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  3. ... and will cover your entire CME requirement. Mind you, I still recommend "traditional" CME, but UpToDate typically got me 10 hours of Cat I CME per month, which is AFTER me carefully picking and choosing what to count and not double-counting topics I'd revisited on different days. Very awesome resource.
  4. My outpatient IM preceptor was a DO who used to be a PT. He was a hugely nice guy, and about the only time I ever heard him get mad was him listening to a voicemail from a DPT who called himself 'doctor'....
  5. What are the local big practices, that have lots of providers in one building? Apply there, where they likely have a program to deal with new grads. My first job, on any given day, there were probably 30+ MD/DOs in my building, roughly half family medicine, half specialties including IM, ENT, Ortho, Occ Med, Derm, and Urgent care, as well as ODs, pharmacists, PTs, Psychologists, and social workers. THAT was an awesome place to learn: they all wanted me to succeed, because I was part of the team and if I failed or left, they would all have to do more work!
  6. Hello. I am student in the University of Chicago. I am from Ukraine, so I know how hard to choose program for international student. Now I am studing for my Bachelor of Physics in Chicago. And I really love to studying here. All information about courses and programs I have found on Free-Apply. Also, I found there professional help and recomendation for international student. It helped me. Good luck with your choise!
  7. I am an RD! I'm also applying this upcoming cycle and plan on maintaining my RD credential.
  8. Thank you so much for your feedback! It’s really refreshing to hear the truth, that’s what I wanted. I know my paper is pretty boring and I really didn’t want to use a quote anyways. I just really don’t know how to answer the prompt in such short characters, which is why my essay is segmented into ideas, albeit in chronological order. I don’t want to bore people to death with my essay but im also not trying to write a drama novel. I will scan over your editing suggestions when I have a moment. Thank you again.
  9. Hi, First time poster here. Due to circumstances beyond my control which I'd rather not get into, I'm about a year out after passing the PANCE without having started my first position. I've kept up on all my certifications (PALS, ACLS, BLS, etc.), don't have a DEA license yet (as I was never able to get an employer-sponsored one and I definitely don't have the funds to apply on my own), and am looking to get into the market quickly into a non-surgical role (I didn't emphasize surgical training in my clinicals and don't feel like I have the chops to deal with the OR and am not too hot on dealing with surgeons or surgical procedures first-hand tbh, I recognize my own strengths). I have clinical experience in IM, Hospitalist, Endocrinology, Psych, ER, Family, and then the required OBGYN, Peds, Bariatric Surgery (for Gen. Surg. requirement), and Vascular Surgery. I'm really hyped and excited to get practicing ASAP after what seems like a break of forever and have been doing CME at home and practicing suturing for minor procedures, etc. I had an interview recently for a job but basically talked myself out of it due to feeling ridiculously inexperienced and unable to jump right in as an experienced provider on my own alone at nursing facilities away from the docs (they wanted me to function independently basically). I'd feel confident if I could have some support getting back into it again and was wondering what roles you guys would suggest I apply to - any ideas?
  10. Just got an interview date for May 17th today.
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  12. Northwest Intensivists/Oregon Lung Specialists, Eugene-Springfield, Oregon Join Northwest Intensivists as a critical care Advanced Practice Provider and become part of our group of talented and dedicated critical care professionals. Northwest Intensivists is an independent group of 17 full and part time critical care physicians and 5 advanced practice providers. The group provides critical care services at Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend which is part of the PeaceHealth healthcare system. Sacred Heart Medical Center is a two-campus hospital and the largest hospital between Portland and San Francisco. The closed multispecialty ICUs and intermediate care unit contain 46 beds all of which are covered by our group. The hospital is a level II trauma center and receives transfers from a large geographical area of smaller facilities. You will care for critically ill patients with a wide variety of medical and surgical conditions with support from the hospital’s and community’s excellent medical professionals. Located in the beautiful Willamette Valley, Eugene-Springfield is the third largest metro area in the state. Enjoy a reasonable cost of living, excellent school system, and numerous recreational activities including running, hiking, skiing, fishing, and boating. The cities of Eugene and Springfield have numerous craft breweries, nearby wineries, excellent restaurants, amazing parks and recreation departments, and hiking, biking, and running trails. The Oregon Coast is an hour to the west, the cascade mountains an hour to the east. Position Details and Duties: Full time 163 shifts per year Currently day (8am-8pm) and swing (3pm-11pm) shifts. No call. Competitive compensation based on experience Full medical and dental coverage, vacation and sick time CME reimbursement Retirement contribution You will provide care for critically ill patients under the supervision of the attending intensivist. Average patient load is 6-10 per day, but varies based on census and experience. APPs will be responsible for daily rounding, progress notes, and communication with nursing staff, patients, and families. APPs perform critical care consults and H and Ps under the supervision of the attending intensivist. Common procedures performed by APPs include central lines, arterial lines, dialysis catheters, and use of point of care ultrasound. Ability to gain experience in intubations, thoracentesis, paracentesis, chest tubes, and lumbar punctures. Job requirements include attendance at monthly department meetings and include occasional educational presentations. Our group is busy and diverse. We are seeking a flexible, hard working, and motivated APP. Attention to detail, thoroughness, and excellent communication skills required.
  13. Did they notify you what day your interview is or give you a choice?
  14. Hello all Im a PA 5 years out at a private out of network ortho surgery practice. Ive been with the practice for 3 years and have been praise with my performance. Its 7 docs and 5 PA's so we are carrying a larger work load. I'm on call one weekday a week and one weekend a month. I feel that my compensation is lacking since the weekend Im on call included surgical cases, ER consults and floor consults. Us PA;s literally do what ortho residents would do. We have the most autonomy of any position I have come across. I am currently getting paid 140k with the full weekend of call and I know I am getting underpaid. Dose anyone have any advice as to how to negotiate a better pay? TIA
  15. Of course! cGPA- 3.3 sGPA-3.1 GRE 169 & 150 HCE - roughly 10,000 hours as a dental assistant, managing the dental office at the local free clinic and as a board member for a non-profit that provides free healthcare in Peru annually.
  16. Congratulations!!! Would you mind sharing your stats?! HCE type and hours, cumulative GPA, GRE scores? Thank you and best of luck to you!
  17. Not a troll yet set up a new account to reply on your own post?
  18. If you're not going to use it, don't bother getting it. If your program requires it they will tell you. We all had to get BLS/ACLS certified prior to clinical rotations - even if you had a currently active one. They wanted to be sure everyone was good through the entire year and into clinical practice (as many jobs will require it).
  19. For most intents and purposes, BMT will be under the heme/onc in the AAPA salary report. Larger places will distinguish between the two, smaller won't, but use that data. My offer was as a new grad and I didn't have as much procedural skill to bring to the table - however outside of the marrow biopsies you likely wouldn't be doing much of the rest if it's a large enough system. I did have two rotations in it during school, have an MPH, and all of my pre-PA work was oncology related although not direct patient care (several years worth). Those are all the things I used to sell myself.
  20. I worked as a Surgical Tech for my PCE and am currently in PA school. I'd strongly suggest PA over first assist for a few reasons. Not all states recognize CSFA (and my understanding is that even if the job is recognized, there are very few positions available). I worked as a Surgical Tech in Washington, where they're not recognized. Residents, PAs, and RNFAs are the only people I ever saw assisting in surgery. A surprising number of surgeons employed their own RNFA. We discussed CSFA when I was in the surgical tech program, and it's difficult to see the reasoning to get the degree. It's a master's degree, equal in length to most PA programs, and your scope of practice is limited to the OR. Many physicians need the extra help that a PA can provide in clinic and caring for pre and post-op patients, not necessarily in surgery. I was also certain I wanted to work in surgery when I first started thinking about PA school (I had a much different first career before I did surg tech). But now I am VERY grateful to not have limited myself. There are things I love about the OR, and I may consider working in a surgical specialty when I graduate (or at some point during my career as a PA), but I've also found several other non-surgical specialties that I really like as well. I would NOT have believed that possible several years ago, but you grow a LOT as you are exposed to so many different aspects of medicine, and truly one of the best perks of becoming a PA is that lateral mobility.
  21. An expiring BLS card isn't a big deal.....but if they are telling you not to it seems you have your answer.
  22. @johncfl Oh wow I didn’t think that happened often. I’ll email them again and let you know what they say
  23. Background: New-ish grad with 6 months in a surgical specialty, base was $98K; didn't stay long enough for bonus. Left job due to toxic work environment and intensive call. Below is the first offer I've received: Current offer: $95K base, with 2% of collections (quoted about $4-5K bonus). More with extra call.Type: Private practice, same surgical specialty. Clinic based with hospital rounding, no surgery, limited procedures. Hours: Quoted roughly 40-45 hrs/week Volume: 20-25 patients/day. Call: 1 weekend a month with an MD. 3 hospitals. Location: Large city metro area in the Southeast. CME: $2500, 1 week. PTO: 20 days, separate from holidays. Commute: 15-20 min drive to clinic. Furthest hospital is 50 min. Additional: They're willing to train me, understanding my limited skill set as a new grad. Autonomy will grow as I demonstrate competence. Thoughts? Much appreciated!
  24. Good salary I’m making slightly more than that working 55-60 hour weeks with nearly 2 years experience. Work on the PTO and be sure that major holidays don’t come out of that pool.
  25. Maybe it's the wording that sounds familiar or the way you write (showing vs telling), but our content is totally different from each other. If someone else were to read both of ours, I don't think it would be similar. So no need to worry! I know it's not easy to try to stand out, and sometimes it's stressful just thinking about it, but at the end of the day you just have to be proud of and confident in what you write. If you want to include the good judgment example, I would reword it. It comes off a little bit argumentative in the wrong way.
  26. Is $137k collections or charges? Because one is going to be a lot harder to reach than the other, but if you have a full schedule I don’t think either would be hard to reach once you get efficient.
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