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  3. Agree with above. And while there are some who say there should be no loyalty to employers I do kinda feel for the small private practice folks. It's so rare to see them anymore, taking a position in that office and leaving will have a much higher impact than the hospital based practice. PTO with the private office would he concerning, would you have to match your CP's vacation schedule? I'd go for the second job. More opportunities down the road, less impact when you leave.
  4. Uggggggh. I refi'd at 3.25 about 45 days ago....
  5. Can anyone else not see the previous year cycle thread?
  6. Satisfaction - To a certain degree. I've been practicing in critical care since graduation 5 years ago. I feel as if through my own work and prior HCE I have developed a very strong grasp of the underlying pathophysiology of many of the disease states, procedural competency, communication skills with families, and the ability to perform a fantastic resuscitation, in many cases on par with the physicians I work with. I work a nocturnist position where I only have to work 10 shifts a month, on some of those shifts I'm on home call, on others I'm in the office working on other projects just waiting for a fire to put out. If I'm on days I only carry around 3-5 patients as opposed to the 12-15 the physician does. In this job I make more than some physicians. Limitations - I don't know that I will ever be able to simply glance at a patient and have the vast range of differentials go through my mind that I observe working with these folks. The ability to know the best general and focused workups for the variety of zebras that may come through the door. The exposure that they have achieved through their 9 years of schooling, residency and fellowship is something that will take me a career to achieve, if ever (I'm getting lazier as I get older). There is little to no vertical mobility, I'm familiar with a PA who is the lead for the entire inpatient team at a local hospital but that is a rarity. I may work my way onto a committee or two but I will likely never sit in the C-suite. I will never have the same respect that my colleagues do, @EMEDPA said it very well earlier. There have been times that I've called a consultant and they look at me like a talking dog who did a really neat trick when I asked a coherent question and they realized I was a PA. I think coming on this forum and asking people to tell you what to do, to convince you of things etc is not the way to go about it. If you have finished PA school go work as a PA for a bit and see what YOU think. I've almost gone back twice now and made the decision not to for what I hope is the final time. I don't want the remainder of my 30s and a chunk of my 40s to be taken up with school, away from my dogs, my running addiction and my family (in that order probably). I don't want to have to specialize. I don't want the additional administrative burden. I don't want the additional patient burden. I don't want to work twice as much as I currently do. While the knowledge would be fantastic, and the respect appreciated...it's just not worth it. And that worth is only something you'll be able to figure out on your own. Go to work.
  7. I’ve been looking into this actually, and some ma’s have replied that clinics usually prefer ppl with a cert, in California at least. And idk about other sites, but on linkedin, they also ask for experience with the cert
  8. Thank you for the suggestion! I signed up for an in person EMT four week course in October an hr from where I live. I don’t live in NC but this sounds like a rly good option otherwise
  9. I'd try to figure out what your hours are like at the private practice. How many are you expected to see in clinic? How long does it take to complete charting? How long are the OR days? For the hospital job, try to get retirement matching info. Find out your healthcare costs for both places (especially if you have a family, it can be very expensive). In the end, since it sounds like you don't want to stay in neurosurgery or neurology forever, I'd take the hospital job. Will allow you more flexibility. Will be easier to take a different job in the hospital. Plus that sweet, sweet 3x12 schedule. I'm assuming you will also get overtime.
  10. I'm currently attending south college in knoxville (Lonas Campus) and will be submitting my application as soon as CASPA verifies my GRE scores (I haven't studied much since im currently in O. Chem. II and dyyyyyyingggggggg lol and i also have a 3 year old so its tough but not letting anything stop me!!) I'm not expecting a great GRE score, but I have SO many things in my app. that will make me stand out. I just wanted to reach out on here and for those who received an interview, what were your stats like?!
  11. Hello everyone! I know its kind of late, but I was wondering, do they accept AP credits for Spanish? It specifies about AP credits for science prereqs but not spanish in the website.
  12. It took me 3 days to send in my Supplemental App after I received the invitation and another 3 weekdays days for them to confirm they received it. Maybe give it a few more!
  13. Hey, I'm currently a junior at UConn and i'm searching for shadowing opportunities. I myself am very interested in becoming a Neonatal Physician Assistant. I would like to Shadow anyone that will allow me to.
  14. I feel like this thread has been "crickets" for weeks. Anyone hear any application updates since the Probation announcement came out?
  15. The SUNY school system is a safe one then! they are 100% accredited and have a bunch of pre-med focused majors (also easy classes! very manageable)! They also have PA schools, too, so if you get their bachelors from them, some campuses *may* give preference. Right?! I know Doane University has degrees online and they are accredited. However, I looked through their "majors" and they're a little underwhelming for a PA school application. Also, U New England has online bachelors too, and they are 100% accredited. however, UNE is a very challenging school system (When I took classes with them they were quite difficult).
  16. The email said that interviews will begin in september and final decisions made by april 2021.
  17. I'd like to know as well! I submitted a secondary earlier this month.
  18. I’m currently enrolled in the advanced eClinical training it’s geared towards pre-health students like ourselves to gain clinical experience. I’m still in the beginning but they claim it’s doable in two months time but you are allowed a year for completion and you become certified and they help with job placement supposedly. The only downside is they are not accredited as they are still fairly new, but I see a lot of positive reviews on Instagram for them.
  19. Has anyone heard anything yet? I sent in the additional questionnaire in on 7/28 and have not heard anything.
  20. Hi everyone! Does anyone know if 4 quarter units of statistics will fulfill the statistics requirement? Thank you!
  21. I know its kinda late to ask this, but does anyone know if they accept AP credits for the statistics course requirement? I took 4 quarter units of stats.
  22. Ya I agree I definitely would not bring it up after 3 months. If there's a 6 month review, you can probably casually ask about a raise to get a feel if that's something that can happen. I'd definitely ask for one at a yearly review though. Even with COVID, asking for a yearly raise is pretty standard.
  23. Thank you! I’m thinking the cheapest option is to take something online since it’s convenient. I’m just worried about it being valid for regional accreditation so maybe I can check with admissions and give them a few to see if they qualify. It’s just a cheaper option I think than taking the science classes at an expensive 4 year.
  24. Just received a rejection email today on 8/12 after receiving their initial evaluation notice on 6/29! Seems like they're finishing up their screening process now!
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