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  3. Has anyone applied with courses in progress? I found out late that the ochem class I took didn’t satisfy the prerequisites, and I’m taking a different one now. Not sure if that will impact interview chances.
  4. Salary built on 40 hrs per week. Hours are pretty consistent with that but obviously it is CT surgery so things can change at any second and make a 2 hour case turn into 6-7 hours. Planning on negotiating a 3-5% raise! offer is in the southeast. Any suggestions for other specific questions that I should be asking or things that you wish you knew when looking at your first offer after graduation?
  5. I will be interviewing September 16th as well! Looking forward to it
  6. I've been hourly in family med, occ med, sleep med, and eating disorders treatment. Just gotta ask! Also, part time work is pretty much never salaried.... how would you even do that?
  7. Congratulations on the interview! When did you submit your application?
  8. JCS525

    Pay Disparity

    So, I know a person who just took a position with a large, well known, teaching hospital in NYC. The person just graduated from a BSN program and their pay is ~$99K for their first year working as a RN, with loan repayment starting in their second year. I was absolutely stunned. Is this typical to see a new RN with their bachelor's get paid more than a new grad PA? This is just a question of curiosity, since I understand a new grad PA is typically paid less or equivocal to this RN's starting salary (in this market anyway). It made me question what a new NP would be making at that hospital and what a huge pay disparity that would be against a new PA (based on the salary information I've gathered for PA's in NYC).
  9. I’m not sure, the students mentioned it at my interview. Does anyone know how much the seat deposit will be?
  10. Submitted to CASPA 7/1. Received interview invitation 8/8!
  11. I have shadowed at TRIA (kinda interesting program, you have to attend a "day in the Life"4 hour session with different healthcare providers to get shadowing, and you only get 4 hours, BUT i was able to get more by asking the director and the PA I had shadowed!) I have also shadowed through park Nicollet-there's an email on their site to contact. It took a loooong time for both times I did it to get a PA response but I got to shadow in the ER and an orthopedic PA. I have also had good luck through Northfield Hospital if that isn't too far for you!
  12. Don’t get discouraged! I’m a 2nd year applicant and i didn’t receive a supplemental last year. What is meant to be will be
  13. Thanks! I submitted my app on 8/1 and received the invite on 8/13
  14. How many hours per week? Otherwise sounds pretty solid to me. If you're looking to counter, I would see if a 3-5% annual raise can be built in. What area of the country?
  15. Required skills & experience: 1) Bachelor’s degree from a four-year college required, with a master’s degree preferred 2) Licensure as a Social Worker, Registered Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant, etc 3) 5+ years previous experience working in a value-based provider group, kidney care organization, and/or health plan 4) 5+ years previous experience budgeting and managing operations to those budgets 5) 5+ years previous experience coaching, leading and hiring a top performing team. This includes coaching individual performance, hiring, resource recruitment and bandwidth management. 6) Valid driver’s license; ability to work from home if not based in Nashville, TN What You Need to Know: 1) Opportunity to work in a dynamic, fast paced and innovative care management company that is transforming the delivery of kidney care 2) Competitive compensation package including salary and bonus 3) Opportunity to create a program from scratch and make your mark in a quickly growing organizing 4) The position will be located in close proximity to the relevant market, with domestic travel possibly up to 75% at times, mostly within the market and to Nashville, TN
  16. Required skills & experience (the 5 “must haves” to be considered) 1. PMHNP or equivalent PA program degree - Board Certified Mental Health NP or PA 2. For NPs, must be Psych-certified. The PAs don't have to be. 3. 1+ years’ experience in Psychiatric Mental Health care. 4. Understanding of diagnostic criteria for dual conditions and ability to conceptualize modalities and placement criteria within the continuum of care. 5. Active license, unless this is a new grad. 6. Must be willing to commit to a full-time schedule, 35-40 hours/week. What you need to know - These are full-time positions located in Raleigh, NC - Relocation package is offered for appropriate, out-of-state candidates.
  17. Required skills & experience 1. MUST have recent vein harvesting experience 2. Graduate from an accredited School of Surgical Technology or military equivalent 3. 2 - 3 Years surgical technician/assistant experience preferred 4. Current CPR certification 5. Current certification for First Assisting or Surgical Assisting (or meets eligibility requirements for being grandfathered in according to TX law) 6. MUST COMMIT TO A 40 HOUR WORK WEEK What you need to know - The First Assistant collaborates with the surgeon in performing a safe surgical procedure to maximize patient outcomes. - First Assistant is a member of the surgical team and provides knowledge of surgical anatomy, operative techniques related to the operative procedure. - The First Assistant has ability to provide principles of asepsis, proper positioning techniques, draping of the surgical site and as team member assists the surgeon with dissecting, cutting and manipulation of tissue along with suturing and stapling. - The First Assist will function in the Surgical Technologist role when not otherwise functioning in the First Assistant role. - May be exposed to blood borne pathogens, communicable diseases, x-ray/electromagnetic energy, toxic/caustic chemicals or detergents, moving mechanical parts, varied temperature conditions, potential electrical shock, and/or gaseous fumes.
  18. Hi guys, I am thinking of applying but I know it is very late already. I know they don't do rolling admissions but how long after you guys submitted did you guys receive the supplemental application? It says the supplemental application is also due on September 1st so I am worried about time. Also was the supplemental app. time consuming? Thanks!
  19. Pitt Community College in NC has offered online genetics in the past. Not sure if they still do.
  20. All but one PA program (last I checked) are full time in-class programs and will not easily allow you to work while enrolled. The exception is an online PA program at Yale...which is full-time, just blended with on-site activities and distance learning. I don't think even that program would easily allow you to work on the side and still have time for studying all the material the extent needed to pass the program, let alone the PANCE. If you're serious about PA school, get your backup career, pay off all your debt (or as much as possible), get your prereqs, plenty of shadowing hours with PAs in a few different specialties, and get lots of patient contact hours as a medic. Make sure your undergrad GPA is as high as possible as well as your GRE if required by the programs you're applying to.
  21. A contract reviewed by a lawyer before you sign it is one of the best ways to make sure you're not going to be shafted. I've known PAs in various specialties who worked for a fixed salary +/- bonus based on productivity (I, myself included), and PAs in various specialties who've worked hourly wages +/- productivity-based bonus (again, myself included). Some group settings will treat you as an employee, some may allow you to own part of the group (stocks, buy-in, etc.) So, depending on the contract, you could be considered salaried or hourly. Salaried has pros & cons as do hourly wage earnings. NCCPA and AAPA have surveys they do periodically that break down how PAs are compensated by specialty, region of the country, etc. As for avoiding burnout, keep a realistic work schedule that allows for a semblance of a work-life balance and get a hobby or two that you're really into. Your work should never be the sole thing that defines who you are. Be well-rounded and take personal time and you'll be way ahead of those who don't as far as avoiding burnout.
  22. Did anybody get an interview this cycle? If so, how are you preparing? and for the people who got an interview, any tips about the interview?
  23. Yesterday
  24. Hi y'all, I have applied to 7 schools thus far more local to me (NC/SC area) back in May right after applications opened but came across the Yale program about a month ago. I have a fairly competitive application but am curious if it is even worth submitting my application to Yale being so close to the deadline and programs mostly being full already. Any feedback or suggestions from the group?
  25. ER has implied consent Urgent care does not front a hint to everyone - let the front office staff handle this stuff - it is just a time and energy sink and the only thing that is going to come out of it is that someone is pissed, files a complaint, and employee gets in trouble (esp in corp USA) - so let the admin types handle this. if they ask you how to handle it give them a brief 30 sec guide then move on.....
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