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  2. Anyone know how long it takes to get emailed the supplemental fee instructions once you’ve been verified? It’s been a couple days and I just wanted to see how long it took for anyone else. Thanks!
  3. I have 5 years of Ortho surgery experience. I first assist mainly in Spine surgery but can easily cover other cases, ie total joints, ACL, trauma, etc. I'm due for a review of my contract and pay raise. This is a summary of what I currently have: base pay: $115,000 on-call pay: 1 week every 5 weeks, base pay is $750. If I assist in surgery then I get an additional $100 per case, $200 per case if Spine. PTO: 3 weeks, includes 1 week for CME CME: $1000/year Additional benefits like 401K, sick leave, etc My main concern is the base pay. What should an Ortho surgery PA be making after 5 years of experience? I live and work near Los Angeles. Thanks in advance.
  4. minimal risk.... also minimal pay.... I have looked into these and the hourly seems great, but then they forget to tell you 50% of the people are not home.... so you only get 50% of that.... then it stinks, and I have heard the paperwork is off the charts silly...
  5. Hi guys, I'm in a predicament in which I have to take 3 summer classes Organic Chemistry 1 and 2 as well as Biochemistry (pre-reqs) for graduation purposes. Will it affect me if I take them in a CC? I have to because most 4 years offering the course have time constraints, and I won't be able to take all 3. I need a second opinion thank you.
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  7. I have 11 W on my transcript. I'm not at all interested in being a nurse because I'm a man that thinks nurses and nurse practitioners should be women and I wont change my mind about that. I don't know what PCE is and I currently have no volunteering or shadowing experience but I'm thinking of applying for a job as a scribe this summer. My other jobs were restaurant jobs. I wanted to change my major to african studies cause I like it but I'm thinking you are right about inconsistency.
  8. I got pulled off the Miami waitlist two weeks ago! So don’t lose hope! I interviewed in March.
  9. Anyone know how long it takes to get emailed the supplemental fee instructions once you’ve been verified?
  10. I always advise students to take it as soon as possible. The earliest you can take it is one week after graduation. The only exception I would consider is if a student felt they had a big deficit in cardio, pulm, GI or musculoskeletal. If they could squeeze in a review course or had the self discipline to conduct intense review on their own, it might be worth stalling another week or so. You'll probably never be book smarter than the day you walk out of school. Happily, street smarter is more important.
  11. This is very true. As an example, if you have one semester of 16 credits and are at 2.7, another 16 credits of 3.33 will get you out of trouble. If you have 32 credits in and are at 2.7, now the math starts working against you.
  12. I would be prepared for many schools to ask to see a copy of the syllabus for more information. The "emphasis on vertebrates" will make some people nervous because time spent covering other material might not be super helpful prep for PA school.
  13. As noted above, it is best to ask each school you are interested in. Most will tend not to care. I had to take a couple pre-reqs at a community college. Just get good grades and it will not be a big deal.
  14. The big pro is that you can save a lot of time - and by association, money - if you get into one of these programs. As noted above, you need to be pretty sure that this is what you want to do. Just in case, I would check the undergrad courses and make sure they cover pre-reqs for other things like medical, dental and vet school. It won't help if you decide to become a lawyer or accountant instead, but a well-structured program should cover most of your bases for heathcare professions to keep options open.
  15. I see those jobs from time to time pop up. They seem a bit sketchy and I think you must submit your own medicare eval reports which can be epic long. Talk to someone actually doing it first.
  16. Should I be worried that I did not put my discipline or the last 4 digits of my SSN on all my supporting documentation? I barely read that on the NHSC site and I already submitted my application
  17. I am, burned up CH.33 in undergrad (hindsight is 20/20 here). But I just got off the phone w/ the VA and apparently I will be eligible to apply for the Edith Nourse Rogers STEM scholarship, so hopefully that works out. It will probably put a 30k dent in my expected ammount of debt.
  18. Just got an e-mail that my application has been sent to AdCom for review. Last year it looks like there was an initial and second level review...does anyone know what to look for? Thanks!
  19. I absolutely plan to move to the middle of nowhere, I am from rural NC and I can't wait to get out of the city. We own a home and are currently renting it (3br/2ba) for 1100/mo (My actual mortgage is 1k/mo). Probably gonna sell that when we build enough equity but I honestly hope i can find an ED position that challenges me by working without the "big hospital" niceties and after a year or so of getting my feet under me pick up an UC gig to make some extra cash. The biggest question i'm facing right now is to apply for a residency or not. I'd hate to stay here for another year at 1/2 pay and put my family through 80 hr work weeks but I'd really like to develop the skills a residency can provide. Cross that bridge when I come to it.
  20. They are charging that much because they find people who will pay that much. Most people can only pay that much because they can get loans for that much. And banks only loan that much money to young people because they have a guarantee that they will get their money back, and interest and fees. Take away that guarantee by making student loans bankruptable, and suddenly you dry up the source of the problem. Banks would be forced to look at students ability to repay, and would limit the enormous student loan debts. I'm glad you recognized the hyperbole.
  21. We can argue semantics all you want, but fact of the matter is that these programs are charging a ridiculous amount of money. While I agree that people don't HAVE to attend the more expensive programs or they can feed their kids and spouses dry toast and ramen or whatever it is pretty sad that it's a decision that has to be made. I'm going to go ahead and point out the hyperbole in your statement, having attended two universities in the past 10 years, if there WAS a position such as the "Vice President of Student Support Animals" I would have found that individual and hung out with them. Because animals are neat.
  22. I haven't yet, I applied 5/12 and was verified 2 days later. Most of the schools I applied to sent me some sort of email except for them! Let me know if you get one soon
  23. Hello! Good luck to everyone this cycle! Hopefully we hear something from them soon. Submitted CASPA Application/Verified by CASPA 05/10 Receipt of Drexel Application/Under Review 5/10
  24. Selling two books for $50 PANCE/PANRE questions book by dwayne williams retails for $50 and DAVIS PA EXAM REVIEW by morton diamond will sell both for $50 or separate. Books have maybe 5 pages highlighted total, they are in great condition.Contact me for more info, i have pictures johana.soto@me.com
  25. applied 5/12 and was verified 5/14, received the confirmation email last week! Good luck to everyone applying!
  26. I believe Barry gets your GRE scores directly from ETS and does not report through CASPA. Thats what their website says! Also, they dont send an email saying they've received youre GRE score. As long as you send it through ETS you should be good!
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