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  2. Has anyone received a response for an interview after submitting for the group who had to submit the supplemental on 9-10-19?
  3. If you don't get the still in review email (I applied August 22nd and was verified the 27th) does that mean I'm no longer in review?
  4. I had my Personal Interview on Monday and will complete the interview series with my Academic Interview tomorrow - I feel like the first interview went really well but I can't imagine that they are still adding applicants this late in the game, my feeling is that they may just be padding their waitlist at this point. I'll still go into the interview tomorrow with the best of expectations though, fingers crossed!
  5. Great! I'm eager to meet ya at the interview, see ya then!
  6. Hi everyone! I did not see a recent thread for MCPHS Boston's PA program interview, so I decided to create one. Has anyone interviewed/is anyone waiting for your interview date at this school? Could anyone share what they know about their interviews? When are they, what's the format of their interviews, and any tips on how I should prepare for it? Thank you!
  7. Just confirmed my interview slot as well! Can't wait to meet everyone and good luck!
  8. From what I was told, their last interview session is Oct 18
  9. Literally got a call today afternoon for a spot for the 10/21 interview day! Beyond excited!
  10. if i haven't heard anything yet should I be worried? are most people accepted by now?
  11. Hello everyone! I'm the Vice President of the MSPAS/MPH Class of 2022 and I'll be checking the forum periodically to answer any questions that I can. Congratulations to all of you applying this year! That in itself is a huge accomplishment. I'm not too far removed from the process so I know what you're going through. Stay encouraged and continue to be genuine to yourself throughout this process. Let me know if you have any questions and good luck!
  12. if i haven't heard anything yet should I be worried? are most people accepted by now?
  13. if i haven't heard anything yet should I be worried? are most people accepted by now?
  14. Just got an acceptance call today! So excited!
  15. Just to add cause I'm in your exact situation. I had two acceptances come in 3 days apart yet I still have interviews coming up. Here is what I doing... 1 - Decide from what you have in your hand. If you only have 1 put the money down. 2 - Rank the other schools to see if they are higher or lower than the accepted school TO YOU (this includes distance, costs, location, and other attributes you want from PA school). 3 - If you know the school falls below the accepted school, you can either decline the interview or if already interviewed, decline any offered 4 - Continue going to the other schools as long as you have time for a decision I have a Jan acceptance...One of my interviews is mid Nov and I'm debating on if I should even go. Its a higher ranked choice, however I may not hear back until its too late and I've already started at the other school. So have a drop dead date on acceptances, offers and interviews. Good Luck!
  16. So update....Placed my deposit on accepted school - Jan Start. Top choice program sent out an email that next round of interviews will be held later this fall. Checked last years forum and they started acceptance calls in Jan for those still waiting from round 1 interview and those interviewed in round 2. I will definitely have to reach out, was going to wait until the next interview round is held (hopefully soon) to see where I stand after that 2nd round, or Early Nov....whichever comes first....
  17. Got an email today for an interview invite for 11/5, but will be declining due to acceptance elsewhere. Hope this helps someone else out!
  18. I had a similar interview with scenarios. Just a few minutes into the scenario evaluator stated : Scenario over.....thank you...well short of the time allotment. She did proceed to talk with me, however unrelated to the scenario. Second scenario no emotion, body language or feedback. Felt like I missed the mark cause could not read either of the evaluators. I felt I did well, however without feedback or any indication from the evaluator - started second guessing my approach. Three days later I received an acceptance call! Hang in there and good luck!
  19. Brynt we are all in similar situations and yes its driving me crazy as well. I have had interviews at some schools and already received decisions, have had some interviews and heard nothing, have programs that are doing rolling interviews and have not heard anything on if interview will be offered and still have at other school interviews this month and next.....I've heard from some Aug 2020 program starts yet have not heard anything from others and still interviewing for May program starts. I guess they all have their own pace and we have to stress it out.
  20. I believe so! I got an email from them a couple days ago asking me to send over my grades for my courses that are in progress and when I explained that those wouldn't be done until December she said that's fine and they are holding interviews in the spring.
  21. Hey, did anyone in the Oct 1st group get their letter in the mail? Most of my friends who went to PCOM said they received theirs within 2 weeks, so I'm getting kind of antsy.
  22. I hope it’s 32! Lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. It's 30. They mentioned going up to 32 but I'm not sure if this upcoming class or later.
  24. I was in the afternoon. From the acceptances so far it seems only morning group. I don't see why though because it's the same day.
  25. There's already a thread for the current application cycle made:
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