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  2. I’m wondering the exact same because I don’t have one from a science professor either. I just emailed them to find out and I’ll let you know!
  3. Are you talking about LOR(letter of rec)? Where do they ask about it?
  4. I looked at your profile and saw you're a reapplicant from last cycle. Did you already get the supplemental from this cycle? I wanted to see if any applicants have heard anything besides initial verification after caspa was submitted.
  5. The AT Still University DMSc program can be 2 or 3 years with three different tracks, Clinical (you create your own curriculum), Education, and Leadership. Tuition is 18k total. I am part of the first cohort. kps
  6. Hi, I was wondering if any current students at UCD can provide insight on the program's curriculum? I know the NP and PA students are all taking classes together under the School of Nursing. Do you feel like you are receiving adequate education under the medical model or is it more geared towards the nursing model? Are they teaching you how to read x-rays, how to intubate, place central lines, etc.? Do you feel prepared to graduate and practice as a provider to diagnose and treat medical conditions? I've been comparing UCD's curriculum with other PA schools and the other programs seem more comprehensive. However, since they are only descriptions about what the program is like, it would be helpful to have current or past students describe their experience. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Are you or your colleagues working for $40/hr? What kind of cut are admin and the physicians taking?
  8. baussie

    VA HPSP 2020

    Haven’t received a decision, but in case anyone is looking for general updates - I submitted around March 10th and received an email this afternoon that I was referred on for further consideration. Seems to fit with the timeline others have reported of approximately two weeks to receive referral. Email states PA candidates will receive a decision within 60 days.
  9. Apply to schools with the 500(or no) PCE requirement and i think you'll probably get an interview. Depends when the programs you apply to start in 2021. Since you obviously need the bachelors before starting in 2021. Research schools and look what fits your current situation, but dont be discouraged if you don't get in. Then just get more or better PCE during a basically forced gap year. Oh and alot of schools look at PCE at time of application, since things change. But you're competitive
  10. They are also asking for recommenders on the supplemental application. I'm confused because shouldn't that come from CASPA?
  11. I’m working FT right now and have been through this entire ordeal. Pay was cut significantly. After taxes/retirement/small deductions for my HSA I’m netting a little over $15/hour right now. Consider yours a gift? I win? Mic drop?
  12. Hey, good luck to everyone applying! Wish I found this chat earlier I hope they enjoy a picture of my passport that I got in 2015!
  13. Hi there! I am looking to relocate to the Western NY region (most likely Buffalo) after graduation and was hoping to work out some rotations in the area. I am not yet back on rotations given the circumstances, but figured I would start to look for something. Thanks!
  14. I though this program was not rolling admissions? If It is then I need to hurry up and submit my application. lol
  15. CASPA submitted 5/18 Verified 5/18 Confirmation email from Midwestern 5/27 Good luck everyone!
  16. Hi! I am entering my senior year of undergrad this fall. I have competed as a Division 1 student athlete for the past three years. I have a 3.76 GPA, 3,72 sGPA, 560 PCH as a CNA(will have 1020 at the end of this summer), 303 GRE and 5.0 writing (I know I am on the lower side), 100 volunteer hours, 80 shadowing PA/MD, Student Athlete Advisory Committee officer, implemented a team devotional and prayer before games, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes huddle leader. I know I do not have competitive PCH/HCE, but for all that I have done in three years in undergrad I feel that I have done as much as I could being a student athlete. The schools I want to apply to are schools with no minimum requirement for hours. Is it worth applying this cycle or waiting until next cycle? Thank you!
  17. @dukkulisur Thank you for the words of encouragement. I have been working as a surgical and anesthesia assistant for over 14 years, I think I have banked around 19000 hours of PCE, probably a little more. My cGPA is 3.85 with a sGPA of 3.72. I feel confident in my personal statement. I revised it several times and had the department head of graduate students at my college review it as if I were a potential applicant. I made changes as necessary but tried to leave it as organic as possible. Due to my longevity in the workforce, I feel as if I missed a few opportunities to volunteer as much as I would have liked. I was set to shadow a PA this Spring at an urgent care clinic this Spring but due to COVID they were not allowing additional staff/volunteers. As far as I am concerned, this is the only downside my application. I am hopeful that my strengths and true character are revealed in my application, and that I am considered. All I can due now is trust in the process and find satisfaction in knowing that they will choose the best candidates for the program regardless if it is I or another- as anything less would be a disservice to our future patients! Thank you for the kind words and support. Best of luck throughout your career!
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  19. Thanks, I just payed my application fee 2 days ago. Hope everything goes great for everyone
  20. @CLC0617 Sure: overall GPA 3.96, overall science GPA 3.98, 15,000+ hours PCE (I've been working full-time in healthcare for 8+ years). My first choice was Western University of Health Sciences here in CA. In terms of advice, I think I would just recommend the standard stuff: make sure your GPA is strong, write a good personal statement (I went through several drafts and had a close friend give his honest opinion as well, which helped to identify areas where I was being repetitive/redundant), and include volunteer/shadowing hours if you lack previous PCE/HCE. When it comes time to interview, dress nice, make eye contact, smile and present with confidence (easier said than done, but just fake it 'til you make it) Good luck!
  21. If you don't mind me asking when did you take your CASPER test I know this program requires one. I took mine on May 20.
  22. You can't just rotate anywhere. They verify the demographics of the practice you rotate at. Gen surgery can't be with a surgeon who only does outpatient surgery. Peds can't be with a FP unless he has a requisite number of pediatrics in his practice, etc. Also you're not there to shadow like many/most NP students do. you're there to see patients and present them to your attending, work on d/dx, formulate treatment plans, etc. Then you have shelf exams at the conclusion of many rotations, also mandatory online modules to do as well during each rotation. It's no walk in the park.
  23. Newly graduated PA. I am attempting to navigate the Emergency Medicine job market in the COVID-19 era and am finding quite a bit of resistance to companies hiring at the moment. Does anybody know the names of any ER staffing groups I can look into regarding EM employment? I currently live in California and would prefer to stay, but am open to moving to other areas of the country. Thanks!
  24. I applied for this program too and it is also my first application cycle. NAU is a top choice for me as well.
  25. Thanks! That helps. It's just that I have a different definition of race/ethnicity due to my upbringing so when asked the question it does not really make sense to me.
  26. If you download the admissions handbook on their website, you can find the class sizes for each year. This first year will be 20 students.
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