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  3. I did the one at San Diego. I literally did it in a week. When I started the course I called the instructor and explained my urgency. She was super nice and the second I completed the course she I emailed her and she submitted my final grade that day. I was able to get my transcript the next day. It’s a 2 credit hour graduate course and comes on a University of San Diego transcript with a letter grade.
  4. Submitted 6/19, verified 6/24, and all my documents were in before submitting. Good luck everyone!
  5. Firing revenue-producers makes little sense, absent repeated or egregious issues. Dealing with performance issues is the most basic of management skills. Well, actually, the most basic is probably "don't overreact" and "take time to hear all sides of the story," neither of which appear to have happened here. The fact that the OP still doesn't know WHAT the specific complaint was is inane. "Why did you leave that job?" "Someone made a complaint and my admin told me to resign or be fired" "What was the complaint about?" "I honestly have no idea"
  6. Hello, I got accepted to a school from the waitlist and have about 2.5 weeks to complete 1 more credit hour of medical terminology (I have 1, need 2). Does anyone know of an online course that provides: A letter grade Ability to send official transcript to the school has credit hours listed on the transcript with the letter grade (not Continuing Education Units) I found an old post on this forum where someone stated that signed up for the University of San Diego online course and completed it in a few days. I just opened the course and on the home page it says i need to allocate 14 days per credit hour (so 28 total) minimum to complete the course. I am going to call back in the morning to confirm because I was previously told by one of their student services representatives that I could indeed finish it in a week if I put in the work for it. As a backup though, does anyone out there know of a similar online program I could purchase and start working on immediately and finish quickly that meets the 3 criteria I listed above? Thank you!
  7. So sorry to hear! Did they explain why?
  8. SCUHS offers Microbiology onsite as an accelerated course in 4 weeks. I did it from there for my PA schools pre req.
  9. I found a PA to shadow through LinkedIn. I would connect with them and then send a message introducing myself and asking them for the opportunity. It took a lot of trial and error but it was worth it.
  10. Yes I am considering to retake my chemistry and organic chemistry courses at local community college and show my understanding of those areas. However I had previously retaken my general chemistry and organic chemistry course at my university but didn't get high grade. My university had ACS finals which always dropped my grade by a letter. How would my history of retakes in chemistry and organic chemistry with my most recent from community college have an impact in CASPA?
  11. You apparently worked in a place with poor leadership....not uncommon in healthcare organizations. I would suggest it's more common than not. Leadership requires firing people, but in one of two ways. 1) They do something so egregiously wrong that it's a no-brainer to everyone, or 2) after multiple attempts at rectifying a serious problem the person obviously cant/wont overcome they must eventually be let go. Anything else is poor leadership.
  12. I think the big thing here is your undergrad GPA. Most schools specifically state cumulative GPA for both science and overall. My thoughts would be go back and retake any class you got a C or lower in. You really need to get an A in all those retakes in order to average the GPA for each class at a B. Then I would focus on apply in schools that have a GPA minimum of 2.8, but I would try to aim at getting your GPA's for science and overall up over 3.0. It is a long road but it will be worth it. Good luck!
  13. Hi everyone, apologies if this type of post is not allowed, but I was wondering if anyone had any general tips on finding PAs to shadow? I go to a liberal arts college which has virtually no pre-health program and so far my efforts to find a PA to shadow have been totally unsuccessful. I've reached out to several alums from my college who are now practicing PAs with what I thought was a very polite and well-written email with my resume attached but only a couple people have even responded and those who did told me that the practices they work for don't allow shadowing. I'm not really sure how to move forward from this? Does anyone have any tips on where/how they've found PAs to shadow?
  14. Sounds like splash damage and you were hit by it. I would think more could be said, but perhaps they used the old "you can resign or we can fire you" bit. If you find out more it would be interesting to share. It would help others in the future that come against the same situation.
  15. It looks like from past years they start interviewing mid July or early August. It also seems like they have called for interview invites around the end of June. Yes, good luck and fingers crossed for everyone!
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  17. @srf23 I received a confirmation e-mail saying "This serves to confirm that we have received your CASPA Application, Supplemental Application, and $50 processing fee. Your application is now complete and ready to be reviewed." I think I got this within a week of applying.
  18. I have a job kind of in Heath care administration and it’s really kind of boring. It depends on what you like though! I’m doing mostly emails and paperwork and it’s just the same thing every week. Pa at least has more variety and you get opportunities to do different things here and there
  19. On the supplemental app under NonPCE, shadowing, and volunteer: What are your thoughts on keeping the "duties" description identical to what you put on CASPA vs expanding/editing? I'm assuming since we have more space on this app that its best to expand, but just want to know what y'all did. This is already such a long supplemental. Thanks!
  20. Only a select few are getting interview invites this early. Also, I would not worry because when you get an interview invite the interview dates aren't chosen until a mass email goes out to all interviewees with a link that takes you to a calendar with available dates, and than it is first come first served no matter when you got your interview email. I would not worry yet. But definitely be vigilant of this calendar email, which I THINK goes out some time in August, if you sleep on that email, all the early interviews will be taken within an hour and you will be left with December-January interviews.
  21. Send it over, I'd be happy to! My email is esteinbauer12@gmail.com
  22. As the title says: wonder on what may be considered ideal PANCE taking timing. The reason I'm asking is because I am seeing recommendations on a PANCE study schedule (e.g. the Med Geeks 8 week study schedule), which typically has someone studying anywhere from 6-8 hours a day. HOWEVER, most students supposedly take the PANCE very soon after clinical year is over (within a few weeks)... where is the time to study for the PANCE (can't study 6 hours a day on top of clinical rotation obligations). I'm sure the answer is somewhat individualized, but I also think there are general recommendations. Cheers!
  23. Hi Delanie, Supplemental application asks the following essay questions: In 500 words or less, please discuss why you have chosen to apply to the Pacific University School of Physician Assistant Studies and why our school is a good match for your current and future goals to become a Physician Assistant. Pacific University requires a minimum of 1,000 hours of Patient Care Experience at the time of application. This will primarily be evaluated on the CASPA application as well as with the information you provide here. Please explain how your Patient Care Experience (the amount of hours and type of experience) has prepared you for PA training and will help you succeed as a future PA. Please take advantage of this opportunity to state any additional pertinent information (academic, personal or application related) that you think the Admissions Committee should take into consideration while evaluating your application. Good luck:)
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