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  2. TylerV

    Lab Prerequisite

    My school had a 3 credit bio but the lab was required and was worth 1 credit. After reading what @dukkulisur said, I agree with his information so im not going to restate anything lol
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  4. Don't be discouraged! Those who have gotten interview invites got their (completed) application submitted earlier than everyone else. So they were a part of the first week of interviews, today being the last day of that week. Nobody else has gotten an invite except those from this first round. People have gotten rejections, however, so while the waiting is hard, don't give up yet!
  5. If you guys dont mind me asking, how many volunteer hours do you guys have? Does everyone meet the minimum 100 hours even though they changed it to 100 hours before matriculation due to COVID19? I am at 90, but will have 100 by the time the program starts.
  6. Yeah i did but I’m still waiting on my score.
  7. dukkulisur

    Lab Prerequisite

    Based on what you’ve described, it would seem you still lack a 4-unit Bio I course with lab. Normally, lecture and lab components for these sort of courses go hand-in-hand and are worth at least 4-5 units, so the fact that you were previously able to take a 3-unit Bio I course without a mandatory lab leads me to believe that it was probably an intro course intended for non-science majors, which usually isn’t accepted by most PA programs. I don’t think most programs would consider a lab completed as part of a separate Biochem course to be an equivalent substitution, but you could always contact each program’s admissions department to see if they’d make an exception. Good luck!
  8. Per the CASPA help center: ”Non-graded credits are not included in your GPAs. Non-graded credits are earned credits for which you did not receive actual letter grades (e.g., advanced placement credits, "pass" or "satisfactory" credits, college board AP exams, etc.).“
  9. First you have to decide why you think you need a new one; you need specific reasons, not just generalities—was it boring, not cohesive, poor sentence structure? If you don’t know exactly why, ask a few people what they think the problems are with it. Then you have to decide to fix the issues or start brand new. Some PS are not easily salvageable and a fresh start is what is needed. If you are going to fix the old one or start fresh, try to avoid what you identified as the problems with the first one.
  10. That and invites usually didn't go out till a little bit later in June, according to previous cycle posts.
  11. submitted 6/3 received email: "We have received your application and are currently in the process of reviewing all submitted applications. If you are selected for an on-campus interview, you will be notified by both phone and email."
  12. submitted 6/1!!! haven't heard anything yet! (third time applying, hopefully third times a charm) Good luck to everyone applying
  13. Verified 6/3 Got an email 6/4 that my application was reviewed but needed GRE scores submitted my GRE scores 6/5 so now the waiting game! good luck to everyone applying!
  14. Hey everyone! I figured I would start the thread for the upcoming cycle! Good luck to everyone this year! I just submitted my application yesterday (6/5)
  15. Do you mind sharing the Pittsburgh virtual interview date for July?
  16. @Ameer432 No I haven't received an email yet and I've been kind of freaking out haha I remembered you saying you took the Casper test the same day I did, so I just wanted to check if you had received anything. You should let me know if you get an email, and I'll let you know if I get one!
  17. For those of you who already received interviews, how long did it take for them to email you to interview? Im already feeling so discourage and after reading those statistics, well it made matters worse
  18. That's a great point! Yes, the delays are definitely expected right now.
  19. Congratulations to you as well! Genuinely wish you the best life has to offer! Good luck.
  20. It makes sense. The same faculty that sit on the admissions committees often play a role in finding clinical sites for their current students too. Since most schools are scrambling to find ways to make sure their students meet their clinical hours due to COVID reducing clinical sites... I think some delays are to be expected.
  21. I’m surprised as well. We also applied pretty early, so I’m hoping we hear back by next week! Did you apply to any other January start programs?
  22. Nope. But, most of the programs I've applied to have experienced some sort of delay
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