alternate careers now like School Psychologist, but I'm scared of backing out after spending so much money on prereqs, but I'm just getting so tired of it. I guess I just need some advice as to what I should do next or if I should continue..:(
  12. Quick question to folks who applied last cycle, I noticed on the website, one of the pre-reqs is: "General Inorganic Chemistry (I & II) including lab - 8 semester hours" I'm not sure if this was a typo, as the majority of PA programs require General Chemistry and/or organic chemistry, but not specifically inorganic chemistry. So did all of you take inorganic chemistry or did you get by with general chem/organic chem?
  13. Your politically-incorrect comment is spot on!!! While the opportunity for all PA’s obtaining a residency would not be possible, expanding specialty (Derm, family med/ urgent care, ...etc.) CAQ for PA’s would be great. Either residency or a CAQ, with current standards, should be required in progressing toward independence.
  14. The first paragraph is kind of cliche and I would double check grammar. Make the story sound as professional as you can. throughout the essay, you seem to list and then describe your various roles. Don’t do that, that’s what your resume is for. Your essay is a chance to describe your experiences and how they have made you a better and stronger applicant. Erase everything that describes your roles and stick to showing what you saw that made you want to be a pa
  15. I agree with everyone the above person said ^ . Your essay needs to answer 1) why a pa and 2 why you want to be a pa. This essay doesn’t answer that. how long is this by the way? Max is 5000 characters I would use every character you can use
  16. I was wondering if anyone could provide advice for psych clinical and how to study for EOR?
  17. No I did them all in Florida. Getting a rotation in Cali with no connections seemed like too much work to me at the time.
  18. Next CASPA cycle opens in 5 days.To reapply or not reapply is the question.. What's the plan for everyone else who's waiting for their post-interview admission status?
  19. I had a very low cumulative GPA like around 3.2 4800hrs as Medical Assistant, 200hrs family physician shadowing, 50hrs volunteer for visit once a week elderly, 20hrs online class computer training to the senior, 90hrs internship as a health environmental safety inspector. ROL: two professor, one from my clinic physician which I work with But I didn't take biochem, organic, and genetics. I'm planning to take it in summer. Is there have any chance I can get into the program with this low GPA ...? Thank you so much!
  20. I have to meet some of these DPT/DNP people you guys encounter who call themselves “doctor.” I have my doctorate in physical therapy and did my residency in orthopedics; I am proud of my credentials and I have never called myself that in a clinical setting. It’s frankly embarrassing. On a side note, I know a few PT-DO and PT-MDs who received a bachelor’s in PT back in the early 90s. I have gotten the impression that they’re threatened by the DPT; they’ll argue that the curriculum is the same when that couldn’t be further from the case. They’re still a PT but the training is not the same.
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