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  2. Submitted my application on May 28 and verified one 29th. Good luck everyone.
  3. I emailed yesterday because I sent in my application 5/21. She emailed back this morning and said I will be getting a confirmation/application under review email sometime next week!
  4. The PA program still working with CASPA to receive all verified application.
  5. I just got an email from felicity today about remaining on the waitlist. I'm sure they'll reach out to someone soon.
  6. Applied for DE and Campus!!! Good Luck to everyone applying this year! Excited for December to get here
  7. Mine is not showing anything anymore either. I think we are okay. The would have sent us a rejection if we were missing requirements.
  8. Re-applicant here! I need advice on who to ask for a LOR. All programs I am applying to require at least one letter from a MD or PA, and I have a few options to fulfill this requirement, but I'm not super confident in them and would like to hear your thoughts. Option 1) I shadowed a family medicine PA for over 100 hours last summer. She was very kind and very helpful when it came to explaining her processes. She was very busy between work, caring for a daughter with disabilities, and being involved in multiple non-profits outside of work. I didn't ask her for a LOR last cycle because of her busy schedule and because I already had the maximum number of letters submitted to CASPA by the time I started shadowing her. It's now been almost a year since I've shadowed with her and I'm not sure how it would look reaching out to her after so much time. Option 2) I shadowed a pediatric MD around this time last year. She wrote my letter of recommendation last cycle and while programs couldn't disclose any specific details, I was told her letter was very strong. I haven't been able to shadow her again since last year because I was in another city at school, and since I've returned home, I've been unable to shadow because her clinic is not allowing students due to COVID. Would it be appropriate to reach out and ask for her to resubmit her letter? How would this look to programs? Option 3) I am currently shadowing a PA within the hospital where I work. I just started shadowing last week, and so far, things are working out well. I am planning to shadow her at least for the rest of the month. I'm not sure what will happen in the time, so while she seems like a good candidate to ask for a LOR, I don't want to assume she will say yes. Option 4) There is a doctor at the hospital where I work who I am interested in shadowing, and I plan to reach out soon to see if she is willing to let me shadow her. While I do not know this doctor, my mother has worked with her professionally, and says this doctor is very kind, laid back, and helpful. In my shadow request, should I mention that I am also interested in a LOR from her if everything works out? Please give me any opinions you may have on this situation! While I have worked in the medical field for 3 years, I have NOT worked directly with any doctors or PAs. My work experiences have been with PharmDs, PhDs, PTs and OTs, and while these are great candidates for LORs, they do not fulfill the MD/PA requirement most schools have. My only option for this requirement is a LOR from a PA or MD I have shadowed. I'd love to know what you guys think would be the best option in this situation!
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  10. Hi all! Just starting a thread
  11. submitted app yesterday and just got notification that they received it this morning - this is my second go around, was on the waitlist last cycle. super excited, good luck to everyone!
  12. @ctpa20 We are currently scheduled to end our didactic year on time. The university as a whole is continuing online classes through the summer semester, but is now allowing small group lab sessions to take place. I can't speak to the start date in August, but I can say the faculty and staff have worked hard for us all PA-S1 & PA-S2 to stay on track for our respective semesters as much as possible.
  13. Submitted my supplemental on 5/31. From past years' threads it looks like we could hear about interviews any day now!
  14. Salus uses a traditional grading system including +/- grades. The grading system and required averages/GPA to pass will be explained during orientation!
  15. I am selling my Rosh Review for $100. Exp: Nov 5th 2020
  16. As long as you received an email that everything is complete, I would not worry about the link. There have been some issues with the link and accuracy of info.
  17. I received confirmation that they had absolutely everything in March letting me know my application was ready for review! I think everyone should have gotten a similar email? I attached a picture of mine above!
  18. Opening up this thread for the new cycle!
  19. @Chapla36 Mine doesn’t even have an application status section anymore, though it used to say that my application was complete. I’ve had various problems with the personalized URL over the last few month so I wouldn’t put too much stock into what it says. If you’re concerned about the admissions committee not having pieces of your application, you’re probably better off giving them a call.
  20. Unfortunately, the "Fall 2021" option is still unavailable for me.
  21. I have not, but their website says it will be sent in mid-june so I am sure it'll come out in a week or two
  22. There is another area, where you click on your application status in the top right corner, and it will say incomplete. At least mine does, and a few other people said that too.
  23. The FGCU supplemental Graduate Fall 2021 applications are now available. https://www.fgcu.edu/graduate/
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