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  2. Biology and Neuroscience double major Overall GPA: 3.8 Science GPA: 3.7 GRE: 308 I will have about 3000 hours PCE at the time of matriculation. I also have 800+ hours of research experience in Neuro. Very little shadowing, but I worked closely with PAs at my previous job. Good luck!
  3. I don't wonder if OTP or some "divorce" from the term "SP" won't model, in practice law revisions, how the Certified Nurse Midwife role appears to operate in Canada right now. My friend worked up there as a CNM from the US for a few years, and while CNMs operate as purely independent providers in Canada (as opposed to US, where they still operate via collaborative agreements w/independence in their scope of practice...similar to other APPs), they found that the actual scope of "independent" practice was actually much more limited, and VERY specifically confined, as to what they were allowed by their practice law to manage. In terms of specialty practice for PAs, I can't really comment on how dramatically scope of practice would change from how they operate now w/in individual settings in relation to their SPs. I gather the changes from OTP would have much more of an impact on PAs in more traditional primary care settings. Not so much in how most of us are already functioning in the practical day-to-day of patient management in settings like family practice or internal medicine, but rather in terms of the logistics like billing, and the scrabble-headache of being tied to a physician's licensure to validate our own licensure (which, frankly, to me, has been the real issue of "independence of licensure" vs "independence of practice"). I don't know how I feel about doing completely away w/ the collaborative role of a physician-APP team, not b/c most more experienced APPs won't necessarily grow into more independence, but b/c, as I was trying to say above, in a somewhat garbled form, I think implementing a practice law, for full independence for PAs, while definitely doable, would get tangled up in a lot of legal lingo regarding VERY specific parameters of what exactly that scope needs to entail, especially if it's to be adopted as a national standard, but according to each state's preferences. IDK, is there a potential this might actually end up limiting the scope of practice within which some PAs are utilized, who have quite a bit of autonomy and laterality in their patient management, suddenly finding themselves forced to conform to more restrictive practice laws which no longer require an SP, but conversely, also limit what had been, perhaps, a more liberal practice setting? Just thoughts I'm throwing out there. Frankly, working in an FQHC, I don't really think what/how I practice, would change that much as our PAs and NPs already operate with a fair amount of autonomy, in the scope of our practice, and what's determined as outside of our scope is really the provider comfort level with the complexity of the patient. Just sayin', in the long and short, there might need to be a differentiation in the language between what's meant as "autonomy of licensure" vs "autonomy of practice"/"independence of practice". And that an independent practice law for PAs, while beneficial on certain fronts, might end up introducing unintended limitations to the scope within which certain individual practices, and APPs--primarily PAs in this instance--already function as essentially independent providers. Guess we won't know unless we try though, eh?
  4. They will send you a confirmation email that they received your CASPA application and a link to set up a portal and pay the fee
  5. Is in invitation to pay the $75 fee emailed directly from PCOM along with a supplemental application? I’m just trying to figure out what to expect !
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  7. Congratulations on the invite! Could you share your stats? Curious to know since you’re the first to hear anything back so far!
  8. Will you guys still be there at 8pm? I won’t be arriving until 7:30pm
  9. Got a conformation on 7/13. No supplemental yet. Do you think it’s already too late to even receive one?
  10. Has anyone heard anything else about interviews being given out in October?
  11. Received an email today to come visit and check out the campus to learn more about their program. Anyone else attending?
  12. I went from high volume ED - level 3 trauma center to rural critical access. I'm also a paramedic. So, some things and some procedures like intubation were very familiar to me. By pushing fairly hard I was able to get experience with central lines and U/S at my high volume job. If you're willing to spend the 12-18 months of a residency, I believe the amount of training you'd get in an environment structured to provide learning is going to be much more that you'd get just working at a busy facility. From the learning point of view, I very much wish I'd done a residency. For me, though, the right choice was to start working and spend more time with family.
  13. Hello, I was wondering when you received the invitation? thank you
  14. I am not really sure if we can start a group message but I am so down to meet at the Mill Street Grill around 6 ish too! If we can't start a group thing, we can just meet there and just update each other here. Excited to see y'all!
  15. What does it look like? I received a rejection from the Arizona campus but have not heard from this campus (applied to both) But nothing has changed on the portal that I’m aware. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Has anyone else not received anything? No letter or email? I'm local but my neighborhood has a notoriously bad post office...
  17. I submitted the $75 fee to PCOM July 15 but my CASPA application was verified July 10
  18. Yes! Let’s start a group chat! I am on my way from Michigan!
  19. My portal changed and no longer shows the applicant checklist. I'm assuming this means I was rejected. Pretty bummed as I really loved this school. Good luck to everyone who is still in the process!
  20. Offer is pretty mediocre. Base: 47/hr 3 13hr shifts a week. No OT differential. I plan on working 4 shifts a week. 6 mo of training with another provider. Always have an on call provider as well. [Base pay is on the lower side for the area depending on where in MD. No OT differential is ridiculous. There should be incentive pay built in for hours you pick up outside of your clinical requirement] 401k 4% match vested after one year [Pretty standard] 80 hours PTO, 40 of which can roll over into the next year [Low, even for shift work. I'd counter for at minimum another 40 hours for a total of 120] $1k/yr CME/licensing [On the lower side but there's often not much wiggle room. Paid days off for CME? What good is the funds if you can't go to conference? Standard is 2-3 days paid] Malpractice with tail insurance provided Health insurance is decent Two year noncompete with any other urgent care or emergency medicine facility within 10 miles of any of their locations. [Biggest no-no of your offer. What happens if the shop is a dumpster fire? Or you decide you want to see higher acuity patients in an ER. I'd fight this tooth and nail. If no budging, consider finding another shop. UC gigs are abundant in the DMV area]
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