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  2. Does anyone know if the class in New Jersey is full yet?
  3. Sometimes I feel like going back to get an RN and then NP would ensure one’s career prospects in the future, especially when NPs secure independence in every state and we are still sitting on quasi-independence in North Dakota and the same name. Wild idea
  4. I read last year's thread and applicants were interviewing as early as June 4... that's next week! It definitely seems like they try to interview early because of the early start date.
  5. Just got in to one of my schools from last cycle and am withdrawing my application, hope that frees up an interview spot for someone! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. If it helps I applied in April 2019 and did not hear back officially until the end of July 2019. I am not saying this will be the same timeframe for this year, but it was a lot longer than I thought.
  7. Hey guys! I am also applying to UMHB. I'm not sure if ya'll attended the info sessions, but they said there that they would start interviews in late july! I am assuming that means that they're gonna wait a bit longer to send out interview invites.
  8. Has anyone heard regarding any interviews yet?
  9. PA student (on a budget) seeking gently used Welch Allyn Oto-O scope. Will pay for shipping Please email spin0068@gmail.com
  10. RBroder3

    VA HPSP 2020

    I am a BSN applicant. I submitted 04/23/2020 and was referred 05/04/2020. I have not heard anything back yet either. BSN applicants also have 60 days for a decision.
  11. Thank you everyone for the kind words and support! I could not imagine a better group of potential classmates to have than you guys! Wherever you end up will be lucky to have you. Best of luck this cycle!!!
  12. Does anyone know anything about the academic interview? I am not exactly sure how to prep for this half of the interview. Thanks!
  13. It was because of their mission statement + the hybrid curriculum. I was also looking into UND but it seems like their rotations are only in primary care. My main interest lies in that field but I think I would also like to have the flexibility of switching specialties down the road if need be, which I'm guessing would be easier if I were to have rotations in other specialties during the program. I will definitely be applying next year anyways, just super disappointed to be rejected this early! Thank you for the kind words I wish you the best of luck this cycle!!!
  14. Keep your head up and never give up! You will get to where you suppose to be!
  15. Thought I would start the thread for Kansas State. I applied a few days ago and am doing my supplemental application. Has anyone else applied?
  16. Hey! Yes I got it for this cycle. I did not apply to BU last cycle! I was CASPA verified on 5/8. Received the supplemental on 5/20.
  17. Just received an email with an interview invite for July 13th. They’re not sure if it’ll be in person or virtual at this point. Good luck everyone!
  18. @Ameer432 I took my CASPER test May 20th also and haven't heard anything yet.
  19. Today
  20. They do. From what I have read in previous years, they will not even call students for interviews until they have received all applications. And then, they do not offer seats in the program until they have interviewed everyone. I am not 100% on this but from last years forums that I am ready, this is the case. It will be a lengthy 3 months of waiting! Best of luck to you!
  21. @CLC0617I sent my application today. I thought I had already sent it I guess I got distracted. No, i'm not local i'm from Tennessee, but my aunt lives in Phoenix. Do you know if they have rolling admissions?
  22. Anyone else receive an email earlier today saying that interviews will be held in the latter part of July and that people selected for interviews will be notified next month I'm assuming? Also they said while being as transparent as possible... tuition will be increasing!!! What's up with that? COVID-19 related as in trying to recoup financial losses maybe??
  23. @Ameer432 Congrats! When did you send in your application? Are you here locally? How are you feeling about it??
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