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  2. Received an email today confirming my application is in review. Posted below: Dear Applicant, Your application is now in the Physician Assistant Studies Department for Review. Please allow several weeks to months for the review process. Thank you for your interest in our program,
  3. email always. I never got a confirmation, just an interview invite.
  4. Worst case we actually would hear next Monday since that’s 2 weeks from the conclusion of all interviews
  5. Hello, I’m wondering if there’s an update on Fresno campus. I can’t seem to find the information on the site about the expansion anymore. I checked ARC-PAs site and Samuel Merritt is getting a site visit in September. What does this mean for the students whom received acceptance to Fresno if they are not able to launch the satellite campus this year? Will they be accepted to Oakland this upcoming fall or defer enrollment into the next class? Thanks!
  6. I'd love to get some information as well! I begin rotations in September
  7. Anyone else who got an interview willing to post their stats? Thanks
  8. Yeah. I would think that they would do earlier because they give 10 days to either accept or reject the offer. Then they send another round to fill those spots and put people on the waitlist.
  9. Today
  10. For those who were placed on interview hold, when did was your application received by the school?
  11. Yeah maybe tomorrow or technically until this friday... the 2 week mark. Insert sad face.
  12. Just got an interview invite today! So I am assuming first round invites were just sent out.
  13. I wonder if we are going to have to wait til tomorrow? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Oh ok not bad at all. What kind of essay question?
  15. Good luck everyone we’re gonna be great PAs!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. I wrote a thread last year on how being Canadian, I wasn't really privy to the GPA system as my school didn't do such thing. Basically I was finallllllllly super excited to apply to PA school last cycle thinking my GPA was fine (because there was an upward 4.0 trend with the courses I had repeated in first year). I remember applying super late around the third week of August thinking this is not gonna make the September 1st deadline for verification. Then you guys, God. I was verified in 36 hours. I was so ecstatic. Suddenly the next morning I was slammed with auto-reject after auto-reject thinking wtf is happening? I saw that my GPA was at a 2.76. This year I took it upon myself to enrol in 14 courses all of which I received an A to A+ (Canada lol). I have easily spent at least 60k on repeating courses, and taking extra science courses as our exchange rate is super shit. Not to mention applying last cycle (printing, faxing, course verification since I live in an igloo up north, and then submitting). Fast forward to now, I finally completed my 14 courses April 30th. Burnt out ain't even the word you guys. I increased my GPA from a 2.76 to a 3.08. Over 0.3 points! Currently I have 2200 hours of direct PCE from overseas where my family is from. I spent every summer there with my grandmother. I have 4 amazing LORs: one doctor, PA (50 hours shadowing), supervisor and professor. I haven't done the GRE but I've currently applied to 6 schools in Cali, Penn, and one in Georgia. I also had a Yale PA student and Stony Brook student tell me my essay was amazing. I worked really hard all last summer just to hear those words y'all lol. Suddenly, last night I had this weird feeling of depression come over me. I'll be 29 in a few weeks. I never thought being born in 1990 and not being in school (while everyone has jobs, or is where I want to be school-wise) I'd feel so freaking inadequate until my mom who is out of the country left a voice note for me last night telling me that basically if I don't get into school this year (since last cycle was a complete waste) that there's gonna be a problem. So I was like, maybe I'll start studying for my GRE and apply to more schools. My question is, if I start studying now, is there a point to even apply to schools that have later deadlines (Oct-Jan)? I say that because everyone's all like "YOU BETTER APPLY EARLY!!!" but just because their deadline is Jan. 2020, and I apply in say November, there legit might not be a point cause seats have possibly filled up or interviews have been given out as early as August. To add insult to injury, I just got off the phone with one of those schools that require the GRE (Nova Southeastern). I asked her my GRE question above and suddenly she asks me point blank, "Honey, what's your GPA." I prefaced her, telling her everything is in my essay regarding why my GPA was so low in undergrad, but that I overloaded on courses and increased it by 0.32 points. She said that was super commendable, but then she's like "Now, I'm going to be honest, we are really looking for people that have a 3.4 GPA so I just don't see the point." So now I'm sitting on my bed crushed, writing this on a beautiful summer day thinking "wow, last night I was so determined to write that damn 4 hour test and now this lady is basically saying 'nah.'" Guys, if you could tell me where to go from here, that would be amazing. I legit am at a loss. I know there's miracle stories of people with low GPAs getting in. But someone just tell me what to do. Literally I thought I was doing right thinking "yeah, I'll buy all my GRE prep tomorrow. No worries!" Now it's tomorrow and I'm like wtf do I do after what she just told me ..
  17. I purchased the book mentioned and would have to say it helped put me at ease in terms of what to expect question wise and how to not totally butcher your responses if you’re nervous. The book gives you three responses to commonly asked questions and explains why which response is better, which I enjoyed. With that being said, it can only prepare you so much for the actual interview and you could potentially find practice questions and scenarios online as well depending on preference!
  18. How long did it take for them to send you an interview invite from when your application was received?
  19. Hoping the best for all of us! Enjoy your Monday and smile it’s a blessing to be at this stage in the application process!
  20. Hey, so there are 10 multiple choice questions on ethics followed by an essay question. While the students write their essays, the admissions committee pull out students one by one.
  21. private message me if you want
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