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  2. Thank you so much! I did not end up taking the course. I will try to find scribe positions. How did you find your scribing position?
  3. Start with your school counseling center. You are paying for their services, so you might as well use them. When students feel like this, they often feel like they are the only person in the world with these problems, like there is something "wrong" with them. There are other people in you class that feel this way. There are tons of graduates of your program that felt this way and are now happily practicing. The counseling center at your school are experts in dealing with student specific issues. Whatever you tell them, they have heard dozens of times before. See what they can offer you.
  4. I will also be interviewing from out of state on Monday August 17th. Good luck everyone!
  5. The most common mistake I see students make is not practicing recall. If you want to get good at something you have to practice it. An exam tests your ability to recall, so you need to recall when you study. I have seen many students use reading as their study strategy. They read through the material 100 times. They get to the point where they are very fluent with the material. They know what is on the next page. They know what is in the blue box on the upper corner of the right hand page. This cause them to feel like they know the material very well. When it comes time to take the exam, they can recall exactly where the fact is on the page, but they can remember the fact itself. This is because they have not practiced recalling the fact. Use flashcards, use apps, use classmates, use whatever, but make sure you practice recall. And always remember: standardized exams are a pretty dumb measure of how good a clinician you will be.
  6. There is a portal where you submitted the supplemental application. And you can click “application” and it will tell you the status.
  7. Rejection letter in mail 7/14/20 first time applying, ORM, 3.4 cGPA, 2500 PCE, 350 volunteer, 5000 Research. I am not religious, but this school was in my hometown. Best of luck to everyone else this cycle!
  8. Nothing here. I checked my application status and it still says "application submitted". I submitted the exact same dates as our peer that received the invite. I called and was told that no news is good news. Continuing the waiting game I guess!
  9. This was very much my experience as well. In undergrad, I took a lot of courses that I had to take. In PA school, I took the courses I wanted to take. Studying for calculus was torture. I probably spent many more hours studying things like pharm and physio, but the material was so interesting it was almost like it was not studying. I might be atypical, but I'll still read some pharm or physio during my "pleasure reading" time. I spent a couple of months in PA school waiting for the torture to start. It never happened, even though I was putting in many more hours than I did in undergrad. Your experience will be your own - don't let the experiences of other people discourage you.
  10. Hi just received an interview for July 24th. For those of you that already interviewed, how was it? Can you provide any details?
  11. We admit students through a BS/MS program and directly to the MS program and we try to keep it somewhat even. It creates a nice mix. The younger students have a good deal of "academic endurance" and know how to plow through exams and keep up with studying. The folks that have been out of school for a while and have worked and made car payment and dealt with rent often have better "street smarts." The groups learn from each other. In the end, if you look at the two populations exam for exam, course for course, preceptor eval for preceptor eval, and PANCE score for PANCE score, there's not a significant difference. PA students that are dedicated and hardworking - and almost all of them are - pretty much all turn out well in the end, without regard to their route of entry.
  12. Nothing here yet! Checking my email like crazy lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. It's completely up to you, but the sooner you let them know, the more time they will have to try to develop a plan. They will want to know what your intentions are - take minimal time off and stay on schedule, take a leave and delay graduation, etc. You will want to think about contingencies for if you deliver early or late, or need a c-section. If you do gross anatomy, you need to think about being around chemical fumes all day - possibly not a good idea especially in early pregnancy. . We have had a number of students have children during both didactics and clinicals. Some stayed on schedule, some took a leave and graduated late. Your program probably has a policy related to how many days you can miss before you need to formally be on a leave of absence. Your support system here will make or break you. If you do not feel like you have a rock solid support system, you'll hate to hear this but you might want to see if they would defer your admission for a year so you can get things lined up and have some time to enjoy being a new parent.
  14. Like others have said above, credits mean different things to different institutions. If you want to get a realistic sense of the workload, your best bet is to get a copy of the weekly course schedule for each semester and see how many hours are spent in each class. Big credit courses are often things like physical exam lab which require a lot of hands-on practice, but are perhaps a little less demanding in terms of material compared to something like pharm or physio.
  15. Hi! I ended up calling and they said as long as you email them they will have record of it even if that counselor is out of office. Hope this helps you and anyone who got the same message. Good Luck to you! You got it!!
  16. It's hard times for everyone, faculty included. No one goes into teaching to use Zoom all day. Make sure you get some fresh air and exercise. I'd also try to arrange some "social" Zoom meetings with classmates. You can still support each other. A virtual happy hour here and there can go a long way.
  17. Always be prepared to give out a copy of your resume. Keep a few in a folder in your car. Flat, on nice paper (not copy paper). I would not pass them out unsolicited.
  18. Just got an interview invite! CASPA verified 05/29 Albany confirmation email 06/02
  19. Today
  20. I was also confirmed on 5/22 and then they followed up with an email last month asking to clarify a pre req. After that it's been crickets.
  21. I did the same thing!! Freaked me out. But at this point I feel like I wouldn’t have enough time to prepare, so I’m just hoping they don’t give preference to it over the GRE.
  22. Hi, I'm wondering if there are any current or past students of the UND program who know of any potential preceptors in MN? I'm in Minneapolis. I work with specialists and have been having a lot of difficulty finding a primary care provider or clinic to serve as a preceptor. Any ideas are very much appreciated! Thanks!
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